Ma’am, your cat appears to be allergic to Mondays

It happens—I see a case every now or then.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.

I suggest access to the remote control and melted vanilla ice cream in large, bottomless doses.


Sigga! whatever shall we do about this!?

Kids, time for sketti

Sunday night sketti, kids, come on.

Yes, I’ll get you a Coke too, Gracie. Hold yer horses.

Gus, paws off the table.


Kimberly J., I think serving milk might be well-received ifyouknowwhatimean, andithinkyoudo

Ducklette Day Care [head tilt]

On his way home from work, sender-inner Trevor R. noticed "a squirming sea of yellow and brown on the banks of a small lake." Upon closer inspecshe, it seemed these two geese were looking after 37 goslings. Other geese around the lake seemed to be relaxing and sleeping. Obviously, this must be Gosling Daycare:


I wonder what the geese charge per gosling per day of care—prolly like three worms? That’s prolly the going rate.


This guy is all trying to run but his new ‘tocks are getting in the way.


You must chill.

[Places paw on knee]

Seriously, everything is going to be fine.

Would you please just calm down.


For crying our loud, Cre, what did you do!?

Saturday Barbequ—wait a minute

Get out the marinated flank steaks, it’s time fer—WOT THE


Impresive nest buildingks, tho.


Real estate is at an all time premium ’round yer parts, Huh Kat J.?

I do believe I shall POWNSE upon you

INCOMING!!! [tail twitches]


Did you ever find homes for your kittehs, Mamu C.?

What? She’s just doing what we’re all thinking

Reports sender-inner Jo R.; "My friend Ellen was over with Lola the pup, and as we were all sitting around talking, I noticed some covert, spontaneous ear-cronching. Lola seemed unconcerned."

thank you for the report, Jo. These things happen.


D.C.O.X.C.U.: (The ‘D’ is for deeleeshous’)


Petite “Pixel” kitteh

Would you please check out Señorita PixelPants here, the proshest Scottish Fold kitteh evar. Pixel is a star over at, so you can learn mo’ about huh if you want:

Check out her page!


Paaaaroooo? (Kitteh version of "Baroo?")


Sunshine, on my whiskers, makes me happeee [John Denver voice]


Um, I don’t have a back half! My cutest parts are still available for snorgling tho.


Sharon L., you’re riiiight! [singsong] best Scottish Fold evarrrrr!

Happy Father’s Day!

Time for Dad to do what he likes best. Share the couch with THREE ANI-PALS!


Kat J.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.


Who are these people, and how did they make those tiny rat boards? [shaking head]

[Obligatory] Hang 20, Brah!

Sender-inner Mark D., [hang loose hand signal] And yeah, I like the hop at the end, too.


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