Oh Fudd.

Dash mistakenly thought he was safely perched—but knew there was trouble when his “perch” suddenly began to lift up with a small voice saying, “Be veh-wy, veh-wy quiet…”

More pics of Dash here! Thanks, Sami C.

Craftmatic Adjustable Hand

Tony Hamza loved to curl up in his favorite chaise and treat himself to a little snack. But when he pressed the “massage” button and the chaise began slowly curling around him, he knew it must be on the fritz.

No Tony Hamzas were hurt in the making of this post, Julia S.

It’s All in the Paws

They may be difficult to read while awake, but cats’ true personalities shine through when they’re asleep.

Meet Moe, the Patriot: Hard worker; loves dry food, catnip & apple pie.

Meet Gweneviere Pouncington, the Aristocrat: Mingler; loves lobster tail, flan & Fancy Feast (but only if stranded on island not owned by Richard Branson or similar).

We salute/want to eat tenderloin with you, GrangerGuy & Owen R.

The Year in Cute, 2009

… and, for some things, there are no words.  (Click pictures to view original posts.)

Congratulations, Parakeet of Tomorrow!

You are the proud owner of a new BirDroid 5000x fully-automatic human suit! At last, the legs you’ve always wanted for walking, jogging, and dancing!  Grasp objects with your lifelike hands — no more using your beak!

Is Bird being smuggled, or snuggled, Amy T.?

THIS JUST IN: A Dangling Baby Panda

Or rather, this just out, because the San Diego Zoo announced yesterday that Yun Zi, its five-month-old panda cub, makes his public debut today.  Yun Zi, which means “son of cloud,” clowned around for press photographers on Wednesday.  See more pics here, and you can also try to spot him on the zoo’s PandaCam.

And Now It’s Time to Play ‘Pup or Seal?’

And our first contestant is Gravy, whose favorite foods are fish and steak, and whose favorite hobbies include chasing cars and balancing a ball on his nose!

Hmm — Tough call, Megan S.

Year In Cute 2009: Ad Infinitum

Oh sure, sex sells, but in 2009, Madison Avenue caught a serious case of Teh Qte.  Below, we take another look at the cutest ads we featured in the past year.

The Biggest Loser

After six months on the ranch, Bubba the 250-pound Mastiff, was unrecognizable.

Sweatin’ to the Oldies, Monique K-D.

“Mooooon Rivvverrr…!”

“Are you using the whole fist, doc?”

That’s Fletch F. Fletch, Nancy T


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