Dewd! Shut UP!

Cute O just won Best Photo Blog in the 2006 Weblog awards OMG PON1ES!!!11

Check it out!

Congrats to tubular chick Raymi who won Best Diarest… Raymi has sent in photos of "Cid" you may recall… ;)

Move over, Mary!

This little marmalade kitteh is like, tewtelly gonna keep the baby Jesus warm. (Mary is pushed over, poor thing, and Joseph is looking for help)


Dee B.—Nice crêche action ;)

I want, the small bed. Honest.

You might infer from the photo below that Buster, the Lhasa-poo, gets to choose where he sleeps, and he chose the big bed. This would be false. Hali, the bigger dog, likes the little bed.


Anna C.— Suuure we believe you. Kinda like these two guys—remember them?

I got yer groceries right heah

Hey, makes sense to me—come on, little Dude, pick it up.


Head bow to Nancy F. who found this on China Daily via Neatorama.

Bok-KEEEEE! [Say in bird voice]

Leave it to the New Zealanders to create a twist for ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’.

That little feathery dude is sooo prosh.


Wake up, People, it’s Monday morningks! YOu too, Chelsea W. ;)

One boxed kitteh, comin’ right up

Since kittehs like boxes soooooooooo moishe, how about sending a kitteh to someone this Holiday season? Make sure to punch breathing holes.


Thanks, "ShadowBud" and Kitteh "Shadow"

Olive and Maggie: BFFs

Best Friends Forever Olive the Boston terrier and Maggie the cat are are upping their proshness level by getting caught playing in a sunbeam. They’re so cute I bet they wear matching half-heart pendants.



Rikki E. K., way to send ‘em in!

Too many goslings, not enough wing

Um, could this goose have MORE goslings? The answer is none. None more goslings. I love how a bunch of them made it safely under the wing, and some are all heads up "baroo?!"-ing. It’s like a crowded elevator car.


Nice photos, Stu W.!

Le Sigh

Sender-inner David K. writes:"This is Bert in socks. My parents just got a new floor put in and didn’t want scratches. Thus the socks and hilarity."You’re tellin’ us.


Le sigh, Bert. Le sigh. ;)

Teh Qte continues to sweep CNN

Unofficial Cuteporter Jeanne Moos of CNN asked New Yorkers the very important question:

Who do you think is cuter? A Baby Panda or Shiloh Jolie-Pitt?

Watch the video to see who won…


She also made reference to Cute Overload, w00t! And—[Gasp!] a site called UGLY OVERLOAD!? Uh oh!


Of course for your OFFICIAL What’s cuter questions, simply visit the CuteTracker, People.


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