Today’s Contest: Ode to a Fat Cat

Congratulations to yesterday’s winner of Puppy Playtime: Leslie D.

In this contest, we’ll give you a chance, here
At a game prized by each kitten fancier
So a limerick compose
That’s inspired by the pose
Of this fiscally-fit feline financier.

May I interest you in a subprime mortgage?

dl-promo-kittenToday’s prize: Kitten Corner for the Nintendo DS by 505 Games. E-mail your limerick to competishe [at] by 9 PM Pacific time today (May 5, 2009)! Official contest rules
Photo credit: nates_flickr_pix

You Gonna Eat That?

[Sliiiiiiiiiides closer to bowl]

[Sniff + Shifty Eyes]




I’m guessing Snailio Iglesias is gonna win this one, Rich.

10-4 Bun Rescue In Progress, Over

That’s a 10-4, we have bottle contact with Baby Bun, Over

Suspect is slurping soundly, Over


Nice work Detective Eli G. [Handing over Bun Badge of Honor]


“I have no idea what happened to the blue pen.”




Wendy the Awesome ScrapBooktress says pup Dexter was signing forms in triplicate when he was caught blue-handed.

Today’s Contest: Bark-keee!

Here we go, peeps!  For National Pet Week, Cute Overload challenges you to win one of four cute new Discovery Kids’ Games for the Nintendo DS, with a grand prize of a new Nintendo DSi game system and all four games!

Today, your challenge is to write a caption for the photo below. Remember, the winner will be selected randomly, so any entry can win, as long as it fits the photo.


dk-promo-puppyToday’s prize: Puppy Playtime for the Nintendo DS by 505 Games. E-mail your caption to competishe [at] by 9 PM Pacific Time today (May 4, 2009)! Official contest rules
Photo credit: Sindy Yao

Sea Biscuit! Go on, Boy!

Sea Biscuit!

Go on! Back to the ocean! Go on!


GO Sea Biscuit!!!


Mer-Spaniel “Charlie” brought to you by Erin L.


At first this Tabbeh looks pretty innocents, doing his regular, tabbular, kitten duties.

Then suddenly, that SNEAKY KITTEN LOOK




He won’t STOP until he chomps a muzzlepowsche!




This Tabbular Tussle; How Red Can You Get?, bite and scratch…, Fighters, and First fight…☆, brought to you by the fabulous Urs Wachter™.

FLASHBACK: Our First-Ever ResQte™

Happy Spring Saturday, Peeps! Who’s up for a few Lil’ Floating Snacks? er… ‘quacks’?

Maggie from Australia writes: “They are Pacific Black ducklings, native to Australia, who we rescued after they fell into the man-made water feature outside our home and couldn’t get out again [they were only a few days old and were a long way from flying]…”


“This picture was taken one night when we’d returned the ducklings to their temporary sanctuary in our guest bathroom. Lucy, our 3 year old beagle, was fascinated by them and whimpered for hours after they were taken away – she missed her little mates.”

eins, zwei, drei, wet

The baby ducks should be releases to the wild later this month… Thanks, Maggie.

One Hamster’s Last Day on Earth

Poor leetle “Bułeczka” the ham recently spent her last day on earf. Before she passed on, her owner Pyza took her out one last [sniff] time!

To her favorite park…

Favorite tree…

Favorite dandelion patch…

And then there was a funeral where the Guinea Peeg came to pay respects.

Barooooooooo! (crying sound)

Rest in peas, little ham! ♡Bułeczka♡’s last day out…, ♡Little Bu♡ and the big world., ♡Bułeczka♡ – asleep in the Sun…, Balbinka saying Goodbye to ♡Bułeczka♡…, Balbinka & ♡Bułeczka♡ ~ sisters.., by pyza*.


“Yeah, gimme a chocolate—no—Dulce de Leche Grande Puppeh, Green Bag, hold the hamster sprinkles.”


Sender-Inner Nicole H. says Oliver the Chihuahua is available at participating retail outlets.


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