We’re looking for a Developer…


I’d like to hire a contract developer! That’s right! There are some improvements we’d like to make to the site. Know anyone?

Ideally, this person would:
• Know the TypePad/Moveable Type platform backwards and fo’wards
• Have experience with custom Typepad template development
• Kick ass in the coding depahtment
• Be available ASAP!
• We will pay in puppies or US dollars, your preference

Write back! meg [at] frostdesign.net, serious inquiries onleh!

Raaaaaaallllghhh! [Chewbacca sound]

Raaaaaa. Rooooooorrrr!

RoooooooooR! raaaaaaahhhhglh. [Adjusts leather sash]


Planet Unicorn haaaaaay (sorry, song still stuck in my head from yesterday)

Nice work, Angela S… Are you wearing a Princess Leia as seen at Jabba the Hut’s outfit right now? I bet you are.

Good morninks

I refuse to git up. You can go to work, I’m staying here.

And pass the remote.

penny’s paws, originally uploaded by lalalalaurie.

um, bold use of blue, there, Pupcasso…

CBS News is reporting that "Sammy" a foxhound mix, is one of three Service Dogs who does abstract (I bet!) painting in Salisbury, Maryland. Apparently, Sammy holds a paintbrush that is attached to a small rubber bone, and paints that way. Check out all their pics…


Photo by Matthew S. Gunby, and sent in by Judy F.!

The Backyard Club

Pup in front: To join the Backyard Club, you must first go through our test.
Horse: [Shivers]
Kitteh: [yawns]
Pup in front: You must jump on this trampoline fifteen times exactly, jump off, go to the kitchen and get us Cokes. Then we will decide if you can join us.


According to sender-inner Kate S., The Backyard Club is from left to right: Skeeter (OMG PONIES!1!!), Hannah, Jackie, Abby (she has edible ears!) and in the back pretending not to be interested, Stanley.

Planet Unicorn Heeeeeyyy

You must watch this. This is the ‘Overload’ in Cute overload, People. heeeeyyy

Oh, I’m givin’ it up for Feathers, Cadillac and Tom Cruise. Sender-inner Patrique, I owe you 5lbs of ambrosia salad for this.

That boy is a P-I-G pig! [say in shocked voice]

As long as he doesn’t spit it all out when he’s done stuffing, I’m OK with this:

This Animal House moment ["I'm a zit! get it?"] brought to you by Sender-Inner Patrick and Jodi101.

Poky Little Puppy Eyes


What is it about Beagle puppehs and their uncanny ability to do Princess Di eyes? Incredibuhls. Oh, and Amazon.com let’s you see the front, back and two pages inside the Pokey Leetle Puppy book. It’s been a while since I seen that thar book.


Coy submishe, my little Jessica C.! ;)


Will you please check out this behbeh "Matschies Tree" kangaroo. All powsched-up, on his way around town. I’ve never actually seen a behbeh in a powsche before, so this is a head-tilt-"ahn!" moment for moi.


Unique submishe, Jill-e-b!

//THIS PHOTO is from Yahoo! Photo of the Day//

Early Adopter

I can hear them better this way too.

[touches paw to head, cranking Led Zeppelin]


I’ll take two pink ones, Romeo the cat and sender-inner Ferdinand S.


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