Love = Pain

Dog: “Oh, my little Snuggledums, I will lof you forevar! You’ll always be…”


Dog: “MY CHICK!!!!”
Chick: “GAAAK!”


A Pomeranian unclear on the concept brot to you by H.M.W. ;)

Cats in boxes part 4590

Howard and Roz sent in this fabu kit-n-box photo. At first you DON’T EVEN SEE the entire cat… THEN YOU DO! Those two eyes starin’ atcha! hee!


Gabe, the cat, thanks for checking the Diet Coke box for any danger… >^•^<

One ear: Baroo!? Other ear: flop

Beautiful shot of Bailey, Dennis Y.


Soft focus act-shon!

Socks, sandals and theeee

Check out these McStackersons on this foot. How did they get there? Were they drawn to the "Chicks Rule!" sock motif? I mean, I am drawn to it, so the ducklings must be too. I think I saw those socks at Fashion Week.


Don’t flick your foot, Leah B! (and Sebastopol photographer Delora P.!)

Big mistakes call for BIG erasing

Oh man.

I really effed up this time.


Oh, and reflections are all the rage, Crystal A. ;)

A puppys’ gotta eat

Here’s the story: a cat named Ms. Kitty had kittens but lost the litter. A pup named Smoochie had puppies but is less than interested in her litter. Ms. Kitty adopts Smoochie’s pups.

Oh, and the cat’s owner is seen poking around under a trailer for some reason.

I love trailer park stories, Mindy M.

large schnozzle percentage and tiniest of ears

Um, THOSE EARS must be stopped. Athena A., do you realize that sending this image in means NOTHING BUT PURE HAVOC for our audience? Offenses of this photo include; closed eyes, large schnozzle-to-other-features-ratio, TINIEST of ears and MAKING ME TYPE IN ALL CAPS DAMMIT


Le sigh.

OK, this just really isn’t funny.

You’ve had your fun, now get me the H-E-double-hockey-sticks OUT OF HERE!!!


Norman K.—What can I possibly say that would make things right? Nothing. Nothing that’s what. Except for the tiny hoof-i-tude. That’s awesome.

Big mistakes call for BIG erasing

Oooooooooh man.

I really effed up this time.


Reflections are ALL THE RAGE, Crystal A.

De Paws! De Paws! (say in Herve Villechaize voice)

Um, exsqueeze me, but could labradoodles be the most ideal breed EVAR? Look at these perf black and brown ‘plastic’ noses. I’d completely expect them each to have a "Steiff" stuffed animal tag on their ears.


Phil W. Those paws got me—clutching chest—right here!