Those Carrier Pigeons Just Get Smarter and Smarter

Why burden your beak when you can carry your scrolls in a JanSport?

Check out the actual story from NPR about how scientists are identifying dominant birds by placing GPS devices in – yes – backpacks. (Birds? GPS? Is this how they know how to poo smack-square on our heads?)

Forwarded by Elisabeth V.

Life Episode 3: Flying Fishes

When you can’t beat ’em CHANGE DIRECTIONS! Episode 3 of 5 in our 5-part series.

Once again, only for viewin’ in the US of A. Worldwide viewers, please contact Discovery Channel to complain.

Ow! This Hurts Wicked Bad!

So I’m headin’ down to the packie for a bee-ah, and I take a little shahtcut through the fish mahket. And I’m mindin’ my own business, naht lookin’ fah trouble, when alla sudden, this wicked monstah crab grahbs at me from dis tubbah ice!

Now I’m draggin’ the suckah down the street, shakin’ him offah me, when the Gorton’s Fisherman shows up and tells me I gottah give it bahck, the raht bahstid.

You win the coveted “WTF of the Month,” Mischa M.

Spectacular photo by Corey Arnold. See more of his work at

Jealous Much?

Grumblings and remonstrations! For the second time, someone has sent us a video of a handsome lad being overwhelmed by licking puppies, and for the second time, it’s not me! This is completely and totally unacceptable!

Yeah, thanks, Sarah S. Thanks a lot (mutter, mutter).

Life Episode 2: Ladies Love the Bling

Unforch, I understand these fine vids are only watchabuhls in the US of A. Nevertheless, please enjoy this episode of Life, this time it’s BIRDS and their SNEAKY, ROMANTIC WAYS!

Thank you, Oprah W.!

Let’s check in on MeMe

MeMe the Kitteh sure is cute.

Let’s see how she’s doingks. [Cross-eyed head-tilt]

Oh, and this video will make happy tears in your eyeses:

[Head bows] to Elizabeth V. TONS more photos and Japanese (natch) commentary over at Sakurako Shimizu

Now we’ll have to disapprove of ourselves

A moment of disdainful silence, please: Derby, the official face of disapproval and founding member of the Legion of Evil, has committed his final and most sweeping act of condemnation by passing on to Completely Unacceptable Bunny Heaven.

In his dishonor, Derby’s owners Carly & Art have disassembled this loving tribute image (click to view at Flickr). We’re sure Derby would have disapproved.

[Just a gentle reminder, tho — Derby and Cinnamon are not the same rabbit! – Ed.]

Someone Remove this Stubborn Hare from My Back

Oh I see what’s going on here! You’re just waiting until I take a snoozer so you can win the race and declare victory! Well, I’m gonna cling to you like white-on-rice! Now who’s the winner, eh? Eh?

I honestly have no idea who comes out a winner here. Forwarded by Daming N.

It’s Go Time.

‘Ow you doin’. I’m glad you could join me for what will surely be a momentous occasion! I’m about to publicly flaunt my humongous size in hopes of becoming Guinness World Records Largest Guinea Pig!

I don’t understand. Were my steroids not working?

On the plus side, the mullet adds two inches, Avigayil H.

THIS JUST IN: “Tugboat” the bebe Pug

[To the tune of ‘Hello Mudder, Hello Faddah‘]

Hello Earflaps
Hello Tailio
Greetings from the
Photo Studio
Lil’ ‘Tugboat’—under his spell
It looks like he stuck his schnozzle in an inkwell

Credit goes to Sender-Inner Sharon C. and Charity Lynne Photography.


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