That’s what I call CPR!!!

Er, mouth to "meow"th

Er… mouth to mouf

OK, Whatever, a fireman saved a kitteh giving it mouth to mouth resusitayshe!

Check out the full video over on Yahoo!


When asked what giving a cat mouth to mouth tasted like. The fireman said: "Like fur".


Thanks for the hot tip, SparkyPannnts.

The Tale of a Rescued Hare

It was business as usual at the office, when a baby Irish hare, only a few hours old was discovered, dehydrated and solo. Unable to find the mother, they hoped to release him after nursing him back to health.


Unforch, they soon discovered the little guy was blind, and not so suitable for release.



Thankfully, Buster the Bun is now eating well and enjoying the garden in a loving home in Dublin, sproinging around.


Nice find, sender Inner Susan C. Read all about Buster’s adoption and rearing on his blog!

Make sure that’s organic, mmmkay?

For a red panda I don’t ask for a lot. Really.


I must have organic pears, apples and grapes.

I insist on hand-feeding [Beady-eye intense look]


I also need my two-toned look kept fierce (Clairol Hydrience Hibiscus Dark Red Hair Color # 32), at LEAST once a month



And let me know when the hot tub is ready. [Scampers back up a tree]


Awesome red panda shots, Jessica R.:D Check out all her shots here. This was all made possible by the Wellington Zoo.

At the Hide-and-Seek Training Academy

Well, the 2008 Olympics may be a memory, but the hopefuls for 2012 are already getting a head start in the rigorous training for this demanding and often time-consuming event:

...three thousand, six hundred and twenty-SEVEN, three thousand, six hundred and twenty-EIGHT...

And here’s Diego El Kabonngg of Portugal, demonstrating the advanced eye-covering technique that swept him to the silver in 2000:

... five million, seven hundred thousand, two hundred and NINE, ...

Ready or not, here we come, Paula E! (top photo)



Chicken !, originally uploaded by WelcomeToTheDoghouse.


Flying Una!, originally uploaded by WelcomeToTheDoghouse.

You are now free to move about the country, Eva H.

Successful take-off courtesy of custom pet portrait artist and photographer WelcomeToTheDoghouse.

Dewd, have you been to 2% yet?!

That new milk bar 2% on 16th has got the greatest atmosphere. They have this grass-like carpet farm-thing going on, and they serve this awesome drink called the Cow Nipple—all the lambs are hanging out there.


Trisha V., I’m at the booth in the back.



[Leaves fall out of mouf]

NO WAY she is dating that alpaca in paddock two. NO WAY.


We think paddock 2 is chock full of hotties too, Marie N.

Bunz and Frenchie’s Daring Caper

"All right, Frenchie — the coast is clear.  Time to make our move."

Some Lalo Schifrin music would be nice here.

"The old dame keeps the jewels in the penthouse apartment.  All you gotta do is (whisper, whisper)"

Huzza guzza whuzza fluzza...

"Right, boss — here I go!"


"Oh, and I forgot to tell you — the jewels are in a lead-lined safe with a quintuple-combination lock guarded by a laser-targeted motion sensor, fourteen armed guards, three rottweilers, and a delusional attack lizard.  So good luck!"

I'm behind you all the way, pal!

We lose more frogs that way, Janine F.

Planet Pupulon WINS AGAIN

Hold on tight, people.

Hold ON!


Duck and cover Miriam J. and PBF cartoonist Nicholas Gurewitch.

I do some of my best thinking in the shower

You know, I’ve been thinking about our business lately…

[Scrubs lavender shampoo into fur with tiny claws]


That the next product we should sell at The Guinea Spa is Melon-Apple conditioner.


Yes! The tween guinea pig market will go crazy for it!

[Places rhinestone clip in hairs]


Emilie S., I’m glad ‘Potato’ is sooo productive.


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