This box is gonna erupt in a flurry of fur and “rowrs’ any second now


O’Neills, did you survive the cat-on-box action!?

Nosevember: Hedgehog editshe

You first saw "Sule" the hedge giving the teeniest of massages to "Jack" the cat. Those were good, good times.

Well, look who’s back at the spa, with his moist nosicle, blond quill, and waffle-towel action.


I think I see the smallest of smiles, too, Krisa B…. ;)

Ticklish squeak toy

I’m not even sure if this puppeh is for reals.

When in doubt, assume Japanese scientists did it.

Where’s the teeck-le, Antonella S.?

Hot Tub! [Scream in James Brown voice]

Gonna make me sweat-ah

Gonna make me wet-ah

Gonna git in the wat-ah!


A fine addition to a long and venerable line of Pets In Pots, Ricky F.

Raccoon… dogs!? Ruh roh!

WAIT A MINUTO! Those aren’t dogs… are they?

According to Wikipedia, there is such a thing as a raccoon dog… amazing BUT TRUE

Jcs_nyctereutes_procyonoides_23693, nice photo—I still don’t believe it though.

Oh Noes!!!1

I am but a wide-eyed puppeh, stuck in a don’t-chomp-on-yourself collar!

Still, I shall NIBBLE my way out!

WAITICAN’TBaroooooooooooooo! [crying sounds]


Are you for reals, Elizabeth L.? ‘Cause he is way tooooo kyoot.

I shall eat dis

Nommity nommity nommity mcnommersons.

[Goes back to sleepingk in cave]


Sender-Inner Josh N. sez this is one of his foster kittehs from when he volunteered at "Give Me Shelter". This kitteh appears as Mr. December in their calendar!

Pooooche Powwwche

Check out the guttular regions on this guy. FANTASTEEK!


Mila R., way to send ‘em in…


[Door swings open]

OMG, we are DOOMED! Doomed I tell you!!!


Jorden C., what hath ye wrot upon us!? (er, something)


Rolling on the ground purring my ‘tocks off

He’s all: “Ackthwwwp-p-p-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkakag-g-g-g prrrrrrr”


Jonathan P., you captioned it and everything… Rockkin.


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