Ca$h ¢ats

It has come to my attention via alert reader Bobbeh, that there is a new site in town, ready to kick our asses:

Cash Cats.


It’s no women laughing alone with salad, but it’ll do.

Home alone on a Caturday

Marrrrroooooooowwww [<–Cat equivalent of a Baroo!]

This lonely SF Cat was photographed by Jamie.

She’s a Very Stinky Girl

The kind you don’t bring home to mother…

Hope this doesn’t cause a big stink, Leslie.

Pug 4 Life

Yo, when you pick a pooch, ya just gotta pick a pug
‘Cause a pug gives a hug that’s as sweet as a love drug
Ain’t no lies, I’m the prize, with the Marty Feldman bug-eyes
Scopin’ you, rope-a-dopin’ you, sincerely hopin’ you
Take me home to your dome so I never have to roam alone

Ralph P. says: “The pictures I sent are of my sister’s three year old pug Moose. She is a daily viewer or your site and loves the amount of pug pictures.” As do we, so here’s some extra bonus Moose:

Kitty by day, Ninja by night!

My name is Ninja Rosebud, Master of the Threadcount.
I will teach you in the ancient ways of the luxury bedding so that you might one day defeat low thread count and return honor to your futon.

Yes, really, her name is Ninja Rosebud! Right, Emma? Photo by Stuart Alliecat.


“This has got to be the worst drive-in restaurant ever! What’s it take to get a little service around here?” (Warning: Turn down speakers)

Quick-thinking cuteologist Wendel writes: “He got a lot of looks as he honked for attention. I had to turn the car around and run up to get this video. It was too funny to pass up!”

Summer Theater Aww-ditions

Will I try out for Pinocchio or Petruchio? Who nose for sure, so I must be shrewd, very shrewd.

Presenting a torpor elephant shrew, sent in by Justin B.

Vote for Poncho!

Alert Sender-Inner Marta has asked that we all take time from our vote for Poncho.

I’m not sure what were voting on, it’s all written in Spaneesh, so someone let me know, OK?

Vote here!

THIS JUST IN: Wallaby Sucks Thumb

As if the other perks of being a baby wallaby weren’t enough (pouch = free room & board + transportation), they come with a built-in pacifier. Or at least this one does.

Checker Bored

For years Grampa’s been meeting up with the old guys down at the park for their morning checkers matches as usual under the oak trees. Lately, Gramp’s been on a winning streak. Says it’s his “lucky” checker piece. Says he got it at the Shell station.

It’s the old shell game, Leila.


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