Clownfeesh whirlpool

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

[bathtub water swirls out of control]


Andrew J., best clowns evar.

Seriously hungry, hungry hippo

Yeah, I pretty moishe watched this one with my mouth open in disbelief the whole time…

Mo K., way to pick ‘em!

Now playing on CuteCast, natch.


Rikki kitten stacked on Bounce cat

Nice hat, there, Mr. Bounce.  It’s maybe a little fussy, though.

(slightly longer version available over here)

This just in: A pile o’ meerkats

OMG, look at the guy bottom middle.

L to the O to the L. He’s totally mid-pile.


Kimberly S. says it was very cold at the Louisville Zoo that day, and the ‘Kats were piling together for warmths.

And P.S., I hear that Meerkat Manor 3 starts August 10, on Animal Planet

One-half Meerkat, one-half pup

People, this is what happens when pups and meerkats spend a leeeeeeetle too moishe time together. You get what’s called a Meerpup ("PupKat" was also an option, but too confusing)

Sigh [head tilt]


Good news is that MeerPup is adoptable at Bideawee ;) Thanks, Tiffany L.

Glurpity, Slurpity

Sing it with me now:

Glurpity, Slurpity,


Slurpity, Glurpity,


Glurpity, Slurpity, (glurpity-slurpity)


Glurpity, glurp! Gee-lurpity-twerpity, Burpity, slurpity, buh-lurp-a-lurpity

[song continues for 10 more mins]



Jess S., Great job capturing "Ebony" mid-leeck.

The elusive, bamboo-leecking red Panda

Sender-inner "Hideous Lump" says it’s a CRIME that we haven’t posted more red Pandas.

For once, Hideous Lump is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. So here we go.

my_pic211, originally uploaded by takenzen.




Panda Torpedo, originally uploaded by Gobdol.

Meanwhile, note fur ‘smile’ and bowing technique (while on a tree bough, heh)

redpanda1-01-19-06, originally uploaded by Peter Waterman.


Eef looks could keel

Yep, I’m pretty moishe gonna keel you in your sleep.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII’ve pretty moishe had eet. Have you tasted that dry food you feed moi? Abominable!


Sender-inner Susan, may I suggest sleeping in a coat of armor?

// Hehe.  Happy Friday, peeps!  – T. //

I saved you from this mean, terrible toilet paperes!

That toilet paper roll was GOING TO ATTACK and prolly WIPE YOU TO DEATH!

I swear it was gonna.

But I saved you. Yes, I did. [claps paws in 'done!' motion]


Linda C., thank the Lo’ you had someone watching your back.

Dronk at the office (again)

Dewds, check me out![scan light goes by]

My fuzzy ‘tocks on the glass!!!

Woooooooooooo! hic! [scan light goes by again]

Yeaaa—hiccc  zz  z z zzzzzzzz zz


Way to earn that bonus, Tigger the kitteh and sender-inner Silk P.


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