The Textbook Nubule!

The textbook NUBULE. In the FLESH.

Thar she blows.




Check it. CHECK IT, Elaine T.!

Super Tuesday Votin’ and Stoatin’

Votin_n_stoatin_bleeped_2Dewds, here’s a great voting advertisement; I just received a pre-recorded (natch) phone call from STEVIE WONDER saying that he called to say he ‘loves me’ and that I should vote for Barack Obama. Awesome, Barack. And, um, Holy target audience.

I think C.O. should sponsor a radio ad of kittens purring for a candidate.

Do I dare ask who YOU are voting for on this fine Sthuper Tuesday? I’m still writing in Colbert.

Whatever you do, just don’t fergit to vote. Polls open ’til 8PM.

And let’s not forget the baby Stoat ‘n’ Vote song: Vote vote vote, Like a baby stoat, stoat stoat stoat, cast a leetle vote! DO EET!

Doin’ the Toe Nibbler’

Gah-nuzzle, Gah-nuzzle

[tiny munching of feets sound]

Hopping Mice, originally uploaded by Stephen Barnett.


// UPDATE — the call for COXCU has been heard! //

Vitamin P

Git your vitamin peanut every day, to keep your ears squirrely and your EYES BEADEH!

[Plink plink!] (eyelash sound)


Nice lil’ lower lip, J to the S!

Lookuphere! Lookuphere! [say in bird voice]

Um, unclear on the CONNNNNNCEPPPPT!


Which way did he go, Johanna S.!?

Have a great day, Hon [peck]

[Bird] Oh, and bring home some seed after work, mmmK?

[Kitteh] Mmmk.


Johanna S., you’ve got one clever find after another, ain’t cha?

Your screen is lookin’ a little dirty…

Perhaps you could use a personal (animated) screen cleaner?

Thanks to the beeelllions who sent this in, most recently MusicChick

We’re watching the game from here

I don’t think we can fit beers in here tho. That’s a problem.


How about straws, Christi B.W.?

Beer me

Go_giantsIt’s Superbowl XVIILLX, People, and Hammie-Manning is setting up the paly:





Pup Brady has intercepted the ball. He might have it for a while.

Sports fanatic, originally uploaded by * Minette.

Meanwhile, Pugsters Manning is all: "What am I? chopped leevares?"


Thanks, Minette L., enjoy the show today. Football ham from SJ K.

Let’s get knobbular! Knobbular!

I wanna get knobbulaaaaarrrrrr!

Let’s get into knobbular! [Sing in Olivia Newton John voice]


Check out this Knobbule rocking some Rule 23 born at the Chester Zoo. Her name is "Margaret" and she’s getting bottle fed ’cause her Momma was like "Whuh? I don’t know how to do eet!"


Thanks to ALL the beellions of peeps who sent this one in…


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