Bleat, bleat, bleat. Is that all fawns can do these days? [click on fawn to go see ani-may-shons] The best part is the bellowing belly action… She sounds like a kitten.

Nice Googlage, "ˇ" :)

Mmmmm, snoutlicioussss

This is complete and total snout overload. How much is that pig LOL-ing? I bet that pig snorts when he laughs, too.


Holy bacon bits, Jennifer H.!

This is the LAST place he’ll look!

LOL—this is "Ratty" the rat hidingk under "Hemingway" the cat. Apparently, Hemingway spent 15 years chasing rats and has had it. This is soooo Tom and Jerry, I love it.


Rock and roll, Jordan D.

Daily C.O. Reminder

How great would it be if, wherever you were during the day—at the office, at home, wherever—every day at 2PM, a little grey kitten like this would crawl up yer pant leg and make sure you had checked CuteOverload at least once. Not in an annoying, nagging way, but in a soft, white muzzlepuffed, purring kind of way.


"Juuuuuusssssssst checkin’!" [Say in Cliff Claven voice] Jon H.!

Purring fleece jacket warmer

Don’t EVAR get caught in a cold, purr-less, fleece jacket again! New North Face cat sleeves add warmth AND keep your fleece jacket sleeves in full, upright positions. One cat per arm only.


Don’t forget to remove cat(s) before wear, Ken D.


These lambitudes look like they’re parading thru someone’s living room, across a blue blankie, for no apparent reason. I bet there is a tiny Chihuahua nipping at their heels or something.


Denis M., patience is a virtue (he sent this back in ot 5)

Now available at Radio snack

Two-day old behbeh cockatiel rockin’ rule 14. AND rules 2, 12 & 18. Don’t you just wanna one-gulp him?


Like, Bok, Rebecca H.!

And you thought I was ridiculous

I love it when someone writes and and out-ridiculouses me. This is such a time. Alert reader Carrie G. has just educated me on what she calls "sea urchin belly" a delightful form of fur overflow when her kitteh Scout sits like this:




LOL, girl! L to the O to the L.

Puppies Gone Wild

Did anyone make sure these McSquirmersons signed consent forms before filming?

Nice submishe, Anitachou!

The first ever bat on C.O.

We’re not against bats here at C.O. headquarters. Really. It’s just hard to find a prosh-enough bat to post. Well, those days are over thanks to alert reader Melissa S. Melissa spied this previously "overlooked source of BEF!" from a mile away. I like his little wing nubbins.


Bats off to you <groooooan> Melissa S. ;)