Live From the 2009 Hide-and-Seek Semifinals

… and as we enter day 27, it looks like little Rollo Grubspackle continues to outsmart the rest of the Gorilla team…

Gets 'em every year, heh, heh, heh...

Baby gorilla sleeping
by bartdubelaar. Found by Johanna S.

Beauty is Serious Business

"Oh, hi there!  I’m just having my tips frosted with beeswax and crushed rose petals, and then I’ll be getting a mud pack facial with Navajo red clay flown in specially from Arizona.  And after that, I go into the rock tumbler for 20 minutes with some vanilla bean and talcum powder."

If I wasn't willing to look this stupid, I'd never look fabulous!

That Mr. Rudolpho is simply a wizard with beeswax, Roar.

Just Call Me Whirlpool, Pal

We all knew cats were self-cleaning, but this one even comes with a spin cycle.  Kitty starts off moist, and ends up moist… and dizzy.

Whoa, make the room stop spinning, Hlavinkas

This Is My Favorite Sunday Brunch

"Ah just loves the dee-cor in this tea room, and the finger sandwiches are simply dee-vine, ah sweah!"

Although the 'alien face hugger' pattern is a little creepy.

Can I freshen up that coffee, Moomin K.?

Kiss me, you fool

[crazy ball of fur ensues]

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone

Sweet Kiss by Kitty & Kal-El.

Zing, Zing, Zing Went My Heartstring

For the first time in recorded history, a cat has left its owner a surprise on the floor that didn’t require paper towels to clean up.  Meet "Tux," who gave her owner Mandy A. a string in the shape of a heart.  It’s the Valentines Day gift that says "I love you… and I’m into rope."

Look at that poker face, acting like she doesn't even know about it.

But... what's THIS?!

Looks like a good way to catch a boyfriend, is what it is.

Winston is Bananas

In honor of Valentines Day, we show Winston with his beloved bananas.

Rich of FourFour, you justify my love!

Double the ‘Tocks, Double the knobbules. [The Scroll Down]

I’m not sure if this pic is really cute or kinda gross. [Shifty eyes] I think it’s a case of the photographer being RIGHT BEHIND this ‘tocktacular scene… right!?


Dani F., ostriches and giraffe knobby knees—what an awesome combo.

It’s Friday. Sniff a flower.

Even if you’re a kitten in the "non-eyeball-focusing" stage of development you should still stop and sniff the daisies.

Check out the "looking at first, throwing to third" action:


Simply sniffing flower, by Urs Wachter™.


No tongues!

Diana C.


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