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Do we have a “Hams ‘n’ Racks” category yet?

Colette C. thinks we should.

Next Week, on The Guiding Leash

Dr. Flangstone reveals to Jessica that her sex-change reversal surgery has left her legally genderless. Meanwhile, aspiring evil real estate tycoon Blake van Drake accidentally forecloses on a casino and turns it into a day-care center.

While across town, in the sanguine Boogerman household, young Timmy Boogerman begins to suspect that he may have been adopted…

OK, the real story, from the Daily Breeze: A dog rescue volunteer took home an added bonus with her chihuahua mom and pups — an orphan kitten who started to nurse right along with his new brothers and sisters.

Winston Really, Really, Really Loves his Potassium

The only thing that would make this video better is if Winston was wearing a banana hammock fashioned out of peels.

We’re also really enjoying the Twitter account, Rich.

Hetty’s Hankerin’ for Hoagies Finally Catches up with Her

After losing her formerly svelte figure, Hetty begins to go through the stages of grief. First up: Denial.

What, the camera adds 10 pounds!

Before you anyone can say anything, the hoagies were made of grasshoppers, mealworms, baby food, tofu, and clover. Right, Hannah?

Longest. Skateboarding. Competition. Ever.

Exactly 10 hours, 48 minutes, and 26 seconds later, Boxx Turtlezz finally wheels himself over to the start line at the top of the halfpipe.

Surprisingly, Tony Hawk lost,  Amy F./CSO.

Admittedly, it was an Easy Mistake to Make

Seymour Hoffham braced for the massage of his life when his owner inadvertently picked him up instead of the stress ball.

We want to Seymour ham, Hannah.

THIS JUST IN: White Otters!

Keepers at UK’s Blue Planet Aquarium recently saw something beyond the pale: Two baby otters born with white fur. But they’re not albinos; they have a rare condition that causes fur to grow without its normal pigment.

Full story at the Telegraph. And the aquarium is inviting people to name the cuties. Judging from the picture above, we’d say “Yin” and “Yang” will top the list.

Update: Corrected spelling of “Yin.” Thanks to all who caught my error.
Update II: Electric Boogaloo: Corrected error in link. Thanks, marthava et. al.

Redonkulously cute attempted meowing

Wait for it!

Beth S., I love that lil’ trap door of a mouf.

I’m Forever Striking Blows on Bubbles

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s a wonder Glinda the Good Witch made it out of this scene alive.

Gravity 101

Many people think kittehs are naturally agile, but in fact this skill requires months of rigorous training to achieve. In this video example, students at Kitteh Kollege undergo advanced postgraduate training in slippery surfaces.

Update: The creator of the video provides this background: “The cat gave birth up there, I didn’t put them up there. I blocked off the top of the slide, they got around it, I blocked it off better, and finally kept them safe. They got on the slide themselves and even after falling off when I wasn’t there, they still kept getting back on. I did help the kitten at the end back up.”

Updated update: Sent in by Theresa!


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