How to Toilet Train Your Puppy

Correct method:

Incorrect method:

Credit: Jenna B. (top), Olaf (bottom), via Urlesque.

Creepy Lumbird was Always Lurking Around

“Hi, Peter. What’s happening? We need to talk about your TPS reports.”

Honestly terrifying, Kelly W.

Alien: The Cute Version

“Who’s a cute little chest-burster? Who’s just the cutie-patootiest unstoppable hostile chest-bursting little life form? It’s you, yes it is! Yes — it — eee-yizz!”

Even Ripley wouldn’t believe it or not, Cheryl L.

Your Daily Unsolicited Rambling Brought to You by Tim, the Tree Kangaroo

Listen, between you and me – and no offense to that kitten or anything, but I really hate those “Hang in there!” posters.

He’s just jealous of the kitten’s fame, Noelle S.

Buffy Wears Her Bitterness on Her Sleeve

If you’d like to avoid having to use Bactine on your legs, when you’re done taking this ridiculous picture, I suggest you remove this sweater and return it to Holly Hobbie.

And this better not show up on Buffy’s Facebook page, Cathy O’B.

Young Ichabod Graces Us with His Presence

Here I am, chicks: Your tall drink of handsome.

Careful not to stare directly at me lest my hotness burn your retinas.

Meg S. says: “I work for a program in New Orleans that breeds the endangered Mississippi Sandhill Crane, and we raise the chicks for release every fall. The cuteness factor of these chicks is dangerously high.” Indeed.

My, what an adorable — YEEEAAUUGH!!

Two new red-ruffed lemurs were born at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay last month, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to play everybody’s favorite party game, “Guess When The Photo Session Went Horribly Wrong.”

Via KiksMedia.

Winthorpe Shows Off his Eclectic Taste

If you think this is something, you should see my armadillo ottoman.

Forwarded by Colin M. The original link can be seen here.

Carl & Agnes Go to Couples Therapy

I’m at the end of my stick, doc. I keep trying to explain to her that this is just how I’m built, ya know? But my wife is still accusing me of havin’ a wandering eye!

Keep an eye on that one, Andrea J.

Agent Meowstache Requests the Pleasure of Your Company

Ah, thank you for meeting me at my super-secret bunker hidden away in a magical land called Eyekeeah. May I offer you a White Russian while I detail my plan to take over the world?

Muahahahahaha, Loolee.


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