Seriously, mush! get movin’!


Albert W., you must acquire more puppehs for your sled.

Nice antennae, Baby.

Ladies and Gentlemens, I present to you: The Tiniest of Feets!


Nuri P., nice email sig:


I see your sock kitteh and raise you an even smaller kitteh

Speaking of stocking stuffers, sender-inners Robin and Wedge are raising the stakes on kittehs in socks. Check it:


"Yuna" kitteh hangin’ oot:


Go Cardinal! (the sender-inners are from Stanford… ;)

Bebeh Spa Sloth


A nice post-massage nap in a lavender-smelling towel. I think I hear some new-age muzik in the background. ZZZZZZZ.

Which way to the sauna?

Lyssa B., your submishes shud really be outlawed.

That lick-hither look

OMG, this kitteh is the Marilyn Monroe bed photo shoot of kittehs.

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Except that this kitteh is a boy named Cosmo. Yeah, except for that, it’s spot on, right Davia S.? ;)

Awright, who stuffed the kitten in a sock?

Fess up, People. Who did it?

Rock'em, Sock'em

At least he’s easy to carry around that way Megan D. Just don’t toss in the hamper.

Must… play…. ball….

Must… continue… to…. play…   but…    I…

"Gilbert" pup gets tired playing ball and opts for a nap-a-roo.


You rawk, Lee-Ann. And FYI, she took this photo of Gilbert 15 years ago. Ahn.

Meanwhile, over at the meerkat exhibit

Check it: Total rule 15, People.

Then there’s some jawwing going on: "rrrrr" "rrrrrr" and "I shall not look at you, yet I will bite you regahdless!"

Picture_9_2And please do not miss this redonkulous "Live Help" button on the Zoo web site.
Yes, I would like the giraffe operator to connect me please.


Nice shotz, Tarina P. ;)

//Photos removed at request of owner//

Hibernation suuuuuuuuuuucks! [singsong]

Yer hair gits all matted and you have sleep in your eye capsules, and yer SUPER HUNGRY

BLEEEEHHH [claws flex]


Merci, Discovery Channel and Submitter Kory J.!

That did NOT just happen

You know when you’re watching something and you can’t beleive what you’re watching?Well this video is like that. OTTERSZ FLOATING AROUND, NAPPING and…HOLDING HANDS! Yes, you read that right.

Try NOT to exclaim "OMG" out loud. Serious Cynthia H.


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