This Is Your Day, Arthur Pewtey!

"You’re going to march right into that office and say ‘listen here, Mr. Higgenblatz, I’ve been with this firm for over ten years, and it’s high time I had my own private office, and a reserved parking space, and a five dollar an hour raise, and … um, how about two dollars, then?  And, er, the office doesn’t have to have to be really big or have a window or anything, and I’ve been thinking about taking the bus anyway, so I don’t really need the parking space …’ "

... and if I had to share the office, that would be OK, I guess ...

That’ll show him who’s boss, Becky H.

The Legend of the Prickly Kid

Now me and the boys were in Clancy’s Saloon, and hoistin’ our mugs in a toast,
When Old Man McGee bursts in through the door, lookin’ as pale as a ghost.
"I pity you, son," he stammered at last. "I reckon you best get yourself hid."
"There’s a feller in town who’s a lookin’ for you, by the name of the Prickly Kid."

My skin went clammy, my hands took to shakin’, the beer went sour in my mouth,
For there weren’t a more fearsome critter alive, from the North clean to the South.
They say when he hunts you, there’s nowhere to run, and you might as well number your days,
Because no man alive’s been known to survive the Kid’s cold, unblinking gaze.

Then the customers scattered, the piano stopped playin’, and slowly I turned around,
At the end of the bar stood the Prickly Kid, never making a move nor sound.
He fixed me right there with a steely stare, and "hewwo" was all he said.
And I took one look in those beady cute eyes, and I plumb keeled over dead.

I'm a wootin' tootin' gunswinger!

Now, the moral of my story’s a warning to you, and I’m sure Sarah R. would agree,
When your time is over, there’s naught you can do, and there’s no sense in trying to flee.
So stay right here and finish your beer, for you won’t be escaping the joint.
When the Prickly Kid comes a-lookin’ for you, you’re definitely getting the point.

CO on the Can

One of our favorite things is to browse Gizmodo and see detailed photos of shiny new Appleness. Coming in close second is browsing sites and seeing mention of Cute Overload.  Imagine our joy at seeing Cute Overload *on* a shiny new Apple MacBook Air *on* Gizmodo!  …I’m feeling faint…


Is that small bathroom-sized trash can?  Is that toilet paper, which is often disposed of in a, whaddyacallit, a toilet?  Is that a toilet bowl brush you might find near, you know, a toilet?

Oh, gross!  Where do you draw the line, guys?  In the future, please view Cute Overload at the appropriate place and time, which is AT YOUR OFFICE DESK while on company time.

You just couldn’t wait, could you, Jason Chen?

No, no, thank YOU, Socks.

You’re ALWAYS SO HELPFUL at Christmastime. [eye roll]


No, no, it looks good! Really.


We’ll clean it up later, Brinke G.

Mouf Animals Sing!

Boing Boing has just alerted us to this redonk video of Animals singin’ about a Merry Christmas. The video is from the "Do One Thing"  organization, which encourages folks to "Make this the year you do one thing for nature". Some of their simple ideas are here!

Thanks Marilyn N. ;)

I wonder what’s on The Tuna Channel?

"Hey, boss, this new high-definition TV is amazing!  Just look at the detail in those scales!"

Isn't it bad for your eyes to sit that close?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess "tuna," Kim S.

Another Childhood Illusion Shattered

Little Mitzi Bumblefufkin, age 5, discovers her father’s fake Santa Claus beard.

But ... but ... WHY, Daddy?

They grow up so fast these days, Glenna M.

Land of the Rising Pom

"Konnichiwa! and welcome to Sushi Kennel!  Our specials this week are Milk-Bone-shaped tuna, and the California Roll-Over-and-Play-Dead.  May I bring you a hot towel and sake before ordering?"

Kimono my house, mon amour...

Domo arigato, sender-inner-san Ariana G.


[Choking] OMGarshk! Check out this crazy unstoppable tabby six-pack with mini-claws!

Talk about your insane milk buffets. (Wait—does anyone besides me talk about ‘insane milk buffets’!!?)


Yes, we can re-run this pic on Mother’s Day, Scott W.

Congratulations, New Cat Owner!

Congratulations on your purchase of a brand-new cat!  With proper care and maintenance, your new cat will provide you with years of trouble-free service.


The most important step in unpacking your new cat is: Save all packing materials!  They will be required for returns or service requests, so always keep them handy.

Bonus points for packing packing materials in your packing materials!

In fact, just in case you need backup packing materials, go ahead and save your old shoe boxes, moving cartons, mailing tubes, cereal containers …

There's no WAY you're a size six, lady.

… drink cartons, lunch pails, hat boxes, unused planters, that old PC with the parts removed …

Mmm, that was refreshing -- now where's the bathroom?

… suitcases, backpacks, Tupperware containers, violin cases, Russian nesting dolls …

Say, whose idea was all the boxes?  I barely have room to stretch!

Photos of Mia from sender-inner Stacey T. More at Flickr.


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