Seeeeeeeeeeeeealed, weeth a keeeeeeeeesss!


Sender-inner Elizabeth B. says her friend Elysa B took this photo in New Zealand and Australia. Holy pristine beaches.

Let’s check in on the HamsterTracker

Let’s check in on Her Beadiness "Lucy 2.0" the hamster of EXTREME HamsterTrackin’ fame. On day 555, Lucy had covered 461,501.78 meters on her wheel. Tewtelly awesome.

You know what, I bet if you licked her ear, it would become completely transparent. Did I just say that out loud?


Super "Paws Up" and "Apple Sushi" cheers to Lucy 2.0 and Mathijs Van Der Paaw (No, I did not make that name up)

And now, a chicken wearing a scarf.

Dawn M. of the Dawn and Drew show (!!!) sent in her lil’ pal "Chicken McNugget Domkus" wearing a little scarf for the cold Wisconsin winter. Of course she is!


I have a soft spot for chick-ons, Dawn—how’d you know!? ;)

Give me a LARGE break

Will you please check out these McSquirmersons and the look on poor Mom’s face.


Eight writhing, rambunctious pups, competing like crazy! LOL.




Sender-inner Christopher M. claims the "small tidal wave of puppies" fell upon his girlfriend as she approached them with the camera. Oy!

“Kiss a lovely moose”

We’re all familiar and adore "Engrish", but today, it’s time for the Russian version of it. Behold the "Kostrama Moose farm" in central Russia. Not only are the photos TDF, but the phrases and translations are extremely entertaining.

There is an overwhelming admiration for the meese. The farmers claim "Moose cows loveus more than their own children."


"They run to us whenever we call."


and "and some – big bulls, kind like kitten. "


According to the site, "Swedish army had moose troops… Moose turned out to be wiser then their knights, they left battlefieldto hide in the nearest forest if danger occured."


The Kostrama Moose farm website has delightful (snort) content categories too: "Why Moose?" "Buy a Tame Moose", "Heal a Peptic Ulcer" (Apparently a moose-related specialty) "Drink a Moose Milk" and my favorite: "Kiss a lovely Moose". 


NOT TO MENTION the knobbular delights that are the moose baby photos.



sooooo…. wobbly…. must…. try….


The author of the site has a future in coffee table book, for sure. 


Daisy H. does it again. Brilliant, brilliant find, Girl!

Bumpersticker overload

Holy 10 by 3 Vinyl UV-resistant Proclamations, People, it’s complete and total BUMPER STICKER OVERLOAD. And it’s coming your way. Now, for only $3.50 US dollars, any of these fine stickers can be yers.

Choose from the "Paws Up" paws or the Hamster/Flower combo.

Yay pic!


Hmmm, what other leetle animals can we put in the "o" of "Overload!? The possibilities are endless.

This just in: Kittehs have EVOLVED!

Evolved Kitteh mutant "Amstel" is proof that OPPOSABLE THUMBS aren’t just for humans and monkehs any more. Soon, kittehs everywhere will be turning doorknobs, using can-openers, and programming C++.



Amstel in the sink, evolved to drinking straight outta the tap. What’s next? Fixing the plumbing herself can’t be far behind.


This is the best part. Sender-inner Kathleen A. says that "Amstel" reminds her of a Star Wars AT-AT (with honkin’ feet). High-larious.


Leaping Ducklettes

This is sooooo worth watchingks. You MUST see this TINY WING ACTION.With English accent narration.

Good Lo’.


“Confessions of a Cute Addict”

Hdr_mag_3Well Peeps, we made Hallmark magazine, thanks to fabu freelance writer Rebecca Skloot. Poor thing, she has an ADDITICTION TO CUTE and felt compelled to write about eet. Someone’s got to do eet. Nice photo shoot, too, Rebecca and Hallmark Peeps! Thanks for a sweet story that so accurately explains the strange phenom… ;)

Check out the article online

Special thanks to Cute Overload frequent commenters Mira/Miss Crisp and Janet Poirrier for their interviews for the article. Nice quotes, ladies. Verrrrrrry Niiiiiiiiiice.

Visualizing… data… [Robot voice]

///Dewds! Official poll results are IN! Check them out.///

Ya’ll are AMAZING with your insta-answers. Here is a way we can visualize your preferences!!!
You may choose up to three options!

Don’t see your cool feature idea listed here? Suggest it in the Comments of this post!



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