What Are Your Terms?

It’s simple really. Until all my demands are met, I keep slobbering.

I’m fully prepared to speed things up.

Throw Costello a bone! Andrew H. says Costello “is a 6 month old (yes 6), Old English Bulldog puppy.”


Sorry, You’re Not Quite Right for the Roll

When his other big rolls ran out, the once famous Guinea Pitt, could only get smaller rolls.

They’re rolling out the red carpet for Godber, Tracey G.


I’d like you to meet my pet fawn.

I call her “Knobs” after her knees.

When I’m at work at Cute Overload Headquarters, she hangs out in the lawn in front of the office and stares at people on their cigarette breaks.

She wears a spotted pocket square if she gets schnozzle sniffles.

She goes to the spa for hoofie-hoofies (fawn version of mani-pedi.)

On her best days, she’ll show you her tiny tongue.

Baby fawn pictures taken by my co-worker Kathleen Q.

Like, Woof

So like, what I’m expressing here is: Dog doesn’t need your corporate fascism, Mister Businessman. Dog has no use for your unhip grey-flannel-suburban-split-level-claims-adjusting-7:53-from-Hartford mental prison, baby.

Dog just needs to be free, y’know? Dog needs to, like, spill his martini once and a while, because that’s real, that’s truth. That… is… what… life… is… maaaaaaan.

Groovy chick Tina D. hits us with: “This is my poodle Emmett, badly in need of a haircut, posing with a new piece of artwork that my fiance and I plan to hang in our living room.”

The Streamlined World of… the Future!

Here at the Cute Overload Observation and Testing (COOT) facility, we’re building the pup of tomorrow today. Our high-speed wind tunnel subjects snouts to extreme air pressure, resulting in dogs that are sleeker, faster… or in this case, just goofier.

Alexandra R. says: “This is my dog, Emma. We live in Boston, Massachusetts and hadn’t left town in about six months. She normally hates the car; I can’t even run to the store with her so driving up to Maine is never fun (four hours). I think that she craved the fresh air so much because her jowls were flapping in the wind the entire time. I was lucky enough to get this snap of the happiest dog on the planet.”

Beware of Dog Breath

There’s my shoe. Time to fetch the deodorizer.

Molly the English bulldog puppy looks scentimental, Rachel D.

You Never Take Me Anywhere!

I wanna go on a Royal Crabbyean cruise! I wanna go to Purrmewda! I wanna go snorgling and you go Scooby diving!

Uh-oh Bennycake, Orangeballs wants cruise control. Sender-inner Amy O. says, “…this was shot on location in the Bahamas where mixed-breed local dogs are called ‘potcakes’.”

Head-turning Sweatuews for Fall!

It’s after Labor Day and [hand over mouth] your wardrobe is looking pret-ty tired.


“HEY Where can I get that!?”

“All the prosh Jack Russells are wearing them duh.”

“Woooaaaaahhhhhh” [tongue-hanging-awe-action]

“Psssst. We got to get us some of those Fall sweaters.” [Tail Twitch]

Gracias to Fashionista Candace L. over at Shorty Jack Russells.


Holy Copycat Baroo-ing!!!

Via the genii over at BoingBoing.

Pumping Corn

It was 10 years ago that Hercules Hammy celebrated his first of many gold medals in Olympic Pouchstuffing. At a smoldering 3 inches long, with bulging, rippling cheeks and his elite pouchstuffing feats of strength, The Herc, can master weights two to three times heavier than his own body weight.

Here we see The Herc mentally preparing for his next stuffing. Silence, please, as he lets his mind get in touch with his inner cheek.

We’re full now, Roborovski Hamster Webs.