It’s Stu, the newly egotistical pocket pet!

Sender-inner "SJ" writes: "Stu has become quite full of himself since appearing on Cute Overload … he’s no longer willing to sit idly by and let the cats hog all the racks.  He’s on a mission and may soon be popping up at a rack near you…you’ve been warned."



SJ—promise us you’ll share your rack with cats too…and nice touch with the ear-bending.


Alert reder Simone T. saw this pupulence in Harajuku Japan and snapped a pic-ta-ru! [Say in Japanese accent]



Love the paw up, but goo’ lo’ that shirt has gots tah go! oh!


Look, it’s a kitteh named "Bread Pudding". Can you imagine a better name than that? All warm and yummy? I can’t. OK, maybe the name "Marcy" comes close, but that’s IT.

Thanks for the stamp, too, "Pudds".




<3 to Kaede :D

P.S., You too can turn your photos in real US postage! with…PhotoStamps;)

Only 22 days ’til Halloween…

I’m just sayin’.


Mr. Sams, always a pleasure. ;)

Two things.

OK, folks, two things. First,

1. WHO names a dog "Marcy"? Can cats named "Linda" be far behind!?
2. I’d like to make a request to you, the C.O. audience, that we change one of our important C.O. vocab words. The word is:


I’d like to change it to:

"Muzzlepouch" or even "whiskerpouch"

For the following reasons:
A. It’s really not a ‘puff’ it’s a ‘pouch’
B. ‘pouch’ sounds funnier when you say it like this: "whees-kare-pow-che" [cracking self up]

Thank you for your consideration.


Nice pow-che, Marceh! (And sender-inner Britta!)

Happiest of birfs

Here’s what you should do today. Think of EVERYONE in your address book. Young or old. Could they be having a birthday today? Why, yes! Yes, they are! So:
1. Print out this hammie image and present it to them or
2. Send them this URL.

Good deed DONE, PEOPLE!


Way to go, Alice the Ham and Grace H. (milliner extraordinaire)

Possible new rule of cuteness?!

Meg: Settle down, People, there is a guest cuteologist here for a lecture, and he has some excellent observations to share with the class. Dr. Mike-in-Denver, please, go ahead. [open gesture to crowd]

Mike in Denver: [Clears throat] Um, yes, thank you, Dr. Frost. Let me start by saying that while perusing The Cute I have noticed a phenomenon that I think is worth suggesting for a possible canonization.

[students at edges of seats, hummingbirds buzzing overhead carrying notes]

Namely, sleepy eyes: the droopy lids, the unfocused expression, but mainly the overemphasized lower eyelid region. When prominent, this seems always to = cute (unless it’s on, say, Brian Dennehy). I have attached a mashup of some good examples for your class to review.


While this may be a subset of ‘eye capsules’ (as the two are often interlinked), it seems to function independently. It also seems that kittens, puppies, and other young’uns are best at this, but then, they’re best at everything, I suppose.

Anyway, I thought I should go ahead and submit this to the CuteLab for analysis.

[students nod enthusiastically]

Meg: Thank you very much, Dr. Mike-in-Denver. Students, GET ANALYZIN’!


OK, you People are TOO DAMN FUNNY. I love opening the submissions mail to find shizzle like this. Too funny. Extra points if you can NAME THIS BOOK!

Check out Señor InchwormPants:




"Ehn-eh-ehn" [Reading as he goes along]


Seriously brilliant job, Sherrie G. :D

Can’t come to work today, I’m quilling

At first, "Monty" the hedger wasn’t so photogenic, he was "really grumpy from quilling." However, he soon began exhibiting typical behedgevior shown below, namely hanging in a toilet paper tube, (the natural habitat for all hedgehogs.)


Next stop, it’s Curled Pawsville! [train whistle]


"Hularious", I’m gonna call in sick with that one to the office…

I see we have uh, some pumpkins here

[Cliff Claven voice] It’s a little-known fact that the, uh, pumpkin is actually a fruit. [twiddles paws]


They won’t mind if I, uh, have a taste, there. [chews seeds]


Just a little gnawin’ woooon’t hurt ‘em. Perfectly reasonable for this time of, uh year there.


Well, I might as well climb on in. [sighs]

Did you know the name pumpkin orginated from "pepon"—the uh, Greek word for "large melon"?


Hey! [echoes] even more seeds!


You know, roasted, they make a nice uh, snack, there.


[chews] You know, it’s a little known fact that, uh, the largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 1,140 pounds.

Well, that about, does it there. [Looks around]


Nice work, sender-inner and T-shirt designer Tom ;)