Forgotten Classics of the Silent Era

Today we look at a scene from the Swedish comedy Mormor är en Flugsvamp, in which Sill Hängslen, in his beloved character of “Fleep,” accidentally buys a hat that is many sizes too large for him.

The C.O. Guide to First-Date Etiquette

At the conclusion of the evening, the couple may linger outside the lady’s abode, whereupon she may present her cheek to the gentleman, in invitation of a platonic kiss. The gentleman is advised not to take undue advantage, and above all…

no tongues! Ah-ha! Caught you!

Taffeta, Ângela.

Should I stay or should I gerhe

Should I leave the pen or non?

[Looks out]
Hmmmm. There may be delectabuhl noms out there.


Bébé Pélagie the bebeh is brot to you by Ness and Quentin. Merci!




No, Seriously, I’m a Mad Dog

Oh, don’t believe me? Well, you won’t be making those goo-goo eyes once I rip your lungs out, sweetie! Don’t you get it? I’m outta control, a powder keg, a wild card, a loose cannon, insane in the membrane! Look, will you please stop giggling — I’m telling you, I could snap at any minute!

Need a napkin, Jenny M.?

[yay! jenny just tagged us back and solved the mystery of molly’s favorite shaving cream! jenny, you’re it!]

The Funfair Tilt-A-Flip Tooth Chipper

Ohhhhh, we zigged when we shoulda zagged.

“Please remain seated and wait until the ride has come to a complete stop before exiting.”

Let’s go again, Hannah!

Just your Run-of-the-mill-kitten-dolphin-snorgle…

Johanna S. says it doesn’t get any better than this.

[hmmm… i guess someone doesn’t like us peeping in their window and closed the blinds. try going here.]

It’s An Ambush!

Woah, watch it, you flowers. Getting a little personal back there aren’t we? Oh my golly, if you all overpower me, my only choice will be to throw myself down at your mercy!

It’s no use, Iria. They’ve got Bora surrounded.


Nothing to see here. You’re still dreaming. Close your eyes. You did not see a cute velour lovin’ gerbil burrowing a cozy blankie nest who also doesn’t know anything about how those crumbs got in your bed.

That’s some bedtime story, Lauren.

Boxaholic Test Drive

Hmm, plenty of legroom, easy to stretch out…

Lots of side space, makes it easy to roll around…

No, I’m sorry, this box just isn’t cramped enough. Do you have anything smaller?

Typical inside-the-box thinking, Ema O.


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