Meanwhile at the Bone & Garden 2010 Expo…

In what will surely be all the rage this summer at fine east coast homes everywhere, buyers should be aware that the Bowzai Shrubs come with both pros and cons. The downside is they’ll most likely scare the underpants off your unassuming, friendly mailman; however, on the plus side, they seem to have a built-in sprinkler system.

Ugh, they’re just going to go after the pussy willows again, Christy. Via Garden Rant.

My Last Roommate Was Just Like This

Roomie: “So what’cha eatin’ there? Any good? I’m not partial to kibble, myself, but… Say, that’s not bad… Gosh, it’s such a nice day, let’s dine al fresco… I’ll just take this out to the veranda…”

Me: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Thank you, Mom

// Update – These fine photos are not from Natalist, but from Peter Hasselbom’s Flickr. Check out may many more awesome shots here.//

To all the fine Moms out there who lick us clean every day—Thank you!

Beth C. found these and many more great shots over at Natalist Peter Hasselbom’s Flickr!

We’ll Get There When We Get There!

“You kids stop squirming around! Shermy, I don’t care what Marcie put in your lunchbox, stop hitting her! No, Rupert, we’re not stopping, so you’ll just have to hold it! And what’s that smell—Harold, have you been bathing in milk again?”

Happy Mother’s Day from Josh N. and everyone at Cute Overburden.

#Caturday v. #Saturdog

It was suggested via our Twitter today that #Saturdog should be given a chance on a #Caturday. I leave it up to you, alert readers! Who wins!?


Kitteh by Julie S. Puppeh by Lisa P. Follow us on Twitter!

THIS JUST IN: ____, ____, and ____

The Bronx Zoo introduced three new lion cubs to the public, reports the Daily News, which is inviting the public to suggest names for the trio until midnight EST tonight. Wouldn’t “Meg,” “Prongs,” and “NTMTOM” be perfect for them (heh, heh)? Suggest a cub name here!

HD available; click “360p” in the video player to select.

More cute action at the Bronx Zoo site.

Saturday Surprise Scroll-down

Everything seems to be pretty normal her—OMG PONIES

Peter R. now we know where that finger’s been.

The Ferret Dispenser’s Clogged Again…

It never fails: I put in my dollar, and what happens? When the stupid machine isn’t just taking my money and not giving me any ferret, it sends down two! Sheesh!

Now I have to walk all the way to Hannah P.’s office and get a refund slip.

Carl Kicked Himself for Saying, “When am I ever going to need to know this?”

Fuzzy Birds and SS Sailboat begin floating at the same time from opposite ends of a lake that is 30 miles long. Fuzzy Birds are floating at 6mph and SS Sailboat is floating at 10mph. How long after they begin will they meet?

Uh, guys…?

Don’t worry, SS Toy Sailboat, Sender-Inner May-Li K.! E-Birdman.

I Am the Kibble Dancer

Each day, I journey to the ceremonial supper dish in the sacred kitchen, and offer my humble dance to the Kibble Gods. If my dance pleases them, they will send the Benevolent Hand, bringing her life-giving nourishment for the people in my tribe.

All blessings and honor be upon thee, Chloe N.


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