And the winner is: Another Prairie Dog Bites the Dust!

CONGRATULATIONS to Crasse You have won a Cute Overload 2009 Page-a-Day Calendar with an overwhelming 33% of the vote!

In the meantime, encore presentayshe!

Crasse, I will contact you for your preferred shipping address. Thank you!

Caturday printing challenges

Um the paper seems to be coming out just fine.

But RepairCatâ„¢ is not happy with that result…

Catherine T.B., when I first saw this vid, I could have SWORN they stole sound effects from this ORIGINAL office freak out.

Proof we must start a C.O. dating service

Dewds, Sender-Inner Sasha V writes:

Dear Cute Overloaders,
   I was going through some really old posts on and found a picture of an adorable college boy with the SAME stuffed beaver as i have crammed in his rack! Needless to say, I felt compelled to take my own beavers n’ racks college kids edition photo. Enjoy!

Sasha V (& "Beav" . . .i wasn’t the most original child)

Please see exhibit A:


And Exhibit: Beav


What can I say, a match made in heavs. [clapping hands in ‘done!’ motion]

He’s RIGHT behind me, isn’t he

He is isn’t he.


Mmmmmmmm! This is SOOO GOOD!!! [Looks over shoulder] Mmmmmmmmmm! Nom nom noooom!!!


That’s just cruel, Sarah L. croo-ell.

Shiver Me Whiskers!

Arrrrrgh, mateys!  Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and ye be aboard the SS Redonkulous, the cutest vessel what ever sailed the Internets!  I’m Captain Kidd N. Kaboodle, and if it’s adventure ye be after, then welcome aboard!  And now, here’s my first(-post) mate, Mister Bleen!

Evil things people do to their pets, originally uploaded by International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Avast there, ye scurvy dogs!  Afore ye can sail in this thread, ye’ve got to show us you’re a real pirate!  Remember, this is Talk Like A Pirate Day, so either talk the talk — or walk the plank!  Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Vote for your fave smash-up

Two days ago, we axed Peeps to PLEASE overdub this redonk video with their own jokes. Here’s what happened. Please vote for your favorite, and they shall WIN a Cute Overload 2009 Calendar!

First up, it’s Evil "Laughing" Prairie Dog, by Alison

Second, it’s Prairie Dog Comic, by Mike

Next up is Jokes for the Prairie Dog[Embedding is working now! Yay! – Ed.]

Then we have Dave Gahan: Prairie Dog

Followed by Another Prairie Dog Bites the Dust

And who could forget: Prairie Dog Dance (Also Shake)

And finally, don’t let your children see: Prairie Dog, smallest man, longest legs by RatherGoodStuff

// REMOVED ’cause it was too gross. Sorry, RatherGood, you are OUT [Say in Heidi Klum voice] //


[Oi Peeps! We got a late entry here from Patito Gigante. I’m afraid it’s not vote-able, but it sorta includes a vote, and hey, I laughed… – Ed.]

May I offer you SOME BLORP?

One sealio, coming up, with a side of sandy flippage.




I think he might need to go to the salon for flipper exten-shons, Laurel W.

Are we there yet Are we there yet Are we there yet

Are we there yet

Are we there yet

Are we there yet

Are we there yet


WELL ARE WE Jerry A.?!

The Eternal Struggle of Camel Versus Bucket

In the remote plains of Wazoolooland, we come upon an all-too-familiar scene:  A fierce camel locked in mortal combat with the small but wily plastic bucket.



For the bucket, its only chance is to raise its defenses and hope to tire his adversary …



Alas, even the bucket’s tough protective shell is no match for the camel’s ruthless onslaught …


… and with one final bite, the struggle is over.


Victorious, the mighty camel cries out his call of triumph.


We’ll be back with more of "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom" after these messages.


Yes, sir, Gelosia … that’s your "Baby." ( More photos here )

Quiz: Is It Photoshopped?

This picture is:

  1. Photoshopped;
  2. Really Photoshopped;
  3. Really, reeeeaaallly Photoshopped.


Can I peek at your answer, Karen G.?


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