This is effing epic


People, I watch Entourage, I watch Colberrrre, I watch THE OFFICE but nuthin’, nuthing compares to "Planet Earth".

Espeshe in HD! You gotta check this action out. Can you say: THE FIRST EVER SNOW LEOPARD FOOTAGE? [nodding] I thought so.

I do not exaggerate when I say it’s absolutely spectacular.

Check it out…

Please! Put some pants on [Part II]

This is really embarrassing. Passed out at the party sans pant-a-loons.

[Shaking head]


Nice party, Sarah. Nice party.

Baroo? [head tilt]

Can you tewtelly see Rachel Ray, hustling around the kitchen for a 30-minute Meals segment and she grabs a dishtowel and she’s all: And now, grilled portabello mushrooms and AHGGGHHHHHHHH!!! THE B.E.F.! IT’S BLINDING!!!


If someone could please animate the mouse head to tilt the the side for a ‘Baroo?" moment, that’d be greaaaaaat. Nice submishe, Shawn B.

Um, this picture could not get ANY fluffier

Um, are these labradoodles? I think they are… And could this sheep-skin-Labradoodle scene get any fluffier? The answer is none. None more fluffier.


OK, the scene would actually be fluffier if THIS GUY suddenly crawled out. But that’s the only way. Right Sarah E.?

Boxère Intérieur Déesigns

You need an énteriorr deesignarre to help you spruce up zee apartmont? Considère Boxère Intérieur Déesigns. We use zuh lime green shag on AAUL hour déesigns. Zuh clee-onts, zey lof eet. You cannot go wrong wis zuh lime. Eet ees more—how do you say?— éxpénséeve, but zuh lime—she ees worss eet. [sips Champagne from dog flute bowl] Weh.


Kim A. and boxer Béatrice, Merci infinement.

11 on the Applause-O-Meter

[Whispering English accent into a microphone] and he has finished the dance with a bow… another stellar performace by Norville, the dwarf hamdancer. No other ham can come close to his ‘Handheld dances’ of perfect execution, tail posistioning, extended paw and ear tuckage. Brilliant…simply brilliant. [audience clapping]

11 on the Applause-o-meter

Pixy, nice composishe!

I shall (tentatively) pet you

Sender-inner Eliza M. sez: “My cat (Katherine Hepburn) found a mouse in our backyard. Well, really, the mouse found her. The mouse (who we named Frank) definitely had the upper hand in this fight, but I caught this rare moment of Katherine touching it (instead of running away). I think she’s thinking “It’s a real mouse! I shall touch it! No, I shall run away.”


Eliza M, nice kitteh name and story [head tilt]

Step aside, Travolta

Um. This is beyond weird, People, it’s like disco dressage—with ridiculous commentary. [shaking head] After Christopher Guest does a Hedgehog party, he should tackle this…

Extraordinary vid, Melissa M.

Not bo-tox. Bee-‘tocks.

Bee-‘tocks is better for you. Ask for it by name, People.


zzzzzz, Aran D. ;)

Swimming lesson

swimming otterz

The best part is the first 2 seconds of the movie where the bebeh flops into the water. Yay.


Milkpanzer, nice pick… ;)


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