Let’s play…





MacKenzie G., throw some abalone in there and see if he goes for it.

Ensign Meow has good reason to be concerned

“Wait a minute! Why am I the only red shirt on this Away mission!?”


Yes it’s a nerdy Star Trek joke, Chelsey W.

Friday Haiku

Thirty-six degrees,
Easy, clear trajectory.
I could crap on that.
– Argyle Donkeypants

Sharp talons and beak
Slice cleanly, and blue blood flows.
Alas, just a dream.
– Jessie


Season? In haiku?
I can’t deal with the pressure!
Form’s too hard. (Winter)
– Von Zeppelin

On Thanksgiving Day
Nothing says let us give thanks
Like a Smurf balloon
– Daytime Deb

Complicated day
I click on CO and smile,
a moment’s respite.
– Fluffy

Stu G. and Chiku the African Grey enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day Parade 2009 2008 and snapped this beaut.

But I Don’t Wanna Go to Work!

Nooooooooooooo! Everyone hates me there, and they make me feel stupid because I can’t use Excel, and I swear the copier knows when it’s me and it always eats my TPS reports, and besides the news said we were gonna have a snow day!


This is in no way autobiographical, Tina K.

Winston is not normal

But you already knew that. Now we finally have proof.

Yet another salute to Rich over at FourFour!

[Calico glass sliding down bar towards you]

Sender-Inner Matt M. says this is his friend’s kitten.

We think he just ordered a drink at THE BEST BAR EVAR!


Free Raccoon With 20-ounce Pepsi!

For a very limited time, these Tulsans got a bonus with their soda:  Two caffeinated raccoons, followed by a “skunk whisperer” named Bruha (ha!) who called it “refreshing” but blew his chance to call it “the choice of a new generation.”

About to nom your face clean off

Are you feeling lucky, Punk?

Are you?


It could really go either way, Ashley T.
[Seen on Melisa’s Bears – Ed.]

Meal worms, Elvis impersonator, tickling, and thee

Is PRETTY MOSHE all this Slow Loris needs.

Don’t miss the Original Tickle™, Miranda…

Nice privacy tail, Taters

Some kittehs, like “Taters” here, STILL KNOW what it means to not show your hiney to the world. Thanks, Taters.


Misty C., if only today’s generation of kittehs could keep things under wraps like Taters, here.


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