Do You Have an Appointment?

You will need to check in with the receptionist who answers to the receptionist who answers to the pool of receptionists who answer to the president who is in a meeting about meetings.

Rocco, every front desk needs a little bull dog, right Iria C.?

And Now, People Holding Their Buns

Credit where credit is due: Bunway Airlines by Sender-Inner Josie S. Sleeping Baby Bunny by By Spice. Rascal Baby by SissiPrincess. Bun by Mike Z. Baby Bunnies, Day 3 by Danielle K. Baby Rabbits in Hands by Alyssa M.

Inspector Daisy Pays a Surprise Visit

Hi I’m Daisy the mouse, your Ear Cheese Inspector. Oh my, my. Tut, tut, tut.

Got any crackers?

Does Daisy also check for fuzz in your belly button, RhinoCool?

Animals left alone in the 20 kilometer exclusion zone in Japan…

… need your help now.

Sender-Inner Jen writes: “Help us remind the government that the pets in the 20 kilometer zone are loved and wanted. They should not stay there to starve, nor should they be removed to go to animal control facilities. Rescue groups are being asked to help rescue pets for guardians that cannot get back to the area to retrieve their pets themselves. Please let animal rescue groups back into the zone now, to be part of the process of getting animals to safety.”

To voice your concern on this matter, go here. Donations to help animals of the Japan Tsunami can be made here.


My name is Roxie. I will be your puppy today.

It has been our pleasure to serve you, Desiree.

At last we meet. Face to face.

Yesss, munchie mix, we meet for the last time!

Because there will be no next time for you!

You’re ALL going to that great cookie jar in the sky!

Equal opportunity gluttony, Jon P.

A cat is a temple. Temple of Doom.

One of life’s great challenges is to make a cat lose its cool.

Many have tried. It usually ends badly for the hooman.

Get a grip, Blair. You have your reputation to maintain.

Wait, Don’t Take the Picture Yet!

(click!) I blinked, didn’t I? I always blink, it drives me nuts! OK, let’s try again…


Photographed in NTMTOM-O-RAMA™ at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.



Oscar S. says Radical Pony and Emo Pony are going to start a band.

Some Assembly Required

Sender-Inner Elizabeth H., licensed wildlife rehabber in Georgia, says this is a fox kit!

Wow, a kit, for a fox? She is good! I can’t even do Lego.

Via  Tails from the hart.


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