Scootér de France

After many grueling days, the prestigious, historic, epic, and colorful scooter race across France, enters its final stage, where the course always finishes with Parrots, near the Braaawk de Triomphe.

Next year, Couture de France, Leonid Mamchenkov.


Los Hermanos de la Agonía Rethink Their Professional Sports Career

I swear, Carl, I thought this would be an cushy gig. Just a lotta jumping around and yelling, take a couple falls, but nobody really gets hurt. I just had no idea that being a masked wrestler was gonna be this hard, man.

Taken at the Montgomery County, MD Agricultural Fair by Ryan C.

O the tangled baskets we weave…

A tisket, a tasket
A kitty in a basket.
A tasket, a tisket
A kitty making biscuits.

A tisker, a tasker
Dare you to ask her
A tasker, a tisker
Why she only fits by  a whisker.

Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady says this is, “…my Persian girl Janelle, pretending to be a LION after having her fur done in a lion-cut for the summer….showing that she really is the Queen of Cute and not a fierce lion.”

I am your DJ spinnin’ the requests

You may have noticed it’s ‘Tocktober, People. We’ve had many insistent requests to acknowledge October as we have for years—WITH ‘TOCKS!

Now put on your Bonnie Raitt wig (I know you have one) and sing it with me!

Turtles are tockin’, tockin’ ’bout turtles,
This one needs Shoehab, would you believe it?

And then these bunnies, doin’ one-eighty,
Try to ignore it but they keep singin’…

‘Tocks just a little too round,
‘Tocks just a little too close,

You stare just a little too long.
Maybe you’re seein’, same thin’ we do darlin’.

Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [stoats singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [hamsters singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How ’bout buttoooocks?

I feel so foolish, I never noticed
Your ‘tocks are bulbous, could you be posin’ for me?
It took this website to make me wonder,
Now I’m convinced that I’m goin’ under.

Thinkin’ ’bout ’em every day,
Dreamin’ ’bout ’em every night.
I’m hopin’ that they feel the same way,
But that’s impossible—’tocks can’t have feelin’s darlin!

Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [frogs singing backup]
A little mystery to figure out
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [baby seals singing backup]
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How ’bout buttoooooooocks?

Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about babe,
A little bee butt to figure out.
Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about,
How ’bout buttooooooocks? Ooh…

Listen to ’em baby
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [frogs singing backup again]

A little tailio won’t hurt ’em
(Somethin’ to ‘tock about) [baboons singing backup]

Let’s give ’em somethin’ to ‘tock about
How about love, love, spots, and love

Whoowhoo mmmm hey oohh whoowhoo
About love, love, love, love

How about they ‘tock about it? uh huh
‘Tock about love……..

Apologies to Bonnie Raitt. Take a bow, ‘Tocktober! Excellent pic spotting, Chief Sister Officuh.

Turtle ‘Tocks by Kasey S., Bun’Tocks by Debra R., elephant log ‘tocks by Sheri, Frog ‘Tocks by Mary Jo E., Sprawled Bunneh ‘Tocks by Heather R., French Bulldog ‘Tocks photo by Carolyn M. sent in by Carolyn C. NBC ‘Tocks by Elena A., Bee ‘Tockage by Uncle Andrew, Alpaca Night ‘Tocks by Julie K., Duck! Duck! ‘Tocks! by Melissa S., Pan-‘Tocks by Roxanne S., Giraffe ‘Tocks by Kellene F., ‘Phant ‘Tocks Sent in by Kate E. taken by Carolyn G.

His Owners Have Fur on the Ceiling

Great Pyrenees rank very low on being high-strung. And they rank very high in big dog confidence. So you know what that means right? They’re puddles of goo and proud of it!

This is Pierre, the Great Pierrenees (OK, Pyrenees) as a huge baby, adopted through a local animal shelter. Photo by Jonathan. Sent in by Lillian R.

The server is running smoothly!

Cheepmonnk systems are go! The backup hamsters are running too.

We’re exhausted now, Jean G.

Hakuna Matata for reals

Elton John is the photographer, obvy:

Those two words will solve all your problems, Mischa M.

THIS JUST IN: Macro Maru!

Close up, he’s even prosher. HIT IT:

Maru photo overload is here and videos are here!

I Pink Therefore I Ham

Psssssst, they’re cracking down on muddy butties, pass it on!

They’re the tock of the town, Orin Zebest

True Tales of Hollywood Horror!

For generations of moviegoers, she was the embodiment of hope.

When all seemed lost, her high, lilting voice and cheerful demeanor parted the clouds of woe and taught us all a simple truth: There’s no place like home.

But now, for the first time, shocking evidence reveals the tragic true story of what happened to Glinda, the Good Witch.

The sad, sad proof was brought to you by carterse.