Eddie McBlobbles, at your sthervice

People, we don’t normally have feeshes on this site, so when we do, you KNOW it’s a doozy. And that’s where Eddie McBlobbules comes in. He’s totally the inside-out-seahorse-in-a-ball-nerd of the deep. You can tell, he’s all adjusting his glasses and writing your French Lit IV paper for you and stuff.


National Geographic has other deep-sea dwellers, but none who know as many theorems as Mr.M here. Thanks, Matthew C.!

Hey, anyone have time to animate those peepers? Come on!!!

// UPDATE — check out this RCF-style ANIMATED VERSION by GoranG, from the comments! //


Learn how to make a free, fun, cat toy for your cat to enjoy, and for YOU TO HURL ON!

OMG, please tell me this guy is not for reals.

There is only one thing to say here: "Grossatating!"

Oh, and nasty, Doradoradorabora. Seriousleh. Zack Scott, points for creativity tho.


I got picked CLEAN, People!!!

Dewd, even the poodles are laughing at me. THIS IS JUST GREAT!


Kristen R., he’s almost as small as Winston now.

This one’s broken…

I guess I can’t join you in kitteh bocce with this ball.


You’re gonna have to get that fixed, Singing S. Looks like a "Life in Hell" comic bun, Non?

Mission: Sqwerlpossible!

Who is the drug-snorting maniac that came up with this one!? I love it.

People, I give you the "Sqwerl Obstacle Course". [Plus bonus vending machine stealing footage]

Stephen S., thanks fer pointing this one out ;)

THIS JUST IN: Ridiculous bunny wedges @ Nordstrom.com

Can you imagine taking your shoe off, like at the office, in the middle of the day, and snorgling it?

The heel/tailio action is the best part. If you moved your toes just right, it would look like they’re sniffing…


Another sweet submishe from roving Cuteporter Kora ;) Available on the Nordstrom.com site.

Straight Up Prosh (‘SUP)

People, this pup "Lamont" is just straight up prosh.

You could chew on those ear for hours. Not to mench the Rule #10 in full effect.


Jennifer Z., Lamont should be arrested for exceeding basic prosh levels. Serious.

Time for kitteh bocce

See you on the courts. [Adjusts paws and tucks head to make best rounded shape]


Jen S., you can be on my team.

I wanna be this tur-tuhl.

Um, what turtle eats mashed potaters?

It’s like an ENTIRE WALL OF POTATOES!!! If he pokes through the wall, a gravy lake might pour thru.

[Photo removed at request of owner]

Delicious AND nutrishe, Sender-Inner Benjamin C.! NICE PHOTO WORK, Iona B.!

Life lessons, in puppeh form

1. Diplomacy doesn’t work (when it comes to sharing bones.)

2. When in doubt, whine incessantly!

Works for me, Marissa H.


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