GOODBYEEEEE (ack!) cruel world!!!

Deep brefs, People, this ham is jusssst sleeping soundly according to Sender-Inner Erin Y. She named her ham "Tooty" presumably after the only other Tootie on the planet, the one from The Facts of Life. Maybe that name made him fall over [wiggling all four paws ehn! ehn! ehn!]


Erin Y., How about "Pants McHammersons" or "Señor McShavings"—something! Anything is better than Tooty, come on.

The jury’s still out on possums

People, it’s tough at Cute O headquarters. We can never decide if possums are cute, or just horribly evil. (There is a fine line, and otters LOVE to jump back and forth across that line, taunting! always taunting!)

But I digest. Check out this dewd with this anerable paws. Don’t look at his schnozzle or ears tho. OK, you can look at his schnozzle.


I think he’s 1/2 prosh, Vicky A….

Look, it’s an ear bouquet!

If you grabbed all the ears on the right, and put a ree-bonn around them, it would be the best bouquet ever.

Also, love the mini-ear-length action on the left.

Do you carry the egg?, originally uploaded by vinka*.

Vinka, nice, soft, pettable job on this one.

Cat. It’s what’s for dinner.


Don’t get your panties in a bonche.


Rebekah P., I recommend adding extra garlic.

Another Telenovela scene involving Prairie dogs

Pedro: Mariiiia!How… COULD YOU!? [Ground hog looks up, in disbelief]

Maria: Pedro—come back! That other prairie dog—he meant no-tingks to me! [shifty eyes]


Victoria Marie E., BUENO! ANOTHER episode of ground hogs on t.v.

THIS JUST IN: Bun slurpitude

Can you buh-leaf that someone sent in such a a pic so small and so fabulous?

Well believe it, People. It’s FOR REALS.


Way to make the most of your pixels, Kate.


These Al-packs look like your favorite coat—the one that you wore in 1987 with the fur-like collar and plaid puffy jacket parts.

Only better. And following Rule #10.


Lilac B. Excellent sleuthing and shooting. BRAVA!!!

“I hate to tell you this, Ma’am…

…But you’ve got buns on your foundation—they may causing your structural issues. They’re yin-yang buns at that—haven’t seen a case like this in a looong time."

[shakes head and writes on clipboard]

Buns in the basement

This is gonna cost ya, Shannon T.

People, this is why I love you so moishe

Sender-inner Edwin A. wrote in with only the highest praise for his family’s new puppeh. He goes on to say that the pup’s cutest feature are her feet. (Well, obvy, that falls into Rule #10!)


Then, before I had a chance to brace myself, the best shot ever… MAKING A SANDWEESHE WITH PAWS!


Edwin A., there should be 1 meellion clones of you.


Hey, ruhmember us, the outrageous pups dressed as your fave fast foods? Of course you do!

Because there is NO BETTER dog costume than the faux-legs-front-paws-Mr. Krispy Kreme (at left)


Eat it, Richard H.! (Hey, do you have a costume yet!?


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