I’ve got ISSUES

That annoying new baby is getting all the attention in my house.

Pay attention!

Thanks, "Guffman" pup and sender-inner Kjessian J.

I agree, Guffman does have mad coping skills.

What’s a “Toyger”?

Look Mom, Life magazine!Hold up, a house cat that looks like a Tiger? Exsqueeze me?

Life magazine is calling toygers "The next Superpet". Heck, toygers are now an official breed. Could there be a better idea than this!? nooooo [singsong]


Like, Ruh-owr!

Tigerflowerweb1_1Like, merrrr-ROWR!

Bebeh toygers

Gracias, Toygers.org

Puppeh to GO

Grab a muzzle pouche

and put eet in your pockeet

save it for a rainy daaaaaaay


Bailey pup and Jeff and Stacy—kudos, People.Kudos.


Totally knobbular, Dewd! (AND totally prosh lil’ horns)

This bebeh endangered Arabian Oryx was born in Wildlife World Zoo, in Litchfield Park, AZ.


Thanks, Animalphiles, for writing this post for us! (And for the suggestion, Denise S. ;)

Brace Yourselves


Here we go!


…and here they come!  I don’t know their real names, but in my mind they’re Mischa, Sacha, and Vladimir. 

Keep a sharp eye on Vlad…


…I did warn you.


Kirb_3, your kittens are TEH WANT!!!  Super thanks! — Theo


  Originally uploaded by 8X10 Elaine.



whoop whoop whoop

Panda ‘Tocks Alert, People!

I am so effing athletic!

Yeeeeeeeee! Check it, Baybees!

And you thought Anderson Cooper had 360!

Wheel... of... mayhem

OK, OK, that’s enough [turns into a blob]

Asleep at the wheel

Kathy C., way to be…

massive COOKIE efforts

a bag of cookies!

JUST what I wanted.

I must take them to the kit-chon, where I shall consume theyme! [Now, if I could only walk straight]

Stephanie F., open the bag, Girl!

OK, THIS is a first.


TWO LOVE BIRDS snuggling?  That’s right, you just saw "bird" and "snuggle" in the same sentence.

Not to mention eye capules!

This is not even REAL.


OMG, I still can’t believe it. They look so human-like, Daniel L. :D

Hair in the drain

Um, can you get the hair out of the drain?

It’s clogging the tub.


Stherious, Lisa S. and Lauren from Alberta… ;)


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