THIS JUST IN: A dog blowing bubbles

…in a casserole dish filled with water.

..for no apparent reason.

…other than to let a guy learn how to format a short video.

Bizarro Montalban, Kelly.

Amazing True Facts of Science Revealed!

Lions can melt snow by having an orgy!

Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I need a cigarette!

Cows can communicate telepathically with their tongues!

You DON'T want steak ... You DON'T want steak ...

Puppy breath can be used as a biological weapon!

Set wieners on stun!

And the most amazing science fact of all: Allison U. finds awesomely weird photos!!

A House Optimized for Kittehs

We’ve just been alerted to an epic Kitteh House in Japan. Not only is this place modern and beautiful, it’s optimized for kitteh livin’.

Check out how cat steps lead to cat walks…(left) cat beds built under the bathroom sink (right)


Special, um, kitteh bathrooms (left) and nest/nooks built under the stairs (right)


Ceiling walks (left) and special stairs (right)


Don’t make me say it—the folks across the pond are kicking our asses yet again, aren’t they Heather V.?
These fine pics and many more over at My Himalayan Cat Goma Blog!

The Japanese taunt us AGAIN!

The Japanese, who have dangerously high levels of CUTE DNA running in their, um, veins, have DONE IT AGAIN!

This time, with the simple matchbook.


OR IS IT SIMPLE? One look at the "Panda" matches proves we Amerricans have a LONG way to go. Carrying honey pots.

THIS JUST IN: Kitteh “Shrugs”

See below example In "Siamese" color.

Finally, A Caturday night outfit that will keep your neck warm.


Fashion-forward sample sale made possible by Keira R.

[Gasp] For ME!?

How did you even know it was my birthday!?

[Looks around] Even the CAT is here, and he hates me! OH, I am just so touched. THANK YOU!



From the ‘Made Sense at the Time!’ files

The redonkulousness continues over at the chicken coop. Get a load of this Mom hen and lil’ pup taking a nap.

Check out the expression on the face of the little chick on the left. She’s all: "Whatevs, Mom." [waddles away]


CUDDLINGK CONQUERS ALL Judy H.! (via The Courier Mail)

Great Pit Bull PR

Whoever is doing PR for pit bulls these days is doing heckuva job. is reporting that pit bull terriers have softened their stances with baby chicks AND kittehs.

Get a load of this action: Pit Bull with Chicks

Pit Bull Takes Chicks For a Swim

Pit Bull and Kitteh Chick-Sit

Pit Bull and Chicks—A year later

Nice work, Videographer TexasGirly1979 and Sender-Inner Teresa F., enlighteningk!

OK, someone REALLY wants to win.

And they just might.

It’s a "good thing." [Say in Ana Gasteyer voice]


WAY TO GO, magazine-creating, Halloween-loving, photo-submitting pet-costume-contest submitterer!

Why is this kitteh SO disappointed?

I must be because of something you did…

My Little Kitten
by disappointed kitteh photographer

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