It’s like a soft, purring pendant [head tilt]

If you’ve never had a kitteh in your rack before I highly recommend it.


Can I get an Amen?


Everyone’s doing it, Kayleigh O.

The Patagonia—WHUUUUUUUT?

The Patagonia CAVY is new to me.

I’ve never even HEARD of such an anipal. And even so, here he is! Ready for a tiny-eared closer look…


Let’s see. ‘tocks look quite good [nose up in air]


Please note this species has mini-clawsitude, snorfy leeps and small-ish ears [peering over glasses to note on clipboard]


They also obvy adore lounging on jean-pannnts and receive weekly mani-pedis.




Sender-Inner Heather N. Photographer Third Jane.

Ye Olde Quteness

It’s Circa 1925, People, and Thee Quteness is alive and well, according to

Just like this century, fine folks bottle-fed their piglets.


Oh, and took them for walkies.


Sender Inner Brinke G. From Shorpy, the 100-year-old-photo blog.

Choose a Snooze

"This sleeping posishe is too hot!"

X marks the spot, originally uploaded by Boonlong1.

"This sleeping posishe is too cold!"

Best buddies, originally uploaded by Boonlong1.

"Ahhh, this sleeping posishe is just right."

Me and my little brother, originally uploaded by Boonlong1.

Honk to the shu, Sender-Inner Robert W.

Wigs for—eye roll—Dogs.

Just when you thought you were safe, it’s: Wiggles Dog Wigs!


In washable synthetic fibers!


With holes for the ears!


Featuring chin straps for maximum comfort!


In all the colors you WANT! In all the styles you could dream of!


Molly C., Donald Trump is jeaaaaaalooooous! [singsong]

Whap, Kronche, Repeat

Check this out: Orange kitty makes a valiant effort to dislodge grey kitty, complete with much batting, chomping and lunging, but then returns to almost the exact same starting position.  For bonus fun, put this on an endless loop and watch it all night.


It’s … hypnotic … Hannah … N.


…and pet rescue advocates Lulu and Lolly are heading your way! (just look up, they might be skydiving on your head NOW!)

They have one simple goal; to make a difference in the lives of rescue animals! Especially the rescue organization from which Lolly comes. Check them and their fundraising products out!


Don’t miss the Lulu and Lolly Greatest Hit too, Molly C.

You Missed the Offramp!

"You never listen to directions!  Now we’re going to be late, and we’ll miss the good parking spaces, the kids’ll be cranky, and it’s all your fault — and you just let that duck cut us off!"

'You're a goose, dummy -- HONK!'

"MOM!! Timmy’s swimming the wrong way again!"

'I'm outta here. Anybody needs me, I'll be at Chuck E. Cheese.'

Are we there yet, Cherie T.?

Bear à porter

Perez Hilton is reportin’ that Steiff Bears are planning on doing their best Karl Lagerfeld impersonations soon. RIGHTEOUS!


According to HighSnobiety, the Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear will be released in September at Neiman Marcus in New York and will go for around 1400 USD apiece.

Excellent find, Chief Sister Ossifer!

Show everyone at C.O. your paw pads, Piper. NOW.


Be a good kitteh and show the audience your PADS!!! EHN! [Shoves paw pads in front of audience]


Karin D., you and Chantal are not the only ones that appreciate some good paw pad action.


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