Ladybug ‘tock submission

‘Tocktober submissions keep comin’, People, this time, with ladybug ‘tocks.

This ladybug sent her OWN photo in (notice she is on a keyboard)


Liz L., I think you might have helped her a little bit, tho.

This hedge finished carving her pumpkin—have you!?

Only Three weeks left!

(OK, you have time)


Ellen A., I suggest toothpicks in your pumpkin to represent Hedgehog quills.

Ham Overload

Will you please get a load of this super ham-bocce-ball.

I imagine each paw would rotate in it’s own circle as he tries to get up…

Chmurka the Hamster Egg!, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Excellent pointer-outering, Susan F.

Rule of Cuteness #36: If your eyebrows go up in the center, it’s cute

Eyebrow raising is, pure and simple, instantly cute.

Eyebrow-raising PLUS a head-tilt PLUS a "Baroo?" sound is deadleh.


/• •\

Great find, Albert W.

How to Maximize Your Snorgling

People, you really need to know how to maximize your snorgle. Pull up a chair—and listen.

First, Find a limp, sleeping kitteh, preferably warm to the toche.

Second, locate warm, defenseless neck area


Third, locate the "Axis of Snorgling", an elusive concave area, created by the crook of a neck, overlapping paw, etc.—it must be large enough for one human nose (see green circle in figure A)


Lastly, Bury nose into Axis of Snorgling, and stay there until someone tells you you’re weird and that you should act like an adult.

Repeat as needed, until kitteh/boy/girlfriend runs away.

New category name proposal…

Sender-Inner Keith rescued this Bebe sqwerl AND came up with a new category name…

[drum roll]

"Rescute"! As in, "but Mommmmm! I rescute him!!!"


Love the claw danglage.

THIS JUST IN: Matching hel-mutt

Check out this roving puptrol—major trubs!


How does he stay on?

Must be some 3M Chihuahua Seat Adhesive.


Charlene Y., excellent cute-porting.

A Mostly non-evil sqwerl

People, most squirrels grow up to be pretty nice and mostly stick to themselfs. They’re actually pretty prosh if you don’t focus too much on their claws. That’s why this pic works so well:


[Bocce ball tournament joke]


Lori W. Way to do positive Sqwerl PR.

Uh oh—my Achilles heel—THE POMERANRIAN!!!

People, some of you may know the complete meltdown I suffered upon seeing these Pomeranian pics some time ago.

Those pics packed SUCH A PONCHE, they almost stopped this site in it’s tracks. If I was ever an evil superhero, you could use a Pomeranian as Kryptonite against me… (er, something…)


Check out new Pomeranian caretaker/Sender-Inner Molly M. with her pup Sushi.



‘Tocktober: Hamster edition

Um, Sender-Inner Vivian W., I don’t know HOW you managed to capture your hamster’s ‘tocks so perfectly. I mean look at this specimen!


And, turn to the right [say in police officer voice]


These pics should obvy be outlawed, with you under arrest!


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