Long… loooooonng….. week

Whuff… biznez travel really takes it out of ya.  Stheriouthly, I need DOUBLE naps, I’m sooo pewp’d.


Hee.  Happy Reality-Casual Friday, Peeps!
  – Guess Who

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Who ordered the teeny ear appetizers?

‘Cause they’re READY!

[ding! Microwave sound]

Two bites should do it.


Rawk ‘n’ Roll, Kathleen M. ;)

Gracias, GeekSugar…. ;)

Picture_5It’s like link Central around here, People.

GeekSugar made us site of their day.

"If you don’t love it, you don’t have a heart." True dizzat.

Lookin’ at first, throwin’ to third

Can you say—wall eyes people?

I can!


"Olive" is kinda half Princess Di there, huhn Kristen H.?

Gee to teh Que, Peeps

Um, first, how effing cute is Christian Bale? ssssssshhh… inside voice!

Second, thanks to GQ for mentioning Teh QTE™ in their March ’07 issue.Gahhhh!


CuteOverload mentioned on this page

Nice find, BWey! Say Hi to the turtles.

Ppppbbbbttthh! [Butterfly tongue sound]

You didn’t know butterflies had tongues did you.

Looks like they kinda have ‘tocks too. Sure, they’re long, cylindrical ‘tocks, but they’re ‘tocks all right [puts away magnifying glass]


These glass-wing butterflies are nuts aren’t they?!


Thank you, Auntie Olga!

Tiny Purr-er

I shall call you:"Purrlette"!
er; "Petite Purrf"! Yes, that’s it. Petite Or-range-lette Purrfer Pants.


Submitted by Eva H, submistress extraordinaire who loves "little kitteh top-of-head roundness" LOVES IT

Kirb_3, is the rokkin’ photographer — and click here for "deja mew"

Hangin’ on a petal

Check out this lil’ guy hanging on his rose "front porch."

He’s all waving at cars going by and hollering "Howdy neighbor!"


Joe A. — petal-lish.

It’s my kit in a box

Look, you want the ultimate birthday perez?

You got it, Baby.

Don’t thank me—the pleasure is aaaaallll mine. [Eyes half mast]

Open this

Um, yeah, kittehs like boxes… Nice capture, Jacque W.

We’re gonna eat pizza rolls and dance and do our hair, and play truth or dare and and Zzzzzzzz

SOMEONE is trying to compete with the PUPPY SLEEPOVERS.

WHO can stay up later? My money is on—wait, they’re all asleep. Nuts.

Do you have any Noxema I can borrow?

Corinne S., we like, totally have diabetes now too. Thanks a LOT


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