This just in: Kittehs have EVOLVED!

Evolved Kitteh mutant "Amstel" is proof that OPPOSABLE THUMBS aren’t just for humans and monkehs any more. Soon, kittehs everywhere will be turning doorknobs, using can-openers, and programming C++.



Amstel in the sink, evolved to drinking straight outta the tap. What’s next? Fixing the plumbing herself can’t be far behind.


This is the best part. Sender-inner Kathleen A. says that "Amstel" reminds her of a Star Wars AT-AT (with honkin’ feet). High-larious.


Leaping Ducklettes

This is sooooo worth watchingks. You MUST see this TINY WING ACTION.With English accent narration.

Good Lo’.


“Confessions of a Cute Addict”

Hdr_mag_3Well Peeps, we made Hallmark magazine, thanks to fabu freelance writer Rebecca Skloot. Poor thing, she has an ADDITICTION TO CUTE and felt compelled to write about eet. Someone’s got to do eet. Nice photo shoot, too, Rebecca and Hallmark Peeps! Thanks for a sweet story that so accurately explains the strange phenom… ;)

Check out the article online

Special thanks to Cute Overload frequent commenters Mira/Miss Crisp and Janet Poirrier for their interviews for the article. Nice quotes, ladies. Verrrrrrry Niiiiiiiiiice.

Visualizing… data… [Robot voice]

///Dewds! Official poll results are IN! Check them out.///

Ya’ll are AMAZING with your insta-answers. Here is a way we can visualize your preferences!!!
You may choose up to three options!

Don’t see your cool feature idea listed here? Suggest it in the Comments of this post!


Stretching into the New Year! Ehn!


Happy New Year, Peeps!

2006 was the dawn of The Qte™, and we have so much more in store for you for 2007. We’ve come up with a lot of ideas, and I’d also like to ask you what you’d like to see on this site this year.

After all, without yous, this site would only entertain me, (And Theo) and I might not update it as often if it had an audience of one.

Which brings me to my question. What would you like to see more of on C.O.? I have some ideas to propose to yous. Here goes. How about:

1. Virtual Pets!
2. Seasonal changes to the background image!
3. More polls and/or voting
4. More T-Shirts! (duh)
5. More ways for the community to interact—like avatars, rich text for comments, attachments even?
6. More CuteCasts, CuteTracker and CuteCaps
8. Less of anything?!
9. A DATING SERVICE! (kiddingk.)
10. Pagination for easy flipping thru pages… (Don’t get me started on this one)
11. Celebrity pet stories

What do YOU think? Write back!


P.S. Thanks for the kitteh straaaaayche, Alana and Pat W. ;)

A blond on his arm

Look at his date!

He is sooooooooooooooo lucky!

She’s kinda floppy though.

Whatever, she makes up for it with her looks.


Big Zzzzzzz’s to the sender-inner…

I really need a Playstation.

Or a Wii.


Otherwise, more pillows will be sacrificed to the Boredom Gods.


Rian L., throw him a bone, Man!

tiny tiny hippo

OMG. This little Hipster is slippy-slidin’ all over the place, you can totally see it. He even has ‘chub." I think he has some umbilical cord action going on too. Rock on, little muddy earflaps.






Tiny pygmy newborn Hipster courtesy of sender-inner Margaret L. and

Pepp-ridge Fahhhm Remembehs!

Hey, Sir Quills-a-lot.

What’s with the licking the Milano cookies?

You done yet? I was eating that.


Morabito N.? Your submission is like a satisfying combination of rich chocolate layered between two exquisite cookies made in nine totally tempting varieties.

Click here for more photos of Bam Bam the hedgie!

Ain’t we lucky we got ‘em

OK, there is only ONE thing you can say when you look at this picture:

[And you have to sing it in a BOOMING, BLACK, WOMAN'S voice]

"Goooooood Tiiiiiiiiiimes!"

Go on, do it. You know those dogs are having a suh-weet time.


Dy-no-MITE!, Elizabeth F.!