Have you ever felt a horse schnozzle on your face?

No seriously, it’s not a trick question. Have you? You can almost see that lower lip flapping on your face.


Erin C., nuthin’ softer!

Rescute Behbeh Squirtel

['Squirtel' Get it? 'Cause he's gettin' milk squirted into his powsche.]


I like the little white furs around his eye capsule too, Darcy D. ;)

La Petite Snugglère

What a valiant attempt at snugglingk. This little puppeh is all: “I will find your warm neck region if it KEELS MOI!”


Scarlette R., nice naptime capture, Cherie.

Could these guys be ANY PROSHER

Nyerhe. The answer is nyerhe. They COULD NOT be more precious. These behbeh sugar gliders are like lil’ mini love skunks.

Renée L., what little handfuls. Ahnnnn!

Behbeh lemur leeps

Step aside, Flocke!* There is another Cuteness in town, this time in Paree, France, at the Vincennes Zoo. A behbeh crowned lemur named "Kibongo" (Great name) is all: "wash me cuddles wees zees fluffy blankie BON!"

Lemur300 <– (from The Guardian)

Then he’s all; "I drink your milkshake! I DRINK IT UP"


Thanks for the little red leeps alert, Sarah L.!
*Just got side-tracked on the Flocke site for 20 mins, thanks a LOT

Bear census: +1

Bear Weigher Guy: "We got another one, he’s about 9 pounds, blue eyes, cute as a button."

(The Boston Globe says there is a bear census going on and this new little guy was just added.)


Very nice find, Bobbeh A. :D

Got the snax ready for the Oscars?

[Jumps up on the couch] Come on! Javier is about to win! COME ON, FRIEND-O!


Do you think they could cut my hair like Javier’s Lori R.?

Bodyless Red Panda makes great snorgle-able pillow

Oh, Hai. I would like to display to you my teeny headulence. [Turns to the left, shifting tiny squeezable ears] OK? [rolls to the right, displaying ears further]

Hello, please check out my tiny gutulence

Oh, Hai. I would like to display to you my teeny gutulence. [Turns to the left, shifting tiny squeezable guts] OK? [turns to the right, displaying guts further] You may now resume your Caturday.

Cute overload, originally uploaded by keithicles.

Beyooond Redooonk. [Singsong voice]

You KNOW this was a Baby hat that got modeled by a kitteh before being wrapped up for a Baby shower. The knitter was all: "Peaches! come try this on!" [snap]

Il va faire froid, originally uploaded by mojemi -Monique.

Alex B., Yes, it IS cold out thar. [shiveringks]


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