Honey, I’m 13 yearths young, I got 4 teeff, and I got lookths that kill

…Not to menthion lotths and lotths of cupcake-testhink expthperieanths.


Kudos to sender-inner Trisha S. and AWESOME pet photographer Tonya B.!

"Mya" pup was adopted in NYC at the "small-dogs-on-death-row" Waggytail Rescue

I feel, how you say? Een-seeg-neef-i-caynts

I see you, you beeg humayn persaynes, and I teenks; "Ees possible to jomp away from dees sit-chu-ayshons?" [Eye capsules look backwards]

And dee answer, she ees always "no… I muss be pay-chans." [Rotates eye capsules forward] "Aie."


Annie M. says dees photo was on Happy LOL Day too, originally uploaded by "ckminihane". :D

Iron Chinchilla Chef

Just WHAT THE HECK am I supposed to do with this?! Serve up 17 plates of tempura? Oh, the judges will love that.

[Waving teeny Tyranosaurus-Rex-scaled paws around] this is just GREAT!


Bork Bork Bork [Swedish Chef dialect] to you, Andrew L.!

What’s up with all the insane Ground Squirrelry lately?

I mean, first THIS GUY, and now this guy, below.

What is EVERYONE in a Mexican soap opera!?


OK, points for paws up, but still, insane in the membrane, Sharon S.

P.S. who is that awesome comedian who does the bit about the Spanish-speakin’ soaps?

Pass the popcorn!

We’ve updated CuteCast, a compilation of YOUR bestest, cutest, anerablest videos, all in one place! We scour YouTube, so you don’t hafta. Like always, you can still submit your favorite vids, but ruh-member, only the finest will be incluuuuuuded! [singsong]



Your humble Cuteologist, diligently gathering cuteness,

P.S. I’m told CuteCast makes a great baby sitting treat ;) As in: "If you’re really good, you can watch Moshi-hamster eat broccoleeeee!"

Moosday is back, and it’s full o’ spittle

Spittttoinng! [chew chew]


[Plinks large eyelashes]


And nice knobbularity, Lori and Brad S.

Um, [barking over counter] I ORDERED A LATTE




Lappix, I didn’t know they even HAD a Starbucks at Sea World San Diego. Go figure.

Romantic puppeh rug

[Handing you a glass of Scotch on the rocks, even though it's Monday morning]

C’mere, Bebeh, take off yer coat and stay a while.

I just got a new Puppeh Rug, and it’s veeery [head tilt] comfortuhbuhls…

[Stokes fire, looks over shoulder at you] There. That oughta do it.


What, you got a better rap, Blythe J.? Let’s hear it!

Tail, ‘tocks ‘n’ toes

People, this is a bebeh sea lion’s tail, tocks and toes.

Eef you look real close, you’ll see the tiny toenails too. Fascinating. [Say in Spock voice]


Otherthings, way to gerhe.

I leeck you so moishe…

I shall leeck you

and leeck you

and leeck you.


I leeck you so moishe.


Katrina B. adopted these two kittehs from the local Humane Soceiteh. I think they’re getting along, don’t yerhe?


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