The cutest car evar [meep meep]

The ping pong ball cozie from the Product Cuteness category better STEP OFF because there is a new star… A prosh car.

Yes David P., the English accents pushed your submishe over into postability.

White Stripes riffs + kitteh biscuiting = fabulousness

Kttehs should always have a soundtrack while biscuiting. I’m sure most pastry chefs would agree. Even polkas might be allowed.

Um, Video Director WordCub? Rokkin’.I laffed the entire time, Sender-Inner Ryan.

My eyeball’s bigger than my ear, oh yeah

Dewd, when your eyeball is bigger than your ear, we can talk. Until then, step the heck off.

[Goes back to eating grubs, generally owning the place]


Lanie O., where the HECKY did you find this one!? Oh, from photographer Peter Loh, here.

I’m sorry, but I must eat you now

Too bad. Another kitteh gets chomped upon, unsuspectingly, by his own volunteer kitteh feeder.

[shrugs shoulders] It’s gonna happen.


Don’t spoil yer dinner, Nima P. Only a small nibble. ;)

Ded (but comfortable!) kitteh

I especially like how she talks back. The grunting sounds so famillllllllllliar…

Josh N., way to send ‘em IN, Bro!

Seal ‘tockage

Not to mentshe some very interesting nailios on the flippers. Ever seen that befo’?

[shifty eyes] I DIDN’T THINK SO!


Cassidy C. of OtherThings, thanks for the post. :)

Double Dutch Pups

Let’s take another break from Caturday to take a look at the pups rockkin’ the place. Japanese Variety Show Style. The McPuppersons at the end is the best.

Michele R., excellent example of the Japanese kicking our asses in the Cute Depahtment, AGAIN.

Caturday Special: Dogwarshing machine

OK, you know cats everywhere are loving this. Rubbing their evil paws together with delight. Introducing a new "Dog washing machine", a 4-minute bath from hell, from, you guessed it, THE FRENCH

Check it out


BTW, do you think it’s possible for a news story on pets to NOT use lame puns? It makes me barking mad.

Nice find, Mary S….

THIS JUST IN: Ping pong ball cozie

People, I know what you’re thinking. "I’ve got a 40 millimeter Butterfly Premium 3-Star Table Tennis ball, and NO WAY TO CARRY IT!
Oh, and it has a complete LACK OF EYES. What am I to do?" [hand on hip in disgust]

The answer, Ladies and Gentlemens:


The creator warns: "His plastic beady eyes can be choking hazards. Not for small kids who may want to chew his eyes off." LOL/DUH


Are you ready for bidniss, TADWorks? Excellent spotting, Mallory W. ;)


This box is gonna erupt in a flurry of fur and “rowrs’ any second now


O’Neills, did you survive the cat-on-box action!?


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