Complete and total disapproval

I totally disapprove of this post.

Please take it down.



Angela S., you better do what he says.

Oh, and Angela says: "You’ll notice the very convenient built-in pillow-bib that his chin rests on. You know, the pouch of fluff that almost totally obscures his paws? That’s six years of too many cheerios and yogurt-covered bananer treats from "grandpa" right there!"

‘Pillow bib’—I think I like it.

Kittensnesday: Hidingks

[schnozzle peeks out] Is that dastardly otter……done yet? [shivers]


Stheriously—I’m not coming out ’til that belly-wriggling Dewd is done!


Bliss A., I think you can let the cat out of the bag no—OMG THERE HE GOES AGAIN

Kittenesday: crochet cuddle central

1. Will you please check out this first kitteh’s gut, he’s all waddling to naptime
2. Meanwhile, whiter kitteh is all: "I Shall Sniff Thee"
3. And Gut-kitteh is all, "Make way fer naptime, Bro"


Everyone has been jonesing for C.O.X.C.U.s lately, so:



And after a toe snorf, it’s back to Snoozeville… With ears perfectly placed low on the head, and stubbular nosicles.


J.R.B., Right on with your hand-made mcblankersons. More of these kittehs HERE!

Is that evil otter still dancing? Hold…me!

Karen: "I can’t stop seeing tha evil, evil otter dancing! he won’t stop dancing! Oh, Tim, Hold…me! Make it go away!"

Tim: "Karen, Honey, you’re going to be OK. The Ativan should kick in any minute." [shivers]


LOL, Super-submitter Eva H.! Rokkin’ photo, Jeremy K.!

A kinder, buttery-er background

AeiPeople, I changed the background color to yellow. I could NOT DEAL with the blue any longer. It hurt my eyes! Also, my good pal Wendy complained, and she was RIGHT!

I need you People to FOCUS. FOCUS on the Qte, and not be DISTRACTED! [shifty eyes]


[whip crackingk]

This just in: A sweet outfit

The geniuses over at Yahoo Photos  have just posted  this anerable puppeh wearing a fur heart. [Falls over]


Gracias, Sparky-Pants… ;)

Almost NSFW

I’m sure the Fathers of the InterWebs had looping evil-otter-undulaishe-dancing-vids in in mind when they developed it so long ago. [sighing head tilt]Their dreams…finally came…. true! [gasp]

Josh N. AND C.S.O. insisted we post this IMMEDIATELY. Also on CuteCast, natch.

Honey, I’m 13 yearths young, I got 4 teeff, and I got lookths that kill

…Not to menthion lotths and lotths of cupcake-testhink expthperieanths.


Kudos to sender-inner Trisha S. and AWESOME pet photographer Tonya B.!

"Mya" pup was adopted in NYC at the "small-dogs-on-death-row" Waggytail Rescue

I feel, how you say? Een-seeg-neef-i-caynts

I see you, you beeg humayn persaynes, and I teenks; "Ees possible to jomp away from dees sit-chu-ayshons?" [Eye capsules look backwards]

And dee answer, she ees always "no… I muss be pay-chans." [Rotates eye capsules forward] "Aie."


Annie M. says dees photo was on Happy LOL Day too, originally uploaded by "ckminihane". :D

Iron Chinchilla Chef

Just WHAT THE HECK am I supposed to do with this?! Serve up 17 plates of tempura? Oh, the judges will love that.

[Waving teeny Tyranosaurus-Rex-scaled paws around] this is just GREAT!


Bork Bork Bork [Swedish Chef dialect] to you, Andrew L.!


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