Ear Bud Central

Um, could this gaggle of seal pups be ANY CUTER? The little ear buds are the best part. There are like, ten pairs of ears in this photo. Oh, and the smiling baby seals? Puhlease, these guys are giving me diabetes they’re so sweet.Sealio IglesiasSealImages.com—way to ORNK! ORNK! (flapping flippers together)

Tiny Animals on Fingers

It’s come to our attention that niche Photoblogger "Specklet" has a glorius collection of tiny animals on fingers. You heard me. You may even recognize a hamster, lizard, sugar glider and raven on there…


Thanks for the alert, Kerry E.

The Japanese kick our ‘tocks again—this time in the field of rehab

Could it really be true that cute things help people, People!?Check out “Paro” the “Seal Type Mental Commit Robot” (Nice Engrish.) The animal was developed with three goals in mind; first, to encourage psychological improvements such as relaxation and motivation, physiological improvements such as vital signs, and positive social effects like encouraging communication.[Seal flippers clapping]Kouka_01Kinou_01Domo Arigato, Dewi R.!

Too mellow for words

Do you think the white mouse has still ANOTHER, smaller animal on it’s back? That would be the best. These guys are all so peaceful when they’d prolly rather chomp on each other. Envision world peace, People. En-veeze-zhon eet!


Way to submeet eet, Jennifer!

Patience in the form of soft ear flops and tiny lower chompers

BAROOO!?? [Opportunity!?]


Baroooo. [Must wait for next opportunity]


Sarah G.—your pup should be outlawed, he’s so prosh.

Multi-colored McToes

One pink toe!

THAT is prosh.

It’s just GOT to taste different than the other ones…


Yes. Yes, it appears to be even more delicious.

Mmmmm, delicious paw padsssssss



Krista T., nice work on the close-up, Baby.

The Day After

Dewd, it’s the day after Christmas and I am sooooooo bummed it’s over. Look, I know it’s 10:51AM and you made Pop Tarts and coffee, but I am NOT getting out of bed. Yesterday was just too much fun, I ate too much turkey and ham and Ambrosia salad, and wine, and zzzzzzzzzzzz


Hung over from it all, Melody B.?

CBC’s Top 100 of 2006

Gracias to the CBC for puttin’ C.O. on the "Top 100 of 2006, What we loved about the year that was" list.

I have to strongly agree with their picks for highlights of the year: The First scene in Casino Royale, Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, and The Posh Spice Cher/Chanel wardrobe…

Check it out, Peeps!

And thanks for sending it in, Eagle Eyes Jessica M. :D

Where’s Kitteh?

OMG where is Lily the kitteh? One clue, she is not wearing a white and red striped shirt.


Cheryl J. can barely find her…

I found this in my stocking

How they got a mini hat to sit on his little ham-head, I do not know…So tell us, now that the day is almost done, was Santa good to you this year?


No coal for Grace H. ;)