Um. What’s taking you so long to post today?


Is anyone there!? [tapping receiver rapidly]

All I’m getting is fuzz.


White bun "Mirah" and brown bun "Toshi" sent in by Flickr-er Mia S.!

You adore me, dahling. It’s what I love about you.

Remember this little girl? …she’s bigger now.

This will be the front page, hmm?  Fhaabulous.  Run along now, ‘razzo. Baby needs her beauty sleep.Rikki_sleepies

[sigh] …she’s a little heartbreaker, this one.  ;)  More here if you like.

Grab your inhaler—you’re gonna need it

Ksssshhhhh! [inhaler sound]

I give you Jack, the bebe Puggle!

Jack’s all: "I’m hangin’ in there, Peeps! Just like the poster says!"

It's a little ways down.

Ksssshhhhh! [inhaler sound again]

You’ve GOT to be kidding us, Melanie M-L.

I want a juicebox


Ken I have a juicebox? [Purrr]


Grape, please? [pouts]


Sender-inner Caroline M. says it’s Big Cat Week over at the BBC. Check it!

P.S. Diggin’ the guyliner.

Attention, flying buttrri needed

I needs me some buttresses—my head is leaning, People!

Come on! Hep me!


Kitteh "Chuck Norris" (I kid you not) needs an architect. STAT, Ljuba! ;)

// UPDATE — for you, kitling, I would move the whole world.  – T. //

Perfectly airbrushed schnozzle

I finally realized this is the hiney of the deer, and he’s all flopped back on himself. Prolly so he can gawk at his own anerable spots. He’s prolly in a daze from HIS OWN CUTENESS


Susie R., you’re in a daze too, I bet—after finding him in the flowers…

The Brown Towel Gang means bidness.

The brown towel gang is revving up for a BIG meeting…

Check out their ‘Sopranos style’ meeting er—pile.


Exxxxcellent, Margery…

Make mine with ketchup and mustard plz

Mmmmmm, hot Dachshund puppies heah! Get your hot puppies heah!

Deleecious [reaching for sauerkraut]

Peeking pocket hams

Please check out the anerable peeping action at the beginning of this movie. Then, stick around for Oscar-winning footage that follows.

I kneeead you

I lof kneadingks.

Check out this lil’ guy, making his ‘pillow’ more comfertuhbuls…


Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, sender-inner Meg

// UPDATE — this clip is from video-logger Kazzart.  Check out her YouTube page. – T. //


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