Thank You, Thing

( Sung to the tune of "The Addams Family" theme song )

♫ In Spring, the snows’ll thaw out / Then all the creatures draw out
♫ And soon you’ll see a paw out / The raccoon in the floor.

♫ He’s hunting for some kibble / To nosh and have a nibble,
♫ But only gets a dribble / The raccoon in the floor.

Winston-san eats crunchy snacky

Please bow to Winston-san as he enjoys a crunchy snack set in his paws.


You’ve been pretty good

So you may have a cookie.

a little corgi girl
, by _groszek_.

Oh, and don’t talk with your mouth full mMmmmf mmmmf.

Hmm, An Amusing Vintage…

"… full-bodied, with subtle overtones of strawberry and a charming effervescence that tickles the senses.  A worthy accompaniment to an appetizer of mild cheeses covered in ants, or perhaps a spinach and arugula salad with a rosemary and basil vinaigrette dressing covered in ants — well, just about anything covered in ants, really."

(PS:  That’s not wine, but apple/cranberry juice, according to the notes at YouTube.)

Race you back to the farm!

This photo is a part of the the One Image Auction where photographs are donated by top commercial photographers around the world. Proceeds photo sales go directly to making a positive difference in the lives of the children of the Philippines and Haiti.

Bid on this bébé lamb photo!


"Lamb of Tuscany" by Jimmy Cohrssen for One Image Charity

Post bath daze featuring… WINSTON-SAN

The Japanese Winston is giving us an unblinking, creepy staring post-bath haze! Enjoy!

“Japanese Winston” discovered by alert reader Josh N.!


The Japanese version of Winston has been discovered by alert reader Josh N.! We shall call him Winston-san.

You must crank sound for hearing Winston-san purrs!

You will obey whim of Winston-san!

You will bow head and THEN press play:

Mini Moos

Knox News is reportin’ that the Memphis Zoo is featuring some mini cow action.

The two cows "Cloudy" and "Darwinia", are 25 and 36inches at the shoulders respectively. They were bred from heritage breeds that date back to the 16th century, when farms and homesteads were smaller.


This article wasn’t enough to satisfy my new miniature moo quest. My mission led me to the mini cattle website (I am not making this up) where there is some proshness goin’ on. Check out:


Love these names… Here’s "Britches"






And bringing up the rear… "Huckleberry"!


And one more mini moo pic to wrap up the post:


Great article suggestion NTMTOM ;)

Are you saying I’m fat?

I know I’ve gained an extra pound, but a BALLOON WITH MY FACE ON IT!? HARSH!

[claws deploy for popping purposes]


Icarus the kitteh was captured by Scott Pargett Photography who’s also on Flickr.

And you thought your Sunday would be uneventful

Kitteh versus fly. GO!!!

NTMTOM caught this one for us…


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