Dream On

Zzzzz [mumble] Butterflies everywhere! Grilled cheese… The answer is 56! Ohhh I can fly… gold lamé. Toreador! Zzzzz….

This sleeping cutie is Oscar, sent in by Tiffany.

Not Such a Hot Idea

Based on this video, Gus seems like a real “have it all” dog, the kind who doesn’t like being forced into arbitrary choices — such as between the cool kiddie pool and the air conditioned house. Let us know how that works out for ya, Gus.

Dynamic Duo

Quick! To the Dogmobile! You can‘t get away from us this time, Catwoman!

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Milo! (chihuahua) Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na,  Rusty! (chi-corgi, “chorgi”)
Your back yard is safe, Annie.

Ding! Order up!

OK, who ordered the baroo plate special? Here you go, hon. (say in suth’n accent) Enjoy!

Ya’ll come back real soon, Libby and Sarah K.


Will you please check out this sloth-on-kitteh action.

Must have been the slowest bust-a-move ever.

Pilar V., the look on that sloth’s face is priceless.


Sender-Inner Draeger says that his kitteh Louie sits like a little man. Like a little man that left the iron on that is.

Yeah I Got No Ears, So What?

So I’m mid-molt! So I shed my ears, IT HAPPENS

You got a problem with that, Kate Q.!?

Must… Reach… Water bah-bah!

Sorry, Ma! OOOF.

As The Hutch Turns brought to you by Emily H.


Alert Cuteporter Brinke G. has alerted us to a ZooBorns report on the freshly-borned baby koalas over at Australia’s Dreamworld park. Eleven joeys just joined the conservation project—and this lil’ guy just tipped the scales to OVERLOAD.


[shifty eyes]

Sender-Inner Logan H. says: “If this photo makes it onto your website, my family will be very proud of me. Seriously, they will be prouder than the day I graduated from college. Especially my sister. She loves you guys.”


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