Electrician cat is almost done

Yep. your light will be repaired momentarily Ma’am.

Arrrang arrrang arrrang


Lisa R., How many kittehs does it take to CHANGE A LIGHTBULB

And now, a petite Squirrelio + friend

Sender-Inner Audrey N. invites us to: "Note the tail puff, knobbular knuckles, and 360-degree ReflectO-Orb Beadulous Eyes™."

Um, Thank you, Audrey.


Also, Audrey’s friend Daniel took a photo of this junior McSnakersons, who obvy must have the tiniest tongue in the woild.


Gracias, Audrey and Daniel. ;)

The Best Advertisement for “Temptations” ever

Hey, LISTEN UP People who make "Temptations" Kitteh Snacks. Have we got the advertising photos for YOU. It starts out innocently enough with little "Kamineko" the "innocent" Bengal kitteh…




You can thank us later. High Five, Judith O.

THIS JUST IN: More puppeh tortures

People, you must stop the madness. This ‘Balancing a treat on a Puppeh’ must STOP. Think of the pups, People.


[Sigh] Yes Tessa the Puppeh, you must balance a cookie before eating it. That’s just how things work around here.

Sugar Submish

Says Sender-Inner Sarah M.: "This is Lucy. She’s a sugar glider. And clearly amazing at it. I can’t even tell you how long it took to get a good shot of her leaping across the room…those are some fast little suckers!"


Sarah, exquisite cropping. Serious.

Oh, this is really going too far

The PURE TORTURE CONTINUES over at Sender-Inner Marc and Gabrielle’s house. They SPECIFICALLY wanted to "push it further" and show that their puppeh can withstand UNBELIEVEABLE amounts of pure torture.

Are you happy now guys?


[Shaking head] I’m sorry, Zahne puppeh. They know not what they DO.

Let ME IN!

By the great Simon Tofield, the creator of "Wake Up Cat", it’s: "Let Me In".
[Pulling red curtain back for your viewing pleasure]

GREAT FIND, Mike 9 ;)

Lunch is served!

On tuhdee’s menu, we haf zuh Paw du Jour. Peenk pads and fur a l’orange.

eet’s verry, howyousay? BON! [holds hand to leeps in keessing motions]


Rosalind H., I’ll take four to go. With dipping sauces.

The torture CONTINUES

It’s an EPIDEMIC, People. Of epic proportions. These patient puppulars are doing their BEST not to rip apart the cameraman. Kudos, lil’ pups. Koo-dohs.


And now the ‘Tempting Fate’ pic:


Excellent torture, Christalynn D. That is if you’re still alive by the time this pic is posted.

Can you find the TinTin haircut in this movie?

Holy Production Values, People. This one’s called: "Cat of 1000 Faces: Episode 1." Obvy, we’re greenlighting another 23 episodes.

Rys K., Nice YouTube-Pointer-Outering!


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