I Am the Kibble Dancer

Each day, I journey to the ceremonial supper dish in the sacred kitchen, and offer my humble dance to the Kibble Gods. If my dance pleases them, they will send the Benevolent Hand, bringing her life-giving nourishment for the people in my tribe.

All blessings and honor be upon thee, Chloe N.

Petunia and Her Fanny Halitosis

It started out as a glorious first day with her new owner: Petunia playfully nipped at her ankles; and Owner painted Petunia’s nails “Fire Hydrant Red”. But when she began to tickle Petunia’s belly well…

…Petunia tooted.

What do you expect when you feed Petunia Olive Garden, Courtney H.

THIS JUST IN: Lovely Leopard Lads

Last Valentine’s Day, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo welcomed two clouded leopard cubs. Yesterday the Zoo released a new set of “glamour shots” of the two boys. See more squee-worthy shots on their website.

Credit goes to the Smithsonian National Zoo.

Adorable Baby Otter in Need of Serious Attitude Adjustment

This towel is too scratchy, and these lights are too bright! Have I mentioned that I hate when people stare?

Listen man, I’m gonna tell you one last time – I don’t know anyone named “Emmet”, and if you continue to stand here, you’re gonna get some pureed sardines thrown at your ugly mug.

Patricia S. says that Elaine and Leroy, two North American River Otters, just had the above baby at Binghamton Zoo. Photo by Lexy Roberts.

Wakey-Wakey, Eggs and Bakey!

Any book with the phrase “rising body temperatures trigger arousal” is bound to be a page-turner, so when alert reader Arial R. sent us this, noting “I found this in a book at the library and thought it was oh-so-adorable,” that set our tails a-twitchin’.

Let us now examine the sleeping habits of our friend, the squirrel — who is, to put it charitably, not a morning person. (This will be on your final exam, by the way.)

Man, German Cat Trainers are All Business

Geet your mind out of the guhtter! Thees ees a test of strength! My Uncle Hans taught me thees treek, and believe you me, if you wants to be a weight leefter, you will learn to beench press a fellow feline! Now leeeft, dammit, leeeft!

Not safe for work, Matthew H.

Welcome to Cinco de Mayo

The parsnip-garitas are cool, the pool is luke, and I have a bitchin’ mix of Toto and Duran Duran on the speakers. Enjoy.

I hope you don’t find carrot puree all over the bathroom in the morning, Wendy L.

Stays Possum-y — Even in Milk!

Cuteologists, we are presented today with a rarely-seen corollary to Rule of Cuteness #8 (If your furniture doubles as a meal, you’re cute), which states: If your bath doubles as a meal, you’re cute. And you can finish that all by yourself. No, really, I don’t seem to have an appetite for some reason, so you go ahead.

Photo credit: AnimalAdvocates. Submitted by Dave K.

Can I Tell You, I Love This Hand!

Is this a hand, or is this a hand? I’ve hugged a lot of hands in my time, but this hand is the most huggable hand I’ve ever hugged! How can I be so sure, I hear you asking? Because I know hands, my friend, and this — this right here is a hand!

That is One Smitten Kitten

I considered getting Kermit or Woodstock. Hell, I even considered getting Snoopy. But then I realized that when you decide to get a tattoo, you should immortalize something really important to you.

Well someone thinks pretty highly of himself, Ant. Original link can be seen here.


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