If loving you is wrong—I don’t wanna be right

[Sing in Luther Ingram voice]
Your mama and daddy say it’s a shame
It’s a downright disgrace
Long as I got you by my side
I don’t care what your people say


And accompanying music for this post:

What a morally bankrupt submishe, Veg R…

Dainty paws over on ICHC

Thank you for pointing this out, I Can Has Cheezburger. Hedgehog paws still defy the laws of physics and look like they’re going to snap off at any moment…


Susan M., I thank you, Rule of Cuteness #19 thanks you.

How to make “tacos” for your hamster

It’s the question on the top of EVERYONE’s list: ‘How do I make tacos for my hamster?! he/she demands them!!!’

Thanks to the fine folks over at HamsterTracker.com, you can rest easy with the following recipe:

Tortilla wrap
White Cabbage
Bean Sprouts
Grated Gouda Cheese

All ingredients are well chopped, and Taco-ed in a nice hamster-serve-sized Taco.


Watch as your ham tentatively tastes (see tongue) their taco, then demolishes it!


Thank you, Spokes Ham Lucy 3.0, and Mathijs over at HamsterTracker.com

Let’s name this behbeh!

OVERLOADERS! This is our chance to make a POSITIVE IMPACT on, like, society and stuff! Let’s all get together and write-in a name for the new Shedd aquarium baby Beluga whale! Let’s get consensus first… What name should we suggest?


Mr. McPorkersons? Colonel Belugersons??! Eddie!?!? Mobbers-Dicklebottom?


Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth??


I know you can come up with a name… THEN WE CAN ALL WRITE IT IN AND CONQUER THE WOOOOOORLD! [great find, Betsy W.]

The adventures of Eloise

People, this is Eloise the Boston terrier, and she is soooo ready for her coffee table book of Eloise photos. Check out this massive nostril on nostril action


Hanging with the Underpants Gnomes…


And, eating a prosh felted turkey…


Bird L., nice shots, I think you need an agent…

[Bunny in the corner joke]

Will you please check out this chunk-tacular bunnage.

IMG_5205, originally uploaded by RosyBunny.

Johanna S., nice splayed paw action… ;)

Waaaay too many joke possibilities

Look, these Christmas hedges come in their own stockings. They’re like, pre-packaged.

Apparently, that’s Mom hedge on the left, and her daughter on the right. Dainty paw-inheriter!

Hedgehogs, originally uploaded by Penelope’s Loom.

Shannon M., those hedges are redonk.

Pbbbbbffftttthhh! + ear flop

This pup must just be dreaming of being awake saying "Pbbbbbffftttthhh".

Hey, is that an axis of snorgling I see (in the crook of the NECK!!!)

Sleeping Chocolate, originally uploaded by OneMipipippi.

Way to spend all day searching Labradors on Flickr, Karina C. :P

I think I’ll get up.

On second thought…

Nyerhe!!! [Lowers hind quarters for another spell]

Fluffy, originally uploaded by Sjaek.

Jay to the S, rock and/or roll with your Flick-kare finds!

Fuzzulent ‘tockage

Not to mayn-shons wrinkled.

And highlighted by some sunbeam action.

Trombas e Caudas, originally uploaded by joana vidigal.

Johanna S., way to GERHE!!!


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