Maru: Box Heaven or Hell!?

Everyone knows Maru is a fiend for boxes—so this new box (with a hole for his head and paws) must be perfect…right!?

Thanks for the head’s up, Ant!


Is Santa here yet!?

Not yet?

Well, Boo.

Betsy W. teamed up with photographer Ryan Benyi for these awesome shots.

“Let’s play Twucks!”

“You play the dwiver!”


Iris R. playtime at your house is anerabuhls.

Lil’ Drac

Will you please check out this prosy lil’ baby bat rescue action. This little guy is so sweet, and handled so gently:

Bats off to you, Michelle C.

Welcome To My Igloo

Come in, I have lots of iceberg lettuce and snow peas…

When Barnaby Seymour Jones III wants to hibunnate, can spring be far behind him, Jess W.?

Are You the Lady of the House?

Pardon me, is this who I think it is?

How embarrassing, you look just like Mrs. Bucket from the back!

Paul Bunyan says, “It’s Bouquet!”, Chris.

Oh, I Am Such a Good Ball Boy, I Am!

I will sit right here and I will not make a sound and I will catch all the balls that the nice people hit into the net as fast as I can. In fact, I will be so fast that I will catch them before they hit the net. Yes, that’s what I’m gonna do, uh-huh, uh-huh…

We love Louie, Jessica M.

Real Vikings Don’t Need Helmets

Goats, the original baaaad boys, have a long and proud and beard-y history of raiding, sacking, looting, pillaging, and plundering other people’s property. And marauding, don’t forget marauding.

When the goating gets tough, the tough get goating, kyz

Today’s Secret Word Is “Zebra”

And you all know what to do whenever anybody says the secret word, right?

Meet Roscoe

…says Sender-Inner Anita F.

OK. [extends hand to meet paw]