With ears like that, we’re talking five-bar reception

Can I get a Sand Kitteh with Verizon?

Apparently, they have football-shaped heads when they're junior kittehFor best signal, don't hold the cat wrong.Sand cat kitten

Scratchtacular Sand Kittehs by Mellting. Big-eared thanks to Glenna M. Huge shot out to Sweden’s Parken Zoo.

Profiles in Bravery

At this time, C.O. salutes those unsung heroes of the slopes: The Awesome Rescue Huskies. Whenever a skier is injured in a fall, these brave animals swing into action, racing through waist-deep snow, using their uncanny senses of hearing and smell, until they locate the victim… and tell him how awesome he looked until help arrives.

Up next: “Profiles in Sender-Innering” salutes Mischa M.


Happy Anniversary, Honey.

P.S. Do ya’ll remember this marriage proposal!?

Bunday Overload

You thought Bunday was over!

But…it’s not!


You must!

Choke down!

More Bunday bunnies!


More pink schnozzles! with quivering leeps!



Binkie Bunny

I blame this Bun-O-verload on Bee Honeydew.


As the sun sets over this great land, we’re greeted with a floppular Lion Head bun. Perfect with a glass of Chardonnay.

[Clinking of cocktail glasses with] After the Rain Rabbitry.

Grumpular Bunday

Both grumpular and prosh at the same time?



Broccoli By Bee Honeydew, brings on The Grumps.

Waiter, There’s Cat Hair in My Orange Juice

… and it’s still attached to the cat.

Building Better Bunnies

Welcome to Pet Propulsion Laboratories, where we make ani-pals faster, stronger, and cuter. In our wind tunnel, for example, we’re testing a new aerodynamic bunny that can reach speeds of over 90 MPH.

Thanks to researchers Serena C. and Ting Y.

And Now, Time for the Weather

Well, folks, it looks like clear skies for your early morning commute, but by mid-morning we’re going to see those low-hanging catocumulus clouds, and you know what that means — it’ll be raining cats and dogs by this weekend.

Don’t forget your umbrella, Rosie.

THIS JUST IN: Maru in a rain coat

Everyone’s favorite round-faced kitteh pal Maru just tweeted this stylish pic. Love the one-ear action.

More of Maru’s twitpics here! Arigato, Bill S.


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