Pugsters Manning

Go Colts!

(and Pugsters Manning)

You gotta love the leg action.


Hope ya’ll had a great Superbowl. Thanks to Sender-Inner Anika W.

I’m the size of your thumb

  In Your Hands 
  Originally uploaded by *roes*.

Yes, this is a small pic.
It’s half LIFE-SIZED!


Thanks for pointing her out, Damian V.

Is it possible to snorgle—A BIRD!?

Look, People, I’ve never snorgled a bird. It’s not that I don’t think they’re snorglable, I just haven’t had the opportunity to SNORT THEIR FEATHERS like this guy. I can imagine it’s a fresh, bird-seedy smell, and is prolly pretty soft.

But heck—you’re the experts—what do you think? Let’s take a look:



Meeshon Accompleeshed.

Rick and Ming C., luuuuve the orange heart on your bird’s cheek.

Movie (er, Tuesday!) continues

Let’s give it up for the ‘silent meow’ People—you know what I’m ‘tockin about—when a kitteh opens his mouth to meow, and nothing comes out. At first!

Brush brusha brusha, Atalhualpa1!

// DON’T PANIC, PEEPS — it’s technically Tuesday today.  Deep breaths. //

OK, OK, more leeps

  A happy bunny 
  Originally uploaded by all4you.

MORE BUNNY LEEPS that is! Sorry, had to blog this one too,
it’s just so ridiculous. I think it’s beggin’ for an animation
and an English accent.



“Snowball” the Bunny leeps

  Originally uploaded by all4you. Sent in by Sherilyn F.

Bunny leeps, bunny leeps!
I bet you’ve never seen… BUNNY LEEPS!

(I bet you’ve never seen a Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up either…)



Trying to get comfertuhbuls

There simply AREN’T any cuter mewing sounds…you seriously gotta crank the sound on thees one.


Mandy C.—yer killin’ us.


Animal Planet PuppyBowl Highlights are UP and you need to see the ‘water bowl cam’, the quarterback retreiver, the flashing lights, the ref vacuuming the field, and the KITTEH HALFTIME SHOW!


Julie J.—it is like Cuteoverload TV! What a good idea!

Rule #7 much?

Rule #7 much, Peeps?

These kittehs are all over it:


Ansley B—catastrophe!

Rule #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute

Dee-lee-shous leepy steecky.

I must have eet!


Melissa—your puppy looks great in "Precious Pink"!