How to get that hourglass, Guinea Pig shape

Ladies, if you wanna drive the Guinea Fellows crazy, try this new Spanx Guinea Gut Shaper. $36.00 with two Timothy Hay box tops.


OK, OK, the real story. Says Sender-Inner Gwinn: "My guinea pig, Heisenberg, enjoys mutilating cardboard, so I gave him a spent packing tape core to chomp on.  A few hours later I return to find him completely stuck, needing to be cut out of his new corset."

THIS JUST IN: Marc Jacobs counters with a Moo shoe

Um, OBVY a certain SOMEONE was a little JEALOUS that we posted some SHOES over the WEEKEND that were really CUTE and that certain SOMEONE had to start SELLING HIS SHOES to get BACK AT US!


Jealous much, Marc Jacobs!? Are you happy now your shoe is on Cute Overload!? (And selling on Amazon for a STEAL! in unspotted/black too!)

Aeryie, great find…moo!

Wedding guest thinks of nothing but open bar

OMG. Get a load of Porkchop. He was sooo rude during the ceremony.


C.O.X.C.U.: Porkchop is all "Taco Bell’s Canon in D, Whatevs"


Thaddeus and Di, nice, er, guests you invited there.

This vid needs to be remade with the Jaws soundtrack and Chewbacca yell at the end

Call me a video-directing genius, because that’s what this video needs.

[Holding hands up in Directorial debut position] Panic—then Chewbacca yell. Yes, that’s what this video needs.

Serious. With those changes, it’ll be like the next Prairie Dog video thing, believe me.

AAAAAAAAHHHHH! What is under the cubbers!?!?! HALP! Isabel C.!

// UPDATE — thank you, Dramatic Prairie Dog! //

Walter, I think you got a er, growth there.

It happens to lots of pups.

Growths like that out of nowhere.

It’s kinda cute, actually [tilting head to side for better look]


That’s right, Walter, I’d go back to sleep too.

Shannon M., better get that looked at.

And thees, my little frienn, is a sunbeam.

Kitten: "You have shown me so… moishe."

Pup (in James Earl Jones voice): "And there is so moishe left to learn…"


Er, enter poingnant speech here, Millie S.!

Awesome [hic!] parteh

This [hic!] parteh was sthoooooo awethsome [hic] wonder if there’s any cake lefts… [brik!]

Hey, Man—pass the cupcakes.


Ain’t nuthin’ but a hamsteh parteh, Nicole O.

Hot! Crossed! Buns!

I wanna lie here, no I wanna lie here no I wanna lie here no I WANNA LIE HERE

hotcrossedbuns, originally uploaded by russellcalabrese.

It’s pun-tastic, Russell C.!

Eddie McBlobbles, at your sthervice

People, we don’t normally have feeshes on this site, so when we do, you KNOW it’s a doozy. And that’s where Eddie McBlobbules comes in. He’s totally the inside-out-seahorse-in-a-ball-nerd of the deep. You can tell, he’s all adjusting his glasses and writing your French Lit IV paper for you and stuff.


National Geographic has other deep-sea dwellers, but none who know as many theorems as Mr.M here. Thanks, Matthew C.!

Hey, anyone have time to animate those peepers? Come on!!!

// UPDATE — check out this RCF-style ANIMATED VERSION by GoranG, from the comments! //


Learn how to make a free, fun, cat toy for your cat to enjoy, and for YOU TO HURL ON!

OMG, please tell me this guy is not for reals.

There is only one thing to say here: "Grossatating!"

Oh, and nasty, Doradoradorabora. Seriousleh. Zack Scott, points for creativity tho.


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