Remembering Memorial Day

Listen, we know you could swat us with a paw in .02 seconds, but we have strict orders to watch the Fancy Feast until dinner tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

[gets swatted across the room]


 Guard duty, originally uploaded by


Army men revenge
, originally uploaded by Shooz.

[Clears throat] Ahem!

It has, er, come to my attention that [clears throat] not all of you have taken the IMPORTANT [underlines on board] online survey yet.

By end of class, I want you all to have taken the survey.

Or, you will receive the dreaded "C-". And I don’t think your parents will like that one bit.


Do you think they bought it, Debbie B.?!

C.O.X.C.U.: Muzzlepooooooow-che

Please check out this ANERABLE portraitof "Maria" the ham, and her picture-perfect muzzlepow-che. It’s like aperfectly executed ‘C.O.X.C.U.!’

Maria close-up, originally uploaded by jpockele.


This kitteh is an unbelievably prosh specimen. Please note the tailio"saying heylerhe" the ears picking up left and right signals, the[possibly flexing!] pawsitude—puhlease.

Perhaps the cutest kitten in the world., originally uploaded by Clevergrrl.

Rule of Cuteness #33: Your tail says ‘Yes’ but your ears say “nyerhe”

Your tail is all: "Herylerhe, what’s happeningk?"
And your ears are all flat and not listening.

Anabells Kitten at 8 Weeks, originally uploaded by endbradley.

I fit! What!?


You got a prolayme with me in this lid? [turns over]


Almost… comfortabuhls…


Heeeeeeee! Nice work, Cinder-kitteh and Amanda B.!

Polite (but headless) Pup

Pups these days—rarely cross their legs any mo’.

How refreshing.


Too bad about his head, Wendy A. ;)

That’s what I’m ‘tockin’ about

Rear, originally uploaded by m4de.

[Wagging tail] 

Oh, and LOVE the knobbular ankle action.

My Plans for the Weekend, by Theo


Ayup.  Pretty much.
Have a good one, y’all!

(normal, full-size version can be found here)

So I says to him, I says…

Red hat Pup: "…Look, life comes with responsibilities…Teddy Roosevelt gave an entirespeech once with a bullet lodged in his chest. Some tings are a matter ‘a duty."
Blue hat pup: "You gotta point d’ere. You gotta point."


Adam, Adam, Adam, you knit these hats!?


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