Elephant paints own self-portrait

You have GOT to be kiddingk moi. Check out this talented schnozzle action.

Michelle B. crazy find…


ONLY IN JAPAN, People. [shaking head]

Conan the Chihuahua mimicks his Buddhist bros. Nice work, Conan.


Photograph: Toru Yamanaka/AFP, Sender Inner Erica H. (and about a billion other Sender-Inners, thank you)

Mad Hops

Check out this Kangaroo’s very first powche exit and hoppin’ ’round at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn.


Videoicon2 Go Joey, go go go!

Excellent submishe, Courtney A.

White people like to rap about their cats

In honor of the hilarious site: Stuff White People Like we present this redonk rap remix for your leestening playsures:

Credit to T.G. for the find. Rad!

We have a Challenger

There is just no denyin’ that this toe-hawk Challenger is THE ULTIMATE IN TOE-HAWKS.

mopa (48), originally uploaded by anaxferus.

[Gavel sound] Case closed, Melissa H.

Cub “Wilbaer” gets Mom-handled

Freshly-borned polar bear cub Wilbaer and Mom Linda (just kidding, it’s Corinna) were unveiled at the Stuttgart Zoo in this recent vid. Check out Mom picking her kid up. Love it.

Great recommendayshe, Sparkeh

Come’ere Caturday, I’m gonna getcha

This won’t hurt a BIT, Caturday. Not one bit.

[paw makes contact]


I know it’s been puppeh overload lately, I promise to post some other anim-mules real soon, Tiffany C.

I got yer Daily Puppy RIGHT HEAH





Badda BOOM!




Melissa G. and Lucy puppeh, very nice submeeshons.

Ladies and Gentlemens, A PANDA SKILLET!

The ridiculousness continues over at Fred Flare with this panda skillet:

Check it out it’s all: "I’m Audi! Nyerrrrrrow"

And such leetle toches:

Excellent find, Cuteporter Tisha ;)

I see your Toe Hawk and raise you PAWS UP

Ehn! [puts paws up in anerable motion]

Take [bat bat] THIS


Sender-Inner Megan M. sez; "My cat Garrett loved the ‘Toe Hawk’ photos and wanted to show his love for it! Attached are a few pictures. :]"


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