Momular hedge with her bebeh hedgetots in their hedgearium (to be scientific).

Hedgehog hugs! Aw, lookit each one’s wee loving paw stretched out. OK kids, time to let mama curl up into a ball now.

Do mom hedgehogs crave ice cream and prickles, Jourdan S.?

Bun, Bun, Bun, The Auto Bun

To get sales hopping, new Volkswagen Rabbits now include a real one!

Owners Kaylee and Victor say, “Gibson Bunny loves car rides and making faces at dogs as we pass them!”

Apocalypse Bow-Wow

As the pilot steered us upriver, I reviewed Colonel Kats’ file. The Army had sent their finest dogs to chase him, but nothing had come back but rumors — whispers of a cult deep in the jungle, where dogs and mice alike worshipped Kats like a god.

The pilot, a schnauzer named Chase, had been eyeing me nervously the whole trip. Finally he spoke. “My orders say I’m not supposed to know where I’m taking this boat, so I don’t!” he said. “But one look at you, and I know it’s gonna be hot.”

Susan G. shares a letter: “My name is Chase, and I’m a 9 year old miniature schnauzer. Ok… I’m not so miniature. Anyway, these are pictures of me driving my daddy’s boat this summer in Summerville, South Carolina.”

Well Isn’t This Romantic?

Their eyes locked and there was a long silence filled with meaningful looks, when kitty said, “Bunny, will you… skknxxxzzz…

A special moment between Oliver and Biscuit. Emily F. tells us she has a new kitten, Oliver, who has taken quite a liking to her Dutch bunny, Biscuit.

THIS JUST IN: A Kitteh in a Onesie

The redonkulousness continues, People.

Sender-Inner Mary K. has way too much time on her hands—witness:

Nibblin’ on the Ritz

There’s one snack I gobble all day
In a shack or in a chalet
St. Moritz
Nibblin’ on the Ritz

As a bet, there’s nothing safer
Than the threat I pose a wafer
In my mitts
Nibblin’ on the Ritz

Once I taste that cracker light and flaky
My eyes pop, my hands get tight and shaky

Come let’s nosh where tycoons risk it
Places posh with bits of biscuit
Gnawed to bits
Nibblin’ on the Ritz

Chrissy O. says: “This is Munchkin or Munchers. She’s my russian dwarf hamster. I just wanted to share these photos because they have made a lot of people smile. Hope they can do the same for you.”

I Don’t Get It — This Worked in Dumbo

… and here’s the dashing pilot for Bunway Airlines, ready for takeoff… I’ll just check the wind speed (points with ear), before barreling down the runway!


It’s a return visit from Truffles, courtesy Melissa B.

THIS JUST IN: Eeetch Aaaacth Urrrgtch orf BleeeEEEeeeAAAaaarghhh!

Zookeepers at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo got their first look at four Tasmanian Devil joeys born a few months ago. According to Zooborns, the lone girl in the litter will play an important role in breeding efforts to save Tazzies from extinction. Keepers say the young will be sawing through tree trunks and boulders in a few months.

Kittywood Studios Presents:

Finally, the behind-the-scenes of the people who bring you ALL THE BEST CAT VIDEOS!

I like the Jack Daniels on the writing table, Sharpy ;).

Kissy Face

Aww, look! It’s an adorable darlin’ angel love bug.

And a kitten!

Squee’d With A Kiss, Geneva R.


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