Headline THIS To Win A Personal Prosh Puppeh Painting!

[*UPDATE 1:05pm PT: MA is our winner! Check your email, please- and thanks to all who entered!)

Take a peek if you will, at these Prosh Puppeh Paintings! “Here are a couple portraits I’ve done of some pretty cute pups. I donate 10% of proceeds to my local dog rescue, Augusta Dog Adoptions.org,” writes Geiger H.

So here’s the deal. Write up your best headline to the ABOVE photo– we’ll choose our favorite and announce at 1pm PT. You’ll get a painting of YOUR pet! (You send Geiger a photo, etc.) Get to work! Meanwhile, here are a few other examples: (you can click these to Super-Size™ them, and here’s the website and FB, BTW.)





I’ll Have What YOU’RE Having

[Hey, I’ve had quite enough of the Dog Chow, ya know? Let’s bring on a a big ol’ sloppy plate o’ Sketti, OK?

Hey, Pick On Someone Yer Own Size

[Wait. You ARE my size. OK, fine. Let’s rumble.]

Let’s See MARU Do THIS

Well all know about The Circle’s fondness for boxes of all shapes and sizes- but has he ever tried a Cone Of Shame before, like this intrepid kitteh?

Did You Get Yours Yet?

616VGVI8JDL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_618sEhRscIL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Still time left to order the 2016 Cute Overload Calendar (two versions- click the cover images to the left. Amazon says the Wall version (R) is temporarily out of stock! But they’ll let you know when they get more in.) Each one is full of Cute Imagery (and as a bonus you get all the days/weeks/months in there, too.) Order today!

Hey Maymo! Can We Give You A Hand?

How about two of ’em?

Learning Curve

Everything has one. And in this case, you simply don’t start ACTING like a cat out of the box. You have to develop a specific skill set. After all, these things take time.

Grooming 101 (Part 2)

Earlier today, Timo gave us a lesson on proper kitteh grooming technique. However, after viewing THIS video, you may just come to this conclusion: BUNS DO IT BEST.

Wallpaper Of The Month: January 2016

Would someone like to volunteer to take this little friend inside and get him/her all warm in front of the fire, with a nice thick blanket?

JAN 16
More C.O. Wallpapers can be found here. Original image from Sabrina’s Pugtails.

Nice Heffalump, Olive!

“Olive loves her new pink elephant!” -Submitted by Robin S.