How To Make A Kitteh Sammich

Just add two sleepy Dalmatians and then smoosh together. Ketchup or Mustard optional.

Too Shy to Fly

Is shyness holding back your love life? Conventional dating services that require social interaction can be stressful, but now there’s It’s Just Unbearably Awkward Lunch!™ the service that pairs you with someone as shy as you are!


Birds of a Feather, via Brett Klorer.

So the Pastrami, Is it Lean?

“I come in here last week for a nice brisket for my bridge club and Sadie, my friend and neighbor for twenty years, nearly chokes to death on some gristle, so just a little taste to make sure, if you don’t mind…”


Kitty visits the butcher, via Reddit. (Appropriately, this shot was taken in Turkey.)

Do You Expect Me To Squawk?

NO Meester Bund (how all the bad guys with heavy foreign accents say it,) I expect you to…well, you know.

“More Hedgies!!!”

That was the title of an email from Barb. (Not the Barb of Concord Paul & Barb. Just…Barb.) Anyway, she goes on to say, “I’m not sure if you’ve seen this darling animation telling the 13th century story of how hedgies came to have spines…..from the awesome magazine AEON.”

Meet Sophie & Sarah (And Friends)

268F635700000578-0-image-a-12_1426172376801Meet the friendliest, floofiest pair of Mop Tops you’ll ever find. This is Sophie and Sarah (no, no clue which is which) from the Netherlands. That’s them above (on the left?) with pals Jason and Ashley, at McDonald’s for Sophie’s birthday. Burger and fries, once a year!

Bored Panda says “6-year-old Sophie and 4-year-old Sarah are sisters from different litters, but they’re still inseparable.”















Perfect Binge-Watching Position

Oh, go ahead and laugh, but this totally works for me. Ears, pointing straight for the speakers so I don’t miss a word. Eyes, facing the screen at all times. Head, propped up so I can’t accidentally nod off. And now, time to watch all three seasons of “Doghouse of Cards.”


“I think we adopted a kangaroo,” muses Redditor bigfootamp.

Monkey Business

DSC03241Pal, who gave you that haircut? I think you need your money back.

“I recently returned from a trip to the Indian state of Kerala where we visited the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Alas, we didn’t see any of the big cats but this macaque monkey youngster was happy to pose! (Obviously it had heard of Rule of Cuteness #99!)” -Nicole D.

Rats, It’s Monday!

Dinner TimeSOMEone is ALL EARS as we get another C.O. week underway with RATS, IT’S MONDAY! Do you have a Ratso photo for us? You know what to do! (Photo from Flickr.)

The Return Of Ozzy The Weasel

The most frantic maniac these pages have seen must be the highly-caffeinated Ozzy The Weasel. We proudly present his latest turbo-charged video.

In case you’re not familiar with The Ozinator, there’s more (from the archives!)


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