Corgi Pool Party

It IS kinda tough to cool off when your hoomin keeps turning off the water on you! Hang in there, Nero- you’ll get wet sooner or later, lil’ buddy!


Hold It- Gotta Tune My Head A Sec

UPDATED WITH BONGO FEET! [I use these so I don’t have to pay for cable. Of course, I don’t get any video, but I AM listening to ESPN now! Whoops, did I think that out loud?]


OMGPonies!!1!!!1 (+ Matchingks!)

Matching - ImgurOne of these, though, is not like the others. (Reddit/Imgur.)

Pardon Me- You Headed To Melbourne?

GZxIoyR[I’d be happy to pay for part of the petrol. But you’ll need to pop the sunroof, eh?] (Mirror UK.)

Bunday Morning Comix

Revolves(From the always outstanding Cat Vs.

Bella At Disapproval Beach

Bella at the BeachWHO could POSSIBLY unwant this BUN? Such ears! Such attitude! “Bella visiting the Beach before School starts,” writes Kimberly W. Photo Credit: Friends of Unwanted Rabbits. (Check the link to see who’s available!)

Caturday Night Kitteh-Kut™

Why spend all that time and money driving to Supercuts™ or wherever? You can get a Kitteh-Kut™ for practically nothing! Well, it might cost you a tiny dish of Friskies™. And a Band-Aid™ or two. But still.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Put ‘Er Right THERE, Kiddo!

JS70323176[No, I DON’T think you’d “like to come in for a swim.” You just stay right where you are, buddy.] From The Chester Chronicle via Arne.

And Now, With the Right Eye, Bottom Line?

“um… mousie, string, tuna, mousie, mousie, birdie.”


Via Pixabay.

Caturday: Silver Thing Haz The Wet?

[Why hoomin won’t give me more of the drippy?]


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