It’s Music to My Ears!

When this puppeh hears her favorite jam, she cuts loose as best she can, yo, the toes start tappin’, the ears start flappin’, to the rhythm of the rappin’, yo, but it could be just clever engineering, ’cause there may be a human hand puppeh-teering, and furthermore yo.

Headline THIS: Donald Trump For President?

potd-cubs_3378413k“Asiatic lion cubs sit near their den at a sanctuary in the Khutani area of the Junagadh region of Gujarat.”

[*UPDATE 2:41pm PT: We are swamped with stuff. GREAT stuff. And let’s salute Val for today’s header! -Ed.]

Straight from The Telly, a terrific Headline THIS for a Monday morning, thanks to Arne BTW. Write up your best header, and we’ll choose our favorite around 1pm PT. Unless we’re swamped with Cute Stuff, in which case it will be late. Again.

P.S. Flex those headline writing muscles, ’cause this time next week, we’ll be awarding the all-new 2016 C.O. Calendar as the prize!

Hallelujah! It’s Raining Bubbles!

[But I don’t have thumbs! I can’t grab them!!!!] (Laura, seen on Mashable.)

Rats, It’s Monday

IMG_20150712_165804366[But I don’t WANT to get out of bed!!!] (From Robin W.)

Signing Off, Cap’n!

UdWbsDVAnd that’s going to do it for another week of fun-filled frivolity here at Cute Overload- thank you for visiting our site! Lots more Cute coming up tomorrow- Rats, It’s Monday after all! (Image from Reddit.)

Japan Coulda Used This Guy In The World Cup

He shoots he boogies, he scores!

[*Note: Watch the volume level on this video- it’s pretty loud. -Ed.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)


Ol’ Blue Eyes, The Chairman Of The Board, whatever you wanna call him- he’s in your face RIGHT NOW.

“Hi there! This is my friend Monica’s new Frenchie ‘Frank Sinatra’ comin’ in for a smooch! The video was shot by me.” -Greg G., host, 94/7fm alternative, Portland, OR.

WHO Wants A Swirly Cone? WHO Does?

It’s #NationalIceCreamDay! Time to make a drive-thru run, Willie!

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My New Exercise Ball?”

“Um….well….maybe. I’d…ask Pixel. He knows where it is. I’m sure of it.”

“Then again..maybe just use your small green ball. I think Rocky knows where that one is.”

“Rocky, Mr. Wigglebutt, is currently in negotiations with Manchester United to sign as a forward!! Love your site. Check it several times thru the day!!” -Gayle F.

“That’s A Mean Ol’ Stick, Zoey!”

Come on, Little Z! You can DO it! Get that little processor brain of yours crankin’- you can figure this one out! (Speakers UP for the Prosh Whimpers.)


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