Williamsburg Collie & Sheltie Tour Services

Ready for a tour of eighteenth-century life in Revolutionary America!? Grab a wig and hop on—first stop; the James Geddy House. Biscuits provided.


Ginny C., nice cuteporting…

Soooo… thirsties….

According to Sender-Inner A.P.C., Sailor the pup (nice name) is most comfortable in "any water she can find" including but not limited to large dog bowls for some Slurppity actshons!


Good thing she has that ear for a rudder.

Exscqueeze me? An ANTEATER on Caturday?

This poor s’marmelade kitteh is astounded to see an Anteater on a Caturday. It’s sacraleeeege!

Well, I hope we just made up for it.


Katie A., can you everrr forgeeeeve us!? And I’m wondering if we should be a little more diligent about Moosday Monday, Sunday Bunday, and Camel Wednesday.

Caturday FLow Chart

Time to get your LOL on then:


Check out more of A. Koford’s LOL Cat Cartoons here. Nice submishe, Dan S.!

Hello Kitty for… Dudes!?

Hello200_2Mens, get readeh! Hello Kitty is coming for you. And it’s FABULOUS [Z-snap]

Ladies, it’s a new way to (literally) drive your man crazy—A new version of the famous Kitteh, created especially for (??!?!) Guys, a faceless, coy logo on Ts, watches and fanny packs? Read more here…


Sparky, it’s not too late for me to get this for you for XMas…

Wake me when it’s 2008

Until then, I ‘m dreamin’ about my New Years Resolushes.
1. Do not put up with puppehs
2. Ignore dry food  until it goes AWAY
3. Keep paws up
4. Quit smoking


What are YOUR New Years Resolutions? (you too, Jenny C.)

Nothing like an annoying little kitteh to take your mind off things

According to Sender-Inner Dawn C., Pikey, the larger grey cat here, lost his mate a year ago and was lonely and meowing his head off 24/7. That’s when Dawn decided to get Turkish (the little kitteh) to see if it would help the lonely situation. Pikey responded with a ‘get off me, punk’ attitude with occasional protective snuggling. Instant Grandpa.


Listen heah, Boy or you"ll get a whooppin’.


Now go get my cardigan sweater and the Werther’s Originals.

Oh Little Town of BethlahaaaaAAAAGGGGHHH!

MARY! MARY! Are you all right!?!?!?


OMG, NICE mauled crêche set, Susan D.

Will you please get a load of these eyelashes

First of all, there is some ridiculous tongue/ear/schnozzle action going on here, and SECOND, you must get a load of these soft, white eyelashes. Puhlease.



Way! [pushing you against the wall]


Lauren S., if you could please make me a sweater out of Spencer’s fallen lashes, I’d be really grateful.

New Years Resolution #1: Do NOT put up with puppies

This kitteh is all—"I have had eet with thees puppies! I denounce all puppehs in 2008!" [warning meow]

Brownlze, quality find. Especially that one puppeh stepping on the other puppeh’s head all nonchalantly.


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