Sensing a shadow of doom, kitty looks up just in time to see Auntie Doozy’s derriere descending. Nooo, I’m sittin’ heeeere…

Puttin’ up pointy bits in poking position!

Sender-inner Eva P. volunteers at New York City Animal Care & Control.

Holy Henthouse Magazine!

Farmer Ted just took a sudden interest in egg collecting.

Laurel L., your bantam hen really should examine herself.

Tonight, We Dine in Swill!

Mom! Do we have to? We hate lima beans.

Awessum, Erin C. & Matt F.

Downward Dog

Namaste! Check out this pug’s totally-a-yoga-pose-and-not-just-yawning!

Order today before supplies run out!

Shopping for that perfect gift basket? Look no further. This one-of-a-kind puppy assortment is always sure to please!

We choose only the best puppies, and for an added treat, the finest selection of our *exclusive gourmet snacks

*delivery not guaranteed

Huey, Duie, Luie are grrreat for all occasions, Diana C.

Announcing 2012 Cute Overload Calendars!

It’s a slice of heaven on your desk.

Tiny bunnies! Impossibly small ponies! Puppies, kittens, hamsters, and peegs!

It’s all cute, all year long.

It’s the redonkulously adorable wall calendar based on Cute Overload: “the fuzziest, nicest blog on the planet”! (CBS News!)

Choose from [drum roll]

2012 Wall Calendar

or the…

2012 Page-a-Day Calendar

Ready to order!

Watch this space for more updates today! You’ll be able to peek inside the calendars, Peoples!

What Enchantment Is This?

As I gazed upon the mysterious portal, a lone figure resolved itself before my astonished eyes. It was I, playing with… string! Lustrous, silken string, like none I had ever seen before (as least not that I can remember)! It was my own future I saw, conjured by some dark magic to bewitch and ensnare me. And though I knew this was not for mortals to behold, I wanted — nay, needed — to see more… more…

Baby Ferret dreams of CHANGING THE WORLD!

One day, [dreamily] ferrets won’t be seen just as furry knee socks with eyes, or hammock-dwelling, mischievous ne’er do-wells!


No! [shifts anerable feets] we ferrets will stand up and — Mmm, delicious blankie — lead other Pocket Pets by example!

No more shoe stealing, constant cat swiping or hiding under bed covers surprising humans when they least expect eet! —Yawn—

That day will come, Claire. It will.

This Encore Presentayshe was originally published on August 24, 2010.

And Now, Everybody’s Grandpa

“I cannot believe the stupid, liberal, nanny-state garbage that passes for so-called ‘news’ these days! ‘Pick up after your pets’?! When I was a boy, we picked up after ourselves! I can see I’ll have to write another harshly-worded letter to the editor!”

“This is our cute little Leroy. Obviously has something to protest against here,” says Candy H.

More Veggies, Less Wedgies

Eat right and exercise constantly, then you too can look like this!

I’m in shape. Blobbular is a shape.

Thanks for stuffing our cheeks,  roborovskihamsters.webs.com


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