Have you keessed your bird today?

Like dees:

Mwah, Bea G. and Coco!

Less-than-an-inch Worm

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

According to our intrepid Cuteporter this “inch” worm is “more like 3/4 inch at the longest, but only if he straaaaaaayched really hard. He appeared on my shirt when I was down at the river, and then took a long hike up my finger. Also with SUPER enhanced close-up.”


Ehn! Ehn!

From the lovely photographer and shoe-admirer Megan B.

THIS JUST IN: A Dik-Dik schnozzle

Dik-Diks are African mini hoofers who run around the plains delighting everyone who sees them. I hadn’t noticed before, but they also have spectacular little Tapir-like schnozzles! Check it!

The cutest animal… by mistca and Eyelashes Antelope by mikel.hendriks

He’s Going to Pump Ham Up

Hey, is it me or is Popeye lookin’ at me like I’m a can of spinach?

Can someone please get Bluto on the horn?

Fluffy dumbbell, Kathryn W.

And that was the Last Time He Ever Went Out with the Cat

If he thinks that fourth tequila shot was a bad idea, just wait until he sees the “I ♥ Maru” tattoo on his chest.

Drunken gut-HANCE!

Let the big guy sleep it off, Angela C.

No one expects the Spanish Lickquisition!

So! You think you are strong because you can survive the Soft Cushions and the Comfy Chair! Very well, then. We shall unleash our ultimate weapon!

Fetch… the Licking Puppies!

I’ll say anything, Sumeet S.! Just make it not stop!

Fro Bros

I have never seen such Honky-ness in all mah life. Check this out.

Almost as hilarious as The Classic 2006 Trapezoid Head.

THAT is some precision cutting. Cute animal by the obviously happy Happy CNM.

Evolved Kitteh laughs at your opposable thumbs

Your ability to grasp tools is cool. But this kitteh’s ability to use his hind parts while staring at birds to THIS JAUNTY SONG* is waaay cooler.

Standing ovation goes to Ant for another Quality Foraged Link. *Update: The song is “Cats on Mars” track 6 on Cowboy Bebop by Yoko Kanno

Breaking News!

LONDON — Onlookers were stunned today when a scientific medical experiment went haywire, releasing radioactively-enlarged “happy corpuscles” that frightened pedestrians and disrupted maritime shipping.

Oh, all right — here’s the real story, as found by Steve L. (I think mine makes more sense, though.)

Funny, I only hear this when I’m in the bathroom

“What in the heck are you doing in there all day? Give someone else a chance!”

Different strokes for different species, Ray B.


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