Delectabuhl little muzzlepowshe

People, this kitteh is POTENT!!! POTENT I TELL YOU.

Like if he was shown to all world leaders simultaneously, it’d be Insta-World-Peace-Puddle.

Creatures | Little Ball of Fur, originally uploaded by azharc.

EXCELLENT find, Lori W.!

Cute Buttons and Magnets

I Got Your Flair Right Heah!

Listen, People, I don’t care if you’re not in High School wearing jean jackets any more (or maybe you are ‘cause it’s all full circle.) You need a Cute Overload button to tell the Nation that Paws Up are cute. Or six.

Rep-ree-butt-in-sent!!! (In other words, check ‘em out)


New Cute Overload Cute-T!

Imagine it’s a hot weekend and you’re all; “My ironic T is in thewarsh, what can I wear?” Then it hits you—the Cute Overload T! Itmatches perfectly with your pink Pumas and aviators. Sure, it’s coveredin cat hair, but it’s Cute Overload, and therefore, a happy, gorgeouslil’ T with a logo that pokes out behind your zippered hoodie to say;“Yeah, I like kittehs. You got a pro-layme with that?”

Check them OUT!

Maincutecrest Detailcutecrest

Nyyerrrrrrow! [peeling out sound]


Nice Ham HumVeeeee, Goran G.!

The cookie your ordered, Suh

[English accent] The cookie you ordered, m’Lord! [bows head, dropping cookie into your milk glass]


Elana M., thank you for the species deliveries

The day the lamb moved in

For six weeks, this behbeh lamb had to live inside the house ’cause he had a broke leggle. Check out the disdain from this pup;


And helpful licking action from this pup LOL:


Meanwhile, the cat moved into the barn (can’t blame him):


Thanks for chronicling all this action, K. Snyder ;)

And now, a kitten sneaking up on a fennec fox

Hmm, I think I’ll search on the keyword “Fennec foxes” and “kittehs” and see what happens [cross-eyed head tilt]

Rachael K., I don’t even want to know how this happened. It’s FAR too redonk.

Junior Scampersons…

…caught MID-SNORF [mini tail twitch]

Baby Squirrel, originally uploaded by Odalaigh.

As Sender-Inner Dana S. would say, "Sqrl!"

Heart Addax ax ax ax ax ax

I love it when I hear about completely new animals—check this out: two endangered "Addax" were born at the Louisville Zoo in the last few weeks. Their mini horn nubules will son be spiraling out of control.


More on the Addax here from Louisville Zoo. Gracias to Sender-Inner Laura E.

Trubz 1 and Trubz Dos

Hard-charging T1 and T2 are coming your directshe and there is not a whole lot you’re gonna be able to do about eet.


Close up on the Tailio Iglesias:


Susan R. Thanks for pointing out the teeny tailio. Very helpful. Also, Susan points out that one of the kittehs is also a massive thumb-chewer:



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