We’re gonna eat pizza rolls and dance and do our hair, and play truth or dare and and Zzzzzzzz

SOMEONE is trying to compete with the PUPPY SLEEPOVERS.

WHO can stay up later? My money is on—wait, they’re all asleep. Nuts.

Do you have any Noxema I can borrow?

Corinne S., we like, totally have diabetes now too. Thanks a LOT


Kittehs these days.

Going straight to hayle.

Don't look directly AT THEM!

Michelle L., just look at these kittehs.


Let’s er, tally, the er votes here

Let’s see, these er, votes fer uh, the Bloggies, let’s see if we uh, got them right, here.



Nerd Central brot to you by Fernanda V. and “Emily”.





I’d like to thank all the kittens that made this possible. Oh, and Chief Sister Officer for editing all the photos.

Honk to the shu, People

Honnnnk – shu

[snorts kernel of dog food into nose]

SNnoonnk – snuuu


Nice anerableness, Jez A.!

// UPDATE — Holly the bullmastiff is all grown ups now, and has a Dogster page, peeps!  Thanks, Alexandria (Holly’s mama) //

Built-in eyeliner, Dewds

This bunneh looks suspiciously like Rule of Cuteness #28 bunny but even more prosh markings (if that’s poss).

Should guys wear eyeliner? Discuss.

This better be organic

Yes. Yes it is, Lisa K. and Bunneh Cassidy.

This is you at Cute Overload (part DEUX!)

A-member the first time you visited Cute Overload?

Remember the joy?

The squealing?

Kitteh ear, OMG!

Put on your onesie and join us, Tony T. and James A.!

I’ve got ISSUES

That annoying new baby is getting all the attention in my house.

Pay attention!

Thanks, "Guffman" pup and sender-inner Kjessian J.

I agree, Guffman does have mad coping skills.

What’s a “Toyger”?

Look Mom, Life magazine!Hold up, a house cat that looks like a Tiger? Exsqueeze me?

Life magazine is calling toygers "The next Superpet". Heck, toygers are now an official breed. Could there be a better idea than this!? nooooo [singsong]


Like, Ruh-owr!

Tigerflowerweb1_1Like, merrrr-ROWR!

Bebeh toygers

Gracias, Toygers.org

Puppeh to GO

Grab a muzzle pouche

and put eet in your pockeet

save it for a rainy daaaaaaay


Bailey pup and Jeff and Stacy—kudos, People.Kudos.