Two carrots to go, please

and make it snappeh.

Johanna S.? Step on it!!!

“Looks like someone took a light saber to yer, uh helmet there”

Pups, once again in their natural environment…I bet there is a mouse dressed up as a storm trooper somewhere…

Nice find, C.S.O.

Pig inflation

Let’s see how big you get before you HEYSPLODE!

Sniffing the bub :), originally uploaded by bivoir.

There should be a large popping sound pretty soon, Johanna S.

That was a great Halloween party…

..too bad I swelled up like a tick.


Lori W., what is it with you and over-eatin’ pets!?

When cheek powsches exceede body width…

…eet’s a problayme.

Impressive, Señor Ham. Impressive.


Um, Lori W., he ate too moishe.

Oh get out of town

Will you please check out this "Chipmumpkin" inspired by this guy.

chipmumpkin!, originally uploaded by chewandchewandchew.

And of course, all lit up…

chipmumpkin lit up, originally uploaded by chewandchewandchew.

Christal R., Tewtelly Topical!

Is it Nose-vember yet?!

Will you please stop being so impatient? Nose-vember is RIGHT AROUND the corner. Now, enjoy your Halloween. Geeshe.




The nose roll’s connected to the muzzlepowshe roll
The muzzlepowshe roll’s connected to the neck roll
The neck roll’s connected to the chubbular arm roll
The… [exhausted]


Jill L. You’ve got more chubbularness than I know what to DO WITH

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do you feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk?”

[Takes tiniest of cigarillos out of mouth, adjusts plaid poncho]


Outfit? I don’t need no schtinking outfit. [Slummp]


Lisa F., Excellent jaunty angle hat action :D

I shall outwit you with my Karate pose!

[Insert Mr. Miyagi joke here]

Funny J., excellent select-shons. WAX ON WAX OFF <–sorry, slipped out


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