"Have your pet spayed or neutered" [Bob Barker voice into skinny game show microphone]


Did you get "neuticals"?


Johanna B., he still looks pretty prosh to me. By the way, I TRIPLE DARE everyone to order a Neuticals key chain RIGHT NOW!

High Five

Dewd. Way to invite the Ziegler twins over. We are soooo scooorin’ Bra!!!


Jacquie C., I geeve YOU a high Paw.

This would NEVER have happened on a Caturday.

This kind of shizzle NEVER happens on a Caturday—Sunday, yes, but Caturday, NYERHE.

No, I am not your Brandy Snifter, Fools, now GET ME OUT OF HERE


Ye shall perish, L.J.! Most certainly!

Mmmmm, rock peeee-llow

Hmmm, I teenk I weel warm my miniature ear nubules on this warm rockkkkks [baking sounds]


Delectabuhls, L.J.!

How a lack of teefs can boost cuteness factor

Unlike any other species, a specifc LACK of teef, (which, in the case of puppehs, makes a tongue flop out) is cute. Not to mayn-shons the Rule #15 ear action going on here.


Oh, and just for good may-sures, check out "Jay" the Pappillon flopping aorund in leafs. Ahnnnngggg!!!! [Arms reach out towards screen]


[pushing lil' tongue back in] Ehn! Christina V.!

Ham Dip

Great, wait ’til the guys back at the Wheel hear about THIS


Michele L.K. Dip that Ham!

What is it with the Farm Girls?

What is it with the Farm Girls and prosh pets lately? Don’t MAKE me make a CATEGOATERY, People.

Nom Nom Nom. Delicious braaaaaaaaaaid.


Like the ears back, too, AM T.

Don’t you be lookin’ at muh ‘tocks

Uh oh, he caught us looking.



Nice corgage, Elaine T. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Ded from the Qte

Look how much damage small puppehs can do. [shaking head]

Poor guy. Well, if you gotta go some way, I guess it’s not a bad way to go


Esther, good luck ‘splainin’ this one to the kids.

Ferrets can’t spell

Man, it’s so nice to see these little Carpet Sharks giving to each other for a change—instead of scurrying under rugs and and up your pant legs and stuff.


AAAGAGAAHAHAHHHH!!!! [sound of ferret scurrying up my pantleg unexpectedly]

This image is an encore presentation, ’cause it’s so dern prosh. Thanks, Natalie F.


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