This web site has grown tiresome.

I grow weary of this "posting of kittehs". Puh-lease. "Kitteh" is not even a real word.


Turi M. was looking up the word "disapproving" and found this dude on wikipedia.

Ye olde yarn spinner

I can offer you all-white natural pup tail yarn at 2 bucks a skein.

That’s a deal, come on. It’s only slightly used! [see tail below]


Jeanie J., you’re the LATEST accepted submishe for the 2009 C.O. Page-a-Day calendar! Congratulations and thank you.

OK, I know this isn’t ‘Beautiful’ Overload, but check it

Violins + dolphin bubbles…

[Drifting off into Never Never Land]

Melanie P., I’d say ‘thank you’ in dolphin squeaks if I could.


[Clenched toes]

[Takes mouthful of seed]

[Returns 30 more times this hour]


Story of my life, Allison! Especially the pawsitude on the fence…

I do NOT have a problem YOU have a problem

Kitteh: The desire to get inside and be inside a box whenever possible is NOT a problem. I repeat, YOU have the problem—did you ever think that being OUTSIDE of a box was actually the problem? Why don’t you think about THAT?

IMG_0584.JPG, originally uploaded by XPav.

Alex P., Your kitteh is going STRAIGHT to 130-day Boxhab treatment at Promises. It’s for the best.

A check list…

Let’s see: total ball o’ fluff? Check
Muzzlepowshe wrapped around behbeh pacifier? Check
Totally redonkulous? Check! check! a thousand times check!


What other criteria can he fill, People!?

Nice submishe, Michelle V.

Young’ins bound for boxhab

[shaking head] it’s a shame to see such young, young, kittehs start off on the wrong foot. They’re obviously overdosing on boxes—TOGETHER!—at such a young age. Tsk.


You can’t even tell WHO IS WHO in there, Heather R.! And don’t even tell me that’s a Kleenex box.

// UPDATE — thanks to Vicky Mowrer and her Kittenex! //

The Japanese are at IT AGAIN



Thanks for rubbing our noses in it, Elspeth T. The “panda” does kinda look like he’s in a jail of toast, tho.

Sleepin’ in on Caturday

Please. The light—eets too moshe! [holds up paw]

Leave me and my mini-ears to rest!

Baby Hugo, originally uploaded by Tante Bluhme’s.

Nice find, Meg F. ;)

Full and total sproing-a-tude

Hoverrr Puuuuuuuuuuup!

[Rrrrrrrr! rounding corner at light speed]

very-cute-puppy_04, originally uploaded by cloneofsnake.

/// THIS JUST IN! See Hover pup hover! /// Download hoverpup.movNice work, Zaff!


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