You are now free to move about the country

Woooooooooooo! Southwest Airlines! I luv you! (Southwest is all about The Luv, People). They must be thanking me for flying like, 40 flights last year.

Please see this fantastic layout in this month’s Spirit magazine, mentioning C.O. as a new and noteworthy diversion! Hooray for diversions!



…the site may inducediabetic shock, it’s a great place to visit whenever you need a pick-me-up.Contributors post images of animals in cute situations, with baby animals andinterspecies snuggling being particularly popular.


No. 7: A thingaccompanied by a smaller version of that thing is always cute.

No. 9: Piles of a cutething jack up a cuteness rating exponentially.

No. 20: Show your paw pads.

No. 26: If you have fourlegs and can tuck yourself in, you’re cute.

No. 34: If your tailcurls up, it’s cute.


If too much cuteness makesyour teeth hurt, there’s always the blog’s evil twin, Ugly Overload( There, you can find pictures of scorpions,camels, gigantic spiders attacking hens, and other less photogenic creatures.


You’re feeling cynicalabout the world and need a quick smile. Longer visits require a high thresholdfor baby talk.



Paula H.S., Thanks for the scan, Baybee!

// The excerpt of the article quoted above was provided by the Spirit Magazine Team.  Thanks to MusicChick2 for arranging this! //

[Jaws theme]

duh-nahn, duh-nahn,     duh-nahn, duh-nahn



Evil otters! COMING FOR YOU, Jan K.!!!


Pass the Poupon!

[licking chops]

This won’t hurt a bit! [slides delicious ear into mouf]

Mmmmm, Delectables! Better than the ones at the ballpark.

Angel,  Angel’s 1st steps, originally uploaded by Cynr.

BTW, Super-Sender-inner Eva H., did you hear, that after seven years, an Amerrrican finally won the latest hot-dog-eating contest?

Complete and total disapproval

I totally disapprove of this post.

Please take it down.



Angela S., you better do what he says.

Oh, and Angela says: "You’ll notice the very convenient built-in pillow-bib that his chin rests on. You know, the pouch of fluff that almost totally obscures his paws? That’s six years of too many cheerios and yogurt-covered bananer treats from "grandpa" right there!"

‘Pillow bib’—I think I like it.

Kittensnesday: Hidingks

[schnozzle peeks out] Is that dastardly otter……done yet? [shivers]


Stheriously—I’m not coming out ’til that belly-wriggling Dewd is done!


Bliss A., I think you can let the cat out of the bag no—OMG THERE HE GOES AGAIN

Kittenesday: crochet cuddle central

1. Will you please check out this first kitteh’s gut, he’s all waddling to naptime
2. Meanwhile, whiter kitteh is all: "I Shall Sniff Thee"
3. And Gut-kitteh is all, "Make way fer naptime, Bro"


Everyone has been jonesing for C.O.X.C.U.s lately, so:



And after a toe snorf, it’s back to Snoozeville… With ears perfectly placed low on the head, and stubbular nosicles.


J.R.B., Right on with your hand-made mcblankersons. More of these kittehs HERE!

Is that evil otter still dancing? Hold…me!

Karen: "I can’t stop seeing tha evil, evil otter dancing! he won’t stop dancing! Oh, Tim, Hold…me! Make it go away!"

Tim: "Karen, Honey, you’re going to be OK. The Ativan should kick in any minute." [shivers]


LOL, Super-submitter Eva H.! Rokkin’ photo, Jeremy K.!

A kinder, buttery-er background

AeiPeople, I changed the background color to yellow. I could NOT DEAL with the blue any longer. It hurt my eyes! Also, my good pal Wendy complained, and she was RIGHT!

I need you People to FOCUS. FOCUS on the Qte, and not be DISTRACTED! [shifty eyes]


[whip crackingk]

This just in: A sweet outfit

The geniuses over at Yahoo Photos  have just posted  this anerable puppeh wearing a fur heart. [Falls over]


Gracias, Sparky-Pants… ;)

Almost NSFW

I’m sure the Fathers of the InterWebs had looping evil-otter-undulaishe-dancing-vids in in mind when they developed it so long ago. [sighing head tilt]Their dreams…finally came…. true! [gasp]

Josh N. AND C.S.O. insisted we post this IMMEDIATELY. Also on CuteCast, natch.


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