Simon’s Cat Gets Out-Simoned…


You’ll lof the ending. [Head tilt]

Thanks for bringing this new episode of Simon Tolfield’s stellar work to our atten-shons Melinda M.!

Don’t Take Another Step!

I have a nose.

And I’m not afraid to use it.

Holy redonkulous nosicles, Erin!

You Don’t Say

Wondahful weathah weah having for this time of yah don’t you think so, Phillip?

Oh indubitably, Herbert.

There’s to be a wedding apparently you know.

Yes, it’s all everyone’s raving on about.

Riveting isn’t it?


Wake us up when it’s over, Amy.

This Was the Bestest Birthday Ever!

Thanks for taking us to Chuck-E-Kelp, Mom! I beat my high score on Whack-a-Moray, and guess what? Me and Stacy had a bubble ring contest, and I blew the biggest one! That was the most awesome party ever!

That’s nice, honey. Mommy just needs to sit here a minute until the bells and flashing lights wear off…

Mary L. says: “Here are some Belugas from SeaWorld in San Antonio. They were playing ‘hide and seek’ with their EEDs (Educational Enrichment Devices).”

THIS THIS JUST JUST IN IN: Polar Polar Bear Bear Cubs Cubs

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Polar bear cubs are doublepluscute. So we’re beside ourselves to see these twin polar bears. The pair, born in China last January, have survived into young adulthood — the first twins to do so in China.

Although one of them looks like an eee-veel twin.

Full story, more cuteness, at Daily Mail online.

This Might Sting a Leetle Bit

You vant face like Muppets? You come to right place. Dr. Igor Bogus is a professional! Taa daa! You look mahvelous. Pay no attention to my gigglingks.

Be afraid, be very afraid, Josh.

Are You My Mommy?

Wait, I was about to ask you the same question!

Jayden A. solves the mystery: “Miagi thought our dog Isabella was her mommy!”

For Fresh Breath

I used to chew pine. Now I always chew spruce twig. So fresh it’s like chewing your car’s little Christmas tree air freshener. Trust me.

Did that used to be a whole tree, Mugsy and Stacy?

“Pop-up blocked.”

Block those slow loading, disturbing, crazy little flash ads that pop-up on your desk top!
“To see this pop-up or additional options click here…”

It was probably loaded with cookies, Jacqueline.


Are those God-forsaken kids gone!?

Yes, I think it’s finally over Gabriele B.


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