Bebeh snow-shoe hare saved from kitteh klutches

This behbeh snow shoe hare thwap thwap thwapped away from the clutches of a kitteh according to Sender-Inner Hannah.


Here he is getting his ‘honk-shu’ on.


And finally, resting comfortuhbuhls in an IKEA BRÔNK plate. At least I think that’s a BRÔNK.


If you haven’t already done so, Hannah, I highly recommend nomming those ears.

Oh, Hai.

I was just inside cleaning my Giant Clam apartmento when you stopped by. It’s all ready now, come on in.


Everyone needs a lil’ clownfish snorgling now and again, Veronica F. (Who took this at Fraggle Reef in L.A.)

The Cat Tower of Algenon

The fight to the death is underway. WHO will get (and keep?!) top spot? Whomever uses their +15 mace, that’s who.

Aaron R., great entire kitteh diary series and hilarious soundtracks…

Oh Tofu, I lof you so moshe

Oh Tofu, I can only stuff so moshe of you into my powshes. If only I could stuff entire CITY BLOCKS of tofu into my powshes.

"My dearest Tofu…" – Chmurka, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Dear, dear Tofu. You make Chmurka one happy ham. Thanks, Ulrike S. ;)

You GOTTA send this to your boy/girlfriend right now

Click the "Email to a Friend" link under the photo, and with it, write something like:

"[Whitney Houston voice] Iiiiiiiiiiiiii will always lurve YERRRRRHHHHHHHH!!!"


Do eet, Anihka K., photo via ACC

Wake up! wake up! [shaking you awake]

This kitteh is totally from a dream you had the other night. She’s all: "the time machine is this way! but we must hurry! [points paw to left]

Innocence.., originally uploaded by cbrown117 From Sender-Inner Lori W.!

Delectabuhl little muzzlepowshe

People, this kitteh is POTENT!!! POTENT I TELL YOU.

Like if he was shown to all world leaders simultaneously, it’d be Insta-World-Peace-Puddle.

Creatures | Little Ball of Fur, originally uploaded by azharc.

EXCELLENT find, Lori W.!

Cute Buttons and Magnets

I Got Your Flair Right Heah!

Listen, People, I don’t care if you’re not in High School wearing jean jackets any more (or maybe you are ‘cause it’s all full circle.) You need a Cute Overload button to tell the Nation that Paws Up are cute. Or six.

Rep-ree-butt-in-sent!!! (In other words, check ‘em out)


New Cute Overload Cute-T!

Imagine it’s a hot weekend and you’re all; “My ironic T is in thewarsh, what can I wear?” Then it hits you—the Cute Overload T! Itmatches perfectly with your pink Pumas and aviators. Sure, it’s coveredin cat hair, but it’s Cute Overload, and therefore, a happy, gorgeouslil’ T with a logo that pokes out behind your zippered hoodie to say;“Yeah, I like kittehs. You got a pro-layme with that?”

Check them OUT!

Maincutecrest Detailcutecrest

Nyyerrrrrrow! [peeling out sound]


Nice Ham HumVeeeee, Goran G.!


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