King of the Phil

Important: Protect against head injuries. Before getting your baby goat back massage, make certain that your safety baseball cap is securely fastened!

It’s even weirder if you close your eyes and just listen to the soundtrack, Abby W.


Son, Get That Out of Your Mouth.

I know where it’s been and it’s not good.

Good advice, Sam R.

The Four Stages of Waking Up

Denial. Denial. Denial. Bargaining.

Ingrid H. sent us these sleepy British Shorthair kittens looking for the snooze button.

What the Duck?

Where my chicks at?  [head tilt]

Looks like you have a handful, Luke.

Celebrate a Squirrel!

Let us all take a moment to appreciate squirelly-ness.

Be they small…


ground dwellers…


tree dwellers…

or flyers,

whoever they are, love your local squirrel, today. They’ll thank you for it!

Thanks for the submissions Milo, Sophia P., Robyn R., Pat J. and Harry D.


I just can’t do them without my coffee.

Get this pup his cup, Keianne B.!

To Each Her Own

Are the stresses and strains of being a dog wearing you down? Then take a “just for me” break at Delia’s Doggie Day Spa! Start with a deep-tissue mutt massage, then unwind in the Sun Room, with your own personal sunbeam!

Rosemarie writes: “I thought there were more “doggies in sunbeams” photos on your site, but I couldn’t readily find them. Here’s one from Black Swan Yoga titled ‘The RAY of DEATH takes more victims’.”

Been Nice Knowing You

Right boys, Chad, Bandit, Wily, Scout, this operation is in the critical final phase. All the pieces are in place. The game plan is in play. Everyone stay sharp. When we move out, we have to move fast. Any questions? Yes, Chad.

What do gladiators wear under their tunics?

Ingrid Taylar took this photo of a raccoon mom and her kids lounging in a willow tree, after raiding a plum tree for lunch.

People of Earth, I Am Your Master Now.

You may call me Your Overload Overlord.

Fave Frame™

Thank you Sara P. for finding us our Francoir Langur Monkey Master.

Check Out These Crazy Pants!

When asked about his fashion choice, Harry said, “I found these on Carnaby Street and just had to have them. I think I saw Bjork wearing a pair just like mine. They are very in, right now.” Winter is almost over, friends. Get yours soon before supplies melt.

Photoshoot by Emma.