Dude, I gotta practice my “Lady and the Tramp” moves

My Cocker Spaniel girlfriend LOVES that movie, and it’s my big chance with her tonight!!!


Kathryn T., nice slurpage action.

[Sing in Elvis voice] Get a rhythm

Ah ah huh

huh hunh

Heyy yea yeah!

NTMTOM, Brillo find. Ehn, ehn ehn!

Desktop Baroo Owl! RLY!

Lert cuteporter April S. alerted us of this prosh new product over at ThinkGeek. Your very own Baroo!? owl. Comes in many flav-o-flavs, including brown and peenk.



Encore Presentayshe: Hungry? Come to El Gato Loco!™

When you’ve got a mucho grande hunger, try our new El Gato Purrito™ — your choice of sizzling steak or savory chicken, plus beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream and our secret Gato Salsa,™ all stuffed into a four-pound kitty.  Only $4.99 at participating locations —or make it a Mucho Meal™ with chips and a large soft drink!

Could you hold the sour cream? I'm on a diet.

Found on Booger The Cat.

Don’t Mind If I Doooooooo

Oh Hai. While you were opening the fridge for more Häagen-Dazs, I thought I would check on the greens to see if they’re still fresh.


This may take a while. Every leaf must be checked for freshness.

I’ll close the door when I leave. Leave, get it!?


Becki R., looks like a pretty hygenic situation.

Dispute the Cute™

In this episode of "Dispute the Cute" we take a look at the newly rediscovered tiny primate; the Pygmy Tarsier.
Let’s break it down:

Top 3 Pros
Suction-cup hands
Miniscule earses
Overall pocket-pet size

Top 3 Cons

We’re talking some seriously bulbous eye action
alien-esque eye-to-schnozzle ratio
Appears to be nocturnal which means he could bite your nose clean off after dark


Way to rock the pointer-outering, Katheryn M. and NTMTOM!

Meg: This dog is soooooo small…

Audience in unison: HOW SMALL IS HE!?
[wild, crazy Oprah-like clapping fest]


Jessie G. I like the JCrew ‘rollover’ effect at the bottom of the sweater. Verrrry nice.

Code Orange Monkular Nomming Alert

THIS JUST IN! a mini-monkitude is caught nomming fruit.

Also just in, his eyes are too close together. If they get any closer, we’re gonna have to up the alert to red. RED, PEOPLE!

Janis R., thank you for bringing this to our atten-shons.

Smooshed Face Pokey

You put your right paw in…

You take your right paw out

You’ve got a look of disapproval,

And you cough a hairball out

You do the Smooshed Face Pokey, and you turn your ‘tocks around,

It’s time to chase a mouse!


"Caruthers" the Kitteh and Sender-Inner Cassie M. want to know if you have any more lyrics, People. Well do you!?

Koala Mind Control

(you are sick of eating Eucalyptus leaves …)

I — am — sick — of — eating — Eucalyptus — leaves …

(you want to take me out for ice cream …)

I — want — to — take — you — out — for — ice — cream …

(and after that, you want to buy me a dirt bike …)

(and these aren't the Bruces you're looking for, move along ...)

I — will — post — every — picture — that — Brinke — G. — submits …


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