Make Fun of My Haircut, Will You?

Well then, prepare to suffer the bitter sting of my rapier wit!

Photo by Flickrer laszlo-photo, who notes that “the name ‘marmoset’ comes from an Old French word, meaning ‘grotesque figure.'”

I’m like a sneeze. Impossible to resist!

Flowers weren’t getting Charlie anywhere with the girls, so he tried telling jokes.

Abby, who let Charley Chuckles out of his tree?

Oh put a kitten in it will ya

Helpful Hint #105

What to do with odd socks: Put a kitten in ’em and offer it up as a sacrifice to the sock monster!

The matching sock will magically turn up, under the refrigerator of course.

Allan is a shoe-in, Danielle.

New Printer Feature

If your kittens like to laze on your printer, you may be interested in this new model, which has a “kitty eject” system. For best results, put printer near edge of desk.

Great Story. Can You Tell It Again?

Hi, I’m a Silkie. I used to be a cab driver in Manhattan. Now I am a musician. Everyone calls me Bob. I like to take daily walks around the lake. Mostly clockwise. I once went roller skating. Billy Joel is so under appreciated, don’t you think? For me, there is nothing like a good game of croquet. Or is it cricket? Either way, my grandmother was a great knitter. We are planning a funky dance party – perhaps with pimento loaf and mayo sandwiches, washed down with a nice Dom Perignon that daddy has been saving for just such an occasion…

You don’t say, Kim S.!

Whatever Floats Your Bun

We tended to float out of the room when ever Auntie Gravity was hovering around.

Sender-Inner Jeannie P. tells us this bun has a suspenseful tale; “This little one was found wandering the streets and ended up at our rabbit rescue in central Oklahoma.  Tagged with the name Amelia Earheart, for obvious reasons, she (umm… HE  as we later found out) was quickly adopted and is living large with two other house rabbits.”

One Way to Solve a Gnawing Problem

And instantly look years younger!

Jennifer O., what if dogs, like your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Bentley, had thumbs….

Careful, Roameo

We know some cats stray, but don’t forget there can be substantial roaming charges! [sing song]

Belle doesn’t care one bit for our tone, photographer/owner: Jason & Micah W.

Another Cute Overload True-Life Tale of the Unexpected and Bizarre!

Persistence paid off for sender-inner Stacey C., in a weird way:

I took the sloth pic at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica and submitted it like 12,000 times until you gave in and put it up. Then you put it in the calendar for 2011.

Then I was at a pizza place for my sister’s birthday, and as I was standing at the cash register I realized they had the Cute Overload calendar out, and it just happened to be on the date where my picture appeared! My niece & nephew posed with the calendar.

Got a cute picture to share? Send it to Cute Overload, and there’s no telling where you’ll see it! And check out the 2012 Cute Overload calendars, on sale now!

Purrgonomically Correct Laptop

I’ve worked my whole career to be your laptop. Do not even think of replacing me with any other so-called laptops.

Next Bobbie will want an ergonomic mouse, J. Plante.


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