Grubbie Mc Grubbersons

[Baby elephant theme song]

Alas, it’s another day in the life of Grubbie McGrubbersons, the soon-to-be-Hawk-moth grub. He’s all: "mmmmmmm, delicious green stems!" [touches stem with 'paw']


Who knew grubs had BEF? Delectable, Stephanie S.!

Xtreme Snorgle Close-up™

This kittle is about to lean into your face and snoooorgle YOU.

Oh, and Rule #16 in full effect: (Head has big as body!) Don’t miss the teeeeeny tail too. Rule #17 for those following in the handbooks at home.


Alert reader Yaoming sent in this anerable pic. ;)

All-Bunny Tuesday: Dual Calico Sniffers

Bun on left: Harrrummph.

Bun on right: Should we see what’s out there? [tenative step forward]

Bun on left: Harrrummph. [shuffle shuffle]


Thanks, E to the C and RabbitsOnline ;)

All-Bunny Tuesday: Grey Blobule

Talk about a dust bunny!



Impossble to resist, Rabbits Online!

All-Bunny Tuesday: Ears mid-lop

This BUNNEH must be a ‘tween’—his voice is obviously changing, and his ears are mid-flop. He’s tryin’ to hang with chicks after school, too. I think I see a Nintendo DS in the bedding back there…


()_() Thanks for sending in, E to the C, and Rabbits-online ;)
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ssssssssssh! Did you hear the news?

CuteOverload won a Webby’s People’s Choice award! w00t!



Awesome photo, Yuko B.!

Hooray for All-Bunny Tuesday

Today is a very special day, People. Our very own frequent-commenter "E. Collison" is getting her own pet bunny today. In her honor, it’s ALL BUNNY TUESDAY, so snorgle it up!

[snorrrrrrrg... hay gets caught in nose.]


l_l  One hilarious photo from
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Stayin’ Afloat

Give it up—there are certain people—you know who you are—that help to keep us upright. Just like the lil’ fins of this Baby Boxfish. [Flutter! Flutter!] That’s right People, GIVE IT UP for those people who, on a daily basis, prop ya up and keep things going.

That means you, Natalie! (my fabulous co-worker who is *always* there…) Thank you.


Baby Boxfeeshe Bloooop! Thanks,

A Kinder, Gentler muzzle

Prosh, gentle pups prefer Fuzzy Pink Muzzle Warmers™ and you will to. Try one today. Free Ferret cap with purchase. [One size feets all]



Dahlings, There is no better way to start the week than with a few spa treatments. First, get your quills moisturized. Twice. They bring out your beady eyes.

Second, your dainty paws could use an apricot scrub and peppermint oil massage. Those paws are tiny, and you carry the weight of the Cute World on them. They must be refreshed!

Lastly, and most importantly, I recommend BeautyHedge nose cream, for a supple, come-hither schnozzle. Try it, Dahlings!


Hari the Hedge is featured in the CuteTracker!