Late start Monday morning

Whew! Getting a late start Monday morning can just ruin your whole week. I wonder if this bun left his car in the street sweeper’s way too? Did you forget to move your car, lil’ Bun?


Another (had to!) from Oh Joy’s photostream.

From the ‘Where are they Now?” files

The behavior they learned as kids;


Has followed them INTO ADULTHOOD!


"Galgh!!" to Lasse I.

The hazards of holding a baby bun

Be careful People [start on the left on this photo and pan right] Your baby bun may look sweet, small and tie-tie in your hand, but may poop at ANY MOMENT!


Absolutely hilarious, Oh Joy!

Saturday night ‘tocks

There’s something about lil’ Corgi ‘tocks/Bun ‘tocks that are just too much… Paw pads are a plus, of course.


Flickr star tchatchke posted this.

“Snorgle” is my middle name

This, People, is a tapir, a sweet lil’ pig-like guy that’s born with stripes and a nose meant for snorgling. He’s ready to go!


Ladies and gentlemen, start your snorgles.


Thank you, Anthony, L.

Iraqi Hedge

Cuteness is worldwide, as you know, and here’s proof. "Specialist C." writes:

"While I was overseas in Iraq, my commander Captain H. found a wild hedgehog being threatened by a python of some sort. Being the kind-hearted man he was, he rescued the poor little bugger, and
brought him to my office so we could release him into our marginally safer area of post (we had a strict policy against snakes in that AO).

Enjoy! I love your site. When the days in the Army get too dark, I open up Cute Overload and get my leavening of sweetness. Thanks!"


No, thank you, Specialist C.!

Cute Pack #3

Dewd! Wallpapes!

Total genius Ryan R. made not one, but three wallpapers for you to chose from, depending on your monitor resolushe. How great is this!? Don’t answer—just download!!!

Download 800 by 600

Download  1024 by 768

Download 1280 by 854


Hey, wait a minute…?

Look at dees poooor little kitten. Falling asleep in front of our very eyes HEY!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG, it’s Cats ‘n’ Racks strikes again, Coral A.!

Teeny tiny torte

Teeny Tiny Tortie McTortlesons here is an Egyptian Tortoise born at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. He’s one of the tiniest, most endageredest tortoises in the world! He also has NINE siblings. Imagine THAT dinner table.


Pass the mashed potatoes, Adam G.!


"Angelica the Pug here. I got the name ‘Tadpole’ since my back legs don’t work so great. I always get to where I’m goin’ tho. I just hafta ‘tadpole’ to get there. Whatevs."


Alert reader Michelle R. says; "Most people’s teeth shatter into itty bittypieces when they see her pics, so I hope your viewers have dental plansif you post these." [oy very! sounds of teeth shattering]