Meanwhile, over on Tatooine

Sky LukePupper has his first visit to the beach.

[Obligatory Chewbacca yell]



[I think I just saw a sand kernel fly into his schnozzle]

Excellent puppy chronicling, Erik J. ;)

Homemade Purritos

Delicious. Purritos are so much better when they’re made at home.

[Please check out this hilarious set of homemade Purritos aka the kittehs stuffed in socks!]


Patricia B., your daughter is awesome! Can she intern?

This bunneh is giving The Vikings the bird

Yep. Another Packers fan upset at a missed field goal attempt.

Insta bird flip. (With outrageous neck roll!)


Susan H., I like the little Scotch-taped edges around this photo.

Ireesistable ear monsche [shifty eyes]

Sender-Inner Danielle THOUGHT her kitteh was safe from an ear-monsching, but found out she was horribly, horribly mistaken.

She came home one day to discover her boyfriend taking a monsche. He did not appear to be the least bit sorry about it either.


Danielle, Girlfriend of the Dangerous Ear-Monsching Boyfriend

Listen up, Calacanis.

Yeah, we saw your BAT SIGNAL signaling for us to check out your puppehpics. We showed up right away, cape blowing, wind in our gorgeous blondhairs, checking out this possible post. 

And you know what?

You got some really good MUZZLEPOWSHE ACTION!!!

Puppies 1st Bath, originally uploaded by jasoncalacanis.

To Sender-Inner James T.; another goal has been accomplished.

Oh, just make yerself comfortuhbuhls

Don’t mind me —



"Penny" and "Peaches" kittehs need a cattiquette lesson, Ted and Bonnie. ;)

4 out of 5 doctors prescribe C.O.

LogoIt’s true, People, this site is GOOD for you!

But you already knew that. Here’s an article, and it’s on the InterWebs, so you know it’s fact.

The Health Benefits of Cute

Got a stressful event coming up? CHECK OUT THE KITTEHS!

Hon, the hamster just rolled over and stuck its tongue out

I wouldn’t take it personally.

This ham is gonna be tastin’ carpet pretty soon if he keeps that up.

Blettthh! Ptoooey!


Neener, neener, neener, Tsensei and Nicador!

Check out these folded monkeh paws

Is this monkeh one of those animals that looks really soft, but is actually kinda bristly?

I like to this he is soft. And that his little hand on your face would be like a kitteh paw.




Perfect paws, Sender-Inner and Zambia Safari-er Jennifer T. ;)

*I’ve decided that adding "Pants" after any word adds instant emphasis. Helps if the first word rhymes with ‘pants’. Thank you.

This way, Dude

Caption option #1: It’s nice to see Delta Airlines updatng their flight attendants 
Caption option #2:

Guide horse, originally uploaded by DanDee Shots.

Nice find, Sender-Inner Michelle S. ;)

OK, OK, the People demand it! Xtreme close up:



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