Cats! In! HD!

Hey peeps: We’re putting on our geek hat for a moment to ask your opinion. YouTube has videos in high definition; they look great, but may load slowly. We can rig these to play in HD by default, or standard resolution. Which would be better?

Even if you don’t have a preference, enjoy this awesome cat video anyway!

This Just In: Fake ‘Brows for Birds

I don’t know…I feel like I’m walking a fine line between street thug who’s about to steal your seed and mysterious hunk who asks you to join him for a nightcap.

Also makes for a fine fake mustache for hamsters, Sayaka C.

Consider Your Facade Blown, Pretty Kitty

In an unusual move, “Cat Fancy Magazine” recently featured an expose detailing the necessary grooming and heavy airbrushing that goes into prepping a high-maintenance kitty for a print ad.

Let’s examine the “after” photos first:

Now prepare to be flabbergasted as we take a look at the raw footage of the very same kitty during the very same photo shoot:

Cute cats, Joyce S. and  Jesse F-A

Your Move

(This is going to be a tough match… Should I open with the Sicilian Defense? What if she counters with Queen’s Gambit? I could attempt a Bishop’s Flanking Wedgie, but that will be risky if she knows Von Woofenoff’s Kamikaze Knight maneuver…)

Can’t we just play Candy Land, Jessica T.?

Sidetracked by Wikipedia’s Tangled Web of Information, Bunny Wastes Day, Learns Little

I did not know that the world’s largest carrot weighed in at 19 pounds and was grown in Palmer, Alaska. Nor did I realize that the first lawn mower was invented in 1927 by Edwin Budding. Interesting…it seems cumin is the second most popular spice after black pepper. Who knew!

And holy crap, have you ever heard of these “jackalope” things??

Patti F.

Tiny Tortoise Comes When Called

“Get offa my properteh!”

Kristen D. says ‘Taco’ turtle is prosh.

You Must Be at Least This Cute to Ride

From DisneyParks Blog, Disneyland’s Circle-D Corral welcomed some new arrivals over the past few days: Cute baby goats!  According to sources, the children are healthy and frisky and already whining to go on the Dumbo ride just one more time.

Meanwhile, at Jujube’s Holistic Chiropractor and Laundromat…

“Oh, thank you, doctor! My neck had been totally out of alignment, and it was really filling my chi flow with lots of dark energy. So, are my shirts ready?”

Sandy W. leaves us with an earworm: “The song ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ by The Hollies came to mind when my husband showed me the picture.”

Darla, Do Your Stuff…

Well hey there, Mr. Officer, sir. *plink-plink* I know we may have been going just a teensy bit over the speed limit – and we’ll never do it again –  but can you blame a pup for wanting to stick her adorable head out the window to feel the wind on her face and drool rolling off her tongue? *plink-plink*

I bet you always get off with warnings, Emily M.

Follow Your Nose: It’s Tapir Day!

As every good cuteologist knows, today is World Tapir Day, set aside to honor our pudgey-stripey not-quite-pig-not-quite-elephant-what-the-heck-is-it friends.

Photo credit: Brian Gratwicke


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