I’ve been waiting for the GD bus all day

I can’t believe they raised bus fare to one squirmy wallaby.

Used to be one hamster round trip.

I don't even wanna know how this photo got taken

Flavia A., I suggest you unicycle to work.

[Squeals and snorts of delight]

Rumember back in the 60′s when we all thought the Pygmy hogs were extinct? Well good news. A few years later, some peegs turned up at a market, and were rescued and re-habbed.Now, a bonche of them are being released back into the wild.

They’re all snortin’ around ‘n stuff. More on the story here from Times UK.


Watch out for pythons, little Dewds! You too, Apsi W.

A Day in the life of Super Schnozzle

SUPER SCHNOZZLE up in a tree!


Super Schnozzle Creek walkingk!


SNORGLING CAREFULLY (with enormous nails! ye!)


Making tiny snuggling scratch marks! (the only good kind of scratch marks)




By the way, watch out for moist nosicles under comforters…


XTreme Close Up of Said Nosicle:


Licking a neighbor!


Hitting Control-Alt-A to see if ants show up on screen!


Begging to be removed from the basket to snorf more ants! [swipe swipe]


Tom T., Amanda M. and others, thanks for pointing out (again) the fabulous TAMANDUAGIRL!

Welcome, Baybee…

Tonight ees the night, that Romeo cooks for you, non?

‘Zare, make yourself comfortuhbuhls… ahn? [cracks open wine, pours extremely large bowl for you]

Now, I serve zuh Scooby snacks, zen we eat zuh T-Bone aven Béarnaise…


Ssshhhhhh [covering mouth with paw] Sssh, Andrea K.

Wot a BABY!

Will you just LISTEN to this guy whine and complain. OMG [eye roll]

Movie after the jump.


Vid by Harpseals.jp, submitted by whiner Chaos S.

If I sit in my food, then I can be sure

…NO ONE ELSE IS EATING IT!! [power nom sounds]


LOF the tiny paw action, Rikka K., you hear me? LOF!

Straight Pimpin’

Check out this lil’ shuffling, pimp-coat sporting McSluggersons. He’s all "Luhzadies, I gots the feathers, and the shuffle. And I’m workin’ the Nat’l Geo, so you now it’s all riiiiight" [Full National Geographic series here.]


Emma S., I recommend working 42nd and Slug Street. Always works for me.

Winston is nerrrrrrvous!

…Biting his lil’ Winston nails with his round Winston head. Apparently, the final of America’s Next Top Model caused him to pop a few Ativan too. Yay Win!

Gracias for pointing this new one out, Michele M.
Winston courtesy of the fine peeps over at FourFour.

Have you ever seen a grown panda sneeze [16 times in a row]

I usually max out at three times in a row. Maaaaaaaaaaybe four. This guy must have a grasshopper up his nose.

Let’s not forget the ORIGINAL hilaious panda sneeze video either. Encore!

Whole lotta snorfin’ goin’ on RuthElisa K.!

Almost done there, Hon

Mimi the kitteh needed a bath. And that’s what Mimi got. Then, she got snorfed by a dog named ‘Panda’. So far this week is not going well for Mimi.


Halp Teajay! Halp!


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