Packin’ Lambs

According to Sender-Inner Goodwin D., when it’s time to move sheep and lambs to a new grazing field, a donkeh helps out with the moving process. The lamb-o-pack ensures no lamb is left behind… LOL


I am not making this up. I only post what people send me.


Just a marmie paw.  On some moss.  With a pinch of Zen.

Seen on LaidOutInLavender’s Vox.  Is verra niiize!  And so’s her Flickr stream.

Saved from the clutches of a kitteh

Sender-Inner Andrew J. bravely says: "Saw this little guy gettin’ beat on by the neighbor cat. Like some kind of Superman, I swooped down, and fended off the feline felon. He’s now sleepin’ one off in an old shoe box…"


GOOD WORK, Andrew J. Keeping the world safe, one delicious bunny toe at a time. [sigh.]

I sing this song every night

And then, someone made a video of it.

Trent T.? massive gold stars for this one.

Um, possums might need a new lawyer…

Well-intentioned Rebecca M. assures moi that possums are PERFECTLY wonderful and not the slightest bit evil, and sends this photo as proof.


Rebecca M. claims:

-They RULE in the Moist Nosicle category.
-They have a thumb without a nail on their back feet.
-They have elaborate whiskers.
-Their ears are pink when they’re babies and turn black as they grow up.
-And let’s not forget they carry their babies in a pouch – North America’s only marsupial

Hmmm. I’m thinking. I’m thinking… LET ME THINK! [shifty eyes]

Pssst. Psst! What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

‘make me one with everything!!!’ [snicker]


I can’t believe you made a joke like that, Cheryl E.


Re-donk, People! (YOu knew I was gonna say that.)

Check out this mini-donk. He’s all in a "Got Milk?" campaign with that muzzlepowshe. Points for knee knobs.


Teeniest of hooves clopping in thanks for you, Maggie H.

Vegetarian pizza for Lucy 3.0

ItworksThe fine folks (see thumbs up pic) over at alerted me of a new delectable recipe. Hamster pizza. (Uh, that is, pizza for hamsters.)

The "Cookin’ for Lucy" section of the HamsterTracker site almost eclipses the Tracker itself, it’s so great.

Check out the tortillia wrap "dough", carrot as pepperoni, red apple as paprika, cucumber as … cucumber, green melon seeds as olives, pine nuts, parsley for herbs, and grated Gouda cheese.


And a close-up of the Extreme Hamster Tracking Poster Girl: (Please note slightly upturned, nibbling muzzlepowshe)


Thank you, chef Mathijs!

Whut up, Self Peeps!

Thanks for the mayn-shons, Self magazine.I agree, C.O, is all about de-stressing. And paws. And muzzlepowshes. And chomping on kitten ears while no one is looking.


Josée L., thank you for the SCAN-tabulous submishe!!!

Crap—it’s ‘Tocktober!!!

Crap—i KNEW I forgot something.

I was all worried about the cuteness of possums and if they made the cut or not and COMPLETELY forgot about ‘Tocktober.

Forgive moi. Chief Sister Officer had to remind me in our daily carpool. She’s all: "You knooooow, it’s like, ‘Tocktober, don’t yuh?" and I was all "D’oh!!!"


Thank the lo’ that Jimmy T. was READY, even before I was. Jimmy, I owe you one, bro.


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