From The Cute Farmer’s Almanac

As the days get shorter, and the carefree days of summer yield to earnest fall, it’s time to put up a supply of kittens to see you through the cold winter months ahead. When selecting a storage jar for your kitties, make sure it’s not too small.

The white ones are my favorite, Beverly A.

Damn Slippery Branches!!!


Sender-Inner Cheryl C. was doing dishes when she looked out her window to see this little guy who attempted the old roof-to-cherry-tree jump and and miscalculated!

Cooking for Hamsters—THE BOOK

The creator of HamsterTracker and friend of the site, Mathjis van der Paauw has some delicious news. His new book chronicling hamster-sized recipes is out! Check it out on Amazon. You”ll see delectabuhl and enticing ham-tastic treats like:

Vegetarian Pizza-tilla
Served on a warmed glass tabletop

Sweet Rice-Apple-Octagon
[Lucy giving thanks before demolition]

Caesar Salad with Optional Ham, served in Cucumber Bowl
[shown in demolished state]

and finally;
Pasta Peperone Hamdoro!

Bon Hampétit, Mathjis!

On Zuh Prowl

I am a Baby Kittayns

On zuh prowl…


I shall find eet.

Tank the Kitten as captured by John Z.

Birthday Cat is NOT impressed

His attitude will change when he sees empty BOXES after gifts are opened.

Another Quality Foraged Link from Ant.

Vintage Overboard

“Hey, guys? Could somebody throw me one of those — oh, what are they called? — those rescuing things? Oh, you know, the round things with the hole. Um, it’s named just like the candy? Totally drawing a blank here; it’s not Necco Wafers, I know that… Now I’ve got the word preserver stuck in my head, so it must be that candy with lots of preservatives… Man, it’s right on the tip of my tongue…”

Paris Exposition: ship, Paris, France, 1900 from Flickr Commons. (And yes, we know Life Savers were invented in 1912.)

Dancin’ Machine!

Even pandas can’t resist doin’ a little chair dance at the office once and a while. Here’s some lucky video of Party Panda doin’ a little scratch mixing.

Oh No — Platform Shoes Are Back?!

Sender-inner Alexandra R. asks: “Who doesn’t love a little extra glam! These are pictures from our family farm in New Jersey. Our horses love being pampered! My horse Cuda is in leopard print, gold and blue stars and the tiger stripe pattern is my sister’s horse Gabriel.”

Simon on ‘The Box’

Well it’s ABOUT TIME this controversial topic (leaving kittehs alone with empty boxes) was discussed over at Simon’s cat. Press play, people:

Stay safe, Toborzgrrl.

At Last: Fat and Round Pigs!

These New Zealand piglets are called “Kunekune,” a Maori word meaning “fat and round.” We prefer the term “Kunekunekune,” which is an ancient word we just made up that means “fat and round and cute and OMG my brains just turned to pudding somebody get a paper towel they’re oozing out my ears blarrggtth…”

More fatness and roundness at The New Zealand Kunekune Association.
PS: HD available for you high-bandwidth, detail-oriented peeps.
PPS: Sender-innered by Freetomato, who was not the only person to see this on


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