At first, this situation looks pretty typical…

…A gorgeous little pup, lying around, looking completely innocents.


But then, someone asks—”Hey, what happened to our pet bird? Where’d he go?”




Jason and Shannon F. say this is all that was left…

Ah, those flambéed flies with white wine reduction, MWAH!

They were delicious! My compliments to the chef!


Don’t think for second that I missed those cute suction-cup hands, Michèle M.

[UPDATE — this CGI frog is from a TV ad in Belgium.  Well spotted, FCB! – Ed.]

Top 3 Excuses for no posts yet this morning:

1. “The bartender wouldn’t let me leave.”
2. “It takes a lot of time to dump a body.”
3. “Your wife didn’t have my breakfast ready on time.”

Picture 081

What’s YOUR excuse, Tali K.? Excuses carefully culled from Keepers of Lists.

Attention 2010 Calendar sender-inners!

Great news, Peeps. Workman Publishing is busily printing the 2010 Cute Overload Calendars, and preparing them for shipment. Yay!

As promised, folks who submitted featured photos will receive a free calendar.

Trouble is, we can’t find some of you! If you submitted photos for the calendar and your name appears on the list below, we’re looking for you. Please contact us at “Workman2010 [at] CuteLabs [dot] com”.

Pug Pictures

Alun & Juliet
Bryan H. (Cable One)
Daniel P. (DSL extreme)
Erica G. (Indiana U.)
Holly H. (Whirlpool)
Jasmine B. (AOL)
Jen L.C. (Gmail)
Jennifer G. (Ajilon)
Jessica D.S. (UIUC)
Kate G. (Hotmail)
Kristin D. (Laika)
Mark H. (UNH)
Sarah S. (Henrico)
Scarlett R. (Comcast)

Topanga is non-plussed by her calendar appearance taken by 2009 Sender-Inner Absolutely Small.

Hey Buddy, my eyes are up here

juners12 copy copy

Geeshe. Some guys, like, only stare at your boobs, Danielle M.

Meanwhile, at Bear Automotive…

ncVI3Well, your distributor cap is a little cracked, and your timing belt and spark plugs need replacing.

I should be able to have it back to you by tomorrow, if I can get the parts, that is.

Will that be cash, Robin C. — or do you want us to bill you? (pffft, snort, giggle.)

Red Panda Monorail Delay

2-hour delays are being reported system-wide. Car has fallen asleep between tracks 7 and 9. Emergency bamboo supplements are en route via Hummingbird.


What chaos, Helen J.!

THIS JUST IN: A baby bat yawning

Check it out after the jump!

Go ahead and Ju-ump!
[sing in David Lee Roth voice]

Picture 1

Exquisite battular find, Teresa C.

Puhlease, People

People, Hello Kitty is such a cutesy nightmare. I know what you’re thinking—”hello Kettle? it’s me. You’re black!” But seriously folks, will you please get a load of this Hello Kitty Castle? Try not to ralph.


What’s even stranger? This place is in Taiwan, not Japan! What’s up with that. Various grossatating pics via Too Much Free Time and the Uni-Resort site in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Oh, just throw him anywhere

He’ll be fine.


Rocky, the napping 3-pound Bichon Frisé puppy as snapped by Ashley M.


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