The Amazing Hamboni!

Ladeez ann gennelmen! At this time, I direct your attention to The Amazing Hamboni, who will be launched from this enormous cannon, soar over your heads, and land in this bowl of tapioca. Maestro, a drum roll, if you please…

Shot (you should pardon the expression) by vic15.

Attack of the Deadly Pug-ranha!

Caution: The Pug-ranha is considered cute and extremely dangerous! Although they may appear small and harmless, a school of pug-ranha can snorgle a full-size adult into submission within minutes! Beware!

Note: We can’t embed this clip, so click the picture to watch at YouTube.

New Trend in Food Trucks: All-You-Can-Eat Bug Buffets

While his brothers’ dined on crispy crickets and gooey grasshoppers, Clive set his sights on the real prize: the dragonfries from the truck called IHOP’D.

If everything’s bigger in Texas, does that include the bugs? Photo by bsheridan

The Last Time Community Theater Rolls the Dice with an Unknown

Yeah, I let my hair down like he asked. Turns out, it’s freakin’ delicious.

Is he preparing for some kind of marathon, Lynn?

Why yes. Yes it is.

Sender-Inner Leigh C. says this is prolly the cutest thing she’s seen in a long time.


The Downside to Dieting

Proof that every silver lining has a dark cloud: You count your calories, work out religiously, drop that weight and feel great — and your skin doesn’t fit anymore.

Betty is chub-tastic, Natasha H.

With ears like that, we’re talking five-bar reception

Can I get a Sand Kitteh with Verizon?

Apparently, they have football-shaped heads when they're junior kittehFor best signal, don't hold the cat wrong.Sand cat kitten

Scratchtacular Sand Kittehs by Mellting. Big-eared thanks to Glenna M. Huge shot out to Sweden’s Parken Zoo.

Profiles in Bravery

At this time, C.O. salutes those unsung heroes of the slopes: The Awesome Rescue Huskies. Whenever a skier is injured in a fall, these brave animals swing into action, racing through waist-deep snow, using their uncanny senses of hearing and smell, until they locate the victim… and tell him how awesome he looked until help arrives.

Up next: “Profiles in Sender-Innering” salutes Mischa M.


Happy Anniversary, Honey.

P.S. Do ya’ll remember this marriage proposal!?

Bunday Overload

You thought Bunday was over!

But…it’s not!


You must!

Choke down!

More Bunday bunnies!


More pink schnozzles! with quivering leeps!



Binkie Bunny

I blame this Bun-O-verload on Bee Honeydew.


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