Call it "Toesday" call it "interdigital floof"—whatever—I call it ROCK AND ROLL


whooooooooooooooooo [devil horns]


Rokkin’, Little Miao. ROKKIIIIIN’!

Take a right at the gun rack

OK, if you were to file this under COMPLETELY REDONK, and that would be a start.

Um Clo G., first there was Jessica the massaged house-hippo, then Patches the hamburger-ordering house-horse, NOW THIS MOOSE AND ODDLY INTRIGUING SOUNDTRACK. You must be stopped, pure and simple.

I hope you have an enormous vase.

Freshly bloomed pugs. They smell so fragrant this time o’ year. [head tilt]

Get your clippers out, Lisa S. This may take a while.


I said, pass the hair gel, you Maroon.

Research Group James, originally uploaded by giles.breton.


George S., you SURE know how to pick ‘em. Ht dizzamn.

You’re making us late for bingo

Now grab the station wagon keys and let’s go—Momma’s feelin’ LUCKY TONIGHT!


Um, I think you better do what she says, Curlz71.

Wait—Easter is OVER!?

[Peering out over face-periphery chub roll] I could have SWORN Easter was still happening!!!


Now I am TOTALLY stuck with these Peeps. [Opens package and begins monsching]


Sigh, Matt from Urban Pug, save teh ears for next year…

First… tentative… steps?

…er, rolls…

…brought to you by Casa deFeliz ;)

My job is done. See you next year.

Happy third birthday to Easter bun "Pancake J. Wrble", shown here having just orchestrated another challenging egg hunt.


Wendy L., nice end to this Sunday. See you all tomorrow.

Surprise, Mofos.

Weren’t expecting THIS WERE YOU [swipe swipe]


You’re right, I WASN"T, Mahala K. ;) Glad you had a great Easter today.

I hid dee eggs

You weel neverrr find dem. [scampers away]

Baby Bunnies – Day 16, originally uploaded by Oh Joy!.


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