The Most Annoying Dog on the Planet


You must chill.

Pass the Xanax, Carolyn W. Serious.

The Look That Sank A Thousand Ships…

…And a couple of canoes for kicks.

New Puppy, originally uploaded by ETRONCOSO.

Lori W., Lori W., Lori W., You’re an unstoppable cute-finding maniac.

You have GOT to see these Hedgehog facial Expressions

My mouth was just ajar for 5 minutos. Is this REALLY what Hedgersons look like when they try to kronsche something!? OMG, it’s so great. seriously, PRESS PLAY!

Um, Tina, ‘Cute Hedge Action’ is RIGHT! Really unbelievable.

Encore Presentayshe!

People, would Perez Hilton post the same pic of Britney twice? Would Slashdot re-post an article on Duke Nukem Forever? Would we DARE to re-post this hilarious kitteh cartoon?

I think you should see it again. Brillo. Thanks for the reminder, Jessamee R. Same time next month? Greaaaaaaaat.

100% Carefree (and Nose-free)

What do I need a nose fer? Answer: NO-TINGKS!/

Bats paws at leafs [bat bat bat] Whips out salad dressing and sprinkles on surroundings


Not a care in the world, Rachel H. Not a single care. Pass the Bac-oh!-bits.

Exsqueeze me. I prefer “Year of Rodentia”

Rats get ENOUGH atten-shons! They should share a bit on this Chinese New Year of the Rat thing. Year of RODENTIA is ONLY FAIR. Or even Year of Pocket Pets. Put that in your bamboo pipe.


Jen, that ham is a genius.

“Diesel” and the Over Purr

So, in some log cabin somewhere (Hello, what romantic weekend cabin was THIS shot at?) there is a kitteh named Diesel who purrs like no other ani-pal you’ve heard. I suggest cranking your speakers, then check it:

Marten V. H., Thanks for pointing out this lil’ motor mouf.

Shared Nom-u-laynce

Flash Gordon (baby guinea): "Ceeen I hef a leeeetle peesh?"

Wanda: "nom nom nom"


Class, let’s take a closer look at the muzzlepowsche action on Flash Gordon. EN-FRICKIN’-HANCE:


Nice work. And now, another look at Mr. Gordon, in all his GOOGLY-EYED splendor. Everyone tilt your heads together on three: "1…2…3!"


Dr. Anne, what a prosh lil’ fella you got there.

Heeding the call…

…TO PARTEH YEAR OF THE RAT STYLE! [Jumps out of sleeve, jumps into Hybrid Escalade]



This rat’s name is "Gin" and she and her whiskers are all about the party, right Amy G.?

Let’s get this Year of the Rat STARTED

It’s 8:29PM and it’s time to GET THIS Year of the Rat kicked into HIGH GEAR! I got mah Two-Buck Chuck on and there is NO STOPPIN’ MEH! [Unbelievable amounts of glurping follows]


Lori, Wendi has a problem. A DELICIOUS PROBLEM!!! *hic!*


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