Ferret behbeh, pre-elongation

This 7-week old ferret behbeh is quite blobbular for a ferret. A wise person once told me that ferrets were just "kneesocks with eyes" and this guy has a lot of growin’ and elongatin’ to do!


Maybe a Medieval Rack will help, Claire…

And now, a dainty-pawwed swimming hedge

Everyone knows that Rule #19 was created just for Hedges like "Kito" here. Please check out the teeny tailio action and the daintiest of swimming/kicking motorboat paws back there.


[motorboat sound] I love how hedges have the craziest mondo body size to small feet ratio.


It’s amazing they can even walk, right Krisa B.? ;)

Caturday: Burrito-style

This lil’ guy is all wrapped up after his bottle feeding. Can you imagine sleeping in a waffle towel burrito?

I caaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnzzzzzzzz


Check out the guy in the pocket, too…


Burrito kitteh, you are soooo delectabuhls…

Another fab shot from Laurie C. over at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Caturday Special: 2X the usual fluff

This kitteh is competing with this bunneh on the Fluffometer. She looks super soft—it’s like she carries her own bedding around with her, she is so floofy.


And, look to the riiiight


Meanwhile, after growing ups, there is even more fluff to go around…


Heather S., these are the ultimate Caturday pics.

Nooooooooo little duckeh, Noooo!

Don’t do it!

It’s not worth it!



Nice captioning, too, D’Arcey C. ;)

Why yes, I shall nibble upon thees

It looks most delectabuhls, and suits my sophisticated tastes, so indeed, I shall!

Mochi eating carrot, originally uploaded by Romy87.
Excellent Flickr find, Johanna S. ;)

Who invited the ferrets?!

They are like, so grabby. But they do bring good desserts…


I bet you don’t have a single leftover, Tutts S.

Thanksgiving at Winstons’s

People, let’s go over to Winston’s house, he’s have a feast of various house plants, yellow curry!?, regular kitteh food, bananas, salad, pickles, ice cream,   Triscuits™, enriched buns, celery, various other mushy substances.  But let’s not kid ourselfs, People, the music is the best part.

Serious, the music is the best part, espeshe going to the bridge while eating a house plant. Pure art. [squinting eyes, head to side, nodding] Yes. Yes, art… Brooke B. and Rich at FourFour :D

Thanksgiving is for… Sharingks [head tilt]

Kiara (the pekingese) and Arwen (the chihuahua) sharing a rawhide stick for Thanksgiving. Let’s give them a round of applause for not yipping at each other for a whole 2 minutos.


S.R., [holding out the wishbone in your general direction] Make a wish!

Nothing to see here…

Keeeeeeeeep movin’.

Nothing to see here. No turkeys or—heh, rabbits for dinner—nothing of the sort—just keep movin’. I wouldn’t tast good at all. I’m like, mostly fluff, People.


He makes a good point, Jenny P….


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