Between a couch and a hard place

I cannot catch a break in this house. Everywhere I go, I stumble on pink dog toys and skateboards and Chihuahuas in MegaSaucers—it’s ridiculous! I’m just…. gonna… close me eyes for…a beet…zzz.


Nikki A.—nice work, Girl.


Sure, eyes wide apart is cute, obvy, but EYES TOO CLOSE TOGETHER!? NOW WE’RE TALKING, PEOPLE!


Peter T.—Just stop it. Look at you, a prosh monkey in a hot tub—fabulous.



So I ate a few extra hotdogs at the July 4th BBQ?! SO WHAT. I caught you eating a frozen Snickers yesterday, so shuddyup.



Dave R., I love how even his tail looks heavy… [sigh]

The textbook perfect muzzlepuff.

The best part about this little Dewd is his muzzlepuff—it’s perfect! It’s the textbook muzzlepuff. It’s what all muzzlepuffs should shoot for. Muzzlepuffs should look at this kitten and aspire to be like him. They should shape themselves as a tribute to fine muzzlepuffery. Thank you.


Head bows to contributor Anna M. and Pang Pang’s Flickr stream ^__^

Someone call child protective services


Sure, this may not be the CUTEST image on the CuteTracker, but it might just be the funniest.


Gracias, O Great CuteTracker!

I ate too much at the July 4 BBQ…

…But, hey, thanks for having me over—the food was grilled to perfection, Mwah! [pulls tiny paw from a kiss-lip pose] and your bunting was perfectly laid out on the porch—kids loved it. Woo!, I still feel full today—ate waaaaay too much! [pats cheeks] I’m glad I brot extra ice—you can never have too much ice, you know?


Right, Megan W.? ;)


Tonight, you rest easy knowing that one of the MANY questions you constantly ask yourself is finally answered: Just how many kilograms of fish can one cat carry? Inquiring Japanese minds found the answer for you! Click below to find out—and, sleep well, my friends.

Once again, big thanks to Ant for carrying this fat VideoSift video over to us.

Let’s hear it for the Soft Kronche™

Do you know what I mean? The "Soft Kronche™" is when a dog takes a really slow, soft bite on something—real gentle-like—I love that. They’re like: "Is eet OK to bite?" Like when they take a treat, it’s a responsible, soft, kronche.


The epitome of "puppy-dog eyes", Tristan G.

Stay cool

Did you remember the ice for your Fourth of July barbeque today? You can never have too much ice.


Denise S.—rokkin’.

Someone got into the flag cake

"Anakin" the HamJedi™ got into Master Tina’s red white and blue fourth of July flag cake. His blue muzzlepuff—Exhibit A, People.


Happy Fourth of July!