Dee perrfect plan

Look at dees!

I hidingk… so when dee lunche, she lands, I joimp out whayn she LEAST HEY-SPAYCT EET GLURP!


Tiny glurps to Carina G. [I think that means thanks]

You rang?

Look, I KNOW I’m in the minority here, but dammit, dogs with front feet costumes are HIGH-larious. Don’t fight me on this. Just squint your eyes and you can hardly see his back legs, it’s so funny.


Stop and smell the orangutans

Yes, I know they’re smelly monkeys—but that’s how the saying goes.


Premium eye capsulage, Daum and submitter Ant!

Duck ‘Tocks

You should really scoop up this little guy, and put him close to your neck, and see what he has to say.

Right, Stephanie F.? I think ducks might be able to purr a little bit…

Super savory

CHOMP into these hilarious SweetMeats meat dog toys—table scraps you can feel GOOD about giving to your pup. I’m not sure what’s better, the ‘meat’ or the SuperSavor web site design. Rokkin’.


Thamar K. recommends them.

Baffle versus the Crocodile

Stuffed crocodile toy: [gulp!]




[bowing in direction of] Dmitry G. and all his photos.

Cappin’ Cattin’

Everyone’s wearing it this season! Straight tail not included.

Hats off to Jocelyn D. [groan]


Ladies and Gentlemen—step away from the computer. You will not see anything this cute EVER AGAIN. I shall now resign.


Judith B. found this delight on mvo168‘s Flickr stream. It’s the full flop.

Rule of Cuteness #24: Have suction cups on your hands

Yeah, yeah, I’m from the E.T. generation and that can only mean one thing: suction cuppage on ends of fingers is anerable. And this guy also wins the coveted Beadiest of Eyes trophy.


"Mouse lemur" Googler Sarah A.—you could never disappoint us…

Good things happen when you go thru the mailbag part DEUX!

Ruhmember when I sifted thru the emailbag and found these? Wayle, it happened again! Brillo Dewd Michael S. made this sweet lil’ Weezer vid. Crank it and Peep dis!