Malcolm Reviews the Super Bowl Spots

I don’t know about you, but my favorite commercial came from Budweiser. You know the one I mean:


Oh, really – you say that spot’s from 1999…? Well you can’t expect me to watch the actual game when re-runs of “SVU” are on.

Eh, the commercials were terrible anyway, Elke V.

Best dog birthday “cake” ever

People, why are you wasting your precious time making actual cakes for your dog’s birthday when you know all they want is an awesome sausage with a candle in it?

Yanhg, yanhg, yanhg:

Sender-Inner Dorota says her pup Amy is almost a purebred weiner dog but calls her “95% daschund 5% mystery LOL”


I know ya’ll are busy watching the Who at the Superbowl Halftime show, but in case you were looking for something a litttle less Amerrrrican and something a little more of the crocheted, Japanese, Ukulele variety, settle in for some sweet videos:

Via Boing Boing. Listen to U900 tracks, see pics and watch vids over at their MySpace.

Heisman Ham sez

“This is a GAME OF INCHES. This is NOT the practice wheel, Men, this is the effing SUPERBOWL. Kick off is in five minutes—Now go b***s out to make it the best damn day of your life.”

Kiss your wife like it would be the last time, and GO GO GO!


Because Teddy is. Pass him a mini Corona Light.

Still 10 more days to the Superbowl and Teddy waits for the SuperBowl and watching Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet at 2pm CDT, by Teddy n TJ Rule the World.

Hipster Puppehs

Look! A fabu new Tumblr just sprung up! Hipster Puppies!! Check out the awesome commentary.

dog covering tattoo

Spotted by Chief Sister Officer who also likes

Goodnight, Caturday

As Caturday draws to a close, it’s time to do your final yawningks and call it a day.

momcat and kitten yawning

Caturday yawning action close-up:

Caturday yawning action CLOSER-UP!:

IMG_8687, by Kimberly Jennery.

THIS JUST IN: Trying to eat a care-care

Must… use lucky foot!
Eyeballs! Focusingk! Ears! Wobbling!

Another weird moment brought to you by Google alerts.

The Job Starts at Home

Sender-Inner Heather C. says:

I was standing in line at the local shelter waiting to get a volunteer application, some lady dropped [these kittens] off. She found them in an abandoned house and was surrendering them to the shelter.

She continues:

Upon learning that they would be euthanized that day (since they are too young for the shelter staff to take care of at 3 weeks) she turned around to me, a complete stranger, and begged me to take them. And of course, how could I say no?!

Sorry, This Hat Is Taken

Whuh?  Aww, do I have to?  I just got comfortabuhls!

I don’t care if it matches your purse, I’m using it right now!

Why don’t you wear your “souvenir of Miami Beach” cowboy hat with the pink flamingo design?  You used to love that hat, and I think it sets off the blue in your jacket with the mumbity farble arrgth zzzzzzzzz…

Let it go, Danny Y.—it’s gone.


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