Moosday: More ridonculousness



pic! {obvy out for Sunday stroll]


Mark W., what a hoot!

We interupt Moosday to bring you this Pirate Pom


Shiver me cardboards!

Avast, ye kibbles! [charges]

Ramming speeeeeeeed!

Remember, Tessa H., take the toilet paper tube off when you’re done, and don’t forget Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19.

Moosday: Another poser

What IS IT with Moosday and all the posers? Look at how ridiculous this is; a paper pup outfit and gallon o’ milk.


[snicker]OK, OK, I gotta give you props for that, Whitney H.

Moosday: um—Fox Terrier or bebe cow?

OK, this is way too confusing, it’s MOOSDAY for CRYING OUT LOUD and so far we haven’t had a single real cow on the site. This is really embarrassing.



Linda P., could you flip him over and see if he makes a ‘moo’ sound? Then we’d know fer sure.

Moosday: Petite Moo-ére

Âllo, mes amis…

Tonight, I serve you dee finest of meelks. Whole Meelks, none of dees ‘skeem’ stuff.

Pwwthhha! [spits into hay in disgust]


Got meelk, Jason O.?



You hear me, People? Moo.

Comin’ thruuuu moo.


OK, it’s not a cow, but it’s CLOSE, Cassie H.!

Listen up, Girls, Etiquette Pup Here

Listen Dahlings, [shines nails on black sweater] Tomorrow is officiallyPOST-Memorial Day, and you know what that means—you can wear your whitepaws until Labor Day. And your linen coats too.

Ah-huhn. [Brushes back ears/hair]

Here’s looking at you, Chocola!, originally uploaded by tanakawho.

Remembering Memorial Day

Listen, we know you could swat us with a paw in .02 seconds, but we have strict orders to watch the Fancy Feast until dinner tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

[gets swatted across the room]


 Guard duty, originally uploaded by


Army men revenge
, originally uploaded by Shooz.

[Clears throat] Ahem!

It has, er, come to my attention that [clears throat] not all of you have taken the IMPORTANT [underlines on board] online survey yet.

By end of class, I want you all to have taken the survey.

Or, you will receive the dreaded "C-". And I don’t think your parents will like that one bit.


Do you think they bought it, Debbie B.?!

C.O.X.C.U.: Muzzlepooooooow-che

Please check out this ANERABLE portraitof "Maria" the ham, and her picture-perfect muzzlepow-che. It’s like aperfectly executed ‘C.O.X.C.U.!’

Maria close-up, originally uploaded by jpockele.