Excellent use of exclamation marks

Who made this movie and from WHOM are they requesting a Sugar Glider?

As usual, the music put me over the edge with this sweet lil’ movie. And, YES, I’ll pay for the cage and food, Apple Squeakie and Kim I.

A very special donk

Doesn’t it totally sound like the post of this is; "This week, on a very special Blossom episode…"

But seriously folks, Check out this knobbular donk.


Apparently, donkeh twins are very rare, and since it was a tight fit in the womb, one donk got knocked (but very cute!) knees. Read more here!


Ehn! Go little donkeh go! (You too, Emily S.)

Oh, just turn the knife would ya

More proof positive today that the Japanese continue to kick our tiny American asses in the Cuteness depahtment. Hello Kitty is now an official Tourism Ambassador of Japan.

Look at this guy in the middle. Victory is HIS, clearly.


Thanks a LOT CNN. And Sender-Inner Kimberly S. Thanks.


If you look deepleh into this kitteh’s eyes, you can see the ENTIRE C.O. AUDIENCE OMG

///Photos removed by request///

Followed by: JAZZ HANDS!

///Photos removed by request///

Exsquizzle find, Lori W.

It’s Spring Break. But your Spring Break bod isn’t ready.

Options are:

1. Stuff your flabbulence into a last-year’s bathing suit and pray the Muffin Top Queen doesn’t pay a visit
2. A muu muu and 8000 sit-ups is a good start but will take 34 seal hours to see results
3. Throw off suit, run down beach naked with Corona and lime slice in yer teef. Pure class.


The choice is yers, Jillian C. And don’t think we didn’t know you did 12 Tequila Poppers in a row in ’88. WOOOOOOOOOOOO

Guess who just filled out their absentee statewide primary balllllot!

This lil’ stoat! He’s votin’ ‘n’ stoatin’!

[OK, technically, it's a Marten, but Martens only vote for Nader and I didn't want to encourage that]

Curious Marten, originally uploaded by Adam Lyon.

Pet Bonding 101

Schubert loves fish-flavoringks.

William (in shark pajamas) loves fish flavoringks.



I just threw up in my mouth a little, Melanie H. :(


STRAP YOURSELF IN, PEOPLE! This Baby Scottish Fold mewing action is gonna make you turn your car into oncoming traffic. I’m telling you right now you CANNOT HANDLE THE MEWS.

Jennifer B., it’s like some EVIL, PERFECT Japanese YouTube Director has us IN THEIR CLUUUTCHES!

Um, Raturday would’ve been sooo much better.

"They don’t even DESERVE their own day, you knuh?" [Say in best rat-vallery-girl accent]

Caturday Critics, originally uploaded by l33twave.

Wombat hat

It IS a little chilly outside, pass me my wombat hat.

Yeah, the one with the eye capsules. Thanks.


Nellie F., the site this photo is from is called Wombat Country? AWESOME!


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