Oh Tofu, I lof you so moshe

Oh Tofu, I can only stuff so moshe of you into my powshes. If only I could stuff entire CITY BLOCKS of tofu into my powshes.

"My dearest Tofu…" – Chmurka, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Dear, dear Tofu. You make Chmurka one happy ham. Thanks, Ulrike S. ;)

You GOTTA send this to your boy/girlfriend right now

Click the "Email to a Friend" link under the photo, and with it, write something like:

"[Whitney Houston voice] Iiiiiiiiiiiiii will always lurve YERRRRRHHHHHHHH!!!"


Do eet, Anihka K., photo via ACC

Wake up! wake up! [shaking you awake]

This kitteh is totally from a dream you had the other night. She’s all: "the time machine is this way! but we must hurry! [points paw to left]

Innocence.., originally uploaded by cbrown117 From Sender-Inner Lori W.!

Delectabuhl little muzzlepowshe

People, this kitteh is POTENT!!! POTENT I TELL YOU.

Like if he was shown to all world leaders simultaneously, it’d be Insta-World-Peace-Puddle.

Creatures | Little Ball of Fur, originally uploaded by azharc.

EXCELLENT find, Lori W.!

Cute Buttons and Magnets

I Got Your Flair Right Heah!

Listen, People, I don’t care if you’re not in High School wearing jean jackets any more (or maybe you are ‘cause it’s all full circle.) You need a Cute Overload button to tell the Nation that Paws Up are cute. Or six.

Rep-ree-butt-in-sent!!! (In other words, check ‘em out)


New Cute Overload Cute-T!

Imagine it’s a hot weekend and you’re all; “My ironic T is in thewarsh, what can I wear?” Then it hits you—the Cute Overload T! Itmatches perfectly with your pink Pumas and aviators. Sure, it’s coveredin cat hair, but it’s Cute Overload, and therefore, a happy, gorgeouslil’ T with a logo that pokes out behind your zippered hoodie to say;“Yeah, I like kittehs. You got a pro-layme with that?”

Check them OUT!

Maincutecrest Detailcutecrest

Nyyerrrrrrow! [peeling out sound]


Nice Ham HumVeeeee, Goran G.!

The cookie your ordered, Suh

[English accent] The cookie you ordered, m’Lord! [bows head, dropping cookie into your milk glass]


Elana M., thank you for the species deliveries

The day the lamb moved in

For six weeks, this behbeh lamb had to live inside the house ’cause he had a broke leggle. Check out the disdain from this pup;


And helpful licking action from this pup LOL:


Meanwhile, the cat moved into the barn (can’t blame him):


Thanks for chronicling all this action, K. Snyder ;)

And now, a kitten sneaking up on a fennec fox

Hmm, I think I’ll search on the keyword “Fennec foxes” and “kittehs” and see what happens [cross-eyed head tilt]

Rachael K., I don’t even want to know how this happened. It’s FAR too redonk.


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