Doin’ the Toe Nibbler’

Gah-nuzzle, Gah-nuzzle

[tiny munching of feets sound]

Hopping Mice, originally uploaded by Stephen Barnett.


// UPDATE — the call for COXCU has been heard! //

Vitamin P

Git your vitamin peanut every day, to keep your ears squirrely and your EYES BEADEH!

[Plink plink!] (eyelash sound)


Nice lil’ lower lip, J to the S!

Lookuphere! Lookuphere! [say in bird voice]

Um, unclear on the CONNNNNNCEPPPPT!


Which way did he go, Johanna S.!?

Have a great day, Hon [peck]

[Bird] Oh, and bring home some seed after work, mmmK?

[Kitteh] Mmmk.


Johanna S., you’ve got one clever find after another, ain’t cha?

Your screen is lookin’ a little dirty…

Perhaps you could use a personal (animated) screen cleaner?

Thanks to the beeelllions who sent this in, most recently MusicChick

We’re watching the game from here

I don’t think we can fit beers in here tho. That’s a problem.


How about straws, Christi B.W.?

Beer me

Go_giantsIt’s Superbowl XVIILLX, People, and Hammie-Manning is setting up the paly:





Pup Brady has intercepted the ball. He might have it for a while.

Sports fanatic, originally uploaded by * Minette.

Meanwhile, Pugsters Manning is all: "What am I? chopped leevares?"


Thanks, Minette L., enjoy the show today. Football ham from SJ K.

Let’s get knobbular! Knobbular!

I wanna get knobbulaaaaarrrrrr!

Let’s get into knobbular! [Sing in Olivia Newton John voice]


Check out this Knobbule rocking some Rule 23 born at the Chester Zoo. Her name is "Margaret" and she’s getting bottle fed ’cause her Momma was like "Whuh? I don’t know how to do eet!"


Thanks to ALL the beellions of peeps who sent this one in…

Oh no you di-int!

[Shaking head]

THIS is tewtelly nuts, People.


Most EXCELLENT WORK, Emily S. [Evil finger tenting]

The definish of ‘Snorgle’ is here.

Puppy Bowl IV + Kitteh Half-Time Show

It’s BACK, People. Puppy Bowl IV is tomorrow, Feb 3 at 3PM e/p on Animal Planet with even MORE MAYHEM than ever before. It’s in HD for stunning clarity AND there is a waterbowl cam! Check out the line up.


The redonk Kitteh Half-Time show is also making a return, and promises that battling over toy mouses will make you forget all about Tom Petty. [Thwap thwap thwap] Here is the intro from last year;

Thanks, CSO…


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