International Snorglé

Zees monkées was captured on feelm! Snorglink!

Eeee! Look at dees!

Look at dee monnkee!


Jonathan S. Suggests we start: "Snorgles Around teh World." WHAT SAY YOU ALL! (I say yay.)

I’m half Panda

Part panda, part yellow Keshond. ALL PROSH, PEOPLE! [Kiddin' on the Puh-puh-puh-puh panda part]


[singsong] ear-to-head ratioooo! sender-inner Kung Foodie and Char Richards—well done.

Batten Down Das Hatchen!

People, it was bound to happen, Flickr got even better. This just in, a new set has just been brot to my attention, the Tiny Animals on Fingers Flickr photo set. You heard me.


GAAAAAAAAAH! Specklet! Stop!


Howard: [Say in Howard Cosell voice] Peeple, How-ward Cosell heah, reporting to you live from the C-O-X-C-U Cap-it-tal of the world, the Cute Overload X-Treme Close-Up Headquarters, and what a magnificent day  it is, Jim!

Jim: Indeed, Howard it is UN…forgettable! Will you please look at this fine macro-specimen, from a Mr. Thijs! I mean, how do you pronounce that, Howard? Thee-jees? Who-the-heck knows?

Howard: Jim, this just in—a sec-ond pic-ture of that same cat, I can’tbelieveit—

Jim: Amazing, Howard, let’s….takealook.




Thank you, Thijs!


This Sqwerl is Tewtelly KNOCKED OUT.

Senor Squirrely Pants here is sleeping just long enough while he decides if he’s gonna scratch your eyes clean out.


Well do ya feel lucky, Kate B.?


It’s the real Real World!

Hey creator Jill Beale! WHEN IS EPISODE 1? WE CAN’T WAIT!

Teeny claws + perfect ear styles

Teeny Hua-hua below shows up his two perfect ear-styles: "Perked" and "teeny ear-top flop".


Barrrrrooo? [rolling 'r' on that one]


Gracias, Michelle S.!

Gravity sucks

First of all, what is this cat doing on my grandmother’s couch?

Secondly, this dewd seems pretty comfortable, except for some really Unesscessary Paws-upitude™. I mean, having that front and back paw up while you’re sleeping is really too much isn’t it?


By the way, how do ya’ll feel about a "Paws Up!" bumper sticker? I think we should do it, Dave B., in honor of your kitteh!

Tiny camping partner

I think it’d be really great if you were out camping, and instead of a big spider crawlingk into your sleeping bag at night, you turned on your flashlight and saw this NIGHTTIME SNUGGLING PARTNER READY FOR ACTION!


Carrie C. found this on Flickr, but she’s not sure which page…


Tommy! Is that thing on?

[camera nods yes]

Look, I’m crawlin’ inta tha ‘Baastin Baked Beans jah! It’s wicked dahk in heah!


I’m dunkin’ in heah like a friggin’ Dunkin’ Donut!


Aw right are you getting this, Tommy? We gotta send this back to the guys at UMASS!


Wicked Pissah, Mitzi!