Loco, loco roco

We’ve seen a lot of cute games. Loco Roco takes one look at other Cute games and kicks their tiny cute game asses. One by one! You must check it out. It’s available starting tomorrow.

It’s got this hilarious, layered, made-up language soundtrack, while you roll and bounce a blobby yellow character around, running into strawberry-like treats a avoiding little spikey urchin guys. The character is all fat, roly poly and smiling. It’s good times.




I think it’s even better than Hamtaro, and that’s TOUGH!

Overwhelming fluffitude

Not since THIS BUN have we seen such overwhelming fluffitude. This cat seems to go on forever. Nice tangled limbs composishe!

You just got SERVED by the CuteTracker…

Learning from the best

No Kid, it’s like this…

Yeah, that’s it. Good work.

CuteTracker, delivering AGAIN!

We know cats like boxes, but this is ridiculous

Yes, we’ve reported on strange cat ‘n’ box behavior befo’, but these guys are starting early. Look at this! But just what the heck are ‘Kim Wipes’ anyway!? Oh, let the jokes begin. Sorry, all you ‘Kims" out there.

Michelle S., I didn’t post ‘Calico Overload’ as you suggested, but saw this one next to it…


W00t! Great idea, E to the C…

Good times at the Shore

Look, it’s the last weekend of summah. So, before you put away your white pumps and linen suits, go to the beach. And by beach I mean The Shore. Anyone for hoagies from White House?


Righteous puppitude brot to you by Alex N. ;)

Pleeeeeeeeeease buy me a cookie

We came all the way over here, and I sat in the cart, just like you axed, and I BARELY sniffed that Daschund’s butt, and I didn’t pee on your bed at home so PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE buy me a cookie?


<shaking head at unbelieveable puppy-dog eyes> Good work, C.S.O. and Julie.

The tiniest ‘Mew’

Get this video and more at MySpace.comWay to submit, Kent R.!

Le Spa

Baybee—don’t you worreee about a sing. I weel take care of you and wash you. You will be dee sparklingk clean bebe we know and lof when we are done.


Zen, I weel roll around weeth dee fresh socks and zee clean fur, and I shall yelp in happiness. Look at me, I’m rollingk! and zee yelpingk! yelps!


Alexandra C., Keep it clean.

Poodle disguise for Dobermans

Aaakitpoodle1Are you sick of people looking at your breed of dog in fear because politicians and the media? You might need, THE POODLE DISGUISE for Dobermans.