Sing this song!





[repeat until roommate kicks you out]


Way to go, New Zealander Chels! (Oh, and SOMEONE is rokkin’ Rule 16…)

A Day in a Kitten Life

This vid is muy cute. Yeah, it’d be even better if it didn’t have the weird RenFair music, But oh wells.

Thanks, Wingigucci [head bow]

And 1 and 2 and stretch and snore! and stretch

[Aerobics instructor voice]

"And 1, and 2 and 1 and stretch!"


"…and 2 and snore and 3"


GET OUT,  Yael W.! You win best puppy stretch evar


Pocket ‘lope

[Teacher voice]

Students, the African DikDik is a ridiculously cute animal. You will not find a a more anerable member of the antelope family, though the tree-standing-and-munching Gerenuk comes close.


DikDiks are dainty little ‘Lopes, standing 30 to 40 cm tall, weighing in at only 3 or 5 kg. The perfect pocket antelope size. Purse-size mohawk comb included.


Ramon C.—You win the prize for most anerable antelope evar submitted.

Opportunity Knockingk

Cuteoverloadtile_1Listen up, Peeps, here’s Teh Deal. Without the good people at TypePad, CuteOverload simply could not exist in it’s current form. What do I mean? Well, When you have a high-traffic website, the amount of data that flows out, called bandwidth, can be <singsong> expensive! </singsong>. Big photos don’t help—it’s like a BIG PIPE of HAMSTERS flowing out to all ya’ll. (Er something.) There is a large cost associated with pushin’ that data out!

Recently when TypePad called me, I picked up a hot pink phone, brushed away the bunnies, and said; ‘CuteOverload, how may I help ya?" Their kind peeps axed me to take a look at a new blogging service called ‘Vox’.

At first, I was all, "um, HOW can this be any better than TypePad?" 

Well, I found out.

It’s like they took all the good parts of TypePad and made an even simpler way to blog. Post content in a flash—even my Grandma can do it. It plays nice with ANY content you want to talk about. YOur pets, your beau, your stinky receptionist job, your annoying boyfriend—you name it. The templates are fabu, and you can change them as often as you like. Putting your thoughts on the Web, sharing photos, commenting, blogging from your mobile phone is even easier than a puppy snorgling.

Anywho—don’t take this kitten’s word for it. Check it out for free, yo. It’s by invite-only and as C.O. readers, the first thousand peeps GET IN FREE!

The very definition of ‘Flop’

Look it up in the dictionary and you will see this YOUTUBE MOVIE PLAYING IN THE PAGE!


[Then super-nose twitching, then lying pretty still.]

EEEEE to the Seeeeee, how I love theeeeeee!

A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny

HEY! that is a great idea for a post! It’s the "ultimate perfect entry" for CuteOverload (according to Wired News) For more on this check out the article: The Ultimate Blog Post. Thanks, Wired News! [Now searching thousands of photos for the perfect match for this title]


Thanks for the tip, Troy ;)

Vacation preparation

"Honey? got the film cannisters ready for the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"


Way to go, Soyon… ;)

A Day in the Life of The Shorthairs

They’re such a nice family, those Shorthairs.

Excellent pick, David L.! and Motao :)

Australian Animal Favorites 4

Sender-inner Michelle describes this image as "the cutest photo of a lamb in sweater I’ve ever seen." Um, I’LL SAY! Apparently, this little lambykins lives on her in-law’s farm in Australia. Absolutely, fully, and totally redonk. Looks like he’s going out to get the newspaper.


Clean hooves alert!  >    >      >> (<–hooves)