Got two pieces of bread?

Got your midday snack ready.

Pass the Cat-sup! [horrible, I know]

Small, but perfect., originally uploaded by Tom Poes.

Deeeee-lee-shous, Lori W.! :P

Pup fosters buns

Jezebel has cherry-picked this interspecies snorgling morsel from National Geographic’s "Dogs with Jobs" show. Apparently, this pup is overseeing some baby buns… It’s great footage (and tailage) <–brilliant

Check it out over at Jezebel

Once again, the fabulous Raymi, Ladies and Gentlemen [Loud clapping sounds]

General Ottspital

These otters are tewtelly posing for their daytime soap opera open credits.

With their partially evil make-up, they are perfect for the job.

"Dr. Hamilton, I betrayed you with Tyler, and I’d DO IT AGAIN!" [middle otter rushes off to nurses station]

Er, something, Jen M.

Survival of the Cutest

CNN cuteporter Hugh Rimington reports on a tiny kitten (seen here swimming with tailio out of the water!) having survived Chinese earthquake peril!

Now that’s what I call great television, Kasia K.!

Poopers Anonymous

Dewds, this is like the Post Secret of poop-eating pups.

Poor "Taffy" (ew! the visuals!!!) the poop-eater. May she (gack) triumph over her addiction (more gaaaacking)


Robyn K. P.A. has meetings in every major town across the country. Worked for moi.

It’s been WAY too long since we posted a hedge

People, if there was an AKC for hedgehogs (who knows, there prolly is!) this hedge would win points for his:

1. PERFECT moist nosicle
2. curled paw/claw
3. Teeniest of hoggular muzzlepowshes

Oh, and that his name is "Truffles"


On second thought, we won’t hold that against you, Nancy T. ;)

THIS JUST IN: Tiny tailio Iglesias

Um, this bun has some serious amphibian-but-still-a-bun-so-i’ll-overlook-it ‘tocks.

They shall be furry one daaaaaaaay [sing in We Shall Overcome voice]


I just bit that teeny tailio off and didn’t save any for you, Mark M.!

Bun Morsel Hors d’ouevres

I recommend at LEAST one bun morsel per person for this recipe.


First, select Bun Morsels from bushel o’ Buns (can be found at local Farmer’s Markets)


Next, soft-kronsche ears to make sure they are good and delectabuhl. Do not bite all the way through


Lastly, roll in flour and let nap.



Danger Will Robinson!!!

Just ONE quick FLIP o’ the schnozzle, and that kitteh is Scooby Snack Central.


Cynthia H., I think we should warn — IT MAY BE TOO LATE!

Zuh ennui…of Henri!

Zuh life!

She ees not wors leevingks!

Zee Existentialism, she has me in her grip! Aieee!

Thanks a lot for the ‘D’ in French Lit flashback, William B.


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