Tired Tornado puppeh that got nommed

Sender-Inner Ann W. describes her experience tonight staying in the local firehouse while tornado sirens went off:

“We arrived safe and sound and this distraught mother, 12 month old girl, her husband, and their puppy arrived shortly after.  The husband went out to get the puppy’s food and his daughter’s formula (once the sirens died down a bit).  I kept watch over the puppy while this poor woman took care of her little girl.  THIS is that puppy.  He was SOOO tie-tie… Check out that adorable muzzlepowshe (yes, I nuzzled it), those glossy shiny eyes, and those nommable ears– which I nommed.  And yes, we’re safe for now.  The tornado warning has expired for now, but we’re still under a watch.”


Take care, Ann W.!
(Photo by DJCandiDout on DeviantArt)

One puppeh’s online profile

My Mood Right Now: Frisky!


Surprising Fact: I DON’T eat my own poop. Ha. I would NEVER do that. Never have to worry about that one—heh.


Occupation: Puppeh
Zodiac Sign: Leo (Ironic, isn’t it!? LOL) 


Smoke/Drink: Sometimes.
Education: Some Pre-school


Favorite Book: Entertainment Weekly


Status: Swingle


Sean A., I hope Curtis finds exactly what he’s looking for…

YOU are in BIG TRUBZ young lady!

I TOLD YOU not to go to Sex and the City without me. And you ate my carrots.

Rabbit 03, originally uploaded by dollipoptart.

Goran G., you don’t see that inner-ear pink on many softballs these days…

This is nuts

People, get ready for one of the best pages on the Internets; Sugar Bush Squirrel.

It’s the most chock-full, animated GIF, current-event-driven, no-topic-too-political-or-religious, squirrel pun-licious page you will ever see.


Sugar Bush was found and rescued as a baby by Ms. Kelly Foxton, only to be raised as an International supermodel. Here’s Sugar Bush’s photo shoot on a new heir to the throne in Japan:


No topic is too touchy for Sugar Bush! Here is Reverend Nut, giving powerful, paw-banging sermons…


Inspiring the troops;


Pushing back  on Kim Jong Il;


The page literally goes on and on and on! Right Keely S.?

Finally, a zoo that understands the evil power of otters

People, the Minnesota Zoo gets it. Finally a reputable establishment that understands the evil, evil powers that otters have over just about every other living creature! They simply cannot be stopped.


Washing washing ALWAYS WASHING, Alie S.!

No, we’re not almost there, so take a NAP

Come on, I’ll put on some Yorkie Blues Clues, and you can watch that.

No, the straps don’t go any smaller.


Are you sure that’s the lowest setting, Courtney!?

We KNOW cats like boxes, but this is ridiculous…

Boxes? Yes, most cats like boxes so much they have to go to Boxhab. But BoxING?

Cue "Eye of the Tiger"

Krista T., you are rumbling in the jungling.


Hmmm, let me think. What is the NEXT BEST THING to a warm powsche?

Warm laundry with Country Fresh scent that’s what.

Baby Kangaroo, originally uploaded by vapspwi.

Read this entire entry with an Australian accent I dare you, Lori W.

Before his ears grow out of control, get a load of this bebe Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes are well known for their contributions to the Rules of Cuteness, most notably their whopping ear-size.

This little Dewd is all, “I’m kitten-like, and don’t have my big ears yet!” and follows up with “Ye shall perish from my cuteness REGAHDLESS!”

Communication, originally uploaded by floridapfe.

Turning the knife in this pic:

Fennec fox, originally uploaded by floridapfe.

Lori W., fennec-licious find. I like how his eye-capsules can BARELY hold on to this concious world and are… drifting…. so… tie-tie

I am BEYOND pleased with myself

Um, warm, cheesey feets. That’s all I’ve EVER asked for. That and a Quadruple-Quadruple Animal Style.


That’s what she said, Marlene W.!  And check out the whole photoset by William Hundley.


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