Kitten Got Your Tongue?

Sttthooppth thhat! [Say in dog voice]

Tthankss, Cristhtl G.

C.O. Art Watch

The Isobel Schnarfmongler Gallery is pleased to announce Big Dog Little Dog, the latest installation by avant-garde mixed-media artist Nicholas van Blayvin. “My goal,” says the artist, “is to celebrate the contrasts in nature — not just between large and small, but light and dark, ears up and ears down, the whole spectrum, really.”

Perla the Great Dane and Rooney the French Bulldog, from Saul A.

And Now, the Song Stylings of Lenny

Fave Frame™

The Pup Must Go Free!

Let him out.

He’s obviously been framed.

[…by Cute Overload, Miranda R.!]


Ooh, yeah! All right!
We’re jammin’
I wanna jam it wid you.
We’re jammin’, jammin’,
And I hope you like jammin’, too.

When it’s a great photo, you know it’s hand-picked for us by Marilyn T. over at National Geographic Your Shot. Photo by Stephanie More. Bob Marley Jammin’ lyrics via MetroLyrics.

I’m On the Night Train

Zzzzt! Zzzzt! [Say in ‘toot! toot! voice]

Brought to you by Ambien and Sender-Inner John D. See 25 Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions over at Buzzfeed.

Town House Cat

It’s a little cramped, kinda short on closet space. But it’s rent-controlled, you say?

Thanks to Karen and Tom for submitting the new home owner, Achilles.

THIS JUST IN: Chicks in hats

9 days old.
Chicks in Hats

Baron Von Chickenpants

Chick flicks by Julie P. and suggested by Ant.

Ka-thwack, Sproing, Ka-thwack, Sproing, Ka-thwack, Sproing

We take you now live to the 2012 World Ping-Pong Championships, and it’s a really exciting event, folks—the audience is on its feet!


I won’t make it thru the Halftime show!

OMG the spectacle. [Mini-bear cringing]

Hold Me!

Animaltographer Jenny Ross captured this one.


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