I want my Cute Overload

[Pouting teenager voice] DAMMIT ALL TO HELL today made me so mad. My ISP has GOT TO GO. I won’t name names, but the bandwidth on the FRAMESET to this site was OVERLOADED all day today, even when I bot 50 more gigs this AM, and it’s like the fifth time it’s happened, and I am beyond annoyed, and there are too many details to get into and I AM ON FIRE! I am gonna move all my domains to a new ISP so this never happens again! OMGBBQ!1

Sorry about your fix today, Folks. I’m glad you’re back.


Meee-alllgh Hamish G.?

Maybe we should submit this to Stuff on my Cat.com

This kitteh wins Most Patient Kitteh Award.

The baby rat with it’s leg dangling near the cat’s mouth wins Ballsiest Bebeh Award.

Check it, the cats’ got ten eyes-glued-shut-delectable-rat-bebehs on her back. For crying out loud, that’s like sitting with a half dozen Krispy Kremes on my head.Must… not… eat!


Really, there is some serious potench gulpitude going on here, Susan C.

“Just look at those beaks. I mean, come on.”

I agree with you, sender-inner Desi W., but tell us, just HOW did all these ducklettes happened to be piled together like this? They’re like a mini carpet! WTF!?


GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Mini beakitude!

Just what IS B.E.F.!?

Beady Eye Factor? Broccoli Eating Factor? BOTH!?

[worlds colliding]


thank you thank you, Brinke G. (your blogspot link doesn’t work anymore, BTW)

Rule #26 IN ACTION

People, if you EVER doubted Rule 26 and needed just a little more evidence, look no further. Here it is.

April M.—gold star for you.

Let’s check in on Numo…

Hey! It’s our FAVE moist nosicle ‘Numo’ admiring himself on the InterWebs (as he should!)


At least that’s what he’s up to when he’s not "tubing".


Many thanks to the find folks over at Loosetooth, Numo’s site. And thanks for the reminder, E2C!

How do you say ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’ in Hebrew?

You know what? It’s time for some Cats and Racks, People, Israeli style. I think this guy wins smallest cat in rack award.




Sent in by the lovely Naomi G in Jerusalem.

This just in: A melting pug

"Seconds after plopping down into her squishy new bed, Lemon became nothin’ but cheek puff."

Thank you for the fine report—let’s keep an close (wall) eye on the situation.


Kathleen T. and Lemon-pup. Nice work… Oh, and Lemon, nice job on the tail nubbins.

Sing this song!





[repeat until roommate kicks you out]


Way to go, New Zealander Chels! (Oh, and SOMEONE is rokkin’ Rule 16…)

A Day in a Kitten Life

This vid is muy cute. Yeah, it’d be even better if it didn’t have the weird RenFair music, But oh wells.

Thanks, Wingigucci [head bow]