Live from “The Supper Dish,” Taos, NM

I’m your host, Blackie Blackwell, and now it’s time for that darling dancing duo, those keyboard cuties, the sassy song stylings of the Floofy Sisters! Let’s hear it!

Thank you, Blackie! We just finished a six-week tour of dog parks in southern North Dakota, and gosh, it’s great to be back here with you good people. Right, Tilly?

You said it, Dilly! And right now, let’s kick things off with one of our favorites…

For booking inquiries, contact Jaymes G.
(PS: We flipped the middle photo, which is why the notes look backward.)

All Evidence Points to the Contrary

During a press conference for their next studio album, the Beastie Boys vehemently deny being influenced by Lady Gaga.

It’s sabotage, Fernanda, via Frogman starcrossed1Three fluffballs by Joan Y

Otter Patter

I’m an otter, and you know what?
Me cutest critter on this spot
Not ox or owl or ocelot
With all I got, they ain’t worth squat.

My fur is sleek, my moves are hot
I slide through slots that you cannot
That’s why I stick my tongue a lot
‘Cause I’m an otter — and you’re not.

Photo: Tambako the Jaguar

Worst Case of the Mondays — Ever

If you need to slap the snooze bar a couple extra times, that’s normal. But if you actually find yourself oozing down the stairs, you may want to take a sick day.

Pandas love to WHAT!?

Apparentleh, Pandas Love to Party.

It’s been well documented.

Another Quality Foraged Link from Ant!

Maru Makin’ Biscuits

When he isn’t sliding into boxes, Maru is makin’ biscuits.

Listen closely for Maru purring at the end [serious eye roll]

Thanks to alert reader Marianne H. Maru’s blog is here.

Cuppa Bun for Bunday?

Look what our good neighbor Tracy C. done brought us: “I found two baby bunnies on my front porch. I put one of them in a measuring cup to show how tiny it was.”

That’s funny, they don’t look so tiny after a… Cute Overload Extreme Close-Up!

Saturday Night Schnozzle

Koalas really own the Schnozzular space. Seriously, who else has a schnozzle like that? Answer? No other animal! Koalas are mayors of Schnozzleville:

So Dad, when can I go surfing?

Schnozzular and Koalular by Photopakismo!

100 Stand-ins for Maru

Obviously the Ikea folks could not afford the salesmen services of Maru, so they hired 100

Some IKEA advertising geniuses decided kittehs would sell HENSVIK shelving and TROFAST storage really well.

Would be Spokecat Maru:

From the Zyote cloud.

The Critic Casts a Withering Gaze

“Hmph. Your flaccid dialog has all the wit and suspense of an infomercial, your alleged characters are two-dimensional cutouts wandering soullessly through explosions, car chases, and fart jokes, and your criminally inept direction is as elegant and purposeful as a three-legged hippopotamus having a heart attack.

“Oh, and congratulations on your record-breaking opening weekend.”

More hipster puppehs here. Another quality foraged link by ANT!


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