I want to belieeeve

AP is reporting a "unicorn" was born in captivity in Italy (where all miracles come from)

OMG, I’m gonna barf a rainbow. Ralllgh!


How bummed is that deer, Tracy W., Cheri S., Torie R., Tania S., Robin V., Carly L., and Kimberly H. + another beellion Sender-Inners?

They tried to make me go to boxhab…

Usually, it’s kittehs who need boxhab. They simply cannot resist an open, cat-sized box.

This roving Kneesock-with-Eyes found a box too. He’s looking a little TOO comfortabuhls. Time for boxhab.


I recommend Promises Boxhab in Malibu.

An itch impossible to scratch

Go get ‘em, Plinky McEyecapsules!

Michelle F., you know we love this mortal sin in particular.

I got the skillz to PAY THE BILLZ, Baby

Honey, I got skills I don’t even KNOW ABOUT yet.



This is an Olympic moment, Natalie C…. ;)

Dalmation Neck Kozie

I can’t believe this Shepherd is wearing fur. How dare he. Wait ’til PETA gets wind of this.

The spots are cute though.


Anything for fashion, eh, Raymi?

Firefox logo/Cats ‘n’ Racks

This is pretty darn racky, People. It might be difficult to get any rackier, frankly.

Nuevo logo de Firefox, originally uploaded by ♫ Nico ♫.

Go Paly Vikings, Arlo R.! (and thanks to SushiRob for rediscovering the lost photo)

Live Cub Cam

Somewhere in… (Norway?) is a live lion cub cam. Looks like Mom cat has three four cubbages.

It’s like checking in on your dog at daycare, only lion-y!


Let’s check in on them, Austin L.!

What am I your PLAYTHING?

Do you think you can TICKLE ME any time you WANT!?

OK OK, you can. I got nuthin.

Stubbular submishe, Sender-Inner Sehar S.!

Triple shot o’ ferrets, coming right up

[Whispering bartender] Listen Buddy, we don’t usually serve this, but you look like you coulduse a triple shot.

[Glass slides down bar into your waiting hand]

Lori W., you’ve really outdone yerself.

Well exscuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!

As happy as a pig in s@#$!!?

According to the Mail Online, this lil’ piglet was very fearful of mud and refused to step in it with her brothers and sisters. Quick-thinking farmers supplied mini rain boots and boom, she jumped in! Klop klop klop


Thanks to all alert cuteologists who sent this one in, ‘specially NTMTOM. Oh, and exscuuuuuse me, Princess! Thanks, Bobbeh.


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