THIS JUST IN: Lil’ Round Puppy Head

Illustrating Rule of Cuteness #14 perfectly, this lil’ tennis ball + puppy head action won’t last long because this pup is a shepard mix, expected to grow to fifty pounds! He and his puppy brothers will be available soon for adopt-shons in the Twin Cities area if you’re interested or want to help.

Little Round Puppy Head by mstori was sent in by Arl’oh R. and should be sponsored by Penn.

Time for Your Morning Exercise

And straaaaaaaaaaayche…

… and relax.

Toulouse doesn’t have much fat to lose, Naz and Mil.

Who knew? Pudú!

It has come to my atten-shons that some of you were not aware that The Pudu exists. I love it when new species come out of the woodwork to kill us with their adorabuhlness—here is Pudu 101.

First, they’re spotted, prosh and the world’s smallest deer:

Second, pudús normally weigh up to 12 kilograms (26 pounds.)

Third, they have small, black eyes, black noses, and rounded ears with lengths of 7.5 to 8 centimeters (3.0 to 3.1 inches.)

Lastly, they live in bamboo thickets (imagining Disney movie now) to hide from predators. They also LOVE Cute Overload Xtreme Close-ups:


Oh, and here’s a ten-day-old one IN ACT-SHONS:


Pudú facts via Wikipedia especially for RSA. Pudu in the Grass via Sunnydownstuff. Pudú snorfing zoo rocks by Patti Panda. Pudú with mouth ajar by 10-day-old Pudu video by Patti Panda. ONE DAY OLD Pudu video By Woodland Park Zoo.

A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

A valentine from Carolyn P.: “I was looking for a cute picture to put on the Valentine’s Day card I’m making for my boyfriend. My pet name for him is Woolly Bear – like the caterpillar! Soooo… I found this pic of this fuzzy, woolly little bug curled up into a perfect, teensy heart shape in the palm of someone’s hand!”

An Afferret to Remember

♪♪ Ebony and ivory,
♪♪ Sleep together in perfect harmony
♪♪ In the shape of a valentine. I opine,
♪♪ Why can’t weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Happy Valentines Day, Julie T.

Hold that Pose

“What the…?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re new here. No big deal, just once a year, she likes to arrange her cats with their tails like this.”

“What is it, some kind of Feng Shui thing?”

“No idea. Anyway, she takes her little picture, starts crying, eats a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s and we get tuna.”


I think I (snif!) have something in my eye, Paul P.

Puppy Barnacle Two

Ahoy a puppeh barnacle on board me matey!

Ne’er easy tah scrape off, those squiffy scalleywags!
Puppy Barnacle One was also made to walk the plank. Remember Samantha S.?

You may dispense with my usual supper dish

I’ll just eat my way to the bottom, thanks.

Nom-a-licious, Sarah S.

Another Saturday night—ALONE!


Oh wait. Much better now. [Shares nom with pal]

Holly C.’s dog had puppehs, Everyone.

Mwah! + Matchingks

The fine folks over at Nat Geo are giddy with Valentine’s cuteness, this time with a set of Matchingks photos.

Be sure and check them out—but first, here is an appetizer:

Much love to Sender-Inner and Valentine Marilyn T. Alpaca-Snorgle-a-Thon by Joseph Rescinito. Goatlet and Pup Tongue Kees by h by Eric Winters. Slurping Seals by Joanne Lembeck.


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