GusGus wants to try Life.

GusGus tries professional modeling. Does not like.


GusGus tries truck driving. Does not like.


GusGus tries vegetarianism. Does NOT like.


GusGus gets advice from nice Grandpa Truck Driver Dog Chester.


GusGus is happy to be a puppy for now.


GusGus and Chester photographed and captioned by sisters Carol and Leah S.

Lamest. Whack-A-Mole. Ever.

I mean, there’s just the one hole, and they don’t even let you use a mallet!  Seriously, what’s up with that?

This Blue Jay’s Here to Stay

Rescue a bird, make a friend; that’s the blue jay way. In this video from The Weather Channel, a nice South Carolina man did a good deed for a feathered neighbor, who now visits him every day for hors d’oeuvres and gossip, not to mention a bit of sunbathing on his porch.

Picture 1

Picture 2

OBVY created by Japanese scientiiiiists [singsong]

These little Pikachu dudes, called “モモンガ” (Momonga) were obviously meticulously crafted in the Secret Mt. Fuji Lab of Japanese Cuteness.

They’re also known as Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel and live in tree holes in forests in Japan. They’re nocturnal, and eat seeds, fruit, tree leaves, buds, bark AND KITTENS (just kidding.) Arigato, Mary N.

Oh, Go Fly A Kite!

With the waning of August and the approach of cooler fall breezes, the time is right to fly a kite!  Whether you prefer the swoops and dives of “stunt” kites, or the peaceful, serene floating of the classic box kite, you’ll find kite flying to be a relaxing way to spend quality time with family and friends.

It’s a good idea, however, to weigh more than six pounds.


Last sighted over Boise by Maria N.

Ready for his Xtreme Close-Up

Pup “Brody” is ready for his close-up.

He powdered his schnozzle and everything. Check it: [roll music]


Brian V. has many, many more glorious shots over at Flickr-oonie-poonie

They Grow Up So Fast…

Those fragile, squinting eyes; those tentative first steps; that precious moment when they look to you with faces that radiate pure love.  And before you know it…

new babies 09

… they’re engaging in scandalous butt-biting (in plain sight of the entire Ladies Aid Society and Sewing Circle, mercy!), smashing up the Mercedes and calling you at 3AM to bail them out of Juvenile Hall.


Kids these days, Linda G.

Ladies and Gentlemen, “Pinto Bean, Esquire

“Wow” you say. “Pinto Bean looks like a pretty small pup.”

“But, how small could he be?”




Lydia F. (i that is your real name) Thank you for the Rule #2 definish.

Sea Porker

Vince, by way of our friends at National Geographic Traveler, captured this ultra-rare encounter with the fabled Sea Pig.

Out looking for a mid-afternoon snack, the sea pig was heard to remark, “you wouldn’t believe how buoyant I am…”

Would you mind rubbing this sand off my snout...



Thanks for the tip, Chief Researcher Marilyn T. Vince L. took this shot near a small key famous for the “swimming pigs.” To capture this clear image Vince said, “I had to lure this pig into an undisturbed area with its favorite food: fresh watermelon.”

This is photobomb

Check out this squirrelio photobombing this nice couple’s vacation.

He’s all [waving his paw over vast lake] “Welcome to Banff, Bitches!”


Thanks to Sender Inner Tracy B. and Marilyn T. from National Geographic Intelligent Traveler who originally promoted this photo, and of course This is Photobomb, which is not necessarily safe for work. Photo by Melissa B. who was featured on National Geographic Daily Dozen for it! (Choose “August 1″ in drop-down to see the image and full story.)


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