Teeniest of weasel or stoat-like creatures found…

…on the side of the road in the UK. According to the Metro News UK story; the woman who found him said: "I picked it up and it triedto suck on the palm of my hand. " Ahhhn!

Wildlife Rescue is taking it from here, keeping him inside a sock on top of a heatpad. Natch.


Sender-Inner Tom W., that IS the most anerable muzzlepowshe in the "whole wide nyerld" I agree!

“Ruppy Pabbit”

[Pup pops up]



"Blaze" the (bebeh French bulldog) "Ruppy Pabbit" sent in by Martha W.

Mmmmggggllp. [snorting against wheel sound]

Mr. Waffles (I am not making that name up, though it really sounds like it) got a little tie-tie after running on his wheel.

Mmmmggggllp. [snorting against wheel sound]


Sender-inner Liz K. swears she didn’t "flatten him". Sure, Liz [eye roll]

Three piglets, one cucumber—WHO WILL WIN!?

[Rocky theme music playing]

We may never, ever—know…

Mariser, gra-cee-as.

LOL Cats cartoons

Check out all these sweet LOLCats cartoons from Ape Man. It’s a set of strips featuring hobo cats who speak in LOLCat talk. Their adventures include invisible sandwiches, jailtime, riding in boxcars, and chasing a pesky duck.


THX, Adam  K.!


Arrrrrrrraaagggghhhhhhhlll [Chewbacca sound]

RAAAALLLGR! [Looks skyward]



Julia H.—you should be frozen in carbonite for sending that in.

It’s SOOOO HOT in Maine…

[crowd roaring] HOW HOT IS IT!?

It’s SO HOT, a moose is in the kiddy pool!


You heard me. [slooosh!]


OK, sender-inner, I promise I won’t use your name, as you requested. But you know who you are… ;)

The More You Know: Sitting on Others


When you sit on a kitteh, however absentmindedly, make sure he can still breathe.

Because, kittehs need air too. [head tilt]

The More You Know. [nodding action with music in the background]


Sure, this photo looks like it was taken in Bangkok 17 years ago, Justin D., but the message is STILL just as valuable today.

Michelle B., great work on the TMYK logo.

The (jealous) Infinite Bird Project continues

People, you’ve heard about the ICP—or Infinite Cat Project, right?

Well [sigh] here is the lessor known IBP. [Golf clap]


Noice MacBook, Estaban!

Hurry UP Dude

Pup: Dude, I got my eating scarf on and everything. HURRY IT UP with those Snausages [That's Snausages In a Blanket -Ed.] Do you think I have all night?


Molly W., I never thought you’d like like your dog either. [Shaking head] Don’t make me file this under “Matchingks.”