Finally, a zoo that understands the evil power of otters

People, the Minnesota Zoo gets it. Finally a reputable establishment that understands the evil, evil powers that otters have over just about every other living creature! They simply cannot be stopped.


Washing washing ALWAYS WASHING, Alie S.!

No, we’re not almost there, so take a NAP

Come on, I’ll put on some Yorkie Blues Clues, and you can watch that.

No, the straps don’t go any smaller.


Are you sure that’s the lowest setting, Courtney!?

We KNOW cats like boxes, but this is ridiculous…

Boxes? Yes, most cats like boxes so much they have to go to Boxhab. But BoxING?

Cue "Eye of the Tiger"

Krista T., you are rumbling in the jungling.


Hmmm, let me think. What is the NEXT BEST THING to a warm powsche?

Warm laundry with Country Fresh scent that’s what.

Baby Kangaroo, originally uploaded by vapspwi.

Read this entire entry with an Australian accent I dare you, Lori W.

Before his ears grow out of control, get a load of this bebe Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes are well known for their contributions to the Rules of Cuteness, most notably their whopping ear-size.

This little Dewd is all, “I’m kitten-like, and don’t have my big ears yet!” and follows up with “Ye shall perish from my cuteness REGAHDLESS!”

Communication, originally uploaded by floridapfe.

Turning the knife in this pic:

Fennec fox, originally uploaded by floridapfe.

Lori W., fennec-licious find. I like how his eye-capsules can BARELY hold on to this concious world and are… drifting…. so… tie-tie

I am BEYOND pleased with myself

Um, warm, cheesey feets. That’s all I’ve EVER asked for. That and a Quadruple-Quadruple Animal Style.


That’s what she said, Marlene W.!  And check out the whole photoset by William Hundley.

¿Quién es mas macho?

I now know there is only one answer to that question. (Señor Montalban.)


Aurora R., that is ONE innovative pocket pet.

I’m pretending it’s Friday.


Mornin’, Peeps.

Sources here and here, if you couldn’t guess.  ;)

Holy Bacon Bits!

A nice little vid about a (mini) piglet farm. Makes these mini-bacon-schnozzles look DOWNRIGHT snugglable!

I can’t HELP but make the tiniest of snorting sounds while watching this, Tony E.!

This spa wraps everything *but* the tongue

I’m sorry, but tongues aren’t covered in this spa package. Yeah, that tongue needs extra special treatment. We have special spa packages for toothless Papillons that you should look into. [Hands you a brochure]


Christina V., did you pay extra for the eye gloss?


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