Brusha Brusha Brusha

Oh. Tank you so moooooosche.

I was looking for an ex-fol-ee-ay-shons.


Redonk, Stephanie P. Totally redonk. That must be how the wale got so white—he’s soooo cleans.

Check out this debauchery

1. Oh, just make yerself comfortuhbuhls! [kittehs in cat food bin]


B. They tried to make this pup go to boxhab and he said no, no, NYERHE


Is this what it’s come to, Erica O.? HEINEKEN with cat food and SHALLOW pizza boxes for your pup!? HUH!? IS IT!?

From “Ahnnnn” to “D’oh!”

Check out this Spaniel puppeh, being treated to a SUPERSIZE SANDWEECHE.



The_more_you_know2And the moral of the story is; Keep Your Yapper Shut.

[The More You Know music]

Right, Sender-Inner J.M.?

Christmas aftermath, aka Going straight to boxhab

This kitteh (who has GOT to be sent to straight to Boxhab) is overdosing on the available Christmas packaging goodness.


William H., way to join the  exclusive club that is CUTE CAST!

Bottle-fed orphan BFFs

Lila and Outlaw (the raccoon) are tewtelly BFFs!  Both were bottle-fed orphans and are best buddies to this day. Hey Sender-Inner C.S., have any photos of them now?


Don’t mind me. [chomping on behbeh raccoon ears]


There is something about this puppeh—he seems to have all the best puppeh features. He’s all friendly, wandering the neighborhood happeh, smiley. He’s like a Pupbassador for pups all over.


He’s all "Welcome to Pupsville, I’m your Pupbassador, High Commissioner Mr. McFluffles."


"Our consul representatives focus on diplomatic relationships with kittehs and ferrets…"




Katherine K., nice cuteporting.

And now, an LOL cat translation of the Bible

BeebleFrom Genesis 1: "Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem."

And so much more… Here.

Thanks for all who sent this in, especially Lisa M.

Well I’m glad Her Highness got everything she wanted for Christmas

That cat gets EVERYTHING she wants.

Everything! [Steaming]


Cindy G., priceless expression of the gal in the back…. ;)

Teh Best of Teh Best of Teh Cute 2007

[Casey Kasem voice] It’s the most, listiest time of the year, when bite-sized, potent summaries are compiled from the 2007 content you’ve enjoyed most. On this last day of the year, we give you Teh BEST of Teh Best of Teh Cute. And, thanks to the Writer’s Strike, there will be no jokes between categories, only thunderous applause.

And now, on to the Best of the Best…

In the best of the Birds category: This little guy made it just under the wire. He was submitted yesterday, and won our hearts. So he ties with Back Street Bros Cockapoo. [down-tempo Casey Kasem voice]


And now, a bird with more rhythm than most white Peeps:

[violin music] For best of Bunnehs, it was The July 27th posting from Sender-Inner Cindy C. and photographer Blake I—their take on an English-accented, odor-absorbant bun, who asked stated: "All clean Suh!" [Shaking head] adorable.


Cats ‘n’ Racks, a favorite among the Academy, gives this year’s best award to…
Making Biscuits on a Rack!
[Thunderous applause] For its amazing videography and story-telling. [Surging orchestra goes into commercial]

The best Cute or Sad? category award goes to "Blues Guitar Riff" a sweet heartbreaking rendition of "Moonshine (One Pup’s Howl)" Left everyone saying: "Baroo."

[curtain peels back to show the Cute Overload dancers]

I’ve lost all mah moneh…
my girl and mah car.
and now I got nuthin’ but…
a paw cast and mason jar

A jar of mooooooooooooonshine [howls]


In Farm Animals this year, it could ONLY BE one choice… [tyhpany drums]… From Sender-Inner Jennifer H…"MMmmmm, SNOUTLICIOUS!!!" [Standing ovaishe]


Nipping on the gross heels of the Farm Animals category, it’s the "Gee-ross!" category, with clear winner; "Um…. OK"!!!

The US Hedgehog/Kitteh Massage and Awareness Coalition is proud to present this year’s Hedgehogs category winner, Krisa B.’s entry: "Spiny Masseurs"!

Hedge: "Bonsoir—can I eentereste you in a swedeshe massage?"[dainty paws start workin']
[thinking] what the—are these guys acupuncturists!?


[thinking] wayle, OK—maybe I’ll try a few minutos—
Hedges: Try the lavender oil—all our clients love eet [More dainty paw massages]


Kitteh: Um, this is better than buttermilk, People
Hedges: Yais—I am sensing and snorting an essence of satisfactshons here… [continues with dainty paws]


The Horses category boasts a TIE for the best, with "Miniscule Ponitude"


neck and neck with "Step Aside Travolta" [clap/clopping hooves sound]

A new popular category this year; I Shall Leeck You, brought MANY leecking images to the Academy’s attention, including this year’s winner; "People, I could not post this fast ENOUGH" sent in by Megarouge:

Another new category, Thanks to Theo [Theo stands up, takes well-deserved bow, ovation from audience follows] was Interspecies Snorgling. [Violins start] Interspecies Snorgling became the second-most popular category, after "Kittens" and produced a THREE-WAY TIE this year, with: "People, Redonkulousness @ a whole nutha leva" [Clapping]

"Double Shifty Eyes" [Clapping]


and… "CHICKEN HATCHES KITTENS!" [Overwhelming screaming]


Our most popular category, Kittens, produced A FOUR-way tie this year, with the judges awarding:

"Do NOT watch this, you can’t HANDLE it (2 Cute 2 Furry-ous)",

"Cats Talking",

"Cats Talking – Translation",

and the "Mini Meow Kitten Rescue"!

We’ll be right back after these messages.

The Cartoons category was COMPLETELY revitalized this year with the winning entry: "It’s Caturday Morning…" from Simon T. of Tandem Films, sent in by Elaine G.

The Pocket Pets category never disappoints, nor does it ever refrain from overstuffing it’s pouches, and this year is no exception. This year’s award goes to to the fabulously blobbular "Ham Overload" by Chmurka, sent in by Susan F.

.flickr-photo { border: solid 0px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

Chmurka the Hamster Egg!, originally uploaded by pyza*.

The Product Cuteness category did surprisingly well this year, even competing with Hello Kitty for Mens. The hands-down winner was "Oh Puh-lease—get out of Town"—The Pup Scouts Training School. It still boggles the mind.


The Pups category produced some unbelievably great specimens this year, but one certainly stood out—Paige the Cover Girl puppeh, who made not one but two appearances this year. Here is her latest photo shoot [violins swooooon]


This time with an Extreme Belleh Chub Close-Up—(pulling no ponches)


Watch her wrap her muzzlepowshe around a piece of fabric, AND…


Chew on your daintiest of pantaloons!!!


She’s unstoppable.


We’re up to Rule #37, People. It seems like just yesterday, "Putting your Paw Up" was enough. But now, we practically REQUIRE the coveted Cuteness Trifecta to be posted on Cute Overload. The Best New Rule of 2007 is… Rule of Cuteness #29 AND #30!

In an amazing feat, this mini tiggerlette manages to create TWO rules at once; #29; flexing paws repeatedly in the air for no reason, and #30; showing his breath by way of a fluttering belleh. Ahhhggnn.

Again, the choice was absolutely clear when it came to this category: Unusual Animals. Only ONE entry could be chosen for this top honor. And in our hearts, the Academy knew it had to be those two otters holding hands. The Otters that single-handedly (???) erased the evil reputation and made the world look afresh on Otterdom. It’s the video the Academy will tell it’s grandchildren about.

The "Good Times!" award goes to the one unusual, unexpected moment when something good happens, causing what the Academy likes to shout: "Good Tiiiiiimes!" This year, it was a surprise ‘Will you Marry Me?’ from C.O. reader Colin, to his girl Jess. She said yes. [Audience starts crying]


The first-ever 2007 Cute Overload Lifetime Achievement Award goes to that person, that animal, that event that gives SO MUCH [orchestra building] Without a doubt, the winner this year is the FABULOUS WINSTON, who graced us with his annoying meows, to his Rice Krispy Treat Halloween costume, his potato-eating and Thanksgiving gluttony, to his Santa screeching. Thank YOU, Winnie.


People’s Choice: The Best 2007 Commentroversy

At Cute Overload, we pride ourselfs with providing engaging content. Sometimes, that plan backfires! Hee! That’s when we call it a "Commentroversy." This year, it’s the People’s Choice to decide the BEST Commentroversy… What do YOU think? Choose one in the poll below.

The "Over-Snorgle!"


Chomping on Cute Animals!

I’m Sure There’s a Perfectly Good Explanation for This

Meg uses the word "Goddamn"!

And, with a whopping 3570 comments: Fat Cat on a Couch!


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