You’re… you’re… UNGROOMABLE

Sequoia, the matted-hair, bear-feet, insanely anerable kitt-tayns is not gonna let you groom her. No WAY:

Big thanks to Winston and Rich over at Four Four for this personal reccomendayshe.

The Cat in the App

From our “sad but true” files:  Somewhere, at this very moment, people are taking pictures that don’t have any cats in them.  To remedy this injustice, there’s CatPaint, an iPhone app that populates any pic with prosh pouncy purriness pronto.

And as if that weren’t enough, the app drives other cats insane (OK, more insane):

Spotted by Susy P.

This Just In: Runway Goat Couture 2010

Karl Lagerpelt debuted his new spring collection this week to mixed reviews. Not many will want to sport the Pippi Longstalking-like waves many of his models donned while prancing down the Carpathian-walk. However, come April, you better believe that turnip decorative barrettes will be all the rage.

Your goat’s too sexy for a tan, too sexy for a tan, so sexy he looks like flan, Liliana F.

I Think We’re Being Followed

“Like, maybe it’s just the catnip making me paranoid, man, but I keep seeing that same white-and-blue truck at every corner.  And it’s always parked right next to a mailbox; like, that can’t be a coincidence.”


It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya, Sandra D.

Here Comes Peter Cottonhead

Every morning it was the same routine: Colonel Danders would make his way out to the yard to watch the sunrise, yet he never realized he was facing the wrong way until it was too late.

Less fluff, more fold, Ashley H.

Ciao, Francesco Rinaldi!

‘Ello! My name is Fabio, and you-a must-a try-a my mar-i-nara!

OK, I’m sorry. I admit, I’m not Italian. And my name isn’t even Fabio. It’s Ken. Ken, as in, “Wake me when you’re done saying ‘Ken’.” I just wanted you to think I was exotic.

Eucalyptus…basil…same thing, Connor R.

Photos by Mathew Doherty

And please check out

Disapproval at a Different Level

Oh my, what an – gulp – adorable bunny. Well, um, yes, I guess he does look like Clark Gable…though that’s not the first name that comes to mind. Say, is he, a, um…nice…rabbit?

Keep an eye on that one, Chelsea T.

I Spy With My Two Giant Eyes

So here’s what I’ve seen so far: Fred Chipmunk has been stealing the cedar shingles off your house and using them to smoke cashews. Sylvia Squirrel, she’s my wife and I love her, but she’s been taunting that panting beast you call Captain Cuddles. And Norman Gerbil? Well, let’s just say he’s still mad that you brought Captain Cuddles home, so he’s been leaving you “presents” under your pillow.

I think we’re all square here, so can I have my Cheetos now?

Googly, Sophia P.

THIS JUST IN: The “Suck and Glare”

Carl the 17-day-old kitten does not like sharing his bottle.

Izzie, the older cat sits and tries to catch a drip every time, and all Carl does is suck and glare at her.

Ariel E., thank you for bringing this look to our atten-shons and for naming your kitten ‘Carl.” Nice work.

This teacup is too big…

This teacup is too small…

This teacup fits juuuuuuust right.

Narie S., it’s 4PM. You’re invited to High Bunday Tea.


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