The Heroic Adventures of Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer!!1!

By Kyle McBlarghle, age 6

OK OK, this is the story of the amazing Captain Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer (da-da-da-DAAAAA!!) who travels around space saving good people from the evil Baron von Nuffenstuff!  First, our hero crash-lands on an alien planet in his Space Adventure Pod — NEEEAAAAWWWMMM!  CRASH!!!

OH NO!!!1!  Our hero is ambushed by the Interplanetary Space Army!!!  PTEW PTEW PTEW!!!  There’s too many of them, I surrender!!! says Rick!!  Hah hah we will take you to our leader and he will kill you, say the Army Guys!!!!

Oh please mister Army Leader don’t kill me because I am the famous Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer (da-da-da-DAAAAA!!) and I need more Power Seeds to fix my Space Adventure Pod!!!  Why didn’t you say so, I will send a scout to show you where are all the Power Seeds!!!1!

Um, why do you have to ride on my back??  Because I can see better and because it’s more funner, that’s why!!!  OK, here are the Power Seeds, gotta go, byeeeeeee!!!!!

Wow, he sure left in a hurry, I wonder … OH NOOOOO!!!  Baron von Nuffenstuff!!!!!  Yesss, you fell into my trap, Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer (da-da-da-DAAAAA!!) and now … YOU WILL DIE!!!!11!!!1!  BAH-HAH-HAAAAHH!!!!

Will our hero survive??  Will he get killed by Baron von Nuffenstuff and his deadly Laser Spear???  Will we ever run out of photos sender-innered by Arlette????  Don’t miss the next thrilling episode of Rick Chipmunk, Space Adventurer! (da-da-da-DAAAAA!!)

Space Cowboy, Freeze!, Specimen Found, Oh Noes!, What!?, originally uploaded by powerpig.   

Pup Confessional

[Pup speaking to audience] Listen, this kid has GOT to go.

I’ve been babysitting for hours and he still can’t fetch or ANYTHING.

He’s obviously… [holds up paw in whispering motion] perfectly useless.


Sender-Inner Tom, I think you might wanna heed this advice or teach the baby to fetch—one or the other…

I got yer ‘Tocktober RIGHT HERE


[Splays haunches on floor]


Stacia F.—what can I say, you’re right, it’s that time of year, and ‘tocks are EVERYWHERE.

Caturday Night Night

It’s been a loooong Caturday, and it’s time for your lullaby.

Sender-Inner Layla says this kitteh is so cute, she slapped herself watching the video. That’s all I needed to know. Ahn.

That IS an anerable tongue, you’re right, Layla [slapping self sound].

Sugar Glider Gardening Tip

Hi, Green Thumb Glider here with your Sugar Glider Gardening Tip!

To grow beautiful Gladiolus flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds and um, Sugar Gliders, you’ll need a spot with full sun and good drainage. They’ll hide unsightly walls! They grow from 6 to 9 feet. Plant seedlings 10 inches apart. That’s it!

Hmmm, [grasps blossom with tiny hand] This flower is progressing nicely! [Snorts pollen]

Ren and flower 1, Ren and flower 2, Ren and flower 3, originally uploaded by TheOneAndOnlyOz.


I know we’re a few days into ‘Tocktober already, but we’ve finally got a good specimen for you. In fact, Sender-Inner Esther L. points out this photo would be EXCELLENT to show again as we transition into Nosevember. I’ll remember that.


Another San Diego Zoo gem—thanks, Esther L.

More Caturday indulgences [Shaking head in disgust]


Cats always think they have some kin dof special privledges just because it’s Caturday.

They think they can sleep in the dryer, eat at the dinner table, indulge in boxes—the list goes on.

When are the hamsters of this world going to rise up and say "Enough already" in their squeaky hamster voices!?


Sender-Inner Marieke and Poema the kitteh, I don’t know if we’ll ever turn this around.

Aie, Chihuahua!


Sender-Inner Georgia S., what do you think?!

Demanding, relentless kittens!

OMG, HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! Kitten Chow is almost ready.



"Susie preparing for Caturday" by Todd.

Cuddling Camping Combo


—we cuddle.





Nice bliss, Shonti Lynn.


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