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The Hangover 2: Hammy Boogaloo

Sure, some fans may be upset, but it was a casting choice, you know? Besides, most people won’t even realize – I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard  that Zach Galifianakis looks exactly like me!

And you thought Tyson’s tiger was a scene stealer, Lottie P.

But I Don’t Want to Go in the Dollhouse, Mommy

It’s… it’s dark in there, and all the furniture’s too small for me, and this one doll — the really old porcelain one in the blue pinafore? — when you’re not looking, she draws a line across her neck and goes “kkrrrricccchhhh!”

Kiki can come play house with us anytime, Shirley M.

Just Load ‘Em up and Fire, Boys

‘Gah head, Chuck, and roll the dice. But if I find out that you’ve tinkered with my power tools again, you best be wearing a helmet.

Chuck’s about to be bruised, Christine Y. Photo by Brittamay

Tonto Senses Danger!

“Hmm, kemosabe. Herd of cats stampeding this way… two, mebbe three miles due south… and it doesn’t actually help when you press my ear to the ground like that.”

Whoever heard of a herd of cats, Heidi B.?

Psycho(analyzed) Kitty

How is this cat feeling? If you’ve got an opinion, we’ve got a job for you. As part of a research project, shows pictures of cats and asks you how each cat feels. Kind of like “Am I Hot or Not?” as conceived by Sigmund Freud and Garfield.

Photo credit: Karamellzucker

Famed Designer Lucifur Lives up to Name

Sweetie, I need you to walk the runway like a Whippet, not a Clydesdale.

When’s her next collection, Tiffany G.

Another Round?

Our new Rule of Cuteness is on a roll, with these two yin-yang baby raccoons, submitted by, big wheels in the wildlife rescue business.

Never Underestimate the Smother Bros. of North Caldwell

Anthony the Anvil, Mario Red Stilettos, and Freddy Flock of Seagulls were anxiously awaiting the news…

So, you’re tellin’ us that that Persian, Joey Pantaloons, is now swimmin’ with the fishes? You’re certain…?

Well, ain’t that just freakin’ fantastic! That ol’ cat has been hopin’ to dive off the Great Barrier Reef for years! Salute!

Mahalo, Miss Mel.

Crazy Rocky’s House of Used Carpet!

Yes, friends, come on down to Crazy Rocky’s House of Used Carpet! Choose from acres of styles, cut pile, dog pile, even gomer pile, at prices so low, they’re a steal!


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