MMMMMM. chain-a-ruuuuu

Mm! Chain-licious….

[Kronshe kronshe kronshe]


Kris B., way to spot ‘em! (Oh, helped that she titled her email ‘chompage’.;)

Alright, guys. LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!

Turklettes scheming their prison break. If you look closely, you can see ‘anti-cornbread-stuffing’ arm bands.

  close up 
  Originally uploaded by newrambler.

Baby Turk-turk

This turklette wants to know if your Thanksgiving gravy recipe is up to snuff.

Well, is it?


  Baby Turkey 
  Originally uploaded by Old Leadfoot.

Deals, Deals, Deals!

Cat stuck in window sill: "Fabulous. Just what I need. First I’m stuck in this window sill, now Mr. McBeadersons here."
Mr. McBeadersons: "Top o’ the mornin"


C.S.I.T.W.S: "Let me out of herrrrrrrrrre!"
Mr. McBeadersons: [Sniffs out selling opportunity]


Mr. McBeadersons: [seizing opportunity] "You know, [paw on pane] these Ultra Millguard wood panes hold in 28% more heat and keep out street noise…"
C.S.I.T.W.S: [In disgust] "McBeadersons, I’m not interested in your junk—"


Mr. McBeadersons: "…I’ve got a red shoebox outside you might be interested in…"
C.S.I.T.W.S: "ooh!" [suddenly interested] "A box? How much?"
Mr. McBeadersons:
[whispers price]


Mr. McBeadersons:
"Comes with a free neck massage." [tiny claws dig in]


Mr. McBeadersons: "Yep, another deal done. I didn’t win ratsperson of the year for nuthin’."
C.S.I.T.W.S: [snoring]


Sooo many peeps sent this one in, it’s imposs to list them all. Thanks, everyone. The photographer unknown, and the series is floating around in emails.

Krazy Ham Wheel

Now playin’ at CuteCast, People!

Jessica W., founder of the New York Hamster House sent this one in… Is that her giggling in the background? Fabulous.

Natalie Dee has it right

They’re FDA-approved and a little squirmy, but that’s OK.

Good work KHyde and Natalie Dee!

Two-Dog Night

Sing it with me now:

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,

Joy to you and me

(er, pups "Felix" and "Ilsa".)


Matt and Monica, awesome twin puppitude : )

Mini Neigh-er

Mini-neigher, Peeps!

It’s like you could cuddle him and put a Barbie on his back to ride around.

Am I right, People?!

Once ageeeeen, the fine folks at Pacific Pinto Fahhhms deliver! Literally!

This week on C.O. Reality TV

3 kittehs

2 Pups

1 parrot

2 hams.

WHO WILL WIN ONE MEEEELLION DOLLARS? [paw up to side of mouth]


This kitteh certainly cannot be bothered with a show like that. OK, cancelled! [singsong] (Thanks anyway, Sarah M.)

25ccs of cuddles STAT

This is really just ridiculous. Could this pup just stop looking so pathetic?

He looks like he NEEDS massive cuddling JUST to survive!

25ccs of cuddles STAT!!!


Dr. Liam C., I suggest you attend to your puptient.