Not No Way, Not No How!

The Wizard? But nobody can see the great Oz! Nobody’s ever seen the great Oz! Especially not dogs! Especially if they’re aloud! So if you want to see the Great and Powerful Wizard, which you can’t, you have to be quiet! And try not to be so doggy!

Photographer: Amanda K.; Set design: Mathias F.; Cat: the aptly-named Phobia.

The baboons did it, NOT ME.


Mini Cheet-cheet thanks to Izismile

Give Squees a Chance

Oh No! It’s Linen’s Bed-In.

“Talking in our beds for a week.
The newspapers said,
Hey what you doing in bed?
I said, we’re only trying to get us some peace.”

You know it aint easy, Bunny, Daisy & Susan H.

What Just Scared This Cat!?

Someone out there must know—tell us in the comments!

Meanwhile, get a load of the Michael Jackson Thriller walking action:

From Sender-Inner and Successful Half Marathoner Mischa.

Your Arches Have a New Enemy

No pep in your step? Try new Dr. Scowll’s Kitten Insoles, guaranteed to surprise, awaken, and revitalize tired feet — especially if you don’t know they’re in there!

Says Siobhan S.: “My new kitteh Stevie crawled into my boyfriend’s sandal and, perhaps overwhelmed by the odor, quickly fell asleep.”

You Can’t Handle This

I give you just one fleeting chance to gaze upon my fabulosity. Go.

That’s almost more than we can handle, Quincy and Alana R.

Rubber Baby Ballet Bumper

Time for a do-it-yourself mashup: First, click the arrow below to start the music…

… and now that we’ve set the proper mood, please enjoy the underwater antics of six-month-old Adhama, new hippo calf at the San Diego Zoo.

Driving Mama Loony

I hear voices. Even now I hear them. The little voices, all the time, telling me what to do.
I wish they’d get off my back.

Honk if you love geeses.

You’re giving us goosebumps, Helen R.

Well, La. Dee. Da.

I like a leetle peenk weeth my dots. Don’t you?

When we say fetch, Pearl really “brings it”, Julia S. Thank you for sharing your Maltese cutie!

Gato Gateau

Gato Gateau; l’inoubliable: un gateau au melange cremeux decore’ d’un a la mode vanille’. A’ ta santé!

One of four HAPPY 3-day old white lions cubs, an extremely rare subspecies of the African lion, BIRTHed in Belgrade Zoo, Serbia, one DAY in April 2011. Thank you Darko V., and Kathy K.


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