Are those God-forsaken kids gone!?

Yes, I think it’s finally over Gabriele B.

Carrothers Brothers

The notorious Carrothers Bros. disapprove of Easter! They deliver shopping carts full of black rotten eggs that were never found last Easter, to put in all the little children’s baskets!
And who would ever suspect a distinguished name like Shop Rite?

Mama Carrothers! What are you doing in there?! How could you?

Don’t put all your rotten eggs in one truck , Kate L..

The Backstage Situation Is Totally Unacceptable

I mean, where do I start? Just look at these carrots — just lying about, not even peeled, and is that supposed to be garnish? It’s a flippin’ joke, mate, is what it is!

And then there’s the little matter of my changing room. Hello? How about a little privacy? Look, I’m out there, doing my big show of the year, giving the kiddies 110 percent, and this is how you treat me?

Never mind — I’m a professional; I’ll rise above it. All right, mates, let’s do this!

Such a prima donna, Pamela S.

Peep Thrills

Honey, that Easter Bunny only ever wants one thing from me!

Boom chicka chicka wow wow, C. Kirby!

Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence!

Let us know what happens, Sara P… [shifty eyes]

Looks like a job for…Bed Hog!

Bed Hog knows being a mattress tester means a lot of pressure, long hours and even getting laid off.

But for Bed Hog it’s as easy as, well, rolling out of bed.

Call Bed Hog today! Not to be confused with Pig in a Blanket.

Looks like Bed Hog ate the pillow, Lena.

That’s Really Sad

I thought I had heard the electric can opener. But I was wrong.

Woe oh woe, woah-woah, Mr. Sauce-O Jones. Photo by Adrianna V.

Thanks to Our Underwriters

Major funding for Cute Overload comes from the Corporation for Potluck Broadcasting, and from the following:

The Lorraine and Ygnatz Hoongerdoonger Foundation, for advancing research in the field of putting little ducks on top of very large dogs;

and from the Chicken Hypnosis Association, for coverage of the environment, civil rights, economics, science, the arts, and pretty much anything other than chicken hypnosis because to be quite honest it’s kind of a boring subject;

and from the Bad Idea Foundation, helping people discover the power of bad ideas;

And the generous submissions of Sarah G., Sigrid M., Miriam S., and the ongoing support of (say with me now) viewers like you.

Top This!

The cute just went up another level – when will it end?!

Anything CO can cute, CO can cute better!

CO outcutes itself, all the time!

Many times. A few times. Maybe less. Once? But it was really, REALLY CUTE! (gasp! swoon! faint!)

Whew, now that that’s settled, we can credit this cute to the Japanese (of course!) Dwarf Flying Squirrel!

Momonga!, Thankcute to: Ant’s Quality Foraged Links:

Simon’s Cat in “Hop It”


Michelle D. spotted this new one! Nice work again Simon T.!


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