Is there a monkeh in all that fluff?

Bebe-est of monkehs, (at least I think there is a monkeh in there) here, hangin’ on a finger.


Via, spotted on Digg and by Rachel W.

THIS JUST IN: PC Mag 100 favorite blogs

Pcm_15_headerWeeeeeeeeeeee! C.O. made it onto the "Top 100 Favorite Blogs" in PC Mag just now…

Check out the whole list… including such favorites as DListed, GofugYourself, Cocktail Nerd, Fake Steve Jobs, etc.

My virtual acceptance speech: "PC Mag Editors, hearing that C.O. made this list is like a tiny little kittayn, in my ear, purring incessantly. Thank you!"

Nearly swallowed by dee cowshe

According to her distracted babysitters, Little Layla the pup was left on top of the couch. When the sitters returned, she had sunk in a bit…

[Head tilt] Ahnn.


POOR LAYLA, I’LL HELP YOU!!! (Thanks, Tracy V. ;)

What are the Germans smoking now?

Oh, this is just asking for trubs. Crazy peeps over at Spiegel shoes in Germany are pushin’ it to the LIMIT!

Available here…


Tina K., Whatever you do, don’t wear these to Bodega Bay

Sing it with me now…

Happy Birthday to you,
"Miles" just turned two,
We made him a super smelly cake…


And everyone else WANTS A PIECE OMG!!!


Um, Genesis B., 1. What did you put in that "cake" and 2. Who invited the schnauzer!?

Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis

I know, I know, that was a hackneyed sitcom saying from Diff’rent Strokes. What the heck else am I supposed to say after that Bun of Death sucked the soul right out of me?


Courtney B., Scout is really sweet, and I’m sorry she had to go after that bun. Someone had to do it.

Bunday: world dominayshe edition

Um, People? Are you kidding me?! I’m pretty moishe speechless here.

This bun is just taking over Monday—and so nonchalantly. He’s all: "oh.   hai."


Check out how "timid" he is, knowing FULL WELL that his powers are enveloping the entire northern hemisphere!

Is that evil paw tenting I see?!


And if that isn’t enough for you, how about this little FULL BODY POSE, that MAY REQUIRE CPR!?


Elias P., where have you been hiding this fifth element, this eighth wonder of the world, this TEENY BUN!?


I am NOT a Swiffer.

Fffft Ffft! [claw swipe]


Stheriouswee, Photo Girl. Way to save moneh.

Yes, your toes are almost done—

The cucumbare watere, she has soaked een.

Your treat-maynt, she is almost complete.

Next, we bring in the monkeh masseuse.


Oded I., tell that translucent blue turtle to fetch my spa robe!

Rule 25… we… [shifty eyes] meet again…

I am powerlays against you, rule 25.

You WIN, rule 25! STOP 25, STOP!


Selin K., sssssssssssh. sleeping in. Wait, what is Rule 25 again?