I Wanna Ride in the Shopping Cart!

Ooh, and I want that cereal with the big rainbow on the box, and three cans of Spaghetti-O’s, and oooohTheCandyAisleTheCandyAisle! um, I want Jolly Ranchers, and Reese’s Pieces, and a bag of whatever those red things are… Wow, I’m so excited I need to chew on the cart for a while, om nom nom nom…

From Flickr user Mohd Khomaini Bin Mohd Sidik in Malaysia comes the story: “My uncle has a baby monkey. Unfortunately, the mother to this monkey has passed away when giving birth to him. So, the responsibility of mother is passed to my uncle. My uncle is the one giving milk, food, and the most important thing is the love of a mother. This little monkey is really really cute. He can easily easily fit in a basket on the motorcycle!”


Enjoy Our Family Vacation Slide Show!

So, we decided to take the kids and head to the Bahamas. Boy was it warm, even in the shade.

These three little pigs decided to head for the water to cool off a bit.

Oooh, these next pictures are great! I finally got a chance to use that waterproof camera.

Hey! Where ya going? There’s at least 300 more pics of our vacation!

(And all of them credited to photographer, Eric Cheng.)

Groggy Goggie

Anh, looks like the tryptophan fairy has visited again.

Sandra knows how to sleep a puppy off its feet!

Many Will Enter; Few Will Squee

Enter the Snorga-Cola™ Tiny Turtle Sweepstakes!

Check under your bottle cap in specially-marked bottles of Snorga-Cola—If you see a turtle, you win!

Photo via Pacific Northwest Turtleworks.

Who? Who? Who…

Will let me bite their fingers and give me head skritchins?

Owl never look at owls the same way again, inMoTion1980.

Two blorps R better than one

Miss Beluga meets Mr. Sea Lion. I foresee a long and blorpy future for this couple.

Blorp domination from Dominik.

Textbook Interspecies Snorgling

Look at this, People. A kitteh has decided to pass out on a pillow. Except this pillow happens to be a…tortoise. Hardest pillow evah!

Discovered on The YouTubes from Navarrasbabies.




Whee, Carrie T.

Mom lends a helping hand, er, paw

So, look. Here’s the Mama Polar Bear and her two kids. One hops up onto the ice fine, and the other one has a wee bit of a problem. What does Mom do? She saves the day, that’s what! Watch her scoop up those Polar Tocks! (And listen for all the “awwww’s” going on.)

Taken off the coast of Greenland, from the RRS James Clark Ross during the UK Ocean Acidification cruise last month. Thanks for the vid, Vdhumph.

Why Stuart, you look so…Little!

Look at Mr. Critter, just peeking out from someone’s jeans. Prolly hiding out from a Very Large Kitteh!

Another Prosh Pixdaus Production from Meow Meow.