Please Do Not Climb the Otter

Welcome, welcome one and all, to Minnesota’s Fergus Falls!

Home of The Otters!

We got otter football, otter softball, otter pops, otter sculpture…

…oh fer cryin.  We got otter tourists.  [sigh]

Not to be too smug, but how jealous are our friends at now, eh??  Grins.

Hamster not shown actual size

‘Cause if this was actual size,this hamster could nom your face clean off.

Like a fresh piece of tofu.




I’m heading to my UnderGround Shelter, Tisha Y., please join me there and bring lots of Lunchables® so we can get thru this.

Ferrets Behaving Badly

Let’s take a look at a typical ferret life-cycle.

First, the evil, evil ferrets are borned, making squeak-toy noises

As they grow older, the innate desire to steal microphone covers begins

Ferrets try to contribute to society with janitor jobs, making music and baking muffins, but mostly end of sleeping in hammocks.

As teenagers, they tramp around as they please, mostly doing time for their sheepish attacks and selling catnip.

Then they all usually end up in BagHab.

No wonder they’re banned in California.

World’s Tiniest Snake Discovered Under Tiny Rock

Moments later, he was skinned to make the world’s smallest Louis Vuitton bag for a demanding hamster.
Excellent Cuteporting, Agent Katy S.! Photo by B. Hedges. More on Señor Snakersons over at NewScientist Environment.

Move over, Dramatic Chipmunk

Because Dramatic Kitteh is the new Dramz in town.

And just in case you missed it the first 8,234,789 times, we give props to the Original-Dramatic-Prairie Dog-Who-is-Always-Confused-As-A-Chipmunk:

Ms. Q., say it with me now: "Dahn dahn daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!" [looks over shoulder]

Rocky Reaches An Important Conclusion

"That settles it — no more flying without a parachute."

Had a little trouble with the landing, did we?

Ees dahlink peek-ture, Danielle F.

Oh where oh where did my little tail go

Oh where, oh where can it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?


Was it stolen? Removed by a mini bird plastic surgeon? Batted off by a smooshed-face cat!? Whatever happened, we need to get to the bottom [<--Heh] of this!

Johanna S., call the COPS

Confucius Otter Say

[Pats paws together]

He who run through airport naked is going to Bangkok.


Luis F. That’s good, er, advice.

Cats ‘n’ Racks on a SUNDAY!?

It’s the LORD’S DAY!



OMG watch out, this isn’t over, there is AN EXTREME CLOSE UP


I cannot BE-LEAF you sent this in, Jaya K. Unbelievable.

I Give It Six Months, Tops

Her: ("I just wish I could be sure this is the right thing to do.  I’m 99 percent sure, well just about 99 percent almost.  I mean, he’s the right man and all, but is this the right time?  Sure, all of my girlfriends are married already, and maybe I’ve been feeling a little pressure, but it’s not as if the clock is running down or anything.  There were so many things I was going to do first:  Backpack across Australia, finish my degree in Tantric yoga rebirthing therapy…  I mean, I tell myself I can still do all of those things, but, marriage is such a big commitment and everything, I just don’t know.")

Him: ("Please, God, don’t let the bachelor party videos end up on YouTube.")

Mawwage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wiffin a dweam...

Photo by Kat Humble, Pawprints Photography, for Pawz for Thought, an animal rescue charity in England.


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