Winston is not normal

But you already knew that. Now we finally have proof.

Yet another salute to Rich over at FourFour!

[Calico glass sliding down bar towards you]

Sender-Inner Matt M. says this is his friend’s kitten.

We think he just ordered a drink at THE BEST BAR EVAR!


Free Raccoon With 20-ounce Pepsi!

For a very limited time, these Tulsans got a bonus with their soda:  Two caffeinated raccoons, followed by a “skunk whisperer” named Bruha (ha!) who called it “refreshing” but blew his chance to call it “the choice of a new generation.”

About to nom your face clean off

Are you feeling lucky, Punk?

Are you?


It could really go either way, Ashley T.
[Seen on Melisa’s Bears – Ed.]

Meal worms, Elvis impersonator, tickling, and thee

Is PRETTY MOSHE all this Slow Loris needs.

Don’t miss the Original Tickle™, Miranda…

Nice privacy tail, Taters

Some kittehs, like “Taters” here, STILL KNOW what it means to not show your hiney to the world. Thanks, Taters.


Misty C., if only today’s generation of kittehs could keep things under wraps like Taters, here.

It’s Over, Johnny

“Endcat”, the cat who pounces on unsuspecting C.O. readers, has spotted you.

Good luck recovering from this Wilford Brimley marmalade action.

inspirational-end-cat copy

As spotted on

Nobody Understands Goth Guinea, Either

Oh, kindred soul — while others mock you, I too have faced the abyss, stared into the swirling vortex of despair from which no ray of hope escapes, in which we all are doomed to…  to…  sa-a-a-ay, that’s a really cute top in that ad there…


Wait, now I’ve lost my train of thought… what was I doing?  Oh yeah — playing!

Nothing says “soul-crushing angst” like the name “Darklord Nibbles,” Laurie C.


Say you guys!



[Close up of ‘Say!’ action]


Marmoset There’d Be Days Like This, Magnus O. from Stockholm, s

Nuthin’ like a smooshed muzzlepowsche and a berne

You’re good for the afternoon.

6 copy

Special thanks to Moose On Morton Shot by Anne-Lise Q.


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