If Only We Could Think of a Catchy Phrase to Describe This Sort of Thing

For a limited time, visit your local McDonalds for a Happy Meal with a very special surprise inside. We’d tell you what it is, but we don’t want to… erm… prematurely divulge the secret and risk blunting the startling effect at the moment of revelation.

J confesses: “It’s not my video, but omg I wish it was because I’m dying to have a cat like this. I hope he’s like another Maru!!”

My Achilles Heel is at it again

Will you please get a load of these Pom morsels flitting about, TAUNTING US WITH PROSHNESS:

Pom pups—there is nothing cuter Maria G.

What did you get for Christmas?

Sender-Bunner-Inner Hristo M. gloats: Guess who got a bunneh for Chreeeestmas!?

Simon’s Cat in: “Santa Claws”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Simon, the World’s Most Curious Cat, discovers Christmas:

Just in time, Kim S.

Outh of Othfice Reply

“I am currentthly outh of the othffice and will return afther Chrithmaths.”

We get the methage, Christina!

Scott here, Captain:

It’s not looking good in Engineering.


You Look, Um, Distinctive (snicker)

No, I mean it — the pink scarf with those red-and-green striped leggings is so, ah, dramatic. And the way it showcases that “Kiss Me From Head to Mistletoe” t-shirt is so… so… well, it certainly makes a bold statement.

It’s Yoshimi, from Jessica A.

And Most Knobbular goes to…

With crushing levels of lankiness, mind-boggling amounts of eyelash plinking, this bebe giraffe wins Most Knobbular!

Alex W. sings: “Theeeeeeeere she issssss! Ms. Knoooooobbular!”

Trippin’ Jingle Balls, Man

Well, this explains a few things: According to noted pharmacological journal The Sun, reindeer and other animals eat “magic mushrooms” in order to “experience altered states of consciousness.” Like, say, pulling a sleigh through the sky.

Photo: Rocket the Reindeer by Ellie.

I don’t like this “snow” thing

Ptoooey! [spits snow out of mouf]

Sender-Inner Leah says Sophie “likes snow”. Yeah, right.


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