That seal will laugh at ANYTHING

Look, I know you think you’re a brilliant joke-teller and all, but that seal, Man, she’ll laugh at anything.


Rosie W.! It tickles! It TICKLES!!!!!AAAAAAAAAHHHHHStop eet!

Less Caturdays in 2008!

2008 is the year for pups.

Down with ‘Caturday’ Ptooey! There will be no more rolling over!

I insist on a ‘Pupsday’ or ‘Dognesday’. ‘Muzzlepowshe Monday’—ANYTHING but Caturday.


Jen F. and Gracie, It’s day three of 2008. And the battle, she is ON!

The beat dont stop until the breaka dawn

With a hip hop the hippie to the hippie

the hip hip a hop a you don’t stop

the rockin’to the bang bang boogiesay up jump the boogie

to the rhythm of the boogie the beat


I dont mean to brag

i dont mean to boast,

but we like hot butter on our breakfasttoast, Kelsey B.

But here’s all the SugarHill sweetness—in case it’s been a while…

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Oh. Tank you so moooooosche.

I was looking for an ex-fol-ee-ay-shons.


Redonk, Stephanie P. Totally redonk. That must be how the wale got so white—he’s soooo cleans.

Check out this debauchery

1. Oh, just make yerself comfortuhbuhls! [kittehs in cat food bin]


B. They tried to make this pup go to boxhab and he said no, no, NYERHE


Is this what it’s come to, Erica O.? HEINEKEN with cat food and SHALLOW pizza boxes for your pup!? HUH!? IS IT!?

From “Ahnnnn” to “D’oh!”

Check out this Spaniel puppeh, being treated to a SUPERSIZE SANDWEECHE.



The_more_you_know2And the moral of the story is; Keep Your Yapper Shut.

[The More You Know music]

Right, Sender-Inner J.M.?

Christmas aftermath, aka Going straight to boxhab

This kitteh (who has GOT to be sent to straight to Boxhab) is overdosing on the available Christmas packaging goodness.


William H., way to join the  exclusive club that is CUTE CAST!

Bottle-fed orphan BFFs

Lila and Outlaw (the raccoon) are tewtelly BFFs!  Both were bottle-fed orphans and are best buddies to this day. Hey Sender-Inner C.S., have any photos of them now?


Don’t mind me. [chomping on behbeh raccoon ears]


There is something about this puppeh—he seems to have all the best puppeh features. He’s all friendly, wandering the neighborhood happeh, smiley. He’s like a Pupbassador for pups all over.


He’s all "Welcome to Pupsville, I’m your Pupbassador, High Commissioner Mr. McFluffles."


"Our consul representatives focus on diplomatic relationships with kittehs and ferrets…"




Katherine K., nice cuteporting.

And now, an LOL cat translation of the Bible

BeebleFrom Genesis 1: "Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem."

And so much more… Here.

Thanks for all who sent this in, especially Lisa M.


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