Stubbs Goes to Great Lengths

Okay, doc, you say this Stretchbionic pill is gonna work – and it better ’cause I got a hot date with my marsupial mama tonight! So, what do you think? Am I lookin’ leaner and taller?

Like a Slinky, Marley W.

Help for the Cuteness-Impaired

Amazing as it may sound to loyal readers like yourselves, there are people whose emotional development is so stunted that they cannot recognize Teh Qte.

This is potentially hazardous, as they may naively attempt to snorgle creatures that are not cute, such as mongooses, tarantulas, or saguaro cactus. It is wise in these cases to label cute items until these people become familiar with them.

Photo credit: am4ndas

Serengeti Illustrated

This year’s cover model likes prowling, preening, and spending time with her athletic beau, Johan. She’s also committed to educating others in order to improve the global understanding and treatment of, as well as contributing to the preservation of humans and their habitats.

She’s ambitious, Courtney S. *Photo taken in South Africa*

Shouldn’t He be Riding on a Banana Seat?

The pink bike, the music, the basket full of awesome…

Winston needs a driving cap, Rich.

Nobody is Immune – Especially the Embarrassingly Weak

As much as I try to resist it, the overwhelming urge just completely takes over, and before you know it, my right paw is in and I’m shaking it all about!

I wonder what happens when he hears “The Chicken Dance”, Dominique C.?

no words.

Look, I don’t exactly know what’s going on here, but I do know that you should prepare to have your mind blown. And I implore you to pay close attention at the :25 marker.

Fantastic Muppet-y find, Hamama.

Tomatoes: That’s How it Always Starts…

Oh, sure, it seems like innocent fun at first; just a few strategically-placed tomatoes, what could it hurt? But soon you’re on to the harder stuff: Eggplant, lemon-peel sculptures, lettuce, mini-yous. Then someone makes a blog of it!

Emily M. shared more pics at this link, and wants you to know they satisfy Rules of Cuteness 2, 6, 11, 12, 20, 22, 26, 41, and 44, plus 100% of your daily requirement of Niacin, Theramin, Unobtanium, and <jerrylewis>Ribo-FLAY-vin!</jerrylewis>.

I’ve got your nose!

“Hello, doctor? Yes, I’d like to make an appointment; it seems I’ve developed a small ungulate on my nose.”

Sender-inner Sean F. forwarded the above picture to the C.O. Facebook page.

Day 2 of the British Open Comes to a Stop

What an unfortunate day for players and fans alike here at St. Andrews. Officials were forced to halt play just a few moments ago when the green on the crucial par-4 17th was sincerely compromised.

Can Rory McIlroy recover, Barney S.?

The Cake Is a Lie

Here at the Institute for Driving Cats More Insane Than They Already Are, our scientists are creating new methods to send your feline friend ’round the bend.


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