Find the tiny paw in this pic

Where, oh, where could it be?

Hmmm…. small paw… small paw…OMG THERE IT IS!


Hard to see with the glistening schnozzle action, Mary R.

Dinner bell baroo?



Or was that just your martini bell your puppeh heard, Phoebe N.?

And now, the Never-before-attempted: UPSIDE-DOWN-REVERSE-CLOSE-UP!


Stop looking at me like that

This Yorkie bebeh is licking his chops, looking at you like you’re a a GIANT HAMBURGLER!


Nawm, nawm nawm, Julia J.


OK, OK, OK, I’ll post it already!

People, 3 Billion of you have sent this in. The mail flood is almost as bad as the groundhog/telenouvela video… I had no idea so many of you heart the Les Garçons de Backstreet.

Thanks, Grabbui! More on all the squawkingk boids in this vid here at Bird Lovers Only

‘Tocktober at the Farm

Everybody celebrates ‘Tocktober. Even bebeh piglets.

[Please check out Mom, with all hooves up—OOOF]


Excellent curly-q tail capturing, Kei H.!

Tailless ‘Tocktober

[shrugging shoulders] Bummer about the tail/But hey, better ‘tock view


Nice nubbular Manx!, Tammy!

Pocket warmer

More snorgleable than a hot water bottle,
more comforting than a glass of warm milks, it’s…


, originally uploaded by rudi_rabbit.


Mini-meow Kitten rescue

Check out this wandering kitten get lost, then found by his Momma, then neck-kronsched and carried back home.

The best part is when she’s trying to pick her bebeh up, Rachel!

‘Tocktober: icy cold, submerged paw pad edition

It’s like this guy just did a perfect dive and kersplooshed into the pool.

Must have been a triple lindy.

The end!, originally uploaded by ucumari.

Regina C., extra points for difficulty.

Gossipy schnozzle convo

You can tewtelly see these two schnozzles, going a mile a minute, speaking volumes.

They’re prolly talking about Britney’s latest plight.

Head to head, originally uploaded by AlexK100.

Excellent suggestion, J.R. at Happy Designs