Patiennnnnnce! [scream in Axl Rose voice]

Just a little paayyy-shance Yeaaaaah yeaaaah

[Prediction; .02 minutos before this chick becomes a Scooby Snackā„¢]


Ashley C. forget how this scene happened in the first place, CHECK OUT the little FRO BRO bottom right!!!

Answer: .02 seconds

Question: How fast will this photo get posted on ICHC?


I Can Haz Right Hook, Sender-Inner P.A.K.!

Once again, the DikDik conquers this website

People the DikDik schnozzle is just about the most anerable thinggoing. Imagine this little guy, sproinging around on the Africanplains. Saw it muhself and almost die-eee-d. Serious.

The cutest animal…, originally uploaded by mistca.

Johanna S., even the name ‘DikDik’ is prosh. COME ON!

How to crochet the most redonk cat hat ever

Who are these ridiculous people who insist on making hilarious cozies for EVERY THING ON THE PLANET? I love you People. Serious.

Check out the entire WikiHow article here.


From the article: "You can make a chin strap but this is only for the most patient andmellow of cats, and definitely not recommended if there arechildren who’ll be trying to put this hat on the cat." OK!

Special thanks to WikiHow authors Hellokitty, Sondra C, Jack H, Flickety, Krystle, Nicole Willson, Anonymous, Chris Hadley, Cipher_nemo, Lorna145, Martyn P and Sender-Inner Karla B.!

“The Look”

You are so guilty of eating a sandwich in front of this puppeh at apicnic and he has only one choice and that is to give you "The Look".

TUAPA_080427_FX07_03.jpg, originally uploaded by JimmyHsu.

Supreme Sender-Inner Lori W., thank you ;)

Captain Gosling we are a go, Over

You are now free to move about the pond, Over




Wendy L., pass the peanuts and order me a Bloody Mary, Over.

One day, I’ll be a MUSAK SUPERSTAR!

This kitteh is a regular Miles Davis, if Miles Davis had four paws and twitched during sleepies. Check out his paw action to the beat. Bizarro Montalban.

Phillip P.! Another quality foraged link!


Tapir_worldShine up your schnozzle, ’cause it’s World Tapir Day.

According to Sender-Innner Anthony L., the aim of the day is to raise awareness of tapir conservation. And to show off their prosh little logo!

Find out more on tapirs and the conservation efforts to save them. All store profits go to tapir conservation projects. The Tapir Gallery has a lot of schnozzles in it, just like this guy. ;)

Good thing he has a built-in black and white prison uniform


Sooooooo guilties…!

It’s just another example of Boston Terrors taking over, Sender-Inner Amy S.!

There is not enough eye-rolling in the world to counter this photo

Obvy, our friends The Chinchillaz are having a Saturday night birthday party. They appear to be downing popcorn-shaped jello shots. Um, and the hats are chinchilla-SIZED. Did you hear me, People? CHINCHILLA-SIZED!!!


Photo found by Sharilynn and Jerod L. while searching "redonkulousness" on Wikipedia. Photo by Missy8964


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