Why Trust Your Problem Child With Anything Less?

Parents everywhere! At your wits’ end? With our revolutionary behavior program, parents who have lost their sanity are finally communicating with the brat they love.

C.O.X.B.S.C.U.! [Cute Overload XTreme Bratty, Snarling Close-Up!]

Jason wouldn’t ever want to stifle Penelope’s grrrrrrowth, Renate.

Fighting over the leftovers

Kiara (the pekingese) and Arwen (the chihuahua) sharing a rawhide stick for Thanksgiving. Let’s give them a round of applause for not yipping at each other for a whole 2 minutos.


S.R., [holding out the wishbone in your general direction] Make a wish!


I ate too moshe
Too moshe is what I ate
I ate too moshe
I ate too moshe
I ate too moshe
I-eee-I-eee aaaate too moshe! (triumphant)

Baby Hannibal then...at 5 weeks
Many thanks for the marvelous meal yesterday, Family! (and singing of our annual overheating song.)

Are You My Mother?

This will either make the most obedient, loyal, eager to please cat ever, or it will put it in therapy for years.

Here’s the story from sender-inner Alaina M., “I just brought a baby kitten home after getting her checked out at the vet (found her sans-mommy in a flower garden).  These pictures are from her first day at her new home, with my dog, whom she views as her new mommy now. You can see the kitten sleep-suckling on the dog’s fur, adorbz.  The puppy’s name is Burnett (or Burnie for short) and the kitten’s name is Junebug.”

Eine kleine Nachtmeowsik

Next in today’s program, we will enjoy Mozart’s Serenade No. 13 in G Major, performed by The Hairless Headbanger Trio.

Our Cute Runneth Over

Let us contemplate where would we all be today if not for the spirit of sharing our harvest.

Let us give a generous thanks for the bounteous harvest which hast been given unto us.

That’s gratitude with attitude, Miriam S.

Update: This is Jeffrey, Nancy & Rich’s beloved American Red Squirrel, when he was about 5” tall.

Office Party Time is Here

Uh oh, everybody brought hay.

And Phil from Accounting’s all hopped up on celery.

There’s going to be a lot of talk at the water cooler on Monday, Kindall D.

I Just Don’t Get It…

Not that I’m knocking Thanksgiving; it’s my favorite holiday. I work the room, do the “soulful eyes” bit, rake in the table scraps. Pretty sweet deal. But there’s one thing I’ll never figure out: How do they manage to get pumpkin pie from one of these things?

Leeloo’s a lovely licker, Erika T.

We’ll play the goalposts, you play goalie!

Wait wait! Goalie! You’re going the wrong way!

Cute kittens
I want a do-over, Tomo 1981!

Who’s Ready for Some Flapjacks?

And I also want a hard-boiled egg, three strips of bacon, a bowl of Cocoa Puffs, a toasted bagel with cream cheese, a prune Danish, a large orange juice, and two hard-boiled eggs. And my yawning friend here really needs a cup of coffee.

You should get another kitty, Danielle S. Then, you’d have a balanced breakfast.


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