Let’s check in on MeMe

MeMe the Kitteh sure is cute.

Let’s see how she’s doingks. [Cross-eyed head-tilt]

Oh, and this video will make happy tears in your eyeses:

[Head bows] to Elizabeth V. TONS more photos and Japanese (natch) commentary over at Sakurako Shimizu

Now we’ll have to disapprove of ourselves

A moment of disdainful silence, please: Derby, the official face of disapproval and founding member of the Legion of Evil, has committed his final and most sweeping act of condemnation by passing on to Completely Unacceptable Bunny Heaven.

In his dishonor, Derby’s owners Carly & Art have disassembled this loving tribute image (click to view at Flickr). We’re sure Derby would have disapproved.

[Just a gentle reminder, tho — Derby and Cinnamon are not the same rabbit! – Ed.]

Someone Remove this Stubborn Hare from My Back

Oh I see what’s going on here! You’re just waiting until I take a snoozer so you can win the race and declare victory! Well, I’m gonna cling to you like white-on-rice! Now who’s the winner, eh? Eh?

I honestly have no idea who comes out a winner here. Forwarded by Daming N.

It’s Go Time.

‘Ow you doin’. I’m glad you could join me for what will surely be a momentous occasion! I’m about to publicly flaunt my humongous size in hopes of becoming Guinness World Records Largest Guinea Pig!

I don’t understand. Were my steroids not working?

On the plus side, the mullet adds two inches, Avigayil H.

THIS JUST IN: “Tugboat” the bebe Pug

[To the tune of ‘Hello Mudder, Hello Faddah‘]

Hello Earflaps
Hello Tailio
Greetings from the
Photo Studio
Lil’ ‘Tugboat’—under his spell
It looks like he stuck his schnozzle in an inkwell

Credit goes to Sender-Inner Sharon C. and Charity Lynne Photography.

Life Episode 1: The Cute Outwit The Hungry

Folks, if you haven’t seen Discovery Channel’s Life series, you are missing out. Narrated by Sir Oprah Attenborough, this jaw-dropping series will blow your ‘tocks apart (What?!). Seriously, the stellar photography will absolutely delight, entertain and educate you. For full effect, you absolutely must watch it in HD with a good beverage.

Today’s installment: Rufous Sengi Outwits Hungry Lizard.


Did you know Rufous Sengis are always famished? Learn mo’ about the Rufous Sengi here!

Honestly, you’ve got the wrong house…

“Are you sure, Mrs. Buttle? Because my state-of-the-art hand-held laser address scanner says this package is for you, and these things never make mistakes.”

What can brown do for you, MaggieMoo?

Maru Potter and the Box of Mystery

Before any student may graduate from Boxwarts School, he must first successfully enter the Conjurer’s Container, a diabolical contraption whose enchanted flaps refuse to open, as if held in place by an unseen force. Will Maru succeed? Let’s see!

Standing Cat – Olé!

Standing Cat” returns as Puss and Boots. ENCORE!

Don’t miss Ceiling Cat, Ant and Bel S. You might have to watch it again…

Bichon, Please

Welcome to this edition of The Sunday Wrap-Up. “You’re a baby kitten, I’m a baby otter! Let’s be friends” was the most popular post this week. It even showed up on The Daily Show this week! So you know it’s good. Nipping at the heels of the #1 slot was “I Cannot BELIEVE I Have This Stupid Haircut“! [applause]

So to celebrate the fro-tastic Bichon Frisé, I hereby give you:


Yay! Paws up!

Mrs. Doggie by Mrs. Doggie. I looove this one too.


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