I Weel Get You

[Stalk stalk stalk]


Stalking perfected by kitten Daisy, captured by BigTallGuy.

Some Days, Even Kibble Don’t Cut It

Maybe it’s the humidity, or maybe my inability to resolve the mind/body schism at the core of Cartesian dualism, but I’ve been so listless lately. Not even my impressive display of Rule 47 splayed haunch action lights my fire anymore.

It’s just a phase, Marti Z.

Gossip Goat

… so the Horses aren’t speaking again; Ethel made Bob sleep on the couch after she found about that filly in Philly. The chickens tell me that new rooster is strictly a cock-a-doodle-don’t, if you catch my drift. And Mrs. Pig won’t let her youngest Stanley out of the house ever since he got that tattoo…

Jamie W. says: “my mom took this at a petting zoo (accidentally wrote ‘petty zoo’)”

With a Bod Like This, Who Needs Hair?

Tough guys don’t go to barber shops. They go for the hedge clippers at the hardware store.

He is dog, hear him roar, Monica Mc.!

Flurricane Warning!

Increasing cyclonic bands of showers and an unstable warm front indicate this is the perfect puppistorm!

Be prepared for the devastating eye wall.

Thanks for wetting our whistle, Will L. See more of the unseen!

Encore Presentayshe: Let’s Go for a Catwalk

Since 2008, two French hikers have chronicled their trek from Miami, FL to the tip of South America, a journey of 15,000km (about 9,320 miles) through 13 countries.

But what elevates this hike down a hemisphere straight into the Cuteosphere is the third member of the team: A stray kitten who joined them in Louisiana.

Hup, two, three, four, Sender-Inner Keri F. See all the cat-trekking action over at Turn of the World!

It’s Sotterday Night

…is the perfect time to snorgle up to your loved one, pull up the water covers, and catch some Zzzzzs.

See cool images at Izismile.com
These lil’ otters look suspiciously like the famous Vancouver Aquarium hand-holders! Still pic via Izismile

Popover Sometime

Hullo, what’s this then? Well, well, making popovers are we? (hovers about “helpfully“)
Make sure your batter is fluffy now, mm-hmmm.

Then fill the cup up to the ears.

Avoid popover flop over – once they’re in the oven – no peeking!

Voila! The puffiest popovers simply must be served immediately!

Thanks for pudding up with us, Padme Hamidala and Susan G.!

Feeding Time

Now, let’s see… You get some duck food, and you get some duck food, and you get some duck food (wow, I feel just like Oprah here!)…

Well, that was fun. I wonder what’s for lunch?

Posted to our Twitter feed by Elise S.

Talk About an Orange Crush

Could somebody get Slurpy McSlurpersons here a straw? Maybe an orange peeler? Actually, one of those electric juicers would be useful…


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