Pugball Team’s Looking Strong this Year

Decent speed, excellent ball control — we may have a shot at the World Pup Cup!

I’d Like to Propose a Toast

Hold your hedgehog like a drinking cup,

But watch out when you say, “Bottoms up!”

We think Professor RB Prickles is neat as a pin! David C. says this is his 10 month old hedgie, and the RB stands for Root Beer.

That is Going to Be One Epic Butterfly

Oh baby talk to me, like larvas do…

Marty is ready for the wild blue yonder, Taryn C.

Know Your Carnivorous Houseplants!

A master of adaptational camouflage, the Cat-Trapper (ravenous hilarious) often takes the form of a common trash can, allowing it to lure unsuspecting kittens.

It’s 5 o’clock, Do You Know Where Your Cute Is?

As a public service announcement, CO would like to remind you about the senseless tragedy of underage cuteing. CO strives to promote safe cuteing habits and encourages you to cute responsibly.

This message was brought to you by, Shiela O.

Hath Not a Shrew Eyes?

Really, really, teeny-tiny, itty-bitty eyes?

And hath not a shrew a looooooooong stretchy body?

And if you feed us, do we not om nom nom nom?

From a photo set devoted to the Northern Short-tailed Shrew by Gilles Gonthier.

Let’s Play Twenty Questions

But, nobody better pick things like dendropsophus ebraccatus.

Treefrog, vegetable or mineral, Brian Gratwicke ?

Play It Again

Humphrey, Humphrey dahling. No, no no. Eet’s all wrong. THIS is how you do eet.

Don’t smolder and pout. Side-eye and snarl.

Here’s looking at you, Boo Radley and Justine S.

It’s Kimbo, Daring Dog of Danger!

In today’s action-packed episode, Agent Kimbo infiltrates the secret jungle headquarters of C.H.U.B. (Covertly Heinous Underworld Brotherhood).

Will Kimbo defeat the comically inept minions of the evil Dr. Fang? Can Kimbo thwart the evil plot to poison the world’s kibble supply? Will this video seem cutesy and staged until about 1:30, when it suddenly gets jaw-droppingly awesome?

Press play and find out!


Beside bananas for lunch and turns on the tire swing, little Rollo Bumblemufkin’s favorite pastime was a little game he liked to call “Will This Fit Up My Nose?”

That’s snot funny, Barney M.


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