THIS JUST IN: from Gobbler’s Knob

Punxsutawney Phil, the wisest of all groundhogs, Prognosticator of all Prognosticators has proclaimed that his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are World Champions AND that there will be six more weeks of winter, Bitches.

local groundhog who isn’t looking at his shadow by jjp178. Is it really called "Gobbler’s Knob"!? Too… many… joke… possibilities!

There’s a SALE at KITTENDALES!!!

I just got four for the price of one!


And now, your non-sequitur of the day:

[Mr. T. voice] Baghab is boxhab with handles, Fool!

Milhouse we talked about this.

TenderHeart Bear or whatever that thing is not going to the vet this time.

Just drop it, Milhouse.

Drop it.


WHy am I imagining Milhouse "Rrrr Rrrrr Rrrrr"-ing and shaking his head like it’s friggin’ Shark Week, Sherry V.?

And in the blue corner…

[Try as I might I couldn’t come up with anything funnier than their commentary on how Zeek loves his wrestling mask – every time I look at that picture it cracks me up!]
…weighing in at a stripy 15lbs, from Redondo Beach in sunny Cali-for-neye-aye, it’s…Nacho Zeek!
[image: NachoZeek.jpg from Merf and Len]
[hovertext: Yes, it is true – I am NACHO!]

Llllet’s get rrrrrrready to snooooooooorgle, Merf and Len.

[Sorry – drawing a blank here. I’ll sleep on it and see what develops.]

2 pounds carrots + campus lawn = 1 evening of entertainment



1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 Bunnyflip 13 14 15

Jennifer G. Just stop it! You’re OUT OF CONTROL!


I don’t know about this Global Pugsitioning Unit…

It’s supposed to get us to our destination, but it’s not really working…

It’s making me go thru yellow lights at top speeds…


I was supposed to be at the office an hour ago, but somehow we ended up at the beach…


And it’s konking out on the job.

I think we need a new one.


Sender-Inner Lucy says: Baby Otis is only 3 month old and doesn’t give good directions yet…

It’s Game Time!

Good afternoon, sports fans!  Well, this is it: The granddaddy of them all, the brass ring, the game for all the marbles — the Super Bowl.  And with it comes the time-honored Super Bowl traditions; first, dressing up the pets so they can share in all the Super Bowl excitement!

Oh yeah, I'm feeling it.  How about you, Stan?

Like, rah.

And if that’s not thrilling enough, it’s time once again for the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl!  Here are highlights from last year’s action-packed game!

Thanks to Chief Sister Officer for the Steelers pet pics!

Meet Today’s Players

A cardinal…

You got anything to eat around here?

… and a stealer:

Photo credit: Wing and a Prayer by Creativity+ Timothy KHamilton

Tie-Tie on Caturday

"WHOO! What a tiring Caturday."

[Dragging gut on ground along with ears]




Daisy-shoo…. daisy-shoooooo (Say in ‘honk shu’ voice)

Hut! Hut! Ham!

THIS Heisman Ham trophy winner has ALL his football-shaped baloney sandwiches with mustard "strings"  READY for tomorrow’s game.

Do YOU!?


This encore presentayshe brought to you by Meg.


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