He’s a Little Awkward in Uncomfortable Situations

I salute you, sir! Heh-heh, just kidding. Um, I’m actually quite uncomfortable here, and to say that there’s a yoga-like situation going on is really understating it. To be honest, I haven’t seen my left leg for days…so, a little help?

I suspect there are men at work on the situation, Tracy from Oz.

Every. Single. Time.

Did they love her? Sure. But Sally’s inexplicable need to hog the camera in every picture made for some pretty monotonous photo albums.

Giving snake eyes a whole new meaning, Shelley T.

“What is the picture you receive most often?”

I always get the question—”what picture do you receive more often than any other?”

The answer is simple; TWO CATS. Two cats doing something.

People are ALWAYS submitting pictures of two cats. Two cats chasing squirrels! Two cats who grew up as brothers and look at them now!, Two cats who were fighting but stopped for a moment to snuggle!—this site should be called TwoCatsOverload.com.

But this one is worth posting, Lauren D.


According to the BBC, wildlife experts were stunned to witness a rare “divorce” among a pair of swans.  The birds, which normally mate for life, returned to a Gloucestershire wildfowl sanctuary — with different partners. Sanctuary officials hope the birds will resolve their differences on an upcoming Maury Povich.

Photo: Swan Heart by fmc.nikon.d40

“Ehn!,” Definish of

1. Wait, lizards like eggs?
2. People take videos of lizards trying to nom eggs in their back-yards?

4. WTF Sender-Inner Austin C.!

Performance Art: Typical Reaction

“OK, I managed to sit through the 45 minutes of chanting.  And the lady who showered the audience with toenail clippings while screeching about her childhood was kind of funny.  But by the time they got to the three guys in frogmen suits who smeared each other with vanilla frosting, I just went baroo?

How cute can you possibly get? is by wili_hybrid.

Beach Blanket Piggo

First of all, you’re blocking my sun. Second of all, that Bahama Mama ain’t gonna get itself.

Spring Break may have started early, but let’s hope she doesn’t participate in any wet t-shirt contests, Hannah R.

Finding the Perfect Box

The box is the most important choice a cat can make.  It is more than a place of rest; it is a spiritual center tailored to each cat’s unique karmic needs:

Does the length create the optimal head-to-torso folding ratio?  Can the feet rest horizontally across the width?  Is there proper chi flow?  And what about chafing?

So … do you have anything smaller?  This one’s a bit large for me.

Writes Caleb B.:  “My cat Boo likes to sleep in this box in our kitchen that is smaller than he is.  If he curls up in a ball, he can kind of fit in it.  It may not be practical, but it sure is cute.”

Rule of Cuteness #45 Anything with the word ‘pygmy’ in it is Cute

“Bunny”? Cute.
“Bunneh”? Cuter.

As usual, F1v3r keeps us apprised of all bunnular news. F1v3r also says we should all go to Save a Bunny.com.

Your Thought For Today:

A bat on the hand is worth two in the belfry.  (Hmm, I dunno, it just doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it.)

Quick, Robin!  Tell Alfred to activate the Bat-Hance-O-Tron-O-Meter!

Photographed by Megan C.


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