What 1970’s living room did these guys crawl out of?

[Peter Frampton cranked in background]

I don’t know if this pic is old or the kittehs look extra 70’s-Ranger-Rick-poster-like or what… Something says SEVENTIES, People!


Sarah B., Do you feel like I do? Great find from Jessica’s blog

Dancing or…sleepingks?

Behold "Noodle" the kitteh, who look like she’s "dancing" when sleeping…

She’s all: "I’m your private Noodle, a dancer for moneh!" [sing in Tina Turner voice]


Anmari T., She’s got the moves, and LOVE the name "Noodle".

It’s Caturday, and I’ll do what I want

…and that includes, but is not limited to, SLEEPING ON MY BACK, Mofos!

Huge shout out to Ant, who wins the C.O. award for most diligent Sender-Inner Regahdless if I post his Submishes or Not

Polite Sunflower Seed Kronscher

Oh! Tehhibly sorry, Chaps, I was just enjoying the gahden—I’ll be certain to clean up the seed husks, no problum!

[Clenches tiny paws in respectful posishe]


Johan C. has loads more sqwerl photos here


People, you know how when a dog tilts his head to the side with that questioning look, like "Baroo?" Well, this puppeh is taking it to a whole nutha leva, with full 90-degree-Baroo-action:


Josie H., Did she get stuck like that? Forever baroo-ing?

It’s Caturday morning…

So get with the program and git your heiny out of BED

Elaine G., excellent find, my Darling, exxxxxxxxxcellent.

// UPDATE — director is Simon Tofield; see this & more of his work at Tandem Films //

And for my next trick…

…I will make this miniature, delicious bun disappear…


Protegido, originally uploaded by Fernando Amutio.

Tiny Glurps to Pointer-Outer Katia ;)

Rolling Panda Ball?

OK, it’s a little hard to tell just what you’re looking at here, lemme see if I can explain [looking over glasses, adjusting lab coat]

From left to right, two front paws, outstrayched. The the head, turned to the side with tiny teef showing. A tail overlaps the head area, followed by back feets and ‘tockular area. [re-adjusts glasses]


Right, Roxanne S.?

G’Night, Hon

G’Night, Hon—[brushing teeth] I’m going to bed.

[Holds toof-brush in front of each kitten mouf then trots off to bed with pocket warmers]


Ashley K., you know what they say—mo’ pocket warmers, mo’ problems

Find the tiny paw in this pic

Where, oh, where could it be?

Hmmm…. small paw… small paw…OMG THERE IT IS!


Hard to see with the glistening schnozzle action, Mary R.