I’ll Never Live This One Down

That bird got the grub instead of me!

I am soooo gonna hear about this…

Embersing moment from Olivia M.


When I Grow Up I’m Gonna Have Big Teefs Like You

Everyone needs someone to look up to…or into.

Heroes are forever, Sandra.

The Pitter-Patter of Defeat

Mah feets. Mah feets so beeg. Y’know whut that means?  That means I will never be abuls to find cute shoooes to wear! [little sob]

Maybe my feet are normal and everybody else’s are freakishly small.

From Stefanie K. and her well-balanced, Mango.

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 2: The Return of the Screaming Pug Rocket!

We already showed you what the Screaming Pug Rocket was all about. Here’s what happens when another pug watches the SPR on an iPad!

Speakers up, People. (Massive Baroo Action included, no extra charge!)

SPR is our new hero, Cody Wyett!

Who’s The Fido With the Fur That’s Cute to You and Me?

The Disney parks are fond of “hidden Mickeys” — the three-circle motif tucked in out of the way locations — but the Disney Parks Blog recently found one in plain view. It’s Lily, a Labrador pup with Mickey Mouse ears right on her fur.

More Lily at the DPB Facebook page.

Dogs ‘n’ Racks

It’s a sequel to the highly acclaimed Cats ‘n’ Racks series! We know it’s just a spoof, but wouldn’t Fido like to cruise along in style with a Rack of his/her own?

Well played, Like Cool.

I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore…

But this puppeh is not afraid to let it show!

Nap-time, Mik991! (Lyrics by K.Cronin.)

Pantomime Horse

An’ now, ‘ere ees zee fahm-ous Fronch pantomime art-eeste, ze Marcel Peenteau.

Monsieur Peenteau wears zee traditional whiteface, applied by hees loffing mo-zere.

More cuteness at Pacific Pintos Miniature Horses on ze Facebookses.

Mini Threatdown

You may have seen them around.

Spotting a threat can be a difficult task.

Take them seriously! If you know what’s good for you…

Contact may cause serious personal squeeing.

The world just got a little more squeeeee-ier.

Another hum-dinger from Ant! The back-story is this tiny flyer survived an impact, with help from a human friend and a dog.
Peeps, do you see the dog?!

They Call This “All-Natural”?!

…Pentapotassium Triphosphate, Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate, Calcium Benzoate, Partially Hydrogenated Blayvinoids, Red Dye #2, Plaid Dye #7, Love Potion #9, Vitamin B-52, Eye of Newt Gingrich, Milk of Amnesia, Arrelliam Sickoffitol…

A once-in-a-lifetime shot by Michael Higgins. More at Huffpo.