Scaredy Caturday

HALP! [Attack] HALP! [Attack] HALP! [Attack] X Infinity Googleplex

Jorden C., you’re driving the remote-control mouse aren’t you?

In Soviet Russia…



Remember: the hovertext will set you free.  Pleasant dreams!


And you will like eet

And I shall wear bird pantaloons while I do eet


Some bright spark out there find out who J.C. Sanchez is PLEASE!

What a hoot <—-boo!, Sender-Inner Karen G.!

A Reminder from Planetary Maintenance

Due to scheduled system upgrades, Gravity will be temporarily shut down from 2 PM to 4 PM EST.  Please secure all outdoor furniture and keep pets indoors.  We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

(insert 'Blue Danube Waltz' here)

We all float down here, Karen G.

Missed Connections (YEAH YOU)

It was last night, in the daisy patch.

I was munching on clovers, you were sniffing grass blades.


I finally bumped you to get your attention.

Our beady eyes met for a second, we checked each other out, and there was definitely chemistry I think.


You: Stuffed pouches, white iPhone, TAG Body spray (Sunflower Seed Scent)

Me: Twitchy schnozzle, Jonas Brothers hoodie, Tiffany "L" initial pendant

You—me—yogurt treats, c'mon

If you’re up for coffee, a daisy, roll in Timothy hay (KIDDING) give me a call.

This is so getting on Best of Craigslist

This is on or around the Daisy Patch, Jessica W. I think Lucy’s match is right here…
no —  it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Fightin’ and One-Linin’

Tonight we dine… IN HELL! [Attacks]


Are you not ENTERTAINED!?


Are you feeling lucky, Punk!? [swipe swipe]


That’s it man! Game over Man, game over! [Ffffffft fffffft!]


You’re the disease—AND I’M THE CURE! [Say in Sly Stallone slur]


Go ahead. Make my day.


Hasta La Vista Fabiana T.!

[PS -- this is an Encore Presentayshe.  Hi Baffle! - Ed.]

People, THIS is why it’s The frakking Overload

Will you PLEASE get a load of this pic that is pushing Cuteness to it’s XREME limits.


Oh Don’t enhance! NO! we can’t take—


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH! (In other words, thank you, Tundra B.)

I’ll give you a twenny for that kitten

Check it out, this little kitten is just about to take off on a magic carpet ride with Andrew Jackson:

I can’t figure out if the mew sounds are delayed or there is ANOTHER off-screen kitteh making those prosh sounds, OR it’s some synth recorded sound triggered by some kid on a keyboard—which is it Jenn?

Top 10 Sites You have to Check Every Day

Pcm_15_header THAT’S RIGHT MOFOS! We’re #4.

Come back daily, Capische!? [Holding hand up in 'capische position]

Thanks, PC Magazine for calling Cute Overload one of your 10 Essential Websites!

Names have been changed to protect the innocent

Solitary Boxhab Confinement patient "Pebbles" warns young kittens:

"Stay in school!

Don’t do boxes!"


"I’ve wasted weeks of my life addicted to napping in boxes—when I could have been lounging in sunbeams or catnip fields like other cats. [lights cigarette, takes drag] But no. I’m hooked."


Shameful, Maxine S. [Shaking head] just shameful.


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