A little ‘Warmer’

You when you’re drinking coffee, and you’re ready for a second cup, and the diner waitress says: "How about a warmer, Hon?" and you go "sure, thanks", so she fills the rest of your somewhat-empty cup with warm coffee? Well this is a little warmer, but in rat form. Just a liiiiiiittle warmer than you were before, right Erika?


I love the look on Erica’s face here, she’s all, "this is pretty much the ushe."



And let’s not overlook the DELICIOUSLY HIGH B.E.F.!


Thanks to Olive the rattle who "just likes hanging out in there". She fits right in!


Sarah B. says that her Guinea piglette "Snicky" lays on Dad’s chest every night. They are best pals. Love the look on Dad’s face. He’s all "Don’t interupt the Colbert Report, Sarah!"



She couldn’t help but take a snap of Snicky’s "tiny ‘tocks". Well, doi, they’re like, tewtelly irresistable.


Señor and Señora Rabies are ready to come raid your bird feeders. And cat food. Got any extry lying around? Consider it goooooooone! [singsong]


Who was that masked cat, John L.?


Oh oh oh oh please oh PLEEEASE play with meeeee???

YAAYYYYY play play play play play play play!

Wruff & stuff, Ceebs! …and Elvis, of course!

Onwards Furbrow Soldiers


It’s Rule of Cuteness #31, thanks to Jorden C., "Toasty" the queen of the Furrow, and YOU (with all yer opinions.)

Let’s just say that the ‘Furbrow’ is almost always accompanied by a "Baroo?!"


Lil’ Street Kitteh

This morning, I go out to my car, and as ushe, Monday morning, I get a street cleaning ticket, ’cause I’m too dern lazy to leave the house by 8. Please contrast this by a different street-sweeping experience. The kitteh below was scooped up by sender-inner Mamu C. on the street. What a prosh morsel, and MUCH better than a citation.


Niiiiiiiiiiice street sweepin’, Mamu…

I think I hear a parrot purring

Eagle-eyed sender-inner Yolanda spotted this parrot snuggling action and had to send it in. It’s from the photographer Roy Berger. Roy calls his studio "ParrotHouse" Hmmmm. Roy. Hmmmm.

Kinda reminds me of ‘tiniest Mohawker’ Oliver. Only less sherbet-y.


Yolanda, way to pick ‘em, and Roy, way to shoot ‘em!

And I thought the Cold War was over

Muchas mas elfitude happening… Apparently, the Russians are kickin’ tocks (while in crouch positions, dancing) in the prosh kittens department. Geeshe.


As discovered by LamerFreak. Right on, my bruthuh.

Crank your sound up for MINI MEWS!

Serious—if you’re at work, you get grab those headphones so you can CRANK EET, and hear the mini-mewing action provided by this Scottish Fold kitteh.

Beyond prosh, Jody W.! (AND Alexandra W., Shuffledog, Laurie and Ethan G. ;) (and Elisa) (and Koko) (and my other brother Darryl)

A new rule of cuteness? What do you think?

Pug/Dach mix "Henry" is displaying what might possibly be a new rule of Cuteness. I’ll let The People™ decide. This potential new rule has to do with the "eyebrow" area, because furry brows enhance the "chub" category and the "Puppy dog eyes" category.

But can it stand on it’s own as "upward furbrows"?

Can. it. standonit’sown? [Shatner voice]


Only the People can judge. Oh, and sender-inner Sadie K.