An (almost obscene) trance

What’s the deal with the bizarre kitteh behavior today? Apparently, this kitteh came home from the vet, and decided it was time to set on the bed like this, completely zonked. No one is quite sure why.

An accidental complete lobotomy (except for the brain portion that wags the tail) has not been ruled out.

9Poppy, I suggest a  tailotomy if this keeps up.

CAT Scan!!! <–God, I’m good

Nurse: "Doctor, the CAT scan shows an excess of toes on this kitteh. Shall we operate?"
Doctor: "um [shifty eyes] no need to operate, Nurse, I shall nibble them off myself."


Watch out, Goodwin D. The doc might over-nibble. Oh, and whoever cropped this photo to skip the naddular regions?? THANK YOU!

The Salad Brigade

Another reason for Sender-Inner Tina K. to get a puppeh: she is SO TIRED of carrying her own lettuce!


Gracias Metro UK….

What the—??!

I like eet, but what ees happeningks!?!?

Cat Confused By Scratching – Watch more free videos

Raymi the Minx does it again!! ;)


Hey, ruhmember those geniuses over at You Knit What!?. Hot damn they were funny. I wish they would come back.

It was ‘Inspiring Schtuff!’ [Dana Carvey doing Johnny Carson]

Cat sweater, originally uploaded by "penny" was already taken.

And THIS is one patient kitteh.

Cat sweater, originally uploaded by "penny" was already taken.

Winter kozies are where it’s AT, Emily P. Git the pattern here, at Christine ;) and don’t miss this Dewd

PS — [shiver] — Theo

Oh. Just make yourself comfortuhbuhls.

Oh, don’t worry about the plant ABOUT TO FALL ON YOU

Just make yourself comfortabuhls.


Sure, sure—expose your belleh to the world, it’s not like we’re having guests over or ANYTHING


Arlene W., nice kitteh you got there.

Paige the CoverGirl

Oh Hai. Ah-member me? Paige? the Pillow Pouter?

I’m back, Bitches.


This time with an Extreme Belleh Chub Close-Up—I’m pulling no ponches.


Watch me wrap my muzzlepowshe around a piece of fabric, AND…


Chew on your daintiest of pantaloons!!!


I’m unstoppable.


[Um, (whispering) Sender-Inner Leslie A.—Paige cannot be TAMED!]

Sure Bebeh, you can rest in my haunch

Holy Haunches + RULE 7!

[Um, plus tiny claws of doom, check those things OUT]

Sleepy mommy and baby, originally uploaded by lynnirene.

Flickriffic find, Johanna S.!

Like you’ve never seen a bun on a leash in a sweatuew befow


Actually, I think it’s more of a "bun cozie".


Maeve D., a miniature hat with two ear holes STAT!

Gossiping kittehs + some licking

Kitteh 1: You need a lick

Kitteh 2: Nyerhe

Kitteh 1: You need a lick

Kitteh 2: Nyerhe

[Licking commences]

Excellent submishe, YankeeBird and movie-taker TheCatsPyjaaaamas