Diary Of A Kitty

Dear Diary,

There is a puppy here, now. Her name is “Lucy”.

I am doing all right, Diary, but it’s a very difficult transition for me.

I am usually the sole recipient of adoration in my house. Now their attentions are split. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t irritated.

“Lucy” evokes high pitched squeals for mundane acts like chewing on string.

They play this game called tug. Doesn’t look very dignified to me.

When the puppy’s been naughty, she gives this look, like she knows she’s been bad. It’s actually quite clever, because the humans coo over that, too.

I am being very tolerant in my opinion.

Well, Diary, that’s all for now. I’ll let you know how it’s going. Just between you and me and Josh N., I think Lucy might be growing on me.

How Are You My Friend

Oh my goodness, do you vish to be happy like me? You could perhaps be smiling like I am! But you must get out of bed. Pardon me there is no more time for snoozing. You must get up. I do think you vill then be finding your happiness! Yes, yes most indeed.

Namaste, and have a nice day, Sadanduseless

Duh-va-gubble Duh-va-gutch Duh-va-gog!

Malcolm McLaren would have loved this: New Yorkers Samantha and Scott show Geronimo the ropes, and the two-year-old pound rescue jumps right in.

Fa-va-gave Fa-va-grame™!

Does This Outfit Make Me Look Ewok?

It looked really cute on the hanger, but now I feel like I should be accessorizing with a spear.

May the force be with you, Teresa K.



Special thanks to commenter LauraH, who says she actually saw this as it happened. She was not seeing things; she was not hallucinating.

Rule of Cuteness #52: The “Sneaky Sleepy Peek Technique” C’est Chic

We’ve seen this look before: That noncommittal lifting of the eyelid juuust enough to see who’s out there, and Flickr-er apanoply‘s mai-shi Berkley totally nails it.

We bet Berkley would wake up for a slice of PEEK-HANCE pie!

A Gift To Last

Looking for something special for that someone special? Well, look over here, because we have a gift idea for you!

Say, “I love you for a lifetime” with a tortoise present. Look at this satisfied customer.

Is your sweetie picky? Need something more aquatic? No problem! Turtles are long-lived water lovers.

Brought to you by the Turtle and Tortoise Council, Ant and Keith M.

Take Your Dogster to Work Day

So this is what you do for a living, Mommy? It’s so… um… interesting!

Wow, look at all the e-mail you get! You must really be popular!

Goodness, I get tired just watching you work!

Your perky pup is the perfect perk, lululemon athletica.

Mad Kit-tea Party

Via our Twitter feed, the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue brings you a very merry unbirthday present: Six cuddly kittens getting curiouser and curiouser before settling down for some liquid refreshment. One lump or two — or six?

Lotus Has Pipes, Peeps!

Not since Michigan J. Frog has there been a performance as stirring as this up and coming star’s latest concert. Lotus started the show with some classics; our favorite was a very bluesy and soulful rendition of “I Fall to Pieces”. The act ended with the more recent “Firework” and blew this audience away. Even with a 4 minute standing ovation, Lotus would not grace us with another song.

Much like Frog, her concerts are done for an audience of one. When another person comes into the room, it’s crickets. For some reason, her voice doesn’t record, no matter the machine or program. But, you can believe us, Lotus sings. Really. We’re totally not crazy. We always refer to ourselves in plural.

Update 4/24/12: And because you asked for it, Mouf-hance!

Sure, Cam, we believe you.


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