(Very) Happy Dance!

Turn up the speakers to get some Quality Honking Action:

Video by PacoKart9000, easily the best YouTube ID we’ve seen today.


America’s Next Top Model!

Meet Nux, the glamorous Shiba Inu. I would buy most anything Nux was selling.

I wanna see Nux work the catwalk, Genina.

Retribution of the Kittehwah

The theft of the squeaky toys by the Blackpaws sent a ripple of anger throughout the tribe. At the council, the decision was made. “We must make war upon these canine devils,” said Swats Many Mousies, the elder. “That is our way.”

That night, Chases Own Tail and his brother, Climbs The Drapes, slept an uneasy sleep. Tomorrow, they would leave camp as children… and return as braves.

This is Dante Rosetti, taken by Flickr user Helena Jacoba, whose cats are all named after famous poets.

Employee Orientayshe, Day One

Hi, ah am heres to fill out the paperwoiks. Could you tell me where the HR ees?

TimeTravelTrousers10 (huh?) gets the credito for thees.

Oh Stop Showing Off

69, …70, … ….71, 72. Wow, 72 Elvis sightings so far today.

Where’s Marty Feldman? This is a Long-eared owl, by Attack of the Cute.

Results Are In!

I can fit your whole face in my mouth.

This may not be the best way to introduce yourself to new people, D13Coates!

From the Museum of Unnatural History

Recent excavations have led paleontologists to a controversial new theory: Dinosaurs were wiped out by a proto-species of giant house cat, Kittysaurus Rex.

Via Imgur.

Dancing Queen

You can dance
You can jive
having the time of your life

Sea that girl
livin’ marine,
Beluga the dancing queen

This underwater disco via Cutest Paw.


Making deposits is fast and easy with Kitibank. We have more convenient ATM* locations all over town, open 24 hours (excluding litter box breaks).

* Adorable Token Manipulator

Friday Haiku: Spas

The final frontier

Where no monk has gone before

Say. it. like. Shatner.

It’s nice to be kneaded, comik book guy.