Cutest Bargain Ever!

Short on cash? Well, just look at what you can pick up with a penny these days! It’s a frog no bigger than a pea, discovered in the forests of Borneo. Scientists once thought it was a juvenile of a larger species, but now know this is as big as it gets.

You have an eye for detail, Katherine B.

Dwarf Babeh Buns + Dionne Warwick Soundtrack = Win

Do you know the way to San Jose BUNNULAR DOMINAYSHE

Ms. F1v3r of says these bunnies are waiting for adoption, in Oakland, California, right now! Learn more!

A Correction and Apology

As longtime C.O. readers know, we can’t get enough of trick pool shooting, and love to showcase new talent. And so we thought we had when we featured “Lightning Vinnie” Garbanzo, who seemingly cleared an entire rack in a single break.

Alas, it was a fraud. In this slowed-down version of the original video, you can clearly see that an accomplice was used. We regret being taken in by this base deception, and wish to assure readers that this will not happen again.

Our thanks to alert reader Eleaq for bringing this to our attention.

You don’t understand, I really need my beauty rest

JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES! [slaps alarm with paw]

Another Quality Foraged Link from Ant!

The Guru Speaks

There are no shortcuts to Enlightenment, young student. In my quest for answers, long have I sat upon this rock…

This is a Vizcacha, says Susan H., who found more pics and a video The Featured Creature.

Evil Ottertude


Don’t worry, I forgive you *wink of death*

I didn’t realize they were so evil at such a young age, Alexa G.


A panda walks into a restaurant, sits down, and orders a sandwich. He eats the sandwich, pulls out a gun, and shoots the waiter dead. As the panda stands up to go, the manager shouts, “Hey! Where are you going? You just shot my waiter, and you didn’t even pay for your sandwich!”

“Hey, man, I’m a PANDA!” the panda shouts back. “Look it up!”

The manager opens his dictionary and reads:

Panda: A tree-dwelling marsupial of Asian origin, characterized by distinct black and white coloring. Eats shoots and leaves.

(Red?!) Panda joke by Anil Dash. Red panda by Curt.

Mouse Monorail!

People, you and I both know that there are VERY FEW ani-pals PROSHER than the plump, sleeping dormouse. Obvy, South Wales gets this, because they just built special Dormouse Bridges over a highly-trafficked road! [head tilt]

So now, for your viewing pleasure, some unsquashed-on-the-road Dormice:

young hazel dormouse

Hazel dormouse

Hazel dormouse

There’s more on this story from the fingers-on-the-pulse-newshounds over at Daily Mail. Pic #1: Dormouse in hand by Jan Fotografie Pic #2 and #3: Doormouse in hand by ELN2010

If This Bed’s A-Rockin’, Don’t Bother Knockin’

At first it looks like the possessed Hostess Cupcake from Hell, and then we step up and — hey, what do you know! — it’s just Carnitas the mini-peeg, rooting around in the teensy bed, looking for the car keys!

Another quality Carnitas video dug up by Barbarella F.!

Hang On, We’ll Be Right There

Wait up, we’re coming with you…

No, seriously, give us two seconds…

Honest, we’ll catch up, just hold your horses…


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