Brinke G. does it again.

One small, stubbular step for a pup

…One giant step for chub-tubbular pupkind

2-week old Miles is strutting around like he owns the place says Sender-Inner Kirsten M.

THIS JUST IN: Semi-circular ear action

Will you please check out the perfect ear shape action? They look bite-sized as well.

Sent in by Bobbeh via All Creatures.

Cats ‘n’ Racks

Now that’s what I call staying abreast of the latest mews!

Thanks for the discreet delivery, Anna.

And Now, A Bedtime Story

Edgar Lickspittle, it must be said, was not an appealing man. His was the loneliest, gloomiest cubicle in the Shipping department, and the elegant, waif-like secretaries from upstairs always suppressed a cringe when circumstances forced them to visit.

One day, in the depths of his despair, a small blue fairy appeared, perched atop his paper-clip dispenser. “Your sorrow grieves me so,” she whispered to him. “Tell me, how may I relieve you of this torment?”

Edgar looked deep into his heart. “I’m not handsome or witty or stylish, it’s true,” he replied, “but if a beautiful woman would see me and smile — really smile, as if she were glowing from within — that would be all a wretch such as I could ask.”

“And so they shall,” declared the fairy, and with a wave of her hand…

Jackson C. says: “I live in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with my 1-year old dog, Gobi. We’re both from the States but we live and work here for the moment. I just had a small party to celebrate Gobi’s first birthday and I snapped this photo of him wearing his Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater and Burberry tie.”

They Call Me


Mama was a Swingline. Daddy was a 14amp Stanley Pro Shot.

Yup, I’m a son of a gun. But you can call me Brad.

Somebody’s been cheating on their staple diet, Daniel.

It Was Awful…ly Cute.

When little Lenny was four years old he went downstairs, removed his slippers, and decided he wanted to play the piano. At 3am. On a Monday morning.

Gives new meaning to growing pains, Minju!

I’m Not Tired Yet

Why are you lying down? You only threw the ball for me 5,673 times today.
Just one more time, Windelynn.


Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Sha-zay-um, Jim!

C.O. Tortoise Safety Tip!

When walking your tortoise, always use a sturdy leash and grip with both hands. Those little guys can really sprint when they hit the open road.

So that was you we saw being dragged down Maple Street, Molly P.


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