Sir Auggie Fonzwellington Bellows III (Esq.)

IMG_0614From Meredith B.: “My dachshund, Sir Auggie Fonzwellington Bellows III Esq. is a real gentleman and scholar. He doesn’t realize he’s not a person, and he likes to sit like one and pretend to participate in the conversation or ‘watch’ movies. He’d like to apologize for the gratuitous balls shots. Maybe you could cover them with a creative flower or bow?”




That’s what we have here. Despite the obvious Big J Cute Level, this is c/o London, England. That’s George and Elton below- just four weeks old.

These Pair O’ Prosh Knuckleheads were found abandoned :( and not doing well, in West London.

image (1)
They now reside, for the time being, at the RSPCA Animal Hospital.

image (2)
Quoting, “You may wonder about the outfits. Unfortunately these two naughty boys have a habit of suckling each other in their sleep and making themselves sore,” said Sian Anderson, a clinical manager at the hospital.”

image (3)
Thanks to Arne for this one.

Cute Overload Calendar Headline Contest: “We Survived Shark Week. Let’s Seal-ebrate!”

Matt S. is the proud owner of a pair of 2015 Cute Overload Calendars! Don’t fret, we’ll do ‘er again NEXT Monday!

You could be the OWNER of two brand-new (it’ll be shrink wrapped For Your Protection) 2015 Cute Overload Calendars. Submit your headline in the comments, and at 2pm PT we’ll announce the winner! He/she will get both the Mini AND the, er, Maxi Calendar. Get typing- time’s a-wastin’!


Bats, It’s Monday: To The Bat Pole Poll, Robin!

If you’ll recall, last Friday we had a Poll on Creepy Crawlies. And in the comments section, Jodi asked, “Could we please do a poll regarding bats? I’m extremely phobic and when I happen upon a bat pic on C.O. I freak out!” OK, fair enough- to the Bat Poll! (Bottom of post.)

Photos from BuzzFeed.

Rats, It’s Monday!

14893448571_c7bb8b0873_oFor your Monday Morning Perusal as you start back to woik: The Leetle Hands. The Totally Symmetrical Nose Nozzles. Delicate Wheeskers.
The Complete Package! From Flickrer Deanna W.

Yep, A Little More To The Right..(BONK!)..Purrfect!

picdump-1174-30Bonking your Best Friend Little Buddy on the noggin when he’s got an itch! What’s a Best Friend for, after all. (DP&F.)

Happy Birthday, Saya!

10572012_244824552393541_7335054191464903798_o“Hello! I am an avid reader of Cute Overload as it makes me smile. I would love to submit my Double-Doodle Puppeh, Saya. She is a Golden Doodle/Labradoodle mix hence “Double” Doodle. She turns 5 months old this week!,” says Cuteporters Mike & Betty F.



Time For Some Chubbular Exploring

[Hmmmmm…what’s this over here? And what’s that over there? DOGGONE IT, why does everything have to be so….TALL?] [Note- speakers up for this one. -Ed.]

As seen on

I Told Them I Wanted MEOW MIX

[And what do they give me? A....lemon wedge? OK. Fine. I guess they DO need new curtains.]

From I Can Has Cheezburger.

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

picdump-1174-14Right now, there’s NOWHERE on Earth this little guy would rather be! (DP&F.)


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