Oh No, It’s Emo Hippo

“(Alone… apart… adrift in a world that doesn’t understand me. Tormented by body issues that ravage my self-esteem, surrounded by patronizing adults who look upon me like some misfit creature… And if that wasn’t bad enough, this kid is blocking my view of the ice cream cart.)”


Via Teaserville.com.

Majestic II

[*Note: Majestic I is here.-Ed.]

A rare White Humpback McWhalerson was spotted off Australia’s Queensland Coast on Monday, and there’s hope that it is Australia’s famed “Migaloo,” but that’s still not confirmed. (That’s an Aboriginal name which means “White Fella.” Which seems just about right.) Of course, Big Mig has his own Twitter account.

(Mashable Australia.)

Good Grief! Happy Birthday, Snoopy!

PEANUTS_PUB_STILL_A02_f2_0The Cutest Beagle of them all turns a sprightly 65 today!



(The Peanuts Movie opens November 6. You can click on the images below to save for your desktop!)






Edgar’s Mission: Australian Overload

Around-The-farm-July-2Goodness Gracious, Edgar’s Mission has not only broken the Cute Meter, they stomped all over it. Can you even comprehend these?






(Another Quality Smedley Find.)

You Tired Yet, Rose?

Spunky Boston Terriers are known for having lots of energy. And Rose here does nothing to disprove this theory.

She has no prob taking her game indoors, either:

(First video seen on Huffington Post/From Lucy M.)

What. Is. Going. On. Here.

The Big J may have outdone itself with this one. You advertise your breath mint with a giant kitteh picking up some guy at the train station. Makes..perfect..sense. “My husband sent me this crazy commercial from Japan (obviously). A giant kitteh carrying a man thru subway to his work. Been fans forever! Visit ur site multiple times a day!” -Katrine K., Seattle.

Blue Screen of Death, Meet Blue Can of Cat

Among the less-anticipated changes in the recently-released Windows 10: The Recycle Bin has been renamed to the Litter Box.


“Gio supports recycling,” says sender-inner Timothy R.

Yorkie Saves Hoomin From Sasquatch!!!

Ya know, it….does kinda look like Sasquatch. YOU be the judge. Is this an X-File?

“I had quite an amazing morning and wanted to share it with you and your viewers readers,” writes Eric W. “We’re renting a cabin near Asheville, NC and our neighbors told us there was some bear activity and to be cautious. When walk the trails I’ve kept Zippy, my Yorkie, very close.”

“So, I thought I saw a bear this morning and started filming. I quickly realized it was not a bear but a Sasquatch. Zippy got loose and went after it. It turns out the brave little guy chased the Sasquatch away and saved me from a possible encounter. Local news interviewed us and confirmed everything.” [*Note: Well, if LOCAL NEWS confirmed it, it must be real. Or not. Color us…skeptical. -Ed.]


NEW Maru & Hana: Playtime @ Mugumogu’s House

Clipboard01Yeah, that’s The Circle (above) getting ready to dive bomb Hana. You’ll see that around :55 seconds in!

Rats, It’s Monday!

You won’t believe what these little guys can do! They’re pretty spunky considering Rats, It’s Monday!

(Viral Viral Videos.)


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