They Didn’t Think I Knew The Email Password

["Let's see, what do we have here. Hmmmmm...CNN news alert..WebMD...Cute Overload daily email, ooo i love those..what else...hmmm...daily weather forecast..and this, what is..."Honey, a reminder, please buy dog food today before we go to shelter on Saturday to adopt puppy." Well, if that isn't the best news I've heard today. Must plan retaliation."]


(From Design Taxi.)

It’s Friday- Treat Yourself.

Molly Moo thinks that’s a REALLY good idea. Gonna need a napkin there, Molls.

From Chris B.

Maru -N- Hana GIF Action!

The Circle is hot on Hana’s tail, and Hana learns that what goes up must come down. Hard. Mugumogu says, “This photograph is out of focus, but Hana crashed.”

Maru URL sent in by /G.

Friday Haiku: Hmmmmmmmm

ChrisMorgan1Hummingbirds are cute
They can really fly quite fast
With pointy noses


Pix by Chris Morgan as seen on My Modern Met.

Flashback Friday: What’s For Lunch?


From 1914: “Kittens in costume at picnic lunch.” Photo by Harry W. Frees. (Shorpy McShorpersons.)

ResQte Of The Week (Bonus Friday Edition!)

BkbYfbIRedditer BleaK_ says, “This little guy was found abandoned by the road all alone. Looked much healthier after some foods and cuddles!” We’ve put in an email to BleaK_ for deets and will update if we get ‘em, K?

Caption THIS! ” That’s Right, Ladies…Soak It All In.”

Take your best shot in the comments section, and around noonish PT, we’ll update with The Chosen One. I’ll go first: “Edith, can you bring me a beah heah???”

UPDATED! Miss Bee, we bow to thee.


Got Meme?

photo1“Had to join the meme craze, so made one up for my pup :)..this is Mochi, my Bernese Mountain dog!” -Ayako T.

Comfortable, Yoda Is

unnamed“This is Yoda, my French Bulldog. She’s been making us laugh since we adopted her five years ago. She loves car rides but hates dress up!” -Alicia I.


No ’bout a doubt it. Don’t worry… happy.



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