Don’t Touch Those, Maymo- Oops, Too Late

A few days back, we saw Maymo & Penny destroy a house. Now, they’ve turned their attention to a giant stack of water bottles. You can probably guess what happens next!

As seen on Paw Bonito, and sent in by Cuteporter Sarah L.

Flashback Friday

To Catch a Thief audition – take one! Kitty, you are to play the role of the thief. Aaand, action!

1954. “From photographs of actress Grace Kelly on the movie set of To Catch a Thief.” Photo by Robert Vose for Look magazine.

Tree Lights On The Fritz?

Don’t worry! Cute Overload can send one of our TrainedTreeTechs™ to your house and troubleshoot your tree lighting problems instantly. Our guys go deep inside your tree and work the problem from the inside-out. We’re global, too. So whether you’re in Kansas or Kazakhstan, our Tactical Techies can reach your abode within 24 hours, guaranteed.

If they can’t fix it, tough luck, you’ll have a dark tree. Money back if not completely satisfied, so call NOW!


Friday Haiku: Happy Holly-Daze

Small furry puppehs
All dressed up in Christmas stuff
They did not want to






Le Creditos~

1.) Photograph of Bentley by Kathleen P.
2.) Miko from Kate.
3.) Jackie by Paul C.
4.) Theodore Edward von Bearenstein (aka Teddy) -Sara L.
5.) From Reddit.
6.) Lucy & Leo from Erin E.

Do U See What We See?

Look closely. SOMEone is ready to rumble.

From the San Francisco Zoo.

All This Holiday Hoopla…

…has just plain tuckered me OUT. Can I get a wake up call for tomorrow morning….say about, oh, ELEVEN?

From Flickrer Carmen R.

Reindeer Goat Photobomb Action!

The fellow on the right is just now realizing he’s been PB’d by a goat dressed up as one of Santa’s reindeer. Then again, he’s wearing what looks to be a Santa suit, so maybe Reindeer Goat….belongs to him?

[We need to get FACTS before we publish this stuff. Can we get someone on this to confirm? -Ed]

From The Baby Goats & Friends Tumblr.

Wanna Be My BFF?

Do ya huh? Do ya huh? Do Ya Huh? Well, SAY SOMETHING!

From Susan M.

U Look Familiar….

Can’t quite place it, though. Where’s your family from? What neck of the woods, like Al Roker sez.

From I Can Has Cheezburger.

Let’s Puppeh-Cize, Everybody!

Puppehs have different ways of getting their exercise. Take Tyson, for example. He goes for a total BLAST-OFF GONZO aerobic power workout kinda thing. Watch him go thru his warmup:

Then, we have Misty (nickname “Bug” or “Misty Bug.”) Misty seems to prefer a passive exercise mode. Which is fine- we’re not judging. Lindsay tells us “At least twice a day my boyfriend calls out, ‘Time to drag the dog around!’ He proceeds to drag our dog all over the apartment. She loves it and wags her tail the whole time. We think it’s like a back scratch/massage for her.”

This stubbular Husky Puppeh likes to play tennis. Kinda.

And this puppeh clearly likes the pool, but isn’t so sure what to do after getting in the water.

Le Creditos~
1. Tyson video submitted by Susan M.
2. Misty video from Lindsay.
3. Husky video found on Twitter….somewhere. It went zooming by in Tweetdeck. Didn’t catch it. Sorry.
4. Discovered on The Digg.