This little guy is REALLY getting his fierce on. Must be the Shark Week thing.

Pisuke von Peabody, the intrepid hero (pronounced PEACE-kay.) My nearly 5 pound hero deftly saved the whole family from the “scary scary” birthday present my son received. Our hero!!”

We Want To Believe, Mulder

Show us just how you do what you do.


Pig Pool Party

Clipboard01So you’re a Guinea Pig, and it’s a hot one out there. How do you cool off? Well, grab your friends (and their hoomins,) fill up the ol’ backyard pool, and hop in! As seen on @BuzzFeedAnimals.

Let’s Play “Spot The Puppeh”

unnamedSee if you can find the puppeh somewhere in this photograph! (This is Artek, from Jenna R.)

How ‘Bout…A Bebeh Sandhill Crane?


Sandhill Cranes are born knowing how to do everything – walk, eat, follow the parents. The size of the chicks relative to the parents is amazingly small.” Submitted by photographer Ellen M.

How Do Sheep React To Card Tricks?

Actually….surprisingly well! Let’s head over/up/somewhere to Finland with a fellow named Johannes Malkamäki to see what all the BAAAAAing is about.

It’s World Heffalump Day!

In honor of this special occasion, let’s bring out an Encore Presentaysh of……..Scooting Bebeh Trunkster!

This will absolutely make your day.

Take us back to Tanzania, Duhski8!

Celebrate Toesday With Oreo Von Stinkersworth

SONY DSCOreo Von Stinkersworth, feeling rather laid back at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu. From KB.

Koko’s Tribute To Robin Williams

They were the best of friends. :(

Thanks to EB for posting this on the FB.

Is Something On Your MIND, Tau?

Here’s Kevin Richardson AKA The Lion Whisperer. And he has a message for us regarding how we need to save the lions! But…SOMEONE interrupts him. Hey, Tau- ANYthing you want, Big Guy!

From Concord Barb & Paul.


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