In Which Gordo Goes Fishing Swimming

Yesterday, we saw Otto The Bulldog set the World Record for skateboarding under Hoomins. Or something. But this video proves that not only are Bulldogsters proficient on land, they’re pretty Prosh in the water, too.

People, meet Gordo.

“Gordo is passionate about swimming and even more so when fishing is involved. He was hugging the shoreline just waiting for something to happen.” -Mariana S.

Teddy Zen AKA Rule Of Cuteness #48 Revisited

IMG_3409Nancy K. of Pembroke, New Hampsha sure nose her Rules. We have the Nose in here, some Tiny Tongue Action, some Whiskerlets (s that a word?) and of course OMGPonies!1!!1!!1!1 “For Nosevember….I submit for you an example of Rule #48: Tiny tongues are cute. Tiny being relative. This is Teddy, a quarter horse who lives at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, NH. Whenever he takes a drink, he stares into space, sucking on his tongue for a while. His daily moment of Zen.”


IMG_0346“I can haz Nosevember treats?!? This is Guinness giving me his most pathetic eyes and wet nose for treats. I miss his white face everyday. :( I’d love it if he could be on your site! Even though he’s no longer with me, I’d be honored to share his Cuteness.” -Jennifer G.

“Hey Honey? How’d The Kitty Litter Get All Over The Floor?”

IMG_3115“I have no idea- The Cat hasn’t moved from the couch in hours. (Sigh.) I’ll clean it up.”

~ ~ ~

“Hi! Here’s a picture of my dog Rocky looking very guilty. I guess I caught him red-handed or should I say litter-nosed :D. Greetings from Finland, Tuija L.”

OK Fellas- Group Baroo On 3..2..

…1. Hey! You second from the right, you cheated. OK, let’s go. Again. Can we get some kibble in here, please?

Sent in by Elizabeth G. as seen here.

Otto’s Got Game

Dateline, Lima Peru. Otto The Skateboarding Bulldoggersons blasts down the sidewalk through 30 hoomins to bag him a Guinness World Record.

Big Hug To France From Timo The Ragdoll

Timo pretty much says it all here.

Happy Animals Wearing Ties Day!

IMG_5471Oh, it..isn’t? [*Note: Read the entire email before posting. -Ed.] “Our dog Bear (AKA SlobBear McDanderson) sports a tie in honor of Animals Wearing Tie Day!! What? That’s not a thing. Should be.” -Emily C.

Nosevember: Ciao Bella!

BELLADOG“Our new adoptee, Bella, wants to join her sibling, Kit the Doxie, in the hallowed halls of the Nosevember gallery. It’s not easy getting a clear shot of her; every part of her, including each individual hair, is constantly in motion when photos are being taken and true clarity remains elusive.” -Jo B.

Can’t Tell Who Is Using Who Here

This one’s called “A Man And His Cat.” Usually the Cat takes advantage of the Hoomin; think it’s about 50-50 here, no?

Sent in by Krzysztof S.


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