Maru’s Catoupée!

Step One: Look really cute and get your coat brushed thoroughly. Remember to save the accumulated hair!

Step Two: Press and mold hair together to form a pleasing hairstyle, like this one called “The Katherine Hepburn”.

Step Three: Have some fun; include beards. Here’s our fave, “Elvis with a Chin Curtain”.

Step Four: Be like Maru and store your catoupées in boxes.

He’s Very Regal For One So Young

Look at that bearing. Notice his tiny little white ascot. See how he is carried about like a little prince?

His name is Dutch, but maybe it should be Duke.

With paws like that, he’s sure to be GIANT royalty, Chris B.

Breakfast of cHAMpions!

You better eat your blorpberries so you can grow up to be big and strong like Lillian here.

You might also get your picture on Cute Overload!

Gee, that’s just swell, Erin M.!

Cute, Until His Midnight Snack

Aw, if you’re going to wake up an adorable little gremlin fruit bat in the middle of its’ night, one little snack wouldn’t hurt, right?

Fruit bats are also known as Megabats, or Flying Foxes. How about a nice Waldorf Salad or Ambrosia, Allison D.?

Bigfoot Sighting

From the Moors of Scotland to the Chattawoogawassee Swamps of Arkansas, history is full of tales of strange beasts lurking at the edges of our perception. CO believes the time has come to welcome them, befriend them, and then most importantly, scream and run away!

It wuz all hairy with big feet and clarws! We ain’t never seen nuthin’ like it before, Josh N.!

The Fast and the Furriest

Follow that car! Step on it! Faster, faster! Go, go, go! It’s getting away!

Gus is a gas, gas, gas, Matthew C.

When Good Dogs Go Bad

It is a very sad thing when your sweet puppy turns into a beast. No one thinks it will happen to them, but the truth is, it can happen to anyone.

This is Tiny. He started as a charming and gregarious little Akita. Tiny loved running and playing and licking folks. Now he insists on being called Beelzepup and is getting all possessive-y. His poor owner, Paul P. is hoping it’s just a phase.

Here’s another example. Bentley was a fine little fellow who stayed right with you on walks. Now he’s running around with a bad crowd, calling the ladies the “B” word and staying up all hours of the night to lay down some “thick and phat” tracks. Amy M. has had photographer Dan document Bentley’s transformation.

Don’t let this happen to you. Watch for early warning signs and get help right away.

Word to your Mama

I’m such a happy llama; don’t need none of your drama
I’ve got the cutest smile from here to Yokohama
If you’ve got major trauma, like a rip in your pajama,
Just gaze into my happy face until you’re feeling warma.

For a photo with such class, we give thanks to tintedglass.

I Hear You


Found by Johanna S. Photo by Seth Casteel, who does all those great underwater dog portraits.

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