Floating Fluffbombs

They might as-plode WITH FEATHERS!


Speaking of asploding, you gotta check out sender-inner Tracy M.’s photostream of "Monty," her boid, taking a bath on the kitchen counter. Awesome scchtuff [say in Dana Carvey doing Johnny Carson voice]

Goodnight, Hon.


See ya in the mo-mo.

Don’t forget to turn out the lights.



Sender-inner Seth T. says Harmon the cat likes to give stinky kisses. One night, Seth had a Jedi sense for stinkiness and started to pull away from a kees. That’s when Harmon said not-so-fast, and held it all together with a paw.


Listen up Peeps, I’m being mimicked perfectly by sender-inner Jacquelyn W. She writes:

"Moms eeees using bebeh poneee as a piiiiiiiiillow! Momma ees all "Better than memory foam!" And bebeh ees all "Ehn! Ehn!! Can’t mooooooof! Can’t moooozzzzzzzzzzzzzz…"


Jacquelyn W., you do me better than me.

Oh, you did not just send this in!

Madi! Madi! Com’mere here Girl! C’mere! Commmme on!

Look at the bumper stickie! Look at it!

Paws up, Madi! Good girl! paws UP! [holds up treat]


ooooooh, Loooook, Madi! Loooooooook!

Sniff the sticker, Madi! Look at eeeet!


Stephanie M.—I lof you so moishe. HOORAY for the bumpère stickères!

Knittin’ Kitten

You know, God Bless ‘em, sometimes peeps send in photos with no explanation, no story, barely a "voilà!".

I mean, what started this whole Marmelade Kitteh Knittin’ action photo below? Who the heck knows. It’s simply for your enjoyment.


No complaints here, Greyson Y. None whatsoever.

Teaspoon is tie-tie

OK, #1, WHO names their bun "Teaspoon" ’cause it should be OUTLAWED for being TOO PROSH.

#2, Please note the just about to close wonky eye action, and perfect paw parallellism:


And finally, #3: Will you please look at the complete lack of eyes (Where are they!) and schnozzle protrusion + buck teef combo on this newspaper-snuggling bun.


Bonk-shu…. Bonk-shu (B for when a bun is doing a honk-shu) Nice job, Ibis!

Welcome to the Urban dictionary, Peeps

"Snorgle" is in thar now!

Check it out.

Thanks for pointin’ this out, MusicChick2…


Um, do we have to add the GERMANS to the list of people kicking our asses in the Cute department? I THINK SO!!!! Move over, Das Japanese, ’cause these beyond-prosh British Shorthair kittehs are gonna show you their first gigs as photo models:

First, it’s "Watchoo ‘Tockin’ ‘Bout Willis"?


Please note extendo claw action and completely smooshed face:


Circe-like features and tonguelette:




Um—please, put your ‘tocks away. Like the first four images didn’t already make us grab the monitor and throw it out the window


"Tigers Deluxe" is so completely over the top I can’t believe it. Thanks to the Lizard Queen for pointing them out—Aieee!

Patty O’ Furniture

Little Patty and her mama enjoy a Guinness on the veranda—er—patio


Ingrid B we love Smila and your Flickr photostream!


Reality-Casual Friday

Greets, Peeps.  Happy Friday!  Theo here, slapping up a quick mindbender in between Meg postingks.  It’s been a long week.  I’m all done with facing stark tedious reality head-on.  Ees now tyme for… ze SURREAL.

I picked these two little lovelies out of the submissions to "What’s Cuter?" …the morphing is my own dastardly design.  It was a bit eerie how well they fit together.