Most controversial Cats ‘n’ Racks evar

Hold on to your hats, Ladies and Gentlemens:

Nancy, it’s a good thing you brought this to our attention, we’ve been just starved for commentroversies.

Old-timey Dog Photo Slideshow

North by Northwestern is reporting that Slate’s old timey 1940’s photos of pups are the ORIGINAL Cute Overload.

Touché, People, toooo-chay.


Nice submish, The Dude. Oh, and Congratulations, you will not be fired from the Cute Overload Board this month as a result of your efforts.

How could we reject such a submeeshon!?!

Apparentleh, this submeeshon was not accepted at C.O. and was posted over at ICHC. How could thees haf happened!?!?


Carrie L. and Teho, we’re befuddled…

The last step; add a pinch of behbeh gerbil

Make that smiling baby grebil. The recipe calls for ‘smiling’.

Found by the fabulous Johanna S.!

These wedges look fabulous

Nom nom nom. [Chews on mall pretzel]

Should we go to Forever 21 next?

Chmurka – fashion victim!, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Exsquisite find, Heather! (from Pyza’s photo stream, natch)

Potent mini pandas


Adam D. (D for Diamondback) Sent this "Not From Concentrate" comic in from University of Maryland’s Diamondback paper ;)

I’m a bunneh, therefore I disapprove

Oh, and IN ADDITION,  I ALSO disapprove of you disapproving of my disapproval.

Ronnie, originally uploaded by Little Bay Poo.

Disapproval is just built right in to us bunnehs. It comes naturally, like kitteh aloofness, am I right Beth B.?


Mini Three Amigos with a sound plan

When I give the signal, we each grab a bike and start peddling like no tomorrow.



Lana L., Excellent stubbular puppage.

Winston is a piglet

A good friend once told me—”Meg, you know what you need on Cute Overload? MORE WINSTON” Well this one goes out to you, Ross ;)

Cheers to Rich over at FourFour for watching QVC/The Hills/Whatever that is and taking great video at the same time.

Flocke makes public debut

Flocke made her public debut today at the Nuremberg Zoo. She jumped right on in (Check out entire vid on CNN…)


Welcome to the outside world, Flockie. Great update!


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