There Goes the Neighborhood

“Look who just moved into the nest down the street, Gertrude.”

“Ugh, bluejays — with their smelly cooking and loud parties every night…”

Better call the homeowner’s association, Stephen D.

I Give It A Week

On their big honeymoon night, Rocky, ever the romantic, carried his new bride over the threshold.

This Cats ‘n Rack-coons was sent in by both Penelope and Ant’s Quality Foraged Links:

EDIT: The kitty is perfectly safe, Peeps! Thanks to Photoshop and someone’s funny imagination. -pyrit

There’s Mutton on TV

I’ve seen this one a million times! It’s my favorite episode!

Don’t cha-a-a-nge the cha-a-a-nnel, Eliza.

I Can’t Get Her Off My Mind

Being a parent today raises tough questions. Will she pass the entrance exam to the good kindergarten? Does that doll promote positive body images? Should she listen to Beethoven or Mozart while sleeping? It’s starting to weigh on me, y’know?

Another quality foraged link by Ant.

We Got Ourselves a Skinny-Dipper!

We can tell by the look on his face that his Speedo just came off in the packing peanuts pool.

What a cute li’l pool nudel, Becca.

So You’re the New Nanny, Eh?

Here’s the deal: I get cartoons from 11:00 to 2:00, all the ice cream I want, and you push me around the park every day before dinner, if you know what’s good for you.

Brianna L.
says: “This is Roy, the Netherland dwarf rabbit, with Alice, the brown tabby.”

Immutable First Law of Puppies

Leave it on the floor… and it’s mine.

Nice ear floppage, Esther.

Sunbeam Action X4

Here is four times the proof needed to show that Rule of Cuteness #40 is so true:

Sender-Inner Ant foraged this one via Neatorama via The Agitator via Reddit via KimberleyKitty.

Monks ‘n’ Racks

From the Can’t Make This Stuff Up Files:
This important news story just caught our attention by the alert cuteporters over at DListed. Apparently, a woman walked into the Amherst County Courthouse toting this petite monkular “daughter,” dressed in diapers and a pink dress, in her brassiere:

When an official asked why she had the monkey in her bra, the woman was quoted as saying, “Well, would you leave your child at home? She has to be close to me.” More on this story over at the Lynchburg, Virginia News & Advance.

Wake Up Little Cuties

Can you adjust your Handmatic Sleep Slumber Bed to add back an extra hour?

Spring ahead, Chrissy.


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