Verily, a Valiant Varmint

From a hidden glen deep within Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood greets the new day. Atop his faithful steed Schmendrick, the beady-eyed bandit king surveys the dense, majestic woods that shelter him and his daring band of outlaws.

But hark! From the west, the sound of approaching hoofbeats approaches! Perhaps it is one of Prince John’s greedy tax collectors, his purse heavy with plunder wrenched from the calloused hands of Nottingham’s poor and oppressed!

His blood aflame with excitement, the valiant Robin knows what must be done. “Away, Schmendrick,” he calls, “We must ride like the wind, for while there are wrongs to be righted, we shall never rest until…” (Psst! Mom, that’s your cue!)

Marie T. doth hath captured yonder images with the aid of a magick devise.

Introducing Lucy 5.0

Put your paws together for the latest addition to the HamsterTracker family:

Lucy v5.0! The treadmills are already spinning, calculating Lucy 5.0’s first run. Lucy has already clocked 10,244.09 meters, averaged speeds of 1.8 km/h, and consumed 11 ml of water per day and IT’S ONLY DAY 4! Sweet stats.

Obviously, this ‘half-long’ haired, blonde will achieve Greatness on the Wheel. Previously Lucys More details on Lucy’s arrival at: Thumbs up, Mathijs V.!

Tower of Will Power

So! You think you are strong because you can balance a treat on your nose?! Now submit to the ultimate test of Zen mastery — the Milk-Bone Jenga Tower! Hai!

Bionic Bunny Eyes

Eat more carrots mom always said. Good for your eyes she said.  When she said they give you X-Ray vision we thought she was joking.

Their mom will be so proud of her little radiologists, Catherine B.

The Wrong Place to Unwind

We ferrets like to play hard, and sleep hard, too. One minute, we can be romping around, tra-la-la, and the next moment — thud! — out like a light. And depending on where you pass out, that can be dangerous.

Case in point: A good friend of ours fell asleep in Grannie’s yarn, and when she woke up, she’d been knitted into a lovely scarf. Not that it was all bad, though; she’s been worn to some very fancy parties.

Alison, Michelle & Brianne know a thing or two about romping: “My room mates and I just attached a new bell to our ferret’s collar because we like to know where she is when she’s out romping around. This afternoon we heard the bell stop so we went to go find her — Guess who we found asleep in the yarn bin?”

Father Knows Zilch

I’ve been so preoccupied with work I feel like I’ve missed out on your childhood, Roger.

My name’s Sam!

Well, it’s about time we talked about girls. You got any ideas?

I am a girl!

The family that prairie dogs together stays together, Eric V.

Let’s Get to the Bottom of This

Is this a tribble? Or a hammy showing us her cute, little, white-tipped tail?

Happy ending! This is a hammy and it is Tribble! Your derriere of the day sent in by Eve.

Survival of the Frigidest

The lone wolf, sacrificing the warmth of its den, goes out in pursuit of a manna in the frigid air and whirlpool winds of winter. Driven only by instinct and no kitchen aid, it pushes on through the side-by-side snows and worn out seals, wondering where kenmore snausage snacks be found.

Belinda D.’s Alfie has some n-ice hunting skills.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Cutest Kitten in the World

For your Caturday pleasure, this is an encore Presentayshe of Meme, originally posted April 2008.

There are really no sufficient words to accurately describe the proshness you are about to witness. Rest-assured the Japanese [shaking fist to sky] beat us AGAIN on this one. This time with the delectable dollop named “Memebon”

[drum roll]



See a LOT more of Memebon, her family and tons of merch over at ;)

This about sums up Caturday


[Snorfs tiny head of kittayn]

Lennart K. celebrates each Caturday with a quality snorfing.


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