This relationship just isn’t working.

[Cat voice] Listen. It’s not me you it’s me.

We’ve given it a GOOD SHOT.

Are you even listening, Rex?

Ray-ray-ray-ray-ray-mi the Minx YOU knooooow what I like LOL.

Let Sleeping Dogs Cry

"ehrn … robot tentacles … wait … arghh … can’t escape, floor made of Crisco … stop, don’t … not the chicken, not the chicken, NOT THE CHICKEN! … gasp … toothpaste, leiderhosen, Richard Simmons … why am I covered in maple syrup?! … I’ve got to warn Batman about the pomegranates …"

No more garlic Milk-Bones before bedtime, Dan K.

Area Man Punches Shark To Save Terrier

There he was just minding his own dog business…. cruising along dog paddling…

When suddenly… [Jaws music]



This lil’ terrier was attacked by a shark.

As you can see [Doctor's voice] he got monched in his mid-section and pawsitude areas.


Thankfully, the terrier’s owner, decided to land a PONCHE or two on the attacking shark, breaking the terrier free, and both terrier and man and shark are living happily ever after as a result. Ahn.


Yes, we’ll add this guy to the C.O. Dating service,Amanda L. via

Nooooooooooo! [Shaking you by the shoulders]

People, I’m so sorry to tell you…

Our leetle friend "Rupert" the premature behbeh deerski has… passed away.

He was freshly borned 2-3 weeks early, and just couldn’t handle life as we know it, though the folks at St. Tiggywinkles (I am not making up that name) Animal Rescue tried their hardest to keep the little Knobbular One alive.


Baroooooooooooo! [Crying sound]


Go ahead, People, take a BIG HIT!

Snoooooooooooooooooooorf (Unbelievable snorfing sounds)


I mean it. It’s GOOD for you!

I’m Chief Cuteologist, you can trust me.


You simply *must* feel better now. Right, Amanda J.?

Mo’ PocketDeer™

BOOM! You wanted more knobbular limbs and moist deer nosicle action—YOU GOT IT!

More of your Precious PocketDeer™, People! Ehn! (Shoving photo your direction)


Kimberleh P., tiny hooves of thanks.

More of this little guy and his intensive care from The Sun. Another PockDeer photo here.

What IS this THING in the LIVING ROOM!?

Hmmm. Looks like there is a sleeping Leo-pards here.


Tap tap. Hey-roh?


[Snorf snorf]


[Tap tap]


[Tap + snorf]


OK, I think he’s mostly harmless. Mostly.


I agree, I think this is pretty harmless and the situation is under control, Hyura C.




I guess I shoulda gone out a little earlier when the tide was up a bit.

Now I gotta wait a few hours… [shifty eyes for Orcas]


It could happen to any seal, Amber A.!

Not Tonight, Honey…

"I have a headache and I’m tired and I have to get up early and I’m not in the mood and I’m still upset about that time in 1993 when I asked you if those Capri pants made me look fat and you had to think about it before answering ‘no.’  So I am now activating the Wifely Force Field of Solitude — BZZZT! — and you can go sleep on the couch."

Uh, hudey?  Goth my thongue stuckth to the forcth field, here.

Jeez, Tatyana S., what’d I say?

I have only three goals in life.

1. Eat as much as possible
2. Sleep as much as possible
3. Get on CuteOverload


[Plink Plink! (hamster eyelashes sound)] Done, done AND DONE, Hannah L.!


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