Vote for Poncho!

Alert Sender-Inner Marta has asked that we all take time from our vote for Poncho.

I’m not sure what were voting on, it’s all written in Spaneesh, so someone let me know, OK?

Vote here!

THIS JUST IN: Wallaby Sucks Thumb

As if the other perks of being a baby wallaby weren’t enough (pouch = free room & board + transportation), they come with a built-in pacifier. Or at least this one does.

Checker Bored

For years Grampa’s been meeting up with the old guys down at the park for their morning checkers matches as usual under the oak trees. Lately, Gramp’s been on a winning streak. Says it’s his “lucky” checker piece. Says he got it at the Shell station.

It’s the old shell game, Leila.

Thing’s is gonna be differnt ‘round here…

…now that Rango’s in town.

Reptiles gotta stick together, Kelly.

Busted Boston

Upon being thrown in the pen, “Shiftyeyes” Dawggotti was heard to say, “The only reason I joined the gang was for the bling!”.

Just another fashion victim villain, Jason.

THIS JUST IN: The Pomeranian Conga

Now, with 600 percent MORE POODLES!

Pomeranrian-Cong via my other favorite site, DListed :)

In one stroke, I will pet them all!

According to Sender-Inner LalaLaurie, the ‘one-stroke pet’ set off a chain-reaction of purrs. They stirred and stretched then assumed their positions and drifted off again.

Don’t Forget! The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is always on the hunt for good people in the Seattle/Tacoma area to adopt foster kittles.

Halt! Who Goes There!

Not to be outdone by the Fire Hydrant Squad and the Front Porch Sentries, Pvt. Maverick and Pvt. Sidekick formed the Special Forces Fence Unit. Even when hopelessly outnumbered they have valiantly defended Fort Picket night and day against fierce turtle campaigns, commando cats, and brash pigeon legions. Ooooooh!

Why can’t we all have Red Pandas as pets?

Now that spring is here, let’s take one last look back at winter with these two red pandas going completely nuts (with double “coming to get YOOOU” action at 0:21).

This Wacky Winter Wonderland brought to you by Arlo R.

A Chocolips Now

Death By Chocolate Lab. Looks like nothin’ but truffle.

How about a chocolate kiss, Mango.


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