Winstons snacks on blueberries and fingers.

Just another day for our favorite smooshed-face kitteh!

Thank you for the Winston alert, Mustang S.!

Will someone please overdub this video with jokes

This video is NEEDS a brilliant person to overdub it with TWO perfectly-timed jokes, leaving space for the prairie dog to ‘laugh’. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean.

A free, express-shipped Cute Overload calendar to the best one! Provide your YouTube link in the Comments!

Alexandra J.My teeth are chattering with anticipay-shons.

This marathon isn’t gonna run ITSELF, YOU KNOW

Tiny Kitten Track Coach: "Let’s GO ALREADY! [chomps on shoe tag]

C’MOOOOOON!" [Hops out door in shoe]


Debby K., "Ewok" is a tough, tough trainer. [wiping brow]


Don’t make me get all Baroo on yo’ ass.

I’m prepared to go ALLL 360! [Does 'Z' snap with claws]


Um, Zana F., when a sharp-beaked bird gets beyond 90 degrees with the head tilt, I suggest RUNNING AWAY!

Here. I have enough dust bunnies.

I’m not sure what to do with another one. My swiffer picks up so many!

This one was under the bed.


The miniscule paw action must be stopped, Zana F. IT MUST BE!

Do You Mind?!

"We were right in the middle of … um … playing leapfrog!  Um, wait … no, I was giving her a back massage!  Yeah, that’s the ticket … ahmm, would you believe we’re practicing for the football team?  Hup one, hup two!"


Scandalous, Tami S.

Watch for Cute Overload on the Martha Stewart Show!

1_3People! Listen up! [crowd quiets from watching kitteh videos]

Martha Stewart is back on the air with a fresh batch of shows this week—the Wednesday episode is about… BLOGGINGK!

Cute Overload has been invited to be a part of it… Be sure to watch the WEDNESDAY EPISODE on blogging, and catch a glimpse of Meg and our 2009 calendar!

The Management

p.s. Find out where the show is airing in your area.

Our bunny morsels come in many flavors

The Eucalyptus Hills Rabbitry is sporting some sweet new buns, ready for a soft kronsche.

Take your pick. We’ve got Cookies ‘n’ Cream:


A Mini-Cinnie Toast Crunch:


A delicious Vanilla Marshmallow:


Um, ‘Dust Bunny':


Marble Fudge (Plastic Doll Eye topping is extra)


Rocky Road Hare Junior:


And finally, Disapproving Vanilla Fudge.


Allison B., one snorg of each, please.

Let the necking…begin!

"Charles—it was love at first sight when I saw your beautiful, long neck…"

"Nadine—you’re the one with the vertebra that WON’T QUIT"


And then they stared at their lake reflections fer hours, Jennifer B.

That’s NOT the kind of ‘restocking’ I had in mind

The look on this kitteh face pretty much says it all.


Apparently, "Penny" the kitteh slid the lid off the litter stash and well, you know the rest.


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