Brain freeze! Brain freeze!

Apparently Ginge never learned the most important lesson from “A Christmas Story”:

“I weewy, weewy wish you had wahned me about dis befuhand.

It’s all in Good Humor, Maria F.

[To a very few folks out there: Stand down, people. Please. We do understand chocolate isn’t pet food. This kitten is taking small licks of the ice cream, not mawing a pound of baker’s semi-sweet. And to the rest of you, carry on. ;) – Ed.]

Don’t let this one steep too long

This Fennec Fox Maltese Persian tea with just a touch of polar bear is ready pretty quickly—don’t let it steep too long before slurping!
puff pup in teacup
One lump or two, Ana Ana?

These are NOT leftovers. This is a BREAKFAST BUFFET.

In the words of this internet generation, OM NOM NOM.

Thank you Meg, NomTom, Prongs… heck, thanks EVERYBODY, fer cryin out loud! :D

“I Don’t Like to Move It-Move It! I Don’t Like to…Move-It!”

Those imbecile penguins are trying to hotwire that boat again, and if I cared more, I’d get up a few days from now to tell them that I have the keys. Instead, I’ll just stare at these bananas and will them to ripen.

“Madagascar” got it all wrong, Marilyn T.

Photo by Hermann Erber/Photo Library, and read more about the Sifaka lemur in Nat Geo, naturally.

THIS JUST IN: Spotted Licorice Whatzit

It’s not a whatzit, it’s a baby tapir, with the kind of nose-snout-mini-trunk thingie, and the stripey-spotted fuzzy outsides, and it was born last January at the San Diego Place With the Buildings With the Animals In Them and the Stuff.

Sent by Marilyn T. over at NatGeoNewsWatch! with the e-mail and the whatever. Photo by Ken Bohn.

Pigsaw Puzzle

Just a few pieces left to go…

I need a bit of pig for the upper right corner…

and then I’m missing some pig on the left side…

well, I guess it’s all pig, really.

Seen at Kensington State Park in Michigan, courtesy of Claire H.

Famous Spelunker Braves Devil’s Dumplings

I’ve been caving plenty of times, but this was just weird. I felt like a pinball in an inflatable jumpy house.

All hams on deck, Lexiedh S.

Party Time! Excellent!

So, as some of you have noticed, it is in fact Friday Night.  Ergo, you need appetizers!  Canapes!  Horse doovers!  Snacks and bite-size goodies of all sorts!  W00T!!
Cute Overload thumbnail collection 1
If you don’t know what MFBT is yet, I’m sure someone will be kind enough to clear things up for you in the comments.  And save some for me, eh?

Slightly icky Rule 25 action

Justine W. sends us a textbook case of Rule 25 in action: If you dangle your paw, it’s cute.  But that ain’t all that’s dangling, if you catch my drift.

What a Wet Noodle

First of all, I really don’t see how rubber duckies make this process any more enjoyable. And second, let’s be frank – I look like a damp sausage.

Buddy, are you trying to squeeze me out of my casing or something?

Clearly Daisy is more of a land dog. How much do you charge for that blow-out, Jessica H?


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