Oh, Go and Get a Glass of Water

The title says “puppy has hiccups,” but I think that “swallowed live frog” would be a reasonable alternate explanation.

UPDATE: Sorry, folks, but the video was taken down. :(

Hawaii Swine-O, no ka oink

Aloha. I’m here for the luau.

Mahalo, Stuart, and Jennifer H.

The pirate life’s not all timothy hay an’ wheeeeks

Ye scurvy peegs an’ landlubbers, be it known to ye all Capt. Guinea Pillage hath proved ‘imself worthy, by way of plunderin’ yer sofa, to sail the seven settees an’ ther cushiony regions beyond.

Don’t forget to talk like a Pirate today, Laura B.

Planking: UR doing it wrong

[Grabs giant spatula to flip Corgi]

Sender-Inner Brooke F. says Pembroke Welsh Corgi Lieutenant Dan is no flip-flopper.


Alert Cuteporters Jennifer C. and Phil P. is reporting that a rare albino seal pup with ginger-colored fur was abandoned by the colony in Tyuleniy Island, Russia.

According to the Yahoo News story: the seal pup “was hiding beneath logs when the photographer spotted him. ‘The poor seal is almost blind and so was unlikely to survive in the wild,’ said the photographer, who was with staff from a dolphinarium who took it into their care.”

Photo by Caters. Ahn. [head tilt]

Must be a Jimmy Chew shoe

Remember, always thoroughly chew your food. It’s better for your digestive system.

Chanel’s never too busy to chew each bite at least 34 times. She is adored by Roberto Macfie (photo) and Brent Baldwin (sender-inner).

It’s Caturday Night so I brought the Glow Kitten

[Techno music blasting]

Anyone have any Ecstasy?

But seriously folks, what is going on here is an experiment by the good folks over at the Mayo Clinic. According to NPR News, a new experiment with monkey genes protect cats against HIV infection and jellyfish genes make them glow. We may just be looking at the end of feline AIDS, People.

This background TOTALLY distracts from my cuteness.

Can you walk me over to the grass or something?!

T-bone smile- he got explored… I guess coz he’s so darn cute by Eyesplash.

LOLpug = Little Old Lady Pug

Honeychild where’s your fashion sense?! I have NO PEARLS to clutch!!!

This outfit don’t make a lick o’ sense! How can I go to the revival without my pearls?!

Presenting Lucy and Tank! Bless their pea-pickin’ li’l hearts, Cara.

You’ve Gone Too Far, George Lucas

Check out the latest “enhancements” to “Star Wars.” Enough already!


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