Alien life discovered [in prosh crocheted sweater]

  KoKo’s new sweater – 3 mos. old 
  Originally uploaded by kikileta.

Ribble ribble

From condos to castles, Barry has you coveredFrog-saver and stellar mortgage broker Barry writes:

"My wife and I were at a Chinese market when we spotted these bull frogs being sold for the Chinese New Year to be eaten. We decided to save one from a sad death and took it home. They sealed it in a bag with a sticker price tag just like I had bought a piece of meat. When we arrived home, our dog Puka fell in love with the frog. She thinks its her baby. She mothers it and follows it everywhere. If he tries to hop away she will nudge it back with her paw. When its in the tank she never leaves its side. She loves her Phineous frog!"

Shifty eyes

[will you please check out the eyeball action on this frog]


Ehn! [pushes with nose]

Run away!

Bunny costume

This is Rusty the bunny—lyin’ on his side. Funny thing is, it looks like someone wearing a bunny costume after long day…


Check out more Rusty adventures on the Killay Pet Shop stream ;)

OK, “snorgle” has gone mainstream

Big props to San Francisco chronicle peeps for picking up on this IMPORTANT TREND

Thanks fer pointing it out, Daisy H.

Danish Bunny Steeplechase

If that title doesn’t have you saying "Wha huhh?" then just watch this clip:

Lookit ‘em go!

More information (in English!) available at

(Thanks to Theo’s Schmoop for the adroit use of the keywords "SHOW BUNNIES JUMPING" on a recent YouTube search.)

I am like, JONESING

"Hey, you know those nuts you’ve been giving us allllll winter long?

Well guess what? [pats forearm rapidly]

I’m baaaaaaaaaack! Now. Hand ‘em over, Bro—no bogarts."


Jeeshe—how stingy ARE you, KT!?

Water, water every where



Can you imagine sleeping under a HUUUGE water bottle, and while you’re napping, an ENORMOUS drop comes out and lands on your head? McBummer.

(Click the photo for Jade_C‘s Flikr stream!)

Ferret Loaf

Bake at 425 for 18 minutes.

Careful to not allow fur to singe.

Poke with a toothpeeck to test if center is done.

et, Voilà!


For the whole family, Peewee ferret and Espinosa J.

Control over the remote

[the delightful sound of swiveling muzzlepuffs, sweeping over remote control]

Ham 1: "I wanna watch 24!"
Ham 2: "No way, José, it’s time for ‘Heroes’"
Ham 3: "Dewds, "Heroes" beats "24" head-to-head, but "24," along with a stronger performance from "Prison Break," helps Fox eke out a wins in the hams 1-3 years demographic, according to preliminary data released Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. So—the choice is obvious."

[Great ball of fur frenzy ensues]


Thanks, Jessica W. from NY Hamster House!

[Blues guitar riff]

I’ve lost all mah moneh…
my girl and mah car.
and now I got nuthin’ but…
a paw cast and mason jar

A jar of mooooooooooooonshine [howls]


Barooooo, Sad Oscar and sender-inner Jessica J. ;(