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Hold dis.


The Tail is Willin’, but Maru be Chillin’

It’s not the heat, it’s the Marumidity. But Maru, you have so many fans.

Don’t look, Ethel! Maru’s over-exposed! (peeks through fingers)

Thanks again to hot sender-inner, Ant.


THIS JUST IN: A Kitten Named “Kisses”

That’s right, People: “Kisses.”

And she will hug your fingers.

And she will not be stopped.

*lalalaurie over at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is obvy to blame for all this.

When Trees Attack!

Woah, isn’t it lucky that a springy branch broke Raccky’s fall? He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t…



Hold on for the ride, sender-inner Sarah G. Photo by her mom, Christine A.!

Three Scoops of Meerkat, Please

With caramel syrup, shredded coconut and some chocolate chips. In a pine cone, thanks.

Scoopalicious thanks to Lillian D., and the Melbourne Zoo.

The Tiniest Snorfer

(…is also the tiniest hoofer, schnozzle and ear flaps coincidentally.)

You absolutely must click to see the other shot of this piglet by whisker snaps photo.

Pom’s Pretty Port-a-Cotty

There once was a pretty chamber pot,
And a pommie puppy who really thought,
That its worth was more than piddly squat.

Ami looks a little flushed, Niina R.

‘Sup, My Bitches?

That’s laid back, Giant-Panda.com Encore Presentayshe requested by Ian F.

This, my friends, is BANANAS


According to The Daily Mail, the following portrait was taken by a macaque who became fascinated in a camera lens that was left idle, decided to borrow it and snap these awesome Monkey self portraits!

Via Chief Sister Occifer.

You So Wish You Were This Kitten

1. Fresh Grass
2. Light Massage
3. Nocturne No. 2 In E Flat Major

Kyle S., this is pure unadulterated happiness if I’ve ever seen it.


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