We’re #1! We’re #1! (on Amazon Calendars)

USA! USA! Wait—


THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased a 2009 calendar! Wow!

Buy, Buy Buy like a baby…. _?


The Cute Overload Calendar is HERE!

Your wait is OVER.

The Cute Overload calendar is here. Order your copy TODAY!

CHECK IT OUT! only $12.99 at Amazon. Swears!

Just what can you expect on your desk with this little Slice of Heaven? Just the hilariousness and proshness you’ve come to expect from Cute Overload, only in daily, tear-offable, print form:


Yay! Goes great with Gerbera daisies and Red Pandas on your desk. Pencil and/or doing actual work is optional.


Look how easy it is to change the day! [Ffffffftttt]


Here’s what some of the pages look like—check it! [wiki wiki wiki! hand on turntables]


Shuh-zaaam! Look at these helpful tips!


Yes, yes! To answer your questions—all your favorite posts are in there…


Who would love this more than your favorite back-to-school student!? Think of the ridiculous wall art you could make from the torn off sheets just in time for Burning Man! In conclusion, you must have eet.

Available at Amazon.com and other fine online establishmints.

Check it out!

Just five more minutes, Dad…

"Aw, Dad, I don’t wanna get out yet!  You better leave me in here because … ahmm … I’m a mad dog!  Yep, that’s it, check out the foam!  Growl!  I’m completely off my rocker, better not get near me!  Growl, growl!"


"No?  Well, then … uhmmm … I’m SANTA CLAUS!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  See, with the hat?  Ho, ho, ho, you’d better not take me out of this tub yet, or it’s no presents for you, nuh huh …"

Jeez, what's the point of being cute if I can't get more tub time?

They’re such a handful at that age, Scott H.

What is up with EVERY pet being named ‘Milo’?!

Milo this, Milo that, what is the matter with you People, always naming your pets "Milo"?

I get thousands of emails a day with the titles like "Guess what? Milo pooped!" and "Milo has a toehawk LOOK!" and "I chose a unique name for my Kitteh guess what it is!?"

But then THIS Milo came along. In all his stubbular glory.

Thank you.


Thank you, Jen C. Thank you.

Sooooooooo Self-serving [eye roll]

OMG, these bunnehs are soooo self-serving. Literally.

They’re all: "Me me me!".  [Shaking head]

Exhibit A: Bowl Bun

Exhibit B: The Ever-Nomming Loaf Bun

Leo affamato, originally uploaded by diegodelca.

Sherilyn F., I cast a  disapproving look in the direction of your submeeshon.

What a steal!

OMG, Dee-skuss-tingks.

I’ll take it.


Cats are included, right Emma U.? Photo via Craigslist, natch.


I’m sorry, what?

What was that?  Diiiiiiiiiiiiiidn’t quite catch that last part.

Come again?

Huh?—wait. Please? [ears rotate in all directions]

Fennec fox, originally uploaded by floridapfe.

Extreme Whisker Close Up comin’ atcha:


Doubting foo suggested this pic, which lead to the one above… ;)

What do you think? 350 degrees for 25 minutes?

Can’t go wrong with that recipe. That’s how Grandma taught me.



I can go in oven nao Michelle R.?

THIS JUST IN: Tiny Velvety Platypi

Check these morsels out. They’ve got a combination of velvety Sharpei rolls, evil webbed otter paws, and perfectly machined drilled nostril holes.

Snork-snork [double nostril-hole sniffing sound]


Let’s dip them in chocolate and call it the "Pudgy ‘n’ Velvety" bar, then smoosh it in our faces, OK Sasha F.?

For the last time I am NOT sharing my dinner

Listen, in THEORY sharing food is good idea. I mean, I couldn’t well, possibly, probably eat all this.

I just want the OPTION to eat it all. [Smacks your hand with paw as you reach toward food]


I guess she calls the shots, there, Katie N.?!!


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