Real-life dust ball!

If you’ve seen the Japanese animated film My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away you’ve see the lil’ dust ball characters who do odd jobs around the castle, like carrying shoes (on left). Obviously, Kitteh “Flake” is a big fan:

Kristen D., do you pay Flake extra for deliveries?

Marmalade Entanglement

Ehn! [Wrastle-wrastle]

Ehn! [Feet running in the air rabbit-style]

Ehn! [STOP ITTT! MOM!!!]

Sender-Inner Nicole M. says kittens Sig and Remi take turns with couch pinning.

Pup’s eye view

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like as a puppeh roaming around town and ultimately hanging with his girlfriend now you know:

Nat S. wrote the music AND sent this in! Listen more @

*sigh* Tourists.

On the plus side, Boris remembered to remove his shoes before eating. However, he negated his own gesture when he sat on the plate and – worse – asked the chef for soy and wasabi.

Eh, Neu got 2 out of 3, Lottie P.

The Alpaca and His Wingman

Check out the medulated fiber on that one…

OK, thanks for the help – I’m goin’ in. Man, I hope she likes furry eyeballs.

Alpacas can be real pigs, Jenni.

We Can Rebuild Him…

This just in from the Cute or Sad files: the BBC is reportin’ that Oscar the Kitteh received two bionic paws after a terrible turbine accident. Check out this awesome, life-saving vet action:

This tear-jerking submishe by Zer0


Designer and photographer Peter G. stumbled upon Bambilicious scene while hiking at a Rhode Island wildlife refuge. Photos of two fawns glurping were captured before they scampered away:

Deer hover-text facts from VeganPeace.


The Cute Overload Rules of Cuteness Rule #45 specifies that if you have ‘pygmy’ in your species name, you’re auto-magically cute. The pygmy Jerboa [AKA Tiny Head with Feet] is no exception:

This Submishe is from Sender-Inner Polarity Pictures.

And now, a grumpy baby bluejay

Scroll down for the complete annoyance:

“I refuse to learn to fly, Wyah.”

Amanda M. saw this McGrumpersons learning how to fly in her backyard.

My Name is Bird George…

And this is my adorable Culture Club…

I’ll tumble for ya, Drew D.


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