THIS JUST IN: A mini badge

Je suis petit McBadgersons!

Ne mange pas mes oreilles!


Marty C., those lil' eye capsules and that mini paw ackshon is the proshest. If you find a mini-badge, call the Gwent Badger Rescue 24-har hotline stat!, and donate here!

“I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally love squirrels”

Can you buh-leaf these behbeh sqwerls inspired...

snuggles, originally uploaded by Bird in the Hand.

THIS REDONK TATTOO! (please see the teeny acorns in the frame)

squirrel tattoo, originally uploaded by faerygrrrl.

I don't beelieeeeve you, Erin F.! COme on, give us some REAL evidence!

Let’s get puggular, puggular

I wanna get puggularrrrrrrrrrrr

Let's get into puggular


Lemme hear your schnozzle talk

Your schnozzle talk

Lemme hear your schnozzle taaalk


Kathy D., let's get animal, animal!

Too weak… must… hibernate!!!

The Daily Mail (I swear they have a Cuteologist working over there) came up with yet another Cute report. This time, it's pooooor little abandoned hedges who are too weak to hibernate AND have broken bones!


Ahnnnnngh, Brenda H., and I mean Ahhhnnnggg.

Bon Appetit!

Mmmmmmm, delicious googly eyes... The insanity continues over at Angie N., Flickr site...

Bon Appetit, originally uploaded by Angie Naron.

Righteous find, Lori W. :D

Your pet is invited to join the writer’s strike

Exxxxxcellent [evil finger tenting] Josh D...

THIS JUST IN: The Tokyo cat café


Once AGAIN the Japanese hand our asses to us.

This time, in the form of "Cat Café", a place on Tokyo where fourteen resident cats make customers "purrrrr with delight." "The clean, odorless cafe -- Calico has six air freshenersand the litter trays are out of sight -- gets about 70 visitorsa day during the week and 150 a day at weekends."

You heard me. People can mingle with kittehs and have a cup of tea.

Big props to Kari M., Calico-kitteh photo taker and Gina W., Japanese ass-kicker-pointer-outer

The pitifullest, proshest meowing evar

This will make you cry :( TEARS OF CUTENESS


"Today's an outside day, Tabitha." Nice find, Sue K.!

Nestling morsel…

You might think that Sender-Inner Cristina S. is sending this behbeh in for another installemet of Cats Und Racks, but no. This very cute kitten was born on her front garden with five mo' siblings.


EXTREME KLERSE-UPS of Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ackshons:


ahnnnnnnnggggggghhhh [passing out on floor]

Behbeh sloth…cryingks!

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! [crawls down limb] Ehhnnnnnnnn!

Waaaaah! Delilah W., Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!