I guess this is as good a place as any to sleepies


Riiiiiiiiiight up against your crotcheral region.

Works for me.


Hmmm, one drawback is that I’m dreamin’ ’bout having a headache…


They kinda ran out o’ room, Azure S.

Queen of dee carpet!

I am the queen. QUEEN OF THE CARPET!

You can BOW at my—er I CAN BOW at your feet!

The pet store says I am a boy bunny, but—I don’t care!


Carpetingks bunneh

Brandi C., he wears it well.

Marmelade plants

Um.What fertilizer did you use?CroweedSteveO, nice green thumb.

You… Are… So… Beeyoooteefull…

Oi peeps, Theo here wit’ a quick News Of Teh Qte™ update…


Click the pic above for more photos, from BBC News.

Tigerang_miniI’m guessing that there’s probably about three boatloads of folks who’ve sent this in to the regular CO submissions mailbox, but since I don’t ever see that, I’ll just say that RedZilla (and me Schmoop) pointed me in this direction. [grateful thanks]

<– clicking THIS pic will get you a detailed writeup from CNN.com.

[rasssssssberry sound]


I must have eet. [Beady eyes focus on rasberries]


Nice hand-on-own-foot action [Left] and TEEEENY paw [right]

Ham3 Ham5

Thanks so much to "ShuuShuu" BUTTON QUEEN and sender-inner Lindsay C.

Mondays suuuuuuck my hiney

I cannot believe I am only eight weeks old and I’m already enduring such nightmares.

At least it’s a good brand of shaving cream. OMG, is that a loofah!?


Um, what were you doing, Michelle?!

What is it with kittehs and popsicles?

Today must be déjà vu centrale, because we’ve seen kittehs lick treats before if I’m not mistaken… Again, this feller has that wayward "sooooooo enjoying thees popsicle but leestening to you laugh behind me via ear rotation" look on his face.The best part is this kitteh’s name is "Circus McGircus." Yeah, you read that right.


Circus will have a strawberry fruit bar, steamed pea pods and popcorn in that order! Step on it, Whitney S.!

Pretty creative, there. [shifty eyes]

I can’t believe this puppy stooped so low as to COPY the late, great Kumanoko hamster. (Scroll down to see third ‘under blankie’ photo)



Still, not bad, Mark C. ;)

You do get extra points for the tiny ear flips.

Um, I thought we had two male gerbils?

Nope, turns out you had a male and female gerbil, and now you have a whole passel o’ baby gerbils.


P.S. these are such delicious morsels that I bet if you hold one up to your ear, you’d hear tiny gerbil-snorgling-your-ear sounds. Right Gabrielle S.?

Before interspecies snorgling was kewl…

Sent in on 12/18/06, before we even had an interspecies snorgling category, there was Ella (cat) and Penelope (Pup) snorgling away.


Karen K. says to please note the freckles on Penelope.

ENHANCE! [Say in Jack Bauer voice]