What were you—RAISED BY WOLVES!?

Yes, actually.

Wolfmother by Adam B. was submitted by Kristen C.

Getting a Leg Up on the Campaign Trail

Hi, I’m neu ter this race. I represent the Wag Party. If I am elected my first order of office will be to appoint a Secretary of Snausages. I promise squeaky toys, easy squirrels and belly rubs for all Americans!

Nicky is good at sound bites, Alison R.

Friday Haiku: Dream a Little Dream

Woman and hamster
Drift in a shared reverie
What is in their dream?

Sweet dreams, Sophie S.

*Someone* forgot their coffeeeee! [singsong]

Will you please check out this tiny tailio on this floppy Boss:

You’re right, Becky D. An animation can’t go in the 2013 calendar.


Here at C.O. headquarters, we have a Glossary term called “comfortabuhls.” As in: “I’m soooooo comforabuhls sipping Pinot Noir in my fleece slanket in front of the fire.”

Thanks to this video, there is a new definish for comfortabuhls, and it’s this dog, with his eyes slowly sliding underwater:

Blissful, Jana A.! Also, a Calgon commercial here.

C. O. Decorating Tips

To make a bold yet cuddly statement, try putting some bunnies in a clear crystal bowl. This unusual home accent will make your guests smile with approval.

Meet Jennifer’s housebunnies Pino and Pico!


As ushe, when Brinke G. writes in with an image,e the email title always becomes the title of the posting. This time, the Cal Academy inspired him with the head-only Elephantulus pilicaudus.

Choose Your Own Infinite Cuteness Project Adventure!

It had to happen: After throwing the Infinite Cuteness Project into high gear, we’ve come to a fork in the road.

So the choice is yours: Scarlett, from Mara & Francis…

… or this “cute little muffin” from Heike J.!

…or this final contestant from Annet K.?

It’s Carolyn, Your Local Squirrealtor

Welcome to our open house! This is the perfect starter home for young families: Lovely view, gets morning sun, close to schools and foraging, low cat-crime area…

When do we close escrow, Robyn R.?

Buy. Me. Toys.




Frequent shopper points to Angela C., and Kodie, still thinking inside the box.


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