Treasure Aye Land

Whilst a-plunderin’ treasure chests, Capt. Scurvy Dog an’ first matey Mister Scala Wag, be arrr-ways arrr-voidin’ arrr-ousin’ suspicions.

Pirates mustn’t let any booty come between them, Mischa M.


Up In The Sky, It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…

Let’s face it, People. It’s a beautiful day, nice little poofy clouds up there…your hoomin is makin’ you be like Superman, what could be better?

Originally pinned by K. Couric. Yes, that K. Couric.

Infantile, Interspecies Sleep Snorgling

If this series of images don’t make you spontaneously lactate, I don’t know what will!

In order of appearance, we give thanks to Buzzfeed, The Real Syndicate, Daum, and Pensa no Amor.

The Continuing Adventures of Max Stubbular

When we last checked in on our hero, The Maxster was taking a nap. In today’s edition…….Max goes for a walk.

Stay tuned for more in The Continuing Adventures of Max Stubbular!

Unusual Flower Sighted

This delightful daisy relative can be found in high elevation fields. In latin it’s named Bellis cervidae which means pretty deer.

To fully appreciate this darling little flower, take a hike up to your favorite alpine meadow and see it in person.

Kim Williams, I hold this image dear to my heart!

Goot EEEEEEEEEV-ening…

The master will be so thrilled to see you (eh-heh, eh-heh)… We hardly ever get visitors anymore, unless they’re waving pitchforks and torches (eh-heh, eh-heh). Now, what kind of cookies did you say you were selling?

Via Anthony Guajardo on Tumblr.

So You Think You Can Cat Dance!

Dear Diary,

I just love being in this amazing competition, even though I’m exhausted. Today Vegas rehearsal lasted one whole hour, but I’m just too excited to sleep!

With such long days of dancing, I feel like I am really growing as a dancer. I wish I could say the same for everybody else.

Already you can tell who is going to make it to the finals. The girl in white has no focus and cannot memorize choreography. The judges are really going to lay into her about that, especially guest judge Maru.

Well, diary, I should get to bed. Tomorrow they decide who the top twenty will be! I’ve got to look and dance my best so that I can move on and meet my hero, Cat Deeley!

I heard it through the grapevine that Funny Cats and Nice Fish can really stay on pointe!

Wombatman! Episode 2

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Wombatmaaan!

Holy felonious and fiendish litterbugs, Wombatman!

This is a job for, Wombatman! It’s my sworn duty! Let’s GO!

Will Wombatman catch the litterbug and SAVE THE WORLD?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, GeniusBeauty! Same wombat time. Same Wombat channel.

Cup Of Disapproval, Anyone?

I’ll have two buns to go, please.

THIS JUST IN: Rented Legs

The Bronx Zoo recently unveiled a baby flamingo chick, and their lucky video camera was there to capture its awkward first attempts to stand. Wh-whoa!


More details at The Gothamist.