Wot up, from P-Dizzawg

Wot up, P-Dawg in the Zizzle (as in, I’m shoutin’ out from the SF ‘Zoo‘, Dudes)

Yep, gettin’ my poe-tay-toe on*. [Furiously eats and shreds]

Gotta go—I gotta hot date with a flamingo—we’re going to the Penguin feeding.


* I think that’s a potato!

Gracias to San Francisco Zoo Peep Kelly W.

Back to the Monday grind

Pour yourself a hot cup of ambition, People, it’s Monday.

Now, have a seat and let me tell you about our premium life insurance products.

What a way to make a livin'

Office manager Wendy P. sent this one in. I bet she can sing ‘9-to-5‘ with the best of ‘em on karaoke night.

It’s my pawty…

…And I’ll curl my pars if I want to.


Sender-inner Michael S. sez this pup was born on Valentine’s Day and has a white heart on his head. ;)

// EDIT — [snicker!]  – Theo. //

The redonkulousness continues…


"Blobule!" [a redonkulous poem]

Blobule, blobule,
he’s a little blobule
Stubbular, Tubbular, smooshed-up muzzle-puffular
Blubbular, gut-u-lar, wall-eyed ankle chubbular
Even tho he’s radi-kewl,
he’s a little bloooobuuuuuule!


Right, Jessica T.?

Um, this dress is nicer than mine

McWahwah Chic-Pup-ersons is wearing a sweet St. Patreek’s dress. Holy craftsmanship, People.


S. Richardson—considered a dog clothing business yet?

// UPDATE — from the comments: "This is Arwen.  Her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, so this is her in her special birthday dress."  Thanks, S.R.! //

Don’t forget your greeeeen

Hedge-Patrick McHedgersons says: "Wear your green on this fiiiine St. Patty’s day!"


"I’m Audi" [pivot turns on tiny back paw]


Andrea C.? I peeeench you!

I can’t believe I watched the whole thing

There is something oddly satisfying about watchink this week-old bebeh goat (named "Sprocket!") drink his milk. It must be the tail action.

Right, Melissa? hold that bottle up!;)

Hold my paw…


please! hold mah paw.

I’m skeered!


Jane G. — stop it! Serious. ;)

Totally Twinked

Um, what category does this image fit into?


Yes. It most certainly goes in thar.


Thanks for the cake category, Elizabeth. We’ve needed it.

Long… loooooonng….. week

Whuff… biznez travel really takes it out of ya.  Stheriouthly, I need DOUBLE naps, I’m sooo pewp’d.


Hee.  Happy Reality-Casual Friday, Peeps!
  – Guess Who

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