Feedback on the Redesign Feedback

THANK YOU for all your help with our revised design, People. It’s Beta testers like you that make this site so much bettoi. We received a ‘tock-load of emails with helpful pointing-out pictures and comments.


To sum up, your feedback was overwhelmingly positive of the revised design. Visits are also up 25 to 30 percent, so all in all, SCHWEET!

What you DON’T like:

  1. The site layout on Firefox 3 on a Mac! [We are working on this!]
  2. Lack of hamsters in Pannnts / Lake Tinkle [Hmmmmm, I guess the page loads TOO FAST for you to see the BG image. Shoot!]
  3. RSS got broke! Eep! [This has been fixed.]
  4. The header is tooooo tall! and where is the chick favicon!? [we’re working on the second one…]

What you DO like:

  1. Commenting Avatars
  2. Post image size increased by 12% [Redonk]
  3. Top 4 features

A Puffer fish redesigns himself! puffer fish on lake nasser, by catfeet2. Also, get a load of this shot!

You’re leaving on ANOTHER business trip?

You’ve been to Dallas TEN times this year, Brutus.

I’m beginning to wonder if we had too many puppies.


Just kiss her on the cheek and get out of there, SarahEllen H.!


Sthuper Sthender Inner Lori W. says this seal is “one of the animals rescued by the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue program,”.

How nice of the Vancouver Aquairum to rescue A SOUL SUCKING SEALIO! I mean, are they REALLY thinking this through?

[No title to this pic, the author's soul was sucked out]

Lori W., you should be more careful with your submishes.this

Accent Throw Pillows!

This chair could use a little SPICE!

Ehn! [Scatters little kitteh pillows on chair]


That looks nice. [satisified head tilt]

Wow, what a money saver, not having to hire a Designer...

Really ties the room together, Raluca I.

Worst job ever

Ferret Door Stop


According to Sender-Inner Loki S., Ferret “Jack” just woke up there.

Monk-shu… monnnk-shu

Check out this monktacular behbeh getting his honk-shus on IN A HUMAN HAND


Writes primate-licious Sender-Inner Robin H.; “This is an orphaned monkey I was “mommy” to in Cameroon this summer, at a primate orphanage called CWAF. Her name is Yoda. She’s a Talapoin monkey.”

SuperKitteh and the Evil Snack

SuperKitteh Launch. Must patrol Living Room Sector B…

Viper Away

SuperKitteh all Sector normal proceeding to Nap Sector—WHA


SuperKitteh Eye Phasers locked on Evil Snack Target FOR FURTHER INVESTIGAYSHONS


Proof that “BabyCheeks” can fly, sent in by Illeana D.

Another relaxing evening with Fred

“Let’s unwind, Behbeh.” [pours Chardonnay into dog bowl, lights candle]

“Come here, let Fred massage the bacon oils into your skins” [paw paw paw on your shoulders]


“Let Fred speak to you in third person as your cares float away” [cranks Journey]


Alexis L., what an excellent Caturday.

Couple o’ Comfortuhbuhls

Another twofer, y’all. We got yer comfortuhbuhls, and also some comfortuhbuhls.


[throat kronsche]

stacked cats

“Penny” and “Peaches” kittehs need a cattiquette lesson, Ted and Bonnie. ;)

Oh, don’t worry about the plant ABOUT TO FALL ON YOU

Just make yourself comfortabuhls.


Sure, sure—expose your belleh to the world, it’s not like we’re having guests over or ANYTHING

You can't reach through your screen.  Sorry.  Just trust me on this.

Arlene W., nice kitteh you got there.

I feel a shiver down my back!

Ever get that feeling?


[Pupils... dialating!]

Heather S., I’m getting creeped out!


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