The Frog Prince has a Serious Napoleon Complex

“Oh yeah, I’m sure she’ll kiss you first, buddy. I mean, what are you going to offer? Calloused man hands?”

“And by the by, my dizzying intellect is insulted by your presumed horrifying stupidity; I can’t give you warts! I will, however, gleefully transmit salmonella.”

Kermit’s bad cousin, Rebecca O.

Doggie Daughter Debut Delights Dad

Here’s Chaucer the Bulldog, meeting his daughter new boss for the first time, and giving his owners a serious case of the gigglefits.

Ladies and Gentlemens, SYNCHRO-HAMS! [hand wave]

They’re Ham-chronized!

They’re in Ham-harmony!

They’re co-hesively delicious!

Submitted by Tracy I., Created by the talented Dwight over at Eschliman Photo.

Fun Facts About Kittens

Fun Fact #12: When they think nobody else is looking, kittens like to amuse themselves by using their tongues to create that “wax lips” look.

Photo of Psycho Bunny by .candy.

Bunday Handout

As part of the National Bunnification Initiative, everyone gets a free bunny!

Full story from Flickr user Susan G.: “My son came across this wee bunny when trimming the grass. A little while later, he set it free to be with his family — away from harm’s way!”

Impending Doom


Not even ALL CAPS can save you now, Little Kitteh!

Holly S.! HALP!!!

High Five!

Internet floater (literally!) whale + dude just made it’s way over to us. It may be related to the SF Chronicle article about a detangled whale saying thanks. Time to check Snopes.

Sent in by the fabulous Nina Belanger.

Punchlines Only Dogs Get

“Then the rabbi says, ‘Well, if you’re really an ostrich, sell me some life insurance!'”

“If I could walk that way, I’d have enough mangoes to open my own bowling alley!”

“Three: One to screw in the light bulb, and two to sprinkle cornstarch on the floors and windowsills, then hide in the dishwasher and wait for the gnomes.”

Buddy Bulldog at 3 months, taken by his mom, Liz M.

Horrified by Being Called a “Cougar”, Muffy Takes Drastic Measures

“Wow, I am seriously regretting that brow lift…Can I get some eye drops?”

On the plus side, she kicks ass at staring contests, Scott W.  Photo by Hauke

Early Prep for Halloween 2010

“Uh, no, I don’t plan on being a Gamorrean for Halloween. Why do you ask?”

Nah, more Natalie Wood if you ask me, Danica L.


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