Those aren’t pillows! [part trois]

Look, I know I’ve used that joke before. It’s my A-material, OK?

You love it.


Carol K., It’s your lucky day, Girl.

I got ‘chur walk right HEAH

We’re going now, Lady. I’ve had it.



Props to sender-inner Carol K. ;)

This might shut down CuteCast…

CuteCast is doomed. In fact; "My First Broccoli" might just take down the whole InterNets.The muzzle pouche! THE FEET! THE HAMSTER ON BROCCOLI ACTION!

For crying out loud Mocha and Cadencestar—that’s some seriously potent shizz.

One abandonned snuggler—SAVED!

Bein’ Spring and all, I bet we’ll hear a lot more stories like this. This one has a happy ending. It seems that Super-Sender-Inner Matt B. was a Good Kittmaritain and saved this kitteh from a snowy Brooklyn stoop.


Rawkin’, Matt!

Happy Spring, People

whoa—things just got a lot more colorful around here—holy green grass.

Happy Spring ;)

XO, C.O.


Just what is over that hill?

World’s Smallest Horse


From Yahoo News / AP: ST. LOUIS – At just a hair over 17 inches tall, the miniature horse ismore inclined to walk under fences than jump them. And her owners havesheltered the mare from ever gaining "circus-sideshow" or"one-trick-pony" status. As the world’s smallest horse, 5-year-oldThumbelina, weighing in at 57 pounds, has a bigger mission: to raise $1million for children’s charities this year.

More photos of Thumbelina!

Nice submishe, James W. ;)

Why did the chickens cross the road?

To get out of the rain, obvy. Love the little Peep in the front—looks like she has 16 chicks under thar.


Photographed by Cheryl E. :D

How dare you bathe moi

How daaaare you place moi in this RIDICULOUS tub. [Angry eyes] My fluffitude will never recover!


[Now dry] I steeck my tongue out in your general direction! Pbbbbttthhh!


Nika N., you are brave.

THIS JUST IN: Is global warming producing mo’ kittens than usual?

Kirb_3_splodeAccording to TreeHugger and The Star, global warning is causing mo’ and mo’ kittens. Humane Societies in the Toronto are reporting that due to milder climates, more cats are outside earlier in the winter. And those cats are gittin’ it on.[reported by Cuteporter Denise S.]

//Note; headline edited for clarification//

“Matzoball” snoring

At least there is someone else I can point to as snoring worse than I do (I think!?) Adam Sandler’s dog “Matzoball”.Exxxxxxellent find, Patrique! [rubbing hands together]