Ali Baba and the 41 Thieves

Don’t leave without me, guys… (urrngh!) Just getting into my pot, gimmie a minute… (hrrmph!) Um, do we have any pots in my size, maybe an XL? (nrrgh!)

AHA! Made it! OK, guys, I’m ready now… Guys?

Make it an even 40, Jason H.

There’s a Wookie in our front seat!!!


There is a certain authentic metal sash lacking, Maggie J.

Sloth Delivery!

Who ordered this fresh one? You?

Baby sloth, rescued from captivity and to be retuned to the wild

I prefer my deliveries engraved OR on a silver platter, Ken_Mayer.

Bird’s eye portrait

Look real-close like and you’ll see the phone camera in the eyeball of this prosh Tufted Titmouse. [Plink! Plink!]

I shutter (click!!!) to think how you got this shot, Nosha.

Deep Thoughts

“I hope if dogs ever take over the world, and they chose a king, they don’t just go by size, because I bet there are some Chihuahuas with some good ideas.”

Lori S., that is DEEP. Deep Thought provided by the one and only Jack Handey.

I Crown Thee

Sir Buns-a-Lot. Protector of Carrots.

This Bunday coronayshe sent in by Mereiam H., photo by Rosuuuu ✂

Chiplight Savings Time


I forgot to set my alarm!

Chief Puppeh Officer: Goose!

Where's my mocha, damn it!?!?

My name is Goose and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve accepted the position of Chief Puppeh Officer at Cute Overload. Meg has graciously given me the use of Sparkster as my lackey, I mean, assistant, so any typos or spelling errors are his fault, natch.

A little about me.  I am of Italian Greyhound descent and am of blue coloring. Anyone who says I look “grey” will be immediately fired. Although I’m only 13 weeks old, I have had most of my shots and bring a wealth of experience to the organization. As a bonus I just had a recent stool sample with no parasites! At the top of my list to focus on, cut wasteful spending. (I’m looking at you, Sparkster…)

Additionally, I’ll spend a good part of my day seeking out cozy sunbeams, whimpering for attention, napping, trying to find the most toxic substances on the floor to eat, napping, chewing on electrical cords and leather goods, napping and finally pooping in closets and other out of the way places. Surprise!

You’ve got to keep the staff on their toes…

Whether You’re a Brother, or Whether You’re a Mother, I Guess Everyone’s a Bee Gees Fan


Let’s hope he’s not singing it to his mom, Brinke G.


Er, rockin’ chair. [Snorf]

Pocket Pet Fashionista Pyza does it again!


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