Pup falls for cat to sweet 70’s soundtrack

What could be better than a 70’s ballad over some sweet puppy falls for cat action?

Agreed, Jorden C., not moshe.

Gimmie Five, Man!

Whoo-hoo! That was righteously awesome, dudester! You totally crushed it, buddy! We’re talking major world-class domination! High five! Fist bump! Put ‘er there, pal!

Julius looks like a real stand-up guy, Molly H.



Backyard Puppeh

Backyard Puppeh
I got my Mom and fresh grass

Backyard Puppeh
I’ll scratch and sit on my a–

Backyard Puppeh
Hold me up high

Backyard Puppeh—


Backyard Puppeh (Real names: Nakoa and Freyja; 4.5 weeks old) made possible by Alexandra and Jay.

Thank you, Highlights Magazine

Wow,  I see a bloated anteater with upside-down-raccoons for paws who decided to take a swim with a baby hippo.

Where are the swimmies, Barb W.?

Vintage cat-on-head footage

An you thought walking around with a Kitten Hat was a NEW thing. No:

Thanks Chief Sister Officer Pants!

Damn You, You Meddling Duck!

I may be sitting behind a dirty window confined to my Baxter’s Pad, but one day – one day! – I will get even for your evil trickery!

“Evil trickery”? OK. You  do that, crazy Cat. In the meantime, if you’d like to contact me, may I just say: Talk to the hand. Zing!

Says Edmund O’B: “We found this baby duck alone and in the street. When we took him inside, we had to put the cat (Baxter) outside so he didn’t try to harm the baby duck.  We gave the duck food, and that same day, we took the duck to a waterfowl rehabilitation center to be looked after.”

Inspector McCaw Cracks the Case!

“I was baffled at first, I’ll admit,” mused McCaw as he addressed the dinner guests, “but in time, the clues led step by step to one inescapable truth: Lady Vandeshmear’s killer was none other than… Count von Stroganoff!

The others gasped as McCaw strode forcefully towards the astonished Count. “Or should I say Cedric Ottersby, who is not only a murderous fiend, but also,” he said, pulling the Count’s nose, “a master of disguise!”

“I said,” he repeated, tugging harder, “a master (nnnggghhh!) of disguise!”

Photo: Mccaw Smooch by PuppiesAreProzac

Obnoxious Comes in Such Small Packages

Yeah, photo shoots are great, sure. In fact, let me give you my favorite pose: I call it “Hurry up so we can go watch the Celtics and/or Blackhawks, thanks.”

Forwarded by Barney M. Original post can be seen here.

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