Unger & Schoep, Revisited

People, you might recall Unger & Schoep.

It wuz a big story all over the Intertubes about how the hoomin Unger helped out the doggeh Schoep by taking him to the lake to warm him up cuz Schoepster wasn’t feelin’ so good.

We’re happeh to update this story! In a Yahoo News story, Mr. Unger says that the Schoep Legacy Foundation has raised more than $25,000 so far..and the vet who treated Schoep says the money raised could help “another 30 or 40 Schoeps.”

Cute Overload also got ahold of Julie, Schoep’s PR Hoomin, who tells us Schoep’s donations “have allowed for weekly laser treatments, which he continues to receive; treatment also includes pain med, joint and muscle supplement and weekly monitoring by vet. Schoep has received donations like a Tempur Pedic Doggeh Bed and an elevated doggeh bowl which have really helped improve quality of life.”

Here’s the best part, folks:

Julie adds, “since receiving treatment he is more active, alert, flexible, happy. He walks better, sleeps through the night now, and wags his tail with more vigor! On his walks, he was actually trotting!”

He’s trotting!! Go, Schoep, go!!!

Lead photo by Stonehouse Photo, second photo by John Unger, n’ all others from their FB page! Wanna buy Schoep Stuff? Sure you do!

In closing, People- remember: Share The Love.


THIS JUST IN: Tiny Paw, Blobbular Belleh and Mini Ear Action

Will you please check out this Mommular kitten and behbeh action please?

And don’t miss the L.P.A.(Leetle Paw Action) riiiiiight at the end of the clip.

Via Funny Cats & Nice Fish and discovered by Mrs. Brinke!

Holy Moley!

Been diggin’ for hours! I’m tired! I need a drink! It’s too bright out here!

Where am I?

[Cough, cough, Sputter-sputter]

Photo by Philippe Huguen, AFP/Getty Images/SF.

Well, like, Baroo to you too

[Z-snap with paw]

Baroo action via Thursday Zen.

And Now, a Legitimate Businessman

Hey, you. Yeah, you. You wanna buy some tomatoes? I can get you tomatoes, my friend, no problem. Beefsteak, Roma, cherry… whatever you need, I get it for you, fifty percent off wholesale by the pallet or truckload, no questions asked.

How can I offer such low prices? It would be better you should not know.

A life of crime leads to shame!

Here To Fix Your Machine, Ma’am.

So, you got your Bobbin Winder Spindle… Hmmm… Um, your Thread Take-Up Lever—Um, tricky Thread Tension Dial.

Think this one’s headed back to the shop, Ma’am. Did you get a warranty by any chance?

We love eet, Love Meow.

And Now, Let’s Hear from Peach Fuzz

Whoa! Well, hi there. Where’d you come from? My ears did not detect you.

Now that you are here, wanna play?

We’re gonna need a very large, but fine toothed comb, Kora Christensen.

Eet’s National Doggeh Week!

It says so right here! The last week o’ September!

They’re always there for you. Rain or shine, day or night.

(And maybe ready with a little surprise if you forgot to let him out! But we won’t talk about that. Wait—just did.)

Photo Creditos as follows: 1/Fuzzy Blue One; 2/Nadrojcote; 3/Its_Not_My_Birthday; 4/Submeesh from AJ Monte; 5/PBH2.com; 6/Ultraheo044; 7/Ned Hardy; 8/Griff440.


Have you been lacking the cute due to lack of space?

That is ridiculous! You need cute in your life right now! These little cuties will help you condense the cute into whatever space you have.

Don’t be cuteless, be cutefull!

Thanks for making room for the cute, Ned Hardy.

Head Games

At first glance, this playful tussle between Quincy the Doberman and Sadie the Pomeranian seems like a mismatch, but when you consider that Quincy is using only his head, they’re actually the same size.

Via Marabet Farm.