Secrets of Accupressure

Holistic veterinary health researchers have identified a spot on a dog’s body that, when correct pressure is applied, will cause the dog to say “ecch.”

And Now, Back to “Decorating with Dogs”

Hello again! At the start of our program, we saw how to make a stirring re-creation of “Washington Crossing the Delaware” using crepe paper, felt swatches, and a litter of Chihuahuas, and in this half-hour, we’ll make this beautiful Fall centerpiece…

Tastefully photographed by Janie Jones.

Ultimate Staredown

The adversaries locked their eyes on one another, and in that instant, what had seemed to him an unguarded treasure, ripe for the taking, was but a cruel illusion.

Time passed. Birds twittered in the trees outside. Somewhere, a clock chimed two.

Flapjack and Wanda photographed and posted to our Twitter feed by Flickr user Corey S.

Dog Shall Triumph Over Evil!

With one last chance to save the world, it’s Secret Agent Mad Wags, International Dog of Disguise, to the rescute!

“No shady, leather-clad characters in an apocalyptic setting shall escape my X-ray vision!”

They’re messing with the wrong puppy this time. Fools!

Looks like I’m too late! But stay tuned for my next mission, Molly M.; keep’n the bugs outta my teefs.

More Bounce to the Ounce

More bound per pound! More mojo, less nojo! More wag, less bark!

Aaaand in this corner, Sender-Inner Erin’s 11 wk. old Chihuahua weighs in at 1.5 pounds!

Greetings from Somewhere-or-Other

“… now, this picture was taken in Spain, or maybe Portugal, I always get those two mixed up, but anyway, our tour guide recommended this lovely little restaurant, El Flamenco Rococco or some such, and your father tried to impress me by ordering in Spanish, and the waiter just stood there like a saint writing it all down and then calmly informed your father that he had just ordered an umbrella in wine sauce.”

Chad R. says: “This is Jimmy (on the right) and Olive. Would you believe that they are brother and sister? When I’m not cooking and cleaning for them they expect to sit on my lap and be stroked.”

Have I Got a Deal For You

Psssst. Check it out. Can I interest you in some twisty ties, my friend? Or how about a niiiice ball of tin foil? Only used once. Ok, ok, I’ll throw in a ping pong ball. I might have elastic hair bands under the fridge, but that’s my final offer.

We’ll get back to you, Remy and Jen!


What is the world coming to when a pup can’t scamper with wild abandon without trees getting in the way?

Happy daze are here, Ellen Olivia C.

Time, Thou Art a Fickle Mistress

Oh sure, I was young once. The shiny ceramic supper dish, the squeaky toys with the fresh vinyl scent, “who’s the bestest boy?” — I had it all, and it was glorious.

Now look at me. Exiled to the “butt bed” while the new kid gets my favorite plaid cushion, trying to remember the exact moment when it all went wrong.

We’ve seen this scene before, Katie R.

Not No Way, Not No How!

The Wizard? But nobody can see the great Oz! Nobody’s ever seen the great Oz! Especially not dogs! Especially if they’re aloud! So if you want to see the Great and Powerful Wizard, which you can’t, you have to be quiet! And try not to be so doggy!

Photographer: Amanda K.; Set design: Mathias F.; Cat: the aptly-named Phobia.


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