Bunsnesday: Pink Towel edishe

Um, I *just* saw your hand hit the screen trying to grab those ears. I saw it. It’s reverse YouTube where I am WATCHING YOU


ANd now, mini-paw-in-the-air-action! Ehn ehn ehn!


This bun MUST be stopped. I can almost TASTE THOSE EARS in my mouf. I did not say that out loud, Kaylee D.

I SEE your TUBE and RAISE YOU disapproval!

Now get me a REAL TOY.

I command thee.

Emily E., that is ONE stubbular BUN. (I’m talking ear stubbage, but there is still enough to gnaw off.)

What a DELICIOUS-looking leg I have!

I am SOOO delectabuhls!!!


Um, OK, Jessica B., that’s a little weird, but with the folded tongue action, I’ll accept it.

Pardon moi, [pokes head out] Could you keep it down?

I’m TRYING to curl up into a teeny creamsicle-colored ball, CAPISCE?

emergence of a cute cat, originally uploaded by DIgital DI.


We’ll put it in the recipe later. Just hold on to him for now…

3, originally uploaded by a.m.cross.

Look at my bruddd-doi, so com-for-tuh-buhls

Don’t worry ONE SECOND about heem. He’s fine. He likes sleeping like this. Serious.


Excellent Marmalade sammich, Jamie in PA. Hey, how’s the vote-counting going?

I’m just a skosh shy…

Just a skosh.

But if you put your face near my schnozzle, I WILL SLOBBER ALL OVER YOU!

Shy Girl, originally uploaded by Doxiementary.

Excellent find, Scott C. Princess Di eyes and everything.

The redonkulousness continues

Keep your cat from writing to CuteOverload (i.e. get him off the keyboard!) with this HANDY kitteh bed shelf!


Anita D. and Matthew S., love the look on tha woman’s face—she’s NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Tiny piglet squeals of delight!

Please get a hold of these TINY SQUEALERS. No I mean it, literally, pick one up, it will seriously squeal.

Elizabeth J., nice mini-bacon-bit-action goin’ on there.

This is a stick-up!

Empty your pockets of ALL the dried cat food you have and place it in this bag here. I MEAN IT


Nice lil’ masked bandito, Eleanor W. I gave him everything I had.


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