Must… have… sliders!

Just don’t get grease on your fur.

(Is that his tiny schnozzle on the lower corner of the bag?)


[Did somebody say "ENHANCE"?? - Ed.]


DEEE-LEE-SHOUS, Kathryn F.! go Phi Mu! Alpha Iota chapter!!!

Cute Overload Super Xtreme Games Ultra Challenge!

Welcome, sports fans!  And going first in the "Freestyle Toss Up" category is Pickle, catching some righteous airtime as she soars over the stadium!  Way to work those ears, Pickle!

On your mark...

… and up next is Seitan, rockin’ it with a perfect 90-degree mid-air twist!  Radical!

... get set...

… and finally, we have Seymore, who’ll be attempting a gnarly double back-flip followed by… Whoa!  Seymore misses the target completely and heads right into the stands!  Oh, that’s gonna be some points off — bummer, Seymore!

... NUFF!

And now it’s over to Irene for the post-game wrap-up!


Thanks to alert reader Bobbeh, we have this encouraging stoat-otter, who is OBVY voting for Cute Overload at the Bloggie awards. Shouldn’t…you? [head tilt, eyes narrow]

Vote vote vote!


Check out more fabu clip art and captions at Married to the Sea.

Kitten Fail

The old "Ehn-Kerplop." [shaking head] so, so very sad.

Fail blog submishe, N E 1?


You can’t tell the difference between this puppeh and a Totoro Dust Ball.

OK, the pup has a collar. But if the dust ball had a collar, you couldn’t tell.


Check it: [double take neck spasm]


Dust Balls! Now available without collars at Skankazon!

Real-life Tom and Jerry

[Sounds of multiple chops being licked] Run, little gerbil RUN! Because when you get out of there…you’re gonna need to be REAL fast.


Brought to you by Ashley V., Nova, Moogle, Jinx, Yoshi, Uno, Buster, and two defenseless gerbils.

Apply liberally!

The 2009 Bloggies are upon us!

Cute Overload is up for Best Topical Weblog (Yes, the kind of weblog you apply liberally to your, er, skin)

Vote, my Pretties!


Scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’ get ready for some sidescrollin’

May I Take Your Dream Order?

… all right then, so that’s four endless bowls of milk, three cars that let you catch them, one Godlike Mastery over Space and Time, and a chew toy.  Will there be anything else?

You know puppies are happy when they even SLEEP in smile formation.

What’s your dream order, Andrea B.?

Dude what’s up.

Sure it’s a little gravel-y, but there’s a good view of women’s volleyball.

Alaskan Coastal Brown bear…..2, by Alan.V, spotted by alert Sender-Inner Chief Sister Officer.

Bunday Delivery

Your delectable Bunday dessert is ready. [Handing you bun] slurp it up!


This may just be the BEST Bunday post of all time, Vivian F.


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