Nosevember, we hardly knew ye

What the heck just happened? It was ‘Tocktober like three days ago, and now Nosevember is on its way out the door!

Hamsters wearing yarmulkes in Christmas stockings are ON DECK!

Holy Schnozzles, photo finder NTMTOM! Nosey Fallow Deer! by johnmuk.


[Pat pat pat]

Thanks, Mom.


Sender-Inner Leslie, Let’s re-run this one on Mother’s Day, Okay? Burpalicious photo by Oliver Pietern. 

The Capybara Family Hits the Mall

"OK, kids, we’ve got a busy day planned.  From eight until eleven, we hit the department stores, and I’ll need you running interference for me at the sale tables.  Next, I need to stop by Just Hammers and get something for your dad.  At noon, we stop at the food court, and then you’re all getting your picture taken with Santa; try not to freak out like last year, Timmy.  All right, people — let’s move out!"

They're a lean, mean shopping MACHINE!

Try to stay out of their way, Brinke G.

Well, This Sucks

"Check out these road hogs, will’ya?  What’s the matter, lady — you and the kids skipped breakfast again?  Hoof it outta here, Squeals on Wheels, I got stuff to do today!"

Pay no attention, children, we're more equal than they are.

Let’s see if the peeps can milk some more jokes out of this, Johanna S.

A kitteh helps with post- Thanksgiving stomach pains

Oh, you have a stommie ache after eating too moshe?

Let me help… [knead knead knead]

OMG, H.L., I hope this stommie massage helps, ’cause we have a LOT more leftovers to get through…

Blurry-eyed Tryptophan coma

You relate to this action, People? A serious turkey-related tryptophan coma. This kitten can’t even FOCUS. I bet you are the SAME WAY.

Huff two hamsters and call me in the morning. Time to rest by fofurasfelinas.


Happy Thanksgiving Peeps!

This cornocopia kitten-a-copia represents a bountiful kitteh harvest this year. Let’s all curl up into a ball and reflect on what we’re grateful for this year.

1. I’m grateful for not ever having to nap this close to someone else’s butt (most of the time)


2. I’m grateful for a supportive family who decided against committing their adult daughter when she started a redonk web site [head tilt mouth half open]


3. I’m grateful for continued good health for my family and adventurous trips


4. I’m grateful for the ex-pan-shons of Cute Overload with excellent and talented contractors Theo and Mike, more posts, new products, higher traffic than ever before and a bright future


5. and last but certainly not least, let’s raise a glass to Gemma T. A Sender-Inner, like thousands of other fabulous Sender-Inners and photographers, without whom this site could not exist. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Winston!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Enjoy a tofu turkey, pie too

We hope you feast like Winston

Start with a carrot and chew!

A hearty Thanksgiving wish to Rich, Winston and Rudy over at FourFour!

Winnah Winnah, Turkey Dinnah!

Way to go, dawgs!  Before stuffing yourselves with Thanksgiving dinner, you stuffed our mailbox with lots of correct answers in our latest quiz!  And our winner, randomly selected from over 360 entries, is Elizabeth S.!  Congratulations, and your Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar will be on its way shortly.

And now, the answers:

You betcha!In what U.S. state will you find Red Dog Mine?

Answser: Alaska

Theeeeeeyyyy want candy!What British pop group’s controversial 1980 single encouraged home music taping?

Answer: Bow Wow Wow

Make ready the royal hydrant!What nation was ruled by a dog for three years in the 11th century?

Answer: Norway

I CAN HAS NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE?In Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, what breed was Charley?

Answer: Standard Poodle (any answer with "poodle" was accepted)

... and don't call me Shirley.What is the brightest star in the night sky?

Answer: Sirius, the "Dog Star"

I can't remember where I buried my nine iron.In golf, what is the term for a hole that’s curved rather than straight?

Answer: Dogleg

Thanks again to everyone who played! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Photo credit! The wonderful crowned pup photo shown above in the “Norway” answer by photographer Lane Collins!

Crank the lullaby tunes, I’m sacking OUT

[Kitten voice] Hey you, with the  lap! Crank the lullaby tunes, I have some Z’s to catch up on.

HLavinkas, the pile o’ kittehs at the end is a really nice toche.


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